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  • Title: KAESER Online
    Descriptive info: .. Products and Solutions.. Services.. Online Services.. Brochures.. References.. About us.. Contacts.. Advisor.. News and Events.. Career Opportunities.. - Select regional site -.. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.. International.. Argentina.. Australia.. Austria.. Belgium/Flemish.. Belgium/French.. Brazil.. Bulgaria.. Canada.. Chile.. China.. CIS / СНГ.. Colombia.. Croatia.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. El Salvador.. Estonia.. Finland.. France.. Germany.. Greece.. Guatemala.. Honduras.. Hungary.. India.. Indonesia.. Ireland.. Israel.. Italy.. Japan.. Korea.. Latvia.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Mexico.. Middle East.. Netherlands.. Norway.. Peru.. Philippines.. Poland.. Portugal.. Romania.. Russia.. Singapore.. Slovenia.. South Africa.. Spain.. Sweden.. Switzerland/French.. Switzerland/German.. Thailand/English.. Thailand/Thai.. Turkey.. Ukraine.. United Kingdom.. USA.. KAESER Report.. KAESER Report (pdf).. News.. Information on implementing the REACH regulation in KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.. New: “Sigma Air Manager” with adaptive 3-D-Control.. Kaeser introduces the new SK rotary screw compressor series.. CSD / CSDX series rotary compressors.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is one of the largest and most successful suppliers of air systems, with about 4000 employees worldwide.. Our primary goal is providing exceptional customer service coupled with innovative products and progressive system solutions.. News.. SXC – The all-in-one compressed air  ...   compact unit.. Using perfectly matched components and ensuring exceptional userfriendliness, the SXC is the ideal choice for users in the trade and craft sector who are looking for a dependable supply of quality compressed air.. More information.. Product News.. The new M 350 Mobilair portable compressor.. With a free air delivery of up to 34 m³/min, the Mobilair M 350 is the new powerhouse in Kaeser Kompressoren’s comprehensive portable compressor range.. Positioned in the highest performance tier, this system offers significantly more than just impressive compressed air power: It is also exceptionally versatile, fuel-efficient and features environmentally-responsible design.. More information.. KAESER Ireland.. KAESER COMPRESSORS Ltd.. Unit 43/44, Western Parkway, Business Park, Ballymount Road.. 12 Dublin.. Phone: 1-4565433.. Fax: 1-4567328.. Email:.. info.. ireland@kaeser.. com.. Fairs.. Fenasan.. Pavilhao Branco Expo Center Norte, Sao Paulo/SP, Brazil.. August 6, 2012 - August 8, 2012.. Febratex.. Blumenau/SC, Brazil.. August 14, 2012 - August 17, 2012.. Tecnomueble Internacional.. Guadalajara, Mexico.. August 15, 2012 - August 18, 2012.. Feria Industrial Caribe.. Barranquilla, Colombia.. August 22, 2012 - August 24, 2012.. SMM.. Hamburg, Germany.. September 4, 2012 - September 7, 2012.. Trade fairs.. Privacy Policy,.. ,..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – More and more users choose KAESER
    Descriptive info: Rotary screw compressors.. Reciprocating compressors.. Dental compressors.. Air treatment.. Controllers.. Rotary screw vacuum pumps.. Rotary blowers.. Portable compressors.. Tools.. Genuine parts.. SIGMA PET AIR.. Contracting.. More and more users choose KAESER.. Trade and industry.. The majority of industrial compressed air requirements are met by.. rotary screw compressors.. , which are also being increasingly used in trade and workshop applications.. KAESER screw compressors with SIGMA PROFILE rotor airends reflect this growing trend, as more than 200,000 of these economical and reliable systems are currently in service throughout the world.. Dust evacuation, packaging, filtration.. KAESER.. rotary screw vacuum packages.. with the special KAESER vacuum airend are just as suited to evacuating, testing, drying, and degassing processes as they are to filtration applications or filling bottles and tubes.. These units are also equipped with the advanced PC-based.. SIGMA CONTROL.. compressor controller.. PET bottle production.. KAESER has developed a remarkably economical  ...   