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  • Title: James Kennedy | '000's of people, tens of euroJames Kennedy | '000's of people, tens of euro
    Descriptive info: .. James Kennedy.. 000 s of people, tens of euro.. Search.. Main menu.. Skip to primary content.. Skip to secondary content.. Home.. About.. Review: ColdCallingBook.. net.. Posted on.. September 28, 2012.. by.. admin.. Reply.. I just got off the phone with Robert Graham of.. Whitetail.. Software.. I got in touch with him because he is selling a book on a subject near to my heart, cold calling.. Plucking up the courage to pick up a phone and call to potential customers is the single most impactful skill I have ever learned, and I was delighted to hear this entrepreneur talk about the subject.. Continue reading.. Posted in.. Sales.. |.. Leave a reply.. The work day of a Growth Hacker.. Piehole.. tv,.. a project we originally started to generate more work for our voiceovers on piehole.. co.. uk, has taken off.. Priscilla loves make the videos.. We ve found some awesome animators to work with and there is something we haven t been used to before almost unlimited demand.. Thankfully, technically,.. piehole.. tv.. requires pretty much zero input from yours truly.. We have a great sales team, the website is based on wordpress so what does that for me to do? The best answer I could come up with was to try and turn myself into a.. growth hacker.. , while we attempt to scale up a couple of notches.. So what does that mean exactly? Here is my daily schedule right now:.. 8:00 9:30.. : Warm up the coffee machine, and crack open the analytics while I check the progress from yesterdays endeavours.. I check the referring traffic report in google analytics and see if any of my previous days / weeks of effort had any effect.. I note down the traffic sources that seem to be working and make a mental note of those that aren t.. I switch over to mixpanel and check out the funnels I ve set up.. I break them out by initial referring domain and see which sources are actually converting.. I haven t figured out how to get from the funnel view to the individual user view in mixpanel yet, so I switch to our internal CRM and see the names of the referred leads.. I ve set up our rails app to track the HTTP referrer and its noted along with new contact details.. I check the notes from that were made by the sales team (picking out leads which were fake or had no relevant contact details).. 09:30 10:30:.. Adwords.. Ugh.. You could spend a lifetime in this thing.. We haven t gotten started with Bing or other ad networks, but I close out all my other apps, and just dig into the ads.. There is always another campaign you could try or another set of keywords to tweak.. I keep track of the changes I make and trawl back over historic changes to try and pick out any improvements.. I make a note of the revelent landing pages I want to tweak or create in the afternoon.. 10:30 12:00.. : Now its time to start checking for opportunities to interact.. For me this means checking Quora, LinkedIn, Yahoo groups and a couple of specialsed discussion groups.. I take notes of any interesting questions people are seeking to have answered.. These prove as fodder for blog posts or other content I ll get to in the afternoon.. This is not always about finding traffic sources.. It is great to take the pulse of what people are talking about in general.. Again, watching out for issues or problems we can address is the goal.. I cross reference any.. hittail.. suggestions with my adwords spend and introduce new campaigns to match them up.. 12:00 13:00.. : Of course, it s easy to get stuck in a local minima.. Figuring out some new sources of traffic can be a good ides as long as this is kept in check.. Its easy to get dazzled by the next new fangled conference, widget or social marketing app to appear.. I head over to.. mixergy.. com/premium.. or.. StartupsForTheRestOfUs.. com.. and check them out lead generation idess.. Each episode contains about a weeks worth of setup and ideas so sometimes its better just to refresh a video I ve watch before rather than dump a whole new strategy in on top of an already busy day.. The corollary of taking on a new strategy, is deciding which of the older strategies to dump, or which to outsource.. 13:00 14:00.. : Turn off the computer and take a walk.. Or, as is the case tomorrow, order some local food delivered via.. chefsurfing.. 14:00 17:30.. : Content creation time.. I try and take all that learning (lets hope) from the morning and put it into action.. There are a couple of strategies we are using at the moment.. They include:.. Info graphics.. Video interviews.. (Guest) Blogging.. Javascript helper tools.. Email marketing.. Hitting the good ole telephone.. Designing a competition.. Promoting to affiliates.. The lest goes on.. After that, its all about repetition.. Staying focused can be hard.. To that end I ve allowed myself some time to create some encouraging dashboards that show some kind of improvement over time.. Trying to move the needle by a couple of percent each  ...   had been too lazy to use this tool properly, but now that I m back on the blogging bandwagon, I might as well be smart about it.. Pricing: $9 / month, Rating: ★★★★★.. TrafficGyser.. : I have also subscribed to the.. Mixergy Premium.. series of training videos.. I can recommend them.. I have gotten something actionable from every one I ve watched so far.. One, on Online TV production, recommended TrafficGyser.. It publishes web video to about 40 video hosting platforms with the aim of driving more traffic to your site.. It was recommended by Andrew Lock who gave the training course, and I m currently publishing all our piehole.. tv videos to the platform.. Some people.. suggest that instead we should only host the video on our site and instead submit a video sitemap.. Pricing: $99 / month.. Rating: ★★★★.. Olark.. : For a while now we ve used a chat widget on the front of the website to help convert customers and get more enquiries to our.. UK and Irish voiceovers.. We only now display the chat box on the exterior of the website.. When users log in, I prefer to use intercom (mentioned below).. I m doing this because intercom serves the same purpose and we don t always have time for just a casual chat with existing customers.. Maybe we should change that somehow.. Price: $15 / month.. Tripped out Analytics Adwords: Although I ve had analytics installed for years, I ve never really managed to get much actionable data out of it.. Now that I m attacking our paid search campaigns again, I m looking at it again.. Ironically though, I m trying to cut down on the amount of information it is giving me rather than expand upon it.. I found this awesome.. report.. by Avinash Kaushik which simply breaks down title content by the number of goals that it results in.. I m finding this very useful to see which landing pages are working best for me and I think I might actually replace.. optimizely.. (which is great for adhoc AB testing) in favour of custom pages and then studying this report.. Price: Free + Adwords spend.. SEOMoz.. : After years of using their tools for free, I m about to sign up for their pro product.. So far, the best value I have had from it has been to identify duplicate content problems and other on page issues.. I still have over 300 errors to fix but I m tipping away at them.. Price: $99 / month.. Rating: ★★★.. Conversion.. CampaignMonitor.. : I know this might not be my cheapest option, and it may miss a few features, but this thing makes it easy to create beautiful email templates with fantastic analytics.. They have a.. real time.. dashboard which pops up little pics of recipients on a map as they open and click through on campaigns.. Utterly useless and like crack cocaine after sending out a campaign.. We have been doing campaigns aimed at promoting that lovely new blog content I m producing as well as reaching out to new customers.. Price: $5 / broadcast + 2c per mail.. Retention.. Intercom.. io:.. Intercom is company build by some guys from Dublin who I managed to have a serious falling out with a few years ago.. Damn it though, its hard to stay mad when their products are so good.. I m also using.. exceptional.. on the back end to track errors with the site which was their previous effort.. Intercom touts itself as a lightweight CRM app for webapps.. I m not sure I d go that far, but it is great for managing customer service.. You can schedule pop-ups or emails in a configurable way that allows you to create rules like Send the client an email 1 day after they put an enquiry through to make sure they found the voice they were looking for.. It is also a more organised way of tracking existing customer feedback.. Customers can use a messaging widget to contact us any time when they are logged in.. Price: $50 / month.. Newrelic.. : The sites have been attracting more traffic recently which means that from time to time we have performance issues.. I m finding it hard to diagnose these problems recently and newrelic is helping me out.. I have also installed.. monit.. on the server and implemented more page caching.. Still, issues persist.. Grr.. Price: Free Plan.. So, all my ratings are pretty high, but I guess I wouldn t be using them if they weren t.. BTW: there are no affiliate links on this page.. What are you using?.. Uncategorized.. Mountain Lion and Rails 1.. 8.. 7.. August 6, 2012.. I ve been wondering for months how I should reboot this blog after losing my old one in a server migration.. This is as good as any.. I ve bee fiddling for days getting my rails env back up and running after upgrading to Mountain Lion.. This causes incompatabilities between xcode 4.. 2 (not supported by ML) and Ruby.. As it turns out all I needed was.. brew update.. brew tap homebrew/dupes.. brew install apple-gcc42.. rvm install 1.. Easy when you know how.. Thanks to.. thoughtbot.. for the solution.. Proudly powered by WordPress..

