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  • Title: Jamie Moran, Buyer's Agency Ireland, Property Search & Negotiation Specialists, Property Consultant
    Descriptive info: .. Why Use Jamie Moran?.. Enquiry Form.. Site Map.. Home.. What Is A Buyer's Agent?.. Jamie's Services.. FAQ.. Contact Jamie.. The Buyer's Agency Ireland - Property Search & Negotiation Specialists.. Jamie Moran is the only Buyer s Agent you need if you want to take the hassle out of buying property.. With years of practical experience in the property industry, he has an excellent understanding of this rapidly changing marketplace.. Each client can be assured that I will commit all of the resources at my disposal to source the best available properties, often locating properties that aren t advertised on the open market ( silent sales ).. As a dedicated Buyer s Agent, I only work on behalf of property buyers and I do not  ...   the seller to earn the maximum sale price.. To see how Jamie Moran can help you save time and money.. click here.. in Jamie Moran, you have a Buyer's Agent that will use his considerable negotiating skills to save you thousands of Euros.. Make An Enquiry.. Asking These Questions?.. then you need jamie.. Where should we look?.. Is this a fair price?.. What amount should I offer?.. How do I negotiate with the seller's experienced agent?.. Did we pay too much?.. How do I bid successfully at auction?.. Jamie Moran.. , Suite 28, Grande Central, Rockbrook, Sandyford, Dublin 18.. |.. Mob.. : +353 86 0461313.. Email.. :.. info@jamiemoran.. ie.. Jamie Moran's Services.. Contact Jamie Moran.. Web Innovation At Work.. Copyright.. 2010.. |.. | All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Why Use Jamie Moran?
    Descriptive info: Services.. Option 1: The Complete Home-Buyers Package.. Option 2: Evaluate and Negotiate Your Property Purchase.. Affiliated Services.. Why Use My Service?.. I started my career in Investment Banking, working in some of the most respected investment houses in the world before converting back to where my interests really lay; Property.. With strong family connections in the construction industry, I have always had a keen eye for property.. Starting my own property portfolio in my early twenties, I quickly became comfortable negotiating property deals for myself and on behalf of others.. I set up a property development and construction company in 2006.. As a registered property contractor, I also pride myself on attention to detail.. No other Buyer's Agent in Ireland can match the practical experience that I offer- this experience is invaluable when it comes to assessing the merits of any property.. From 2008 onwards, I also worked as a Property Consultant, where I have  ...   When it comes to any property related issue, I am the person that you should come to- You can place your trust in me to step back and assess the merits and potential pitfalls of any property investment- I also drive a very hard bargain!.. The benefits of this Buyer's Agent:.. Practical hand-on experience in building houses.. View terrific properties you'd never know about on your own.. I only represent you.. And Most Importantly.. Negotiating the best possible price on your behalf.. Therefore, you're likely to save thousands of Euros.. If you're thinking that because you're hiring me to do all the work, you'll end up spending more money than if you did all the tasks on your own, think again.. Just the opposite is what you'll experience.. I will do my utmost to save you a multiple of what the fee is.. So not only will you save time and trouble, but also money..

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  • Title: Jamie Moran - Enqury Form
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Contact Details.. Please fill out the enquiry form below and click SEND.. Make sure all the fields are filled out.. We will not share your details with any other company.. Please Fill Out Form Below.. (* Marks Required Information).. Your Name *.. Your Email *.. Contact Phone No.. *.. Email Subject *.. Requirements/Message.. Click here to send..