vacuum applications.. Kaeser rotary blowers.. with OMEGA PROFILE are used in pressure / vacuum applications for drying, aerating waste water clarifiers, conveying powder or granular material, cleaning by suction, inspection and packaging.. Compressed air for maritime applications.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN also offers a specialised range of compressed air products customised especially for the needs of maritime users.. , for example, are used to produce work air and supply compressed air for special applications, such as nitrogen production.. are also used to treat waste water on large cruise liners.. Tunnelling and water pollution protection.. Diesel powered.. Mobilair compressors.. are as economical as they are versatile.. They are used in a wide range of applications, such as supplying air for tunnel construction projects (e.. g.. the Gotthard base tunnel) or for oil booms used for oil spill containment in harbours.. More Information.. KAESER Toolbox.. KAESER - Informative literature.. Contact form..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – KAESER – The world is our home
    Descriptive info: Analysis and Advice.. Customer service.. KAESER – The world is our home.. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rotary screw compressors, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is represented throughout the world by a comprehensive network of branches, subsidiary companies and authorised partners in over 100 countries.. With innovative products and services, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s experienced consultants and engineers help customers to enhance their competitive  ...   continuously push the boundaries of performance and compressed air efficiency.. Moreover, the decades of knowledge and expertise from this industry-leading system provider are made available to each and every customer via the Kaeser group’s global computer network.. These advantages, coupled with KAESER’s worldwide service organisation, ensure that all products operate at the peak of their performance at all times and provide maximum availability..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – Service from the Internet
    Descriptive info: Online warranty.. UPS tracking.. Schenker Tracking.. DHL tracking.. Layout proposals.. Toolbox.. KAESER University.. Conditions of sales.. Service from the Internet.. It's quick and easy - just.. register your KAESER compressed air system.. warranty directly on our website.. Call me Back.. If you have any questions concerning KAESER products and services just fill out our.. "Call me back" form.. We'll call you back at the time you have specified.. In the KAESER Toolbox you'll find some.. useful tools.. for doing some calculations in compressed air engineering..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – KAESER - Informative literature
    Descriptive info: To order any brochure just indicate the number of copies required next to the product group and fill out the fields for your delivery address.. You can also download brochures by clicking on the PDF icon.. KAESER-Report.. Copies.. Current issue.. (3.. 12 MB).. P-2000IE.. Advisor Compressed Air Engineering.. (2.. 37 MB).. P-2010ED.. Products.. Overview..  .. D-LIEFERPRED.. Rotary screw compressor general catalogue.. (7.. 60 MB).. P-650ED.. (0.. 92 MB).. P-780ED.. SIGMA CONTROL 2.. 52 MB).. Heat recovery systems.. 05 MB).. P-645ED.. SXC series 2.. 2–5.. 5 kW.. (1.. 10 MB).. P-651/26ED.. SX series 2.. 29 MB).. P-651/0ED.. SM series 5.. 5–9 kW.. 18 MB).. P-651/24ED.. SK series 11–15 kW.. 44 MB).. P-651/10ED.. ASK series 15–22 kW.. 33 MB).. P-651/23ED.. ASD series 18.. 5–30 kW.. 93 MB).. P-651/2ED.. ASD T SFC series 18.. P-651/21ED.. BSD series 30–45 kW.. 55 MB).. P-651/1ED.. BSD T SFC series 30–45 kW.. 23 MB).. P-651/20ED.. CSD/CSDX series 45–90 kW.. (9.. 54 MB).. P-651/28ED.. DSD/DSDX series 75–160 kW.. 34 MB).. P-651/14ED.. ESD/FSD series 132–315 kW.. 14 MB).. P-651/16ED.. ESD/FSD SFC series 200–315 kW.. P-651/19ED.. HSD/HSD SFC series 360–515 kW.. 83 MB).. P-651/27ED.. CLASSIC series.. 73 MB).. P-339ED.. PREMIUM series.. 40 MB).. P-340ED.. EUROCOMP series.. 35 MB).. P-314ED.. AIRBOX / AIRBOX CENTER series.. 