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  • Title: Kids Klubs - Montessori, Creche and Full Day Care - ECCE Government Pre School Scheme, Free pre-school year - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Services.. Breakfast Club.. Montessori.. After School Club.. Creche.. Holiday Camps.. Our Schools.. Kells.. Bayside.. Donnycarney.. Gallery.. Parents.. Enquiries.. FAQ.. Contact Us.. Janine Spillane.. :.. Kids Klubs has such a wonderful atmosphere.. Helen Martin.. :.. I would highly recommend Kids Klubs to anyone looking for a safe.. Maureen Phelan.. My little girl has progressed brilliantly this year in Montessori.. Click.. Testimonials.. to read more.. Maria Montessori's philosophy regards each child as a unique creation with a unique contribution to make to humanity.. Our Montessori programme will emphasise your child's initiative and independence, allowing him or her to progress through an orderly series of structured learning activities at his or her own pace.. for more info.. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you back as soon as possible.. Parents Name.. Email Address.. Phone Number.. Child's Name.. Child's Date of Birth.. Kids Klubs Montessori has been operating since 1989.. Our aim is to provide quality, affordable childcare for children aged from 3 months to 12 years..  ...   such as sharing and making friends.. To recognise and encourage each child's potential.. To encourage your child's physical, intellectual and emotional skills.. To provide stability.. To provide flexible childcare arrangements 1 to 55 hours a week, to fit in with your work and lifestyle.. To support your return to work/training/education or other.. To work closely with families to support ethnic and cultural diversity.. Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme.. The Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme (ECCE) provides a free pre-school year for children in the year before they start primary school.. ECCE Scheme.. When deciding if our facility is the best for your child, parents/ guardians would arrange a viewing.. This is an informal meeting, where you can take a look around the premises and we will talk you through a typical day, for your child when in our care.. This also gives you the chance to see first hand, the interaction between the staff and the children.. Copyright 2012.. Kids Klubs Montessori and Full Day Care.. Site by.. Shine Box..

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  • Title: Kids Klubs - Free Childcare - Montessori, Creche, Full Day Care - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
    Descriptive info: At Kids Klubs we're commited to ensuring the workplaces are a safe and healthy environment to work within and that all statutory requirements are complied with.. Health.. Kids Klubs are fully participating in the ECCE scheme.. For your child to be eligible for the scheme this year they must have been born between Ist February 2007 and 30th June 2008.. To enrole in the scheme for 2012 your child  ...   exceptions where a child is younger.. If a child is older but has special needs, they may receive an exemption if they attach a letter from the HSE or a consultant ( not GP ) which clearly states that it would be more apporiate to their needs to commence schooling at an older age.. To avail of a place for your child please contact us as soon as possible..

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  • Title: Kids Klubs - Montessori, Creche and Full Day Care - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
    Descriptive info: KIm Doyle.. Proprietor of Kids Klubs.. Telephone : 046 9252874.. Email : kim@kidsklubs.. ie.. Leanne Harding.. Manager of Bayside.. Telephone : 01 8395862.. Email : leanne@kidsklubs.. Donna Belton.. Manager of Donnycarney.. Telephone : 01 8512465.. Email : donna@kidsklubs.. Kids Klubs is a privately owned, family run business with long standing managers and a very low staff turnover.. This ensures stability and continuity for you and your child.. All staff hold current qualifications, which are updated regularly to new best practice guidelines, as recommended by the HSE.. We also fulfill our statutory obligations in terms of notification to the HSE Health and Safety requirements, staff qualifications and staff child ratio's.. We have three premises, located at Bayside, Sutton, Dublin 13, at Kells, Co.. Meath and at Donnycarney, Dublin 5.. Each of the premises are bright, friendly areas  ...   guidance of qualified and experienced childcare workers.. We provide :.. A safe and secure environment that is stimulating and challenging for children at every stage of their developement.. A planned curriculum with flexibility to respond to the childs independent needs.. A written policies and procedures for the day to day running of each of our facilities.. At Kids Klubs there will always be a warm and genuine welcome for physical your child by our friendly and attentive staff.. We offer a structured curriculum that includes physical activity, play, quiet time, group and independent activities, creative activities, positive mealtimes, snacks and free play.. We place high value on the children from all age groups.. Upon taking a place for your child at Kids Klubs, we will provide you with a written copy of our Policlies and Procedures..

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  • Title: Breakfast Club - Kids Klubs - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
    Descriptive info: This statement will be revised regularly, to ensure relevant content.. All employees will be introduced to and familiarised with this statement.. The Breakfast Club is a safe secure and supervised environment for primary age children, where they share breakfast and fun with friends before being brought to school by our staff.. This service  ...   and Donnycarney.. Breakfast Club 8.. 00am - 9.. 00am.. Your child can keep their tootbrush at Kids Klubs, which will be hygienically stored, to brush their teeth after breakfast.. Kells.. Breakfast Club 7.. 30am - 9.. Deliveries and collection to primary school in the area are arranged privately with the local bus service..

