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  • Title: Jade - Specialists in digital video
    Descriptive info: .. >.. Campus.. Retail.. Town Centre.. Student Villages.. Dunboyne Office: 01-8255772.. Galway Office:.. Lo-Call 1890 25 31 40.. Cork Office:.. Service Desk:.. Jade specialises in providing best-fit security solutions to all of our clients.. , whatever their unique requirements.. We achieve this by working closely with every customer in order to understand their specific needs.. Our expertise covers all aspects of electronic security with particular emphasis on:.. Digital video networking recording.. Wireless video and data connectivity.. Access control identification technology.. Integrated  ...   service, including:.. Surveys Consultancy.. Installation Commissioning.. Procurement Project Management.. Service Maintenance.. End-of-life planning De-commissioning.. Private Security Authority License No.. 02597.. Certified to I.. S.. EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.. Intruder Alarm Systems conform to the NSAI Standard I.. EN 50131-1 : 2006.. Electronic Security Systems including CCTV and Access conform to the NSAI Standard SR40:2005.. Certified to NSI Systems Silver Scheme for Intruder Alarms, Access Control and CCTV Systems.. 2008 - Jade Management Solutions Ltd.. | Website by.. Decision Web Design..

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  • Title: Jade - About Us
    Descriptive info: Joe Doolan.. - Managing Director is a certified accountant with experience in all areas of financial management both in public practice and in industry.. Joe is responsible for the day to day management of Jade.. Bernard McMahon.. - Executive Director is a former founder director of Bell Security (Ireland) Ltd (floated as part of Bell Group plc, LSE 1999).. Bernard is responsible for business development for Jade.. Steve Ennis.. - Commercial Director with over two decades experience in the security industry in both the UK and Ireland.. Steve is a founder director of Jade and is responsible for the management of numerous key accounts.. Dave Grealish.. - Business Development Manager with over 15 years’ experience working in the security and electrical industry sectors.. Dave is responsible for the management of a number of new and existing blue chip clients.. Paul  ...   Bryan Reynolds.. - Projects Supervisor is a qualified Networks Engineer and is involved in the planning and installation of contracts.. Susan O'Reilly.. - is a member of CIMA and is responsible for the finance department of Jade.. Betty Hannigan.. - Service Co-Ordinator runs the service desk for Jade and is responsible for the co-ordination of all service and maintenance calls.. Jade.. ie incorporates:.. Jade Management Solutions Ltd.. Electronic Retail Security Ltd.. Connaught Shutters.. and has national coverage with offices in:.. Dunboyne.. Galway.. Cork.. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF JADE'S COMPANY PROFILE.. The Private Security Authority requires that all companies, sub-contractors, suppliers or individuals operating in the sector within Ireland must hold a current PSA license.. This is a staturory requirement, and customers are reminded that it is an offence to employ an un-licensed supplier to provide services covered by the licensing scheme..

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  • Title: Jade - News
    Descriptive info: New Contracts Manager for Jade.. Jade are delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Lester as Contracts Manager.. Paul has over 25 years experience in the industry and will be based in the Dunboyne office.. ISO 9001.. Jade have recently been certified to I.. EN ISO9001:2008.. Commenting on the certification Commercial Director Steve Ennis stated “this is further evidence of Jade’s on going commitment to provide a better service to all our customers.. ”.. New Business Development Manager for  ...   comes with over 15 years experience working in the security and electrical industry sectors and will be based in the Galway office.. UCD Security Systems Upgrade.. Jade has successfully won the contract to upgrade the security systems in the Newstead, Health & Science and Engineering Buildings in UCD.. UCC VMS Platform.. Jade have been selected to design and install a VMS Platform at UCC.. This will allow UCC to bring back all external campus cameras to a central location..

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  • Title: Jade - Clients
    Descriptive info: Financial.. Bank of Ireland.. Zurich Bank.. Davy Stockbrokers.. Helba Bank.. Credit Unions.. Santander.. Commercial.. Drogheda Town Centre.. Scotch Hall Shopping Centre.. National Toll Roads.. Engineering.. Designer Engineering.. FKM Engineering.. Suir Engineering.. Precision Electric.. Mercury Engineering.. KNNS.. King & Moffett.. Education.. Trinity College Dublin.. NUI Galway.. NUI Maynooth.. University College  ...   City Council.. Irish Rail.. Irish Ferries.. Royal Tara Golf Club.. Serco.. Sam McAuleys Pharmacies.. Jones Lang Lasalle.. Acuman Facilities Management.. Douglas Newman Good.. Sisk Builders.. John Paul Constructions Builders.. Longford Town Council.. Stackstown Golf Club.. St Laurences GAA Club.. Bests Menswear.. Blarney Wollen Mills.. Galway Clinic.. Irish Industrial Explosives..