32 MB).. P-337ED.. Industrial compressors series.. 07 MB).. P-414ED.. Boosters series.. 48 MB).. P-480ED.. Dental series.. P-815ED.. Dental series Flyer.. 28 MB).. P-816ED.. Air-treatment..  ...   series.. 61 MB).. P-900ED.. Omega series.. 03 MB).. P-073ED.. Mobilair general catalogue.. 72 MB).. P-500ED.. Mobilair general overview.. 64 MB).. P-525ED.. MOBILAIR 13/15/17 0.. 85–1.. 6 m³/min.. 39 MB).. P-517ED.. MOBILAIR 20 2.. 0 m³/min.. P-520ED.. MOBILAIR 34E/46E 3.. 4–4.. P-546ED.. MOBILAIR 36/45 3.. 9–4.. 2 m³/min.. 11 MB).. P-536ED.. MOBILAIR 43 4.. P-543ED.. MOBILAIR 50 5.. P-550ED.. MOBILAIR 52/64 5.. 0–6.. 4 m³/min.. 06 MB).. P-564ED.. MOBILAIR 57 5.. P-557ED.. MOBILAIR 57 Utility 5.. 74 MB).. P-U557ED.. MOBILAIR 80/100 5.. 5–10.. 16 MB).. P-580ED.. MOBILAIR 122 7.. 3–11.. 1 m³/min.. P-5122ED.. MOBILAIR 123 8.. 1–11.. 21 MB).. P-5123ED.. MOBILAIR 135 10.. 5–13.. 69 MB).. P-5135ED.. MOBILAIR 170 11.. 5–17.. 70 MB).. P-5170ED.. MOBILAIR 200 14.. 5–21.. 26 MB).. P-5200ED.. Hose reels.. 22 MB).. P-501ED.. Breakers.. P-502ED.. Economy-Breakers.. P-503ED.. Hammer drills.. P-504ED.. Mobilair plant.. P-505ED.. Genuine KAESER parts.. P-1610ED.. Compact systems.. 17 MB).. P-200ED.. Snow system.. P-210ED.. SIGMA AIR UTILITY.. P-1620ED.. Services Overview.. 67 MB).. P-1600ED.. P-1630ED.. Services for planning offices.. P-1640ED.. Your partner for efficient compressed air solutions.. 97 MB).. P-1660ED.. Questionnaire for Air Demand Analysis.. Your delivery address.. * Company.. Title.. * First name.. * Last name.. * Street.. * Postal code.. * Town.. * Country.. * Phone number.. Fax.. E-Mail.. *.. In submitting this data I agree that it be stored, forwarded and used as necessary to perform the task for which it is submitted.. Download..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – References
    Descriptive info: More and more compressor users worldwide are making the decision to buy KAESER compressors and auxillary equipment.. Our customers in all branches of trade and industry are fully satisfied with the reliability of their KAESER compressors.. Customer:.. Please select.. Adidas-Salomon AG.. Air Liquide Stickstoffproduktion und Hohlfasertechnologie.. Airbus Bremen.. Alenia Aeronautica.. Altmarkt in Dresden (Old Market Dresden).. Aqua Society/ENVA systems GmbH.. ARGE Transco-Sedrun.. Artist Dagdelen Canan.. BASF Werk Nienburg.. Bauer Maschinen GmbH.. Bauer-Bornemann.. Bodenbender GmbH.. Buanderie centrale de Montréal Inc (BCM).. CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.. Chopard.. Coca Cola.. Colortree of Virginia Inc.. DB (German Rail).. Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd.. Engineering Research Centre Garching.. Essence Bottling.. Europa-Park Rust.. EVN Wasser.. Freizeit-Land Geiselwind (Geiselwind theme park).. Gasteiner.. Gemeinde Saldenburg.. HILTI.. himaxx centre of highaltitude training.. Holcim (Süddeutschland) GmbH.. HUGA.. Industri-Dykk.. ISE, Bergneustadt.. Jenny Fabrics AG.. Kaiserdom-Privatbrauerei Bamberg (Kaiserdom private brewery Bamberg).. Kali und Salz GmbH Magdeburg.. Kiekert AG.. König-Brauerei.. Kurt Junghans Polstergestelle GmbH.. Les Industries Bernard.. Lindavia Fruchtsäfte.. Luftmuseum Amberg.. Maar Denkmalpflege GmbH Berlin.. Michelin-Kronprinz.. Mineralquelle Zurzach AG.. MS-Schramberg.. Müller's  ...   Guss GmbH.. SR-Webatex GmbH.. Stadler Pankow GmbH.. Stahlwille Gruppe.. Staßfurt sewage plant.. STEAG Disposal Company.. Steam Whistle Brewing.. Steuler-Gruppe Formsteine.. SWDE (Société Wallone des Eaux).. Technik Museum Simsheim.. Theodor Attenberger Buchbinderei GmbH.. TRW Automotive GmbH Engine Components.. Trysilfjellet AS.. Universitätsklinik Erlangen.. Usterbacher Brauerei.. Vattenfall Europe.. Versuchs- und Lehrbrauerei in Weihenstephan.. Volkswagen.. Vorwerk Elektrowerke GmbH & Co.. KG.. Wasserwerk Chôdes (Stadt Malmedy).. Wasserwerk Jägersburg.. Wasserwerk Stembert (Stadt Verviers).. WHE (Wanne-Herne Railway and Harbour Ltd).. All.. Product group:.. Advice and analysis.. Boosters.. Compressed air treatment.. Contracting / outsourcing.. Dryers.. Heat recovery.. Field of application:.. Aircraft industry.. Aircraft industry suppliers.. Aluminum industry.. Archaeology.. Automotive