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  • Title: Sitemap, Jamie Moran, Buyer's Agency Ireland, Property Search & Negotiation Specialists, Property Consultant
    Descriptive info: Sitemap.. Website Pages.. Buyer's Agency Ireland.. About.. What is a Buyer's Agent?.. Contact.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: What is a Buyer's Agent - Jamie Moran, Buyer's Agency Ireland, Property Search & Negotiation Specialists, Property Consultant
    Descriptive info: About Jamie Moran.. What Is A Buyer's Agent And Why Should I Use One?.. Buyer's Agents are real estate experts who make your life much easier.. And here, in detail, is how Jamie makes your life easier:.. Buyer's Agents are professionals who represent you the home buyer (or investor).. We never, ever represent the seller of the home or property, nor do we ever earn any commission from the seller.. As your agent, we work solely for you and your best interests.. We earn our fee (which is fully and clearly explained in the.. Services.. section) only from you, so everything we do to earn it revolves around:.. Finding you the best property.. Securing it at the best price.. Accomplishing it in the shortest amount of time.. Supplying you with the most complete, accurate information to help you make the right, most informed decision.. So instead of you having to spend months contacting every Estate agent, trawling the Internet and attending weekend open homes, you leave it all  ...   side, from the very first day, I make the home buying experience far more enjoyable, and far less stressful than you ever imagined possible.. As a professional Buyer's Agent with years of experience and a broad network of industry contacts, I will provide you with a far greater selection of homes, targeting those that are not even advertised yet.. The Buyers Agency, Ireland do all your groundwork, your searching, your calling for you - and I do it much more effectively than you ever could on your own.. Because time is money - your money, and ours - The Buyers Agency, Ireland won't show you homes you'd never want in the first place.. I will make sure that I understand your needs and so every home you do see is one that you'll at least be happy you saw.. My goal is to make your experience so hassle-free and cost-effective that you will refer us to your friends as well as return the next time you need property..

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  • Title: Why Use A Buyers Agent When Buying A House | Jamie Moran's Home Buying Services
    Descriptive info: Jamie Moran's Home Buying Services.. There are 2 different ways for me to help you as your Buyer's Agent.. One of them is perfect for your needs.. Option 1.. Option 2.. Few purchases that you ever make in your life will be as costly or as complex as finding  ...   price in a reasonable amount of time.. The Buyer's Agency Ireland provides 2 options for the keen house buyer.. No matter which one you do choose, you'll have me on your side.. Which means your life will be easier and you'll get the property you want at the best price..

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  • Title: Purchasing a Property FAQ
    Descriptive info: What are the benefits of using a Buyer s Agent when I can search through all the properties and negotiate on the price myself?.. As an experienced property consultant and a registered contractor, Jamie is committed to finding you only the best properties on the market and negotiating on your behalf to make you substantial savings.. A good Buyer s Agent, like Jamie, will uncover beautiful properties, sometimes before they even come on the market.. Jamie is always only acting on behalf of the buyer with the intention of saving you hassle and money.. Why would I pay The Buyer s Agency Ireland?.. Jamie is committed to saving you a multiple of his fee!.. After the initial free consultancy, Jamie will only act on your behalf if he feels that he can achieve this.. Therefore, you have a hassle free property buying experience and you have an experienced property consultant committed to saving thousands of Euros at the same time.. How long will Jamie spend looking for my property?.. As long as it takes! Once you have loan approval and are committed to purchasing, Jamie will not rush things unless you have already found your  ...   in my required location?.. An Estate Agent is paid by a seller when they secure the best possible price for them, not you! The vendor pays the fees of an Estate Agent and each Agent only has access to a limited stock of properties.. The Buyer s Agency Ireland has contacts with many agencies and financial institutions and we can find some of the best value properties that never make it to the open market ( Silent Sales ).. These Silent Sales are becoming more common as vendors do not want neighbours or friends to be aware of the asking price for their home.. Why is Jamie the Buyer s Agent that I should use?.. Jamie understands property and he will save you money! This is a Buyer s Agent that will find you the best available properties in the Irish market.. Jamie takes great pride in helping people find their dream homes especially when he can save buyers thousands of Euros, potentially knocking years off their mortgages.. Finally, in order to get you the best possible property for your money, Jamie will only ever work for a limited number of clientele at any one time..