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  • Title: Jade - Downloads
    Descriptive info: Jade Application Notes.. Video analytics lock out unwanted visitors (106kb).. Operational Requirements - Who we be the first to test your CCTV (291kb).. Intelligent Moving Camera Systems (1.. 6Mb).. Wireless Equipment.. S1000 wireless transceiver (152kb).. S3100 wireless bridge (205kb).. Point to Point wireless links (135kb).. Point to Point wireless links with repeaters (193kb).. Multipoint wireless with S3100 (249kb) PDF.. Multipoint wireless with S3100 and repeaters (193kb).. Firetide Instant Wireless Network Technology  ...   encoder/decoder (510kb).. S1724 24 channel DVD quality video/audio encoder/decoder (835kb).. S1900 DVD quality video/audio encoder/decoder with built-in analytics (765kb).. Video Recording Management Solutions.. Verint Nextiva (1.. 34Mb).. Verint Nextiva Analytics (97kb).. Lanex Remote Client Software.. Lanex RVC Control Panel (19Mb).. These files are in PDF format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.. If you don't have this it is freely available at the link to the right..

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  • Title: Jade - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. HEAD OFFICE:.. Unit 24.. Dunboyne Business Park,.. Dunboyne,.. Co.. Meath.. T:.. +353 (0)1 8255772.. F:.. +353 (0)1 8255778.. E.. info@jade.. ie.. GALWAY OFFICE:.. Unit 5.. Ballybrit Industrial Estate,.. T:.. F:.. +353 (0)91 764 105.. galway@jade.. CORK OFFICE:.. 2 Lower Watergate,.. Bandon,.. cork@jade..

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  • Title: Jade - Careers
    Descriptive info: Jade Management Solutions.. is an expanding Security Technology Provider keen to meet people with the motivation, skill and experience to join our Nationwide team of professionals.. As part of our current expansion we have specific vacancies in the following positions:.. Installation / Service Engineers.. Based throughout the country, we are keen to hear from qualified engineers and technicians currently working in installation, service or maintenance positions on CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarm, EAS or related systems.. Applicants should have strong computer skills with knowledge of networking and/or wireless communications an advantage.. Contact.. our Dunboyne office for details..

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  • Title: Jade - Digital Video Recording
    Descriptive info: Digital Video Recording.. There are presently over 200 manufacturers of digital video recorders worldwide with products on sale here in Ireland having prices ranging from a few hundred Euro to a few tens of thousands of Euro.. Some of these products we would consider inappropriate due to functional deficiencies or issues of reliability, but the majority of the products on sale are appropriate for specific markets and are priced suitably for these markets.. Quite commonly, a client will be presented with an innappropriate choice of DVR for their specific application, and as a result, they may feel that the solution they are being offered is either over-priced or under-spec'd.. Jade choose to try to understand the true requirements of an end user in order to match the requirements with the specification.. As we all know, you cannot compare apples with oranges.. A more expensive machine will have a high price tag for a reason.. Find out why.. You should expect your CCTV system to have a life span in excess of 8 years, make sure that the company you buy from and the parts they use are properly supported in Ireland by at least one other vendor.. Don't let yourself get tied in with a company who may inflate prices at a later date or hold your system's support to ransom on the basis of an expensive maintenance contract.. The details of  ...   but only once it is understood what the information is that is to be stored on the hard disk.. Choosing a DVR first involves deciding what information you want from each of your cameras.. Is a camera's purpose that of monitoring, detection, recognition or identification? This determines the camera specification, the lens to be used, the position of the camera and the recording resolution/frame rate.. Once this has been determined for each of your cameras you can work out the overall frame rate requirements of the DVR and how much storage you will need based on:.. * The file size for each camera achievable with the required video capture resolution.. * The frame rates you have chosen for your cameras.. * The estimated level of motion (as a percentage) you expect at each camera.. * The recording scheduleSome simple arithmetic can now be used to calculate how much storage you'll need per month.. The kind of events you expect to be searching for should also have an influence on your choise of DVR.. Different DVRs come with different software, some of which is better suited to event searching than others.. If you expect to be spending a lot of time looking for video events then you'll save yourself a lot of time by chosing a machine with more powerful search tools.. The extra cost may well pay for itself in the long run..