suppliers.. Beverage industry.. Bookbinding.. Breweries.. Building materials.. Cable factory.. Car industry.. Chemical industry.. Construction industry.. Drain restoration.. Electrical equipment.. Energy production.. Environmental engineering.. Food industry.. Glass industry.. Handicraft businesses.. Jewellery industry.. Leisure industry.. Means of transportation.. Mechanical engineering.. Mining industry.. Paper converting industry.. PET.. Pharmaceutics/medicine.. Printing works.. Research centres.. Restoration.. Sculpturing.. Sewage treatment plant.. Shipbuilding.. Steel industry.. Textile industry.. Timber works.. Tool and die makers.. Toys.. Tunnel construction.. Water treatment..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – KAESER Kompressoren - your partner for compressed air plant
    Descriptive info: Quality, Environmental, and Workplace Safety Management.. History.. Location.. Responsibility.. KAESER Kompressoren - your partner for compressed air plant.. Future and targets.. KAESER Kompressoren offers products, services and complete systems for the generation, treatment and delivery of energy in the form of compressed air.. The system solutions aim at optimal economy and efficiency.. The innovative products and services of outstanding  ...   capability.. Continuous dialogue with customers is an essential part of concept development and continuous improvement in the total economy, efficiency, durability and utilisation of compressed air equipment.. KAESER intends to consolidate its position among the world's leading suppliers of compressed air products and engineering and to continue to expand international sales and service facilities in order to optimise customer satisfaction..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – Company Locations
    Descriptive info: Hotline.. Call me back.. Company Locations.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN,.. with its headquarters in Coburg, Germany.. is represented worldwide by subsidiaries and capable partners.. Compressed air specialists and sales engineers are standing by to offer advice and solutions on all aspects of compressed air technology.. The KAESER after-sales service is available globally to offer express assistance in case of need.. The best possible availability of all KAESER products and services is assured.. Africa.. Algeria.. ENTEC.. http://www.. entec-dz.. SARL Rolandtecnic Algerie Cité Krim Belkacem, Bt.. 9A, No.. 8.. Egypt.. El Haggar Compressors Co.. Engineering Agents.. Ethiopia.. W.. S.. M.. General Business Plc.. Ghana.. Resitech Ltd.. www.. resitech-gh.. Kenya.. Energy Pak (K) Ltd.. energypak-kenya.. Libya.. Rolandtecnic GmbH - Rep Office Lybia -.. rolandtecnic.. de.. Mauretania.. Erco.. Mauritius.. Harel Mallac Engineering Ltd.. Morocco.. Techni Dispo S.. R.. L.. Kaeser Compressors (SA) (PTY) Ltd.. kaeser.. co.. za.. Tunisia.. Le Materiel.. HP automatisme.. North America.. KAESER COMPRESSORS CANADA Inc.. ca.. KAESER COMPRESSORS, Inc.. kaesercompressors.. Latin America.. KAESER COMPRESORES de Argentina S.. ar.. Bolivia.. Grupo Larcos Industrial Ltda.. grupolarcos.. KAESER COMPRESSORES DO BRASIL LTDA.. br.. KAESER COMPRESORES de Chile Ltda.. cl.. KAESER COMPRESORES DE COLOMBIA LTDA.. Costa Rica.. Equipos Neumáticos S.. Ecuador.. Indutorres S.. KAESER COMPRESORES de El Salvador Ltda.. de C.. sv.. KAESER COMPRESORES de Guatemala y Cía.. Ltda.. gt.. KAESER COMPRESORES de Honduras S.. de R.. hn.. KAESER COMPRESORES de México S.. http://mx.. Panama.. Neumática y Control S.. Kaeser Compresores de Peru S.. pe.. Uruguay.. Temac S.. Venezuela.. Kaeser Compresores de Colombia Ltda.. For Venezuela please contact Kaeser Colombia.. Europe.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Ges.. m.. b.. H.. Linz Headquarters.. at.. Graz.. Innsbruck.. Vorarlberg.. Wien.. Azerbaijan.. Inter-Technics Ltd AGA Business Center  ...   lv.. Mastermann responsible for Mobilair.. mastermann.. lt.. Rytvita.. KAESER COMPRESSEURS SPRL.. Comat SA responsible for Mobilair.. Montenegro.. Gradjevinski Centar.. Kaeser Compressoren B.. http://nl.. KAESER KOMPRESSORER AS.. no.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Sp.. z o.. pl.. Kaeser Compressores, LDA.. pt.