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  • Title: About | James KennedyJames Kennedy
    Descriptive info: I m an Irish guy trying to figure out how to build an online business.. I run mineralrightsforsale.. com and help my wife run.. ie.. and.. I m on.. twitter.. and like thinking and talking about startup sales, programming and not much else right now (must fix that).. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong..

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  • Title: Review: ColdCallingBook.net | James KennedyJames Kennedy
    Descriptive info: Post navigation.. Previous.. Robert has put down his experiences in a book and I was keen to buy a copy after talking with him on the phone.. Hmm.. I guess he really is good at selling on the phone.. Anyways.. What do you get for your $39 hard earned dollars when you buy.. coldcallingbook.. ?.. The case for cold calling:.. In my mind, there is really no reason for startups not to use the phone.. Typical conversion rates on an online squeeze page is 0.. 5 to 1%.. Sales developed over the phone are 10 to twenty times more effective.. Robert goes through some of his own reasons why you should consider this channel.. Chief amongst them for him is the opportunity to get feedback and understand the problem domain.. It is fair to say that this applies most to new startups, and he references.. The Lean Startup.. methodology of customer development.. The Process:.. You could probably guess the process involved in putting together a cold calling campaign, but Robert offers worked examples, which I found to be the best part of the book.. Everything from preparation to note taking and.. post mortems..  ...   for getting off the bench.. His own story is entertaining and mirrored my early experiences.. Techniques:.. There are a few tips and tricks that help the whole process smoother.. I learned a few things here.. Chief amongst them was keeping the initial contact short.. On average, it takes 6 contacts before someone is ready to buy, and its sometimes easy to forget that.. Just establish the level of interest, ask for a time to call back, and get off the phone.. So who should buy this book? I d say it best suited to people starting a new business but I m pretty happy with my ROI for the money spent although I ve been doing it for years.. The one thing that I don t really agree with is that telesales are not scalable.. In fairness, he raises this an objection that some people have to cold calling, rather than an opinion, but I know that telesales as a process is repeatable.. You can find out more about the book over at.. A Smart Bear.. where he provided a guest post on the subject.. This entry was posted in.. Bookmark the.. permalink..

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  • Title: admin, Author at James KennedyJames Kennedy
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  • Title: The work day of a Growth Hacker | James KennedyJames Kennedy
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  • Title: Marketing Archives | James KennedyJames Kennedy
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  • Title: A new Marketing Dashboard for PIehole | James KennedyJames Kennedy
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  • Title: Webapps for Webapps: Tool's I'm using right now | James KennedyJames Kennedy
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