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  • Title: Jade - Digital Video Networks
    Descriptive info: Digital Video Networks.. The traditional format of a CCTV system with a number of cameras and video monitors all hard-wired in co-axial cable back to a video recording box will, in time, become a thing of the past.. It is very rare, if not impossible, for a system designer to be able to envisage the perfect system for a client's application, a system that will not only fit the requirements today but on into the future without any need for change.. Most often, flaws or deficiencies in a system's design will begin to appear even before the system has been commissioned, and modifications will need to be made in order to make sure the client gets what they really want.. Our sophisticated video networking products  ...   every camera or monitor in every application is, to say the least, impractical, and with our extensive range of digital wireless transmission equipment, such a necessity is now a thing of the past.. Old fashioned UHF transceivers were not only awkward and expensive but the video quality achievable was highly environmentally dependant.. With SmartSight we can implement sophisticated wireless video networks with crystal clear, digitally secure point-to-point, point-to-multi-point or repeater based systems capable of transmitting and receiving high resolution video with bi-directional audio, telemetry, data and alarms, complete with all of the features but none of the hassel.. Interlinking seemlessly with wired video networks, our infrastructure products bring true fluffy-cloud TCP/IP connectivity between intelligent edge devices (cameras, monitors, etc) and video processing and recording systems..

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  • Title: Jade - Wireless Video
    Descriptive info: Wireless Video.. Traditionally, radio links have become synonimous with poor quality images, low reliability and high cost, and as a result they are rarely considered by specifiers or installers as a viable option.. Unfortunately this often results in more complex cabled solutions being adopted which also yield poor image quality, low reliability, high cost and a lack of flexibility that might result in repeated expenditure in the future.. Advances in wireless technology for the ICT industry over recent years has made possible very high quality radio connectivity, for rapid deployment, in difficult environmnets at surprisingly low cost.. Jade's range of IP based video solutions can now take advantage  ...   images at any frame rate even over extremely long distances or in none-line-of-sight applications.. Our wireless technology can also deliver audio, alarms, telemetry, data and network connectivity utilising the very same infrastructure therefore adding value and maximising return on investment to the client.. Cabling to difficult locations is no longer a nightmare.. Civil works will no longer add delays to the project.. Video over IP Wireless solutions from Jade transform the landscape.. Stately Homes.. VIP Residences.. Airports.. Sea Ports.. Bridges.. Freight Terminals.. Sports Stadia.. Industrial Estates.. Residential Estates.. See the download page for detailed information on some of our wireless products or call us today to discuss your requirements..

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  • Title: Jade - Access Control
    Descriptive info: Removing opportunities for access is one of the core methods of situational crime prevention and is achieved by the implementation of an effective access control strategy.. Unlike CCTV or intruder alarm systems, both of which are designed to detect unauthorised activity, access control systems actually prevent it.. The choice of identification technology is important, not only to ensure that the system remains secure but also in terms of the day-to-day support of the system.. Sometimes this means choosing a less secure identification technology in favour of another that might be cheaper, easier to use or simpler to administer.. A huge array of identification technologies are now readily available from biometrics (finger print, retina scan, palm scan, facial recognition and voice recognition) to passive cards and fobs (magnetic strip, barcode, watermark, RFID, proximity, Smart Card etc) to active cards and fobs (long range vehicle tagging, hands-free access etc) to simple keypads and code locks.. Each of these technologies is appropriate in the proper application.. Most access control system do a lot more than simply lock doors, particularly networked or on-line systems which can also provide door monitoring, presence in area detection, time attendance tracking, staff/visitor ID badging and much more.. When it comes to very high levels of systems integration, you get what you pay for, and you will often find that if you have very large numbers of people, using very large numbers of doors on very distributed sites, many  ...   increasingly popular for access control as they are perceived to provide high security at low cost of ownership.. The cost of most biometric reading technologies remains high, so a comparison between biometric and traditional access control systems based purely on the cost of the system installation will generally make biometrics appear expensive.. However, the tokens on a traditional proximity access control system could cost in excess of 10 each, so in an environment with a large number of users or a high turnover of staff the on-going cost of ownership of a traditional access control system can be very high.. Access control systems contribute more to the security of an environment than any other single system, however they need to be properly designed to incorporate the most appropriate identification technologies and features for the way in which the system will be used.. A poorly designed system can quickly become more of a hindrance to users going about their business who will, as a result, find ways to bypass the security afforded by the system.. The system then becomes less secure than if no system were installed at all.. Don't forget, it doesn't matter how much you spend on access control, your building will not be secure if inappropriate locks are used on the doors, if sloppy design practices are used to handle fire-safety issues or if personnel are allowed to abuse the operating procedures.. Think practical and design to last..

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