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  • Title: Montessori School - Kids Klubs - Creche, Full Day Care - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
    Descriptive info: Dr.. Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870 and died in The Netherlands in 1952, after a lifetime devoted to the study of child development.. Our Montessori programme will emphasise your child's initiative and indepedence, allowing him or her to progress through an orderly series of structed learning activities at his or her own pace.. Special materials are employed that emphasise the use of all the senses in learning.. The Montessori Method.. Montessori believed that education must be a "help to life.. " The goal of her method is to prepare a child for real life rather than just for school.. The Montessori Method is based on three interdependent components: the child, the teacher (or as Montessori called her, the "directress") and the prepared environment.. The Teacher.. is a trained professional who acts to facilitate learning.. Using his or her knowledge of child development and the Montessori materials, he or she designs the environment; acts as a resource person, role model, and demonstrator of  ...   walls are at a child's height.. Each material is prepared by the teacher so that by using the work, the child may absorb the lesson built into it.. The works are constantly updated to meet the child's need for new challenges.. Thus the environment, through the teacher, responds to the children as they develop.. The Child.. chooses the activities prepared by the teacher, interacts with the other children and adults in the environment, and all the while is learning.. Montessori adopted from biology the term "sensitive periods" to describe what she observed about how children learn.. Montessori found that there are periods of intense sensitivity of short duration when the child shows unusual capabilities for acquiring certain skills and/or knowledge (seemingly to the exclusion of all else for that period of time).. Each sensitive period has as its aim the development of a specific ability and the acquisition of a determined characteristic.. Once this characteristic has evolved, the corresponding sensitivity disappearsâ never to return again!..

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  • Title: After School Service - Kids Klubs - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
    Descriptive info: We provide Afternoon care for primary school children with homework supervision in a calm, relaxed environment by qualified staff.. Children participate in after-school activities, such as arts crafts, speech and drama, cooking, sports and music along with other exciting projects.. Our service includes a supervised period for homework each day.. During the afternoon children can play freely and take part in organised group activities, including outdoor sports in our play areas -  ...   and arts and crafts.. You provide a snack/hot meal for your child which we will store appropriately and heat /prepare accordingly.. The After School group often make their own tea through regular cooking activites.. The times for Kids Klubs After School Club are:.. Bayside Kids Klub:.. 1.. 30/2.. 30 to 6.. 00pm Monday - Friday.. Donnycarney Kids Klubs:.. 00 pm Monday to Friday.. Kells Kids Klub:.. 00pm to 6.. 30pm Monday to Friday..

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  • Title: Creche Service - Kids Klubs - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
    Descriptive info: A nursery, often called a creche, provides care and stimulation for pre-school children from infants to 2 years old.. Our baby room offers a wide range of materials to develop the sensory skills in the very young through bright colour and sensorial toys and activities such as water play, painting etc.. We will help you to settle your baby into our care over a period of days or weeks.. We will talk to you in great detail about all aspects of our care and  ...   self-contained, to allow our team to give your baby the individual care and attention they need at this early stage.. The baby room is isolated from the other rooms in the centre, containing its own kitchen and nappy-changing facility.. We maintain a high ratio of nursery nurses to babies.. We provide you with a Daily Report sheet detailing all nutrition, sleeping, medical administration and nappy-changing so that you can monitor your baby's routine closely.. The creche service is currently available in the Kells premise only..

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  • Title: Holiday Camps - Kids Klubs - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
    Descriptive info: During primary school closures, holidays, inservices days etc we provide part-time and full-time childcare for children 4 - 12 years.. This consists of "camps" which involve age appropriate activities such as arts & crafts.. Children will participate in a wide range of activities including :.. Fabric Painting/  ...   ( e.. g Basketball/ Football ).. Music and Dance.. Jewellery Design.. Fancy Dress Parties/ Disco's.. Cooking.. This service is also available for pre-schoolers ( 2 - 5 years ) on a play-based curriculum including activities such as dress up, sand and water, cooking, art & crafts, outdoor games..

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  • Title: Kells - Kids Klubs - Montessori, Creche, Full Day Care - Co. Meath
    Descriptive info: Kids Klubs Montessori is one of Ireland's leading provider of quality childcare for children aged 3 months to 5 years in purpose-designed facilites.. The welfare of the children placed in our care and their parents' peace of mind is at all times our primary concern.. Our aim is to provide the highest possible standards of care facilities and customer service.. This is achieved through efficient management, flexibility, staff training, administrative systems and by remaining dedicated to our own unique philosophy concerning childcare.. Each of our schools is assessed against predetermined quality criteria, to ensure standards are being maintained.. An action plan is  ...   have regular reviews covering all procedures.. Our reviews cover quality of care, curriculum, activities, management policies, premises equipment and most importantly our partnership with parents and companies.. Thorough daily cleaning is mandatory in all centres,and all plant and equipment are subject to regular maintenance contracts.. All our childcare centres are registered with the appropriate government bodies, both health and education, and comply with all statutory regulations and requirements.. We operate an open door policy of inspection from the relevant health, fire, safety, educational and professional bodies who regulate the industry.. We comply with the Child Care Pre-School Services Regulations, 1996 and 1997 Amendment..

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  • Title: Donnycarney - Kids Klubs - Montessori, Creche, Full Day Care - Co. Meath
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  • Title: Gallery - Kids Klubs - Bayside, Donnycarney Co.Dublin - Kells Co.Meath
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