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  • Title: Jamie Moran's Contact Details
    Descriptive info: Jamie Moran - The Buyer's Agency Ireland.. Suite 28,.. Grande Central,.. Rockbrook,.. Sandyford,.. Dublin 18.. Mobile Number:.. +353 86 0461313.. Opening Hours.. :.. Our office is open weekly.. Monday.. to.. Friday.. from.. 9am.. to.. 5pm.. General Email.. You can also complete our online.. enquiry form..

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  • Title: Buying A House | Property Buying Services | The Complete Home Buyers Package from Jamie Moran
    Descriptive info: Engaging the services of professional property finder s leaves nothing to chance and virtually nothing for the buyer to do except enjoy life and the prospect of moving into your ideal property.. Stages.. Build your Buyers Brief.. This is where we get to know each other- the buyer explains what their precise requirements and limitations are- budget, location, proximity to certain schools, access to main infrastructure routes etc- and we provide information on how we re going to help you through the buying process.. If both parties are willing to proceed, we enter an agreement and our services are retained.. Research, Research, Research.. After agreeing to become your independent Buyer s Agent, we start the research process before providing a Short List of certain properties which we are confident will match your requirements.. Time to Inspect..  ...   of rushed visits which may also intrude on your work or other plans, we arrange each inspection around your schedule, not ours.. Evaluation and Negotiation.. You've seen the properties, thought about them, and, hopefully, love one.. One of the most critical parts of the entire process starts now.. After assessing all the variables such as current market value, location, value growth prospects, vendor urgency and finance, The Buyers Agency Ireland will negotiate the best possible price for you, the buyer.. Completion - Survey and Convey.. We can recommend solicitors and/or engineers who are known to us to complete the sale in a timely and professional manner.. Retainer fee before stage 2: 500 plus Vat.. (deductible from final invoice).. Total fee.. Purchase Price Under 300,000:.. Purchase Price 300,000 - 500,000:.. Purchase Price Over 500,000:.. 1.. 5%.. 25%.. 1%..

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  • Title: Evaluate and Negotiate Your House Purchase | Negotiate Buying A House with Jamie Moran
    Descriptive info: Congratulations.. , You've spent a lot of time finding the right property but you aren't comfortable about securing it at the best possible price.. Now is the time to get in touch with Jamie - the last thing you want to do is overpay for the property!.. We start this process  ...   is where we evaluate how to purchase it for you at the lowest price possible.. No Retainer fee!.. For this service we charge 0.. 5% of the Purchase Price.. We are so confident that we will help you purchase it at the right price, that there is no fee unless you purchase!..

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  • Title: Jamie Moran - Affiliated Services
    Descriptive info: Jamie Moran Construction & Project Management.. If you acquire property that you would like to alter or extend, I have a highly trusted and reputable team on hand.. With years of experience in residential and commercial building projects, my construction company is committed to delivering a quality service within budget and to exacting standards.. We will work in conjunction with any homeowners or perspective buyers to ensure satisfactory completion of all works is carried out.. Contact Jamie on.. 086 046 1313.. CPA Finance Ltd.. Banking and financial consultancy.. Lending solutions for individuals and Commercial clients.. Asset Workout Services.. We offer a highly experienced Project Team (PT*) who will  ...   / return, and can then undertake the specific strategy chosen, including completion of all construction works, if required.. Who Benefits?.. Banks, Receivers / Liquidators, Estate Agents / Valuers, Developers, Government Bodies.. Contact CPA.. Phone:.. 01 293 8989.. | Email:.. vourneen@cpafinance.. ie.. LEGAL.. The Buyer's Agency Ireland has years of experience dealing with the transfer of property ownership (conveyance).. We have a positive working relationship with a couple of legal firms known to us and that we are satisfied will take care of our clients interests making the process as seamless as possible.. We will be delighted to put you in touch with such firms when the time is right..

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