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  • Title: Katie's Collection, Wholesale jewellery and accessories
    Descriptive info: .. Log In.. Home.. Caring For Pearls.. ::.. Contact Us.. About Us.. PASHMINAS.. NECKLACES : Pearl.. NECKLACES: Pearl and Stone.. EARRINGS : Pearl & Coral.. JEWELLERY SETS : Pearl & Stone.. BRACELETS: Pearl & Crystal.. LEATHER : Bags :All bags reduced.. STORE OWNERS.. Home.. Katies Collection is an online site for top quality Freshwater Pearls and Semi-Precious stone jewellery.. Buy direct from us at unbeatable prices..

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  • Title: Caring For Pearls : Katie's Collection, Wholesale jewellery and accessories
    Descriptive info: :: Caring For Pearls.. Katies Classic Collection.. ---How To Take Care of Your Pearls.. ---.. Store your pearls in seperate pouch or box.. Avoid contact with vinegar, ammonia, chlorine bleach of any kind, inks, hairspray, perfumes, toilet water and cosmetics.. Wipe the pearls gently with a hot damp towel before putting them away to remove body oils  ...   is recommended.. Wrap them in a thin, clean and damp cotton towel to dry.. Avoid storing pearls in an excessively dry place or extreme heat.. Remove your pearls prior to doing strenuous exercise or work.. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, and re-string pearls periodically.. Re-polishing a damaged pearl may restore its former beauty.. Pearls for luck, happiness & joy..

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  • Title: Contact Us : Katie's Collection, Wholesale jewellery and accessories
    Descriptive info: :: Contact Us.. Katie's Classic Collection Ltd.. Carraig Rua Ballymurphy Road Tullow Co.. Carlow 059 915 1582.. * Required information.. Full Name:.. *.. Email Address:.. Message:..

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  • Title: About Us : Katie's Collection, Wholesale jewellery and accessories
    Descriptive info: :: About Us.. Katie's Collection is the online website for Katie's Classic Collection Ltd.. We have been supplying boutiques,gift shops and fashion jewellery shops throughout Ireland, with top quality pearls and jewellery, genuine leather handbags and designer umbrellas since 2005.. Alicia Lennon, Lilly Dowling and Caitriona Byrne based in Tullow Co.. Carlow source each piece personally and provide a professional and friendly service to our many loyal customers.. We are  ...   identified multiple suppliers all over the world who can supply us with top quality product at the right prices.. We now include pearls, fashion jewellery, leather goods and fashion umbrellas in our regular stock.. Browse the site, or call us for more information 059 915 1582.. If you would like to become a customer of ours call or email us and we will get in touch.. Company Registration Number: 413592..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: :: PASHMINAS.. There are no products to list in this category..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: :: NECKLACES : Pearl.. All our pearls are Asian freshwater pearls.. (ALL ORDERS DELIVERED BY REGISTERED POST).. Displaying.. 1.. to.. 15.. (of.. 23.. products).. 2.. [Next ].. Product Image.. Item Name-.. Price.. Pearl Necklace AD-129.. Small freshwater pearl with baroque pearl and clear crystal necklace.. 58.. 00.. Pearl Necklace AD-205.. Beautiful high lustre AAA quality freshwater pearl necklace with adjustable.. 100.. Pearl Necklace AD-214.. 9-10mm freshwater pearl necklace.. This beautiful necklace has a magnetic clasp.. 70.. Pearl Necklace AD-35.. White and Black triple strand freshwater pearl necklace.. 55.. Pearl Necklace AD-166.. 8-9mm White freshwater pearl with gold fitting necklace with pearl drop.. 45.. Pearl Necklace AD-132.. Smokey  ...   and agate roll in front.. Gift box included.. Pearl Necklace AD-297.. 8-9mm high quality freshwater pearl with heart shaped clasp in front.. 90.. Pearl Necklace AD-305 Gold.. 8-9mm AAA quality freshwater pearl + silver clasp and 2-3mm small pearl drop.. 110.. Pearl Necklace AD-305 Silver.. 8-9mm AAA quality freshwater pearls + silver clasp and 2-3mm pearl drop.. Pearl Necklace AD-163.. 9-10mm rice pearl with black crystal double strand.. Pearl Necklace AD-160.. High quality black freshwater pearl, with silver bead and magnetic clasp.. Pearl Necklace AD-18.. White freshwater baroque pearl with black crystal necklace.. 50.. Pearl Necklace AD-39.. White freshwater pearl and champagne coloured shell pearl three strand necklace..