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN S.. ro.. OOO "Kaeser Kompressoren GmbH".. ru.. Serbia.. Bazis Grupa.. Slovakia.. Air Consulting spol.. s.. KAESER KOMPRESORJI d.. si.. KAESER COMPRESORES S.. es.. KAESER KOMPRESSORER AB.. se.. Switzerland.. http://ch.. Topkapi Endüstri.. topkapigroup.. tr.. TOV Kaeser Kompressoren.. ua.. HPC Engineering PLC.. compressors.. uk.. Asia.. Bahrain.. Nass Commercial.. Bangladesh.. New Asia Limited.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN System Shanghai Co.. Ltd.. cn.. KAESER COMPRESSORS (India) Pvt.. Ltd.. Indo Kompresigma Sistem (IKS).. kaeserindo.. Kaeser Compressors ltd.. il.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Co.. , Ltd.. http://jp.. Jordan.. Sharawi Engineering Supplies Industrial compressor business.. The Near East Equipment Company Portable compressor business.. kr.. Kuwait.. Equipment Co.. Malaysia.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SDN BHD.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SDN BHD Penang Office.. Oman.. Muscat Overseas Industrial & Marine Eqpt.. Trad.. LLC Mobilair Dealer.. Pipeline Supply Establishment.. Pakistan.. Noon International (Pvt) Ltd.. noon.. pk.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Philippines.. ph.. Qatar.. Al Obeidly & Gulf Eternit Tra.. Co.. Saudi Arabia.. ARCOMA Arabia Commercial Agency Co.. Ltd.. Technical Division.. Bakheet Co.. for Machinery Ltd.. Al-Jeel Medical & Trading Co.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Pte.. sg.. Sri Lanka.. Nikini Automation Systems (Pvt) Ltd.. Taiwan.. Grand Air Enterprise Co Ltd.. Kaiming Co Ltd.. Superway International Co.. , Ltd.. Thailand.. Kaeser Kompressoren (Thailand) Ltd.. th.. Master Com Engineering Co.. Comtech Intertrade Co.. comtech.. UAE.. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN FZE.. Bhatia Brothers.. Swaidan Trading Co.. Al Naboodah Group.. Vietnam.. Ban Mai Co.. HANSA Vietnam Co.. hoangnamgmbh.. vn.. The representative office of Kaeser Kompressoren Sdn.. Bhd.. Australasia.. KAESER COMPRESSORS AUSTRALIA PTY.. LTD.. au..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – Compressed Air Engineering
    Descriptive info: Air engineering.. Technical articles.. Compressed Air Engineering.. If you're looking for general information on compressed air engineering topics, then KAESER Advisor is the right address.. The page.. "Compressed Air Engineering".. offers basic information, suggestions and tips:.. Technical Articles.. On the.. "Technical Articles".. page, you'll find specialist articles on selected aspects of compressed air.. The essential contents are summarized in short abstracts and, if you wish, you can call up the complete article (and print it)..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – News
    Descriptive info: Product news.. Press.. Reach.. What’s new at KAESER? You can find out on the following pages:.. "Trade Fairs".. page is continuously updated to provide information on participation in international exhibitions.. Find out about the latest products, technological advances, offers and news from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN on our “.. " pages.. Journalists will also find a wide selection of images available there for reproduction.. Our customer magazine, the.. "KAESER-Report".. , is published twice yearly..

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  • Title: KAESER Ireland – KAESER Job Applicant Service
    Descriptive info: Personnel planning.. KAESER Job Applicant Service.. Welcome to KAESER’s Job Applicant service!.. Perhaps you have just finished your schooling or studies and you’re looking for a job in an international environment where you can put your newly-won talents to good use.. Or maybe you are interested in a vacancy or a practical training opportunity..  ...   and perspectives for graduated engineers and trainees at KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.. This page could open the door for you to a successful career at KAESER.. You’ll find the addresses and contacts you need to get an answer to any queries you may have.. You want to know more?.. Then just keep on clicking.. And have fun!..

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    Archived pages: 432