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  • Title: Necklaces - hand stringed cultured pearls and precious stones
    Descriptive info: :: NECKLACES: Pearl and Stone.. Exquisite Pearl and Semi Precious Stone.. 3.. 4.. Necklace AD-300.. This long agate necklace has some lovely stone in beige and grey hues, with.. Necklace AD-221.. White porcelain with black crystal 18 inches long necklace.. Necklace AD-230.. Long red coral stone necklace on red string 90cm long.. 35.. Necklace AD-249.. Coral with black onyx and leather necklace.. Necklace AD-250.. Turquoise necklace 36 inches long.. 40.. Necklace AD-251.. Green jade necklace 17 inches long.. Necklace AD-260.. White freshwater pearl with  ...   clasp.. Necklace AD-275.. This beautiful two in one necklace has a silver chain 32 inches long with.. 80.. Necklace AD-278.. Black crystal with silver ball necklace with magnetic clasp.. Necklace AD-285.. 8-9mm flat freshwater pearl and aquamarine stone necklace.. Necklace AD-301.. White freshwater pearl with aquamarine stone and crystal with magnetic clasp.. Necklace AD-302.. Agate and Baroque pearl 84cm long with magnetic clasp.. 60.. Necklace AD-303.. Purple Agate necklace 48CM long.. Necklace AD-304.. Freshwater pearl with round aquamarine and large coin pearl 45CM long..

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  • Title: Earrings : Pearl
    Descriptive info: :: EARRINGS : Pearl & Coral.. Genuine Cultured Freshwater Pearls.. (ALL 0RDERS DELIVERED BY REGISTERED POST).. 7.. Hanging Pearl drop earings.. Triple hanging with silver disc.. Long hanging pearl earrings.. Long hanging freshwater pearl earrings.. 38.. Pearl earrings AD-87 white.. Short hanging pearl earrings.. Short hanging freshwater pearl earrings.. Small Pearl stud earrings.. Small freshwater pearl stud earrings.. 20.. Medium Pearl stud earrings.. Medium freshwater pearl stud earrings.. 25.. Large Pearl stud earrings.. Large freshwater pearl stud earrings..

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  • Title: Sets : Pearl
    Descriptive info: :: JEWELLERY SETS : Pearl & Stone.. Exclusively Katie's Classic Collection.. 17.. Jewellery Set AD-208.. Flat metal discs with white freshwater pearls necklace + bracelet set.. Jewellery Set AD-226.. Purple colour Glaze glass bracelet and necklace set.. 33.. Jewellery Set AD-258.. Freshwater rice pearl and gold coloured crystal necklace, bracelet and earrings.. Jewellery Set AD-286.. White freshwater pearl with aquamarine stone.. Necklace, bracelet and earrings.. 95.. Jewellery Set AD-296.. Freshwater pearl and aquamarine stone necklace and earrings set.. Jewellery Set AD-283.. Blue agate stone necklace and bracelet set.. Jewellery Set AD-296 A.. Freshwater pearl and lapis stone necklace and  ...   necklace, bracelet and earrings set.. Pearl and Earrings Set AD-200.. 10-11mm high lustre white freshwater pearl necklace with earrings set.. Pearl and Earrings Set AD-26B.. 7-8mm high quality freshwater white pearl necklace & earring set.. Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set AD-80.. 8-9mm This set is a high quality and high lustre white freshwater pearl.. Pearl Necklace Set AD-167.. 8-9mm High lustre freshwater pearl set with silver fitting.. This set comes with.. Pearl Necklace with Earrings AD-195.. Magnificent high quality 4-5mm small pink freshwater pearl with 8-9mm pink.. 65.. Jewellery Set AD-24.. Beautiful high quality crystal necklace & earrings set..

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  • Title: Bracelets
    Descriptive info: :: BRACELETS: Pearl & Crystal.. Genuine Cultured Pearls from the Far East.. 9.. Bracelet AD-224 Gold.. Beautiful gold crystal bracelet.. Bracelet AD-224 Black.. Fabulous black crystal bracelet.. Bracelet AD-274.. 6-7mm Freshwater white pearl with clear crystal bracelet with magnetic clasp.. Bracelet AD-276 Amethyst.. Amethyst and freshwater pearl charm bracelet.. Bracelet  ...   with magnetic clasp.. Bracelet AD-276 Coral.. Coral and freshwater pearl charm bracelet.. Bracelet AD-276 Cream.. Peach and white freshwater pearl and clear crystal charm bracelet.. Pearl Bracelet AD-62.. Small white pearl triple bracelet.. Supplied with gift box.. Semi precious stone charm bracelet AD-152.. Blue and white pearl plus coloured crystal..

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  • Title: Leather
    Descriptive info: :: LEATHER : Bags :All bags reduced.. Quality and Style exclusive to Katie's Classic Collection.. Genuine Leather Bag 619 A.. Genuine Leather bag large in size fully lined inside REDUCED FROM 80.. Genuine Leather Bag 769.. Genuine Leather bag with web strapping design REDUCED FROM 85.. Genuine Leather Bag 779 A.. Calf skin leather bag Black.. REDUCED FROM 95.. Genuine Leather Bag 809.. Large size black leather  ...   Genuine Leather Bag 859A.. This genuine leather bag manufactured with Drymill Leather is fully lined.. Genuine Leather Bag 999.. This beautiful Black Genuine Leather Bag is made from the finest calf skin.. Genuine Leather Bag 617.. Black Genuine Leather bag is manufactured from soft Lamb Skin Nappa Leather.. Genuine Leather Bag 619.. Black in colour.. This genuine Leather bag is made from Cow DDDM (Drum Dyed Dry.. 75..

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