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  • Title: Kane Finance - Save Money NOW
    Descriptive info: .. LIFE INSURANCE.. All you need to know about Life, Serious Illness,.. Income Protection and more.. INVESTMENTS.. Kane Finance can help you understand a variety of investment opportunities.. Kane Finance are specialists in advising on.. Life Insurance for Smokers,.. Non-Smokers and older age policies.. PENSIONS.. Kane Finance offer free independent advice on all aspects of your pension.. INSTANT QUOTE.. Get an Instant Online Life and Serious Illness Quote.. Click here.. Ask Kane Finance for a quote today for.. Over 50's Life Insurance, Over 60's Life Insurance and Over 70's Life Insurance.. VIDEO SERIES.. GET A CLEARER PICTURE.. OF YOUR FINANCES.. Check out our free video series and an e-book where Kane Finance answers.. your tough financial questions.. CLICK HERE.. Click to see our Setanta Sports TV Ad.. Click for our Financial Videos Series.. Click to hear our  ...   of work rummaging though files to find the necessary paperwork to give to the financial advisor.. Not any more.. At Kane Finance we do all this for you Free of Charge.. All you have to do is meet with us at a time suitable to yourself, whether it is at your home or place of work, or at our offices if you prefer.. If you simply give us a signed mandate we can find all the information we need about your existing policies and present it to you in an easily understandable format.. We are here to save you money with the least amount of inconvenience to you.. Call us today on.. (01) 6424204.. to save money for free or email us at.. info@kanefinance.. Derek Kane T/A Kane Financial Services is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Insurance Specialists
    Descriptive info: Life Insurance Policies made easy with.. Kane Finance - Click Here.. INCOME PROTECTION COVER.. Insure your Income in the event of you not been able to work Click Here.. KEY MAN INSURANCE.. Protect your company against the loss.. of a Key Person Click Here.. SERIOUS ILLNESS COVER.. Serious Illness Cover - Learn about the benefits.. Click Here.. MORTGAGE PROTECTION.. Protect your Mortgage and your loved ones future.. Click Here.. SHAREHOLDER PROTECTION.. Shareholder Protection will ensure the continuance of your company - Click Here.. Is Your Mortgage Protection Policy with your Mortgage Provider?.. A customer came in to see us and asked us to review his Mortgage Protection policy.. When he first bought  ...   re-issued a considerably cheaper policy using another life company to the customer which saved him 2,760 per year on his mortgage protection payments.. We then reassigned the new cheaper policy to the mortgage provider.. Call us today to save money for free or email us at.. Have you given up smoking?.. We recently had a financial review with a customer, the customer had given up smoking some time ago and did not realise that he could revaluate his existing mortgage protection, life and serious illness policies.. After reviewing the policies we saved the customer 1296 per year on his existing policies Call us today to save money for free or email us at..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Free Investment Advice
    Descriptive info: Investments.. The number of investment opportunities available are almost endless and so are the risks which you take, make sure you do obtain independent financial advice from Kane Finance before you invest.. At Kane Finance we can take you through the investment opportunities that are available even for clients with a small amount to invest.. We can help you assess the risk and can advise you which option best suits your personal circumstances - you select the option that you are most comfortable with.. From Cash Deposits to Tracker bonds to Guaranteed Bonds to Unit Linked Funds we will explain the difference and the options open to you,  ...   are coming out of an investment term and you are wondering what to do next, then contact Kane Finance.. If you recieved an inheritence and you would like some advice on what to do with it, then contact Kane Finance.. We would like to offer you investment advice , this advice is free of charge and without any obligation, if you like what we are advising you we would be happy to invest your money for you and keep track of it s progress.. Please click on a logo for more information.. Please call us on.. or email us on info@kanefinance.. ie - We are here to help..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Pension Advice
    Descriptive info: Pensions.. Expert professional advice on pensions, at Kane Finance we want to offer you the personal touch with regard to your pension requirements.. Everybody s situation is different.. Whether you understand or whether you don t understand pensions, we are here to answer all your questions.. Would you like to review your existing pension plans?.. We would be delighted to talk to you about any of the following Pension options.. You may already have one or you are thinking of starting one.. Our pensions service includes meeting with you, going through your pension options, agreeing on the best plan for you and guiding you through the entire process whether it  ...   best for you moving forward.. When do you last review your pension?.. A customer contacted me and was reluctant to ask me to review his pension because he did not want to be told any bad news.. Yes pensions have dropped in value at present and that is just the markets, but I informed him that for every 100 he put into his pension monthly he had claimed 41% in tax relief from the tax man, yet the pension was still investing his 100.. However we restructured his pension and the customer was extremely happy and decided that he would never leave it so long to review his pension again..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Save Money NOW
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  • Title: Kane Finance - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Name.. Email.. Phone.. Interested In.. Financial Advice.. Life Assurance.. Serious Illness Cover.. Shareholder Protection.. Key Man Insurance.. Income Protection.. Keyman Insurance.. Mortgage Protection.. Comments.. View Larger Map..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Life Assurance | Mortgage Protection
    Descriptive info: Life Assurance - Mortgage Protection.. When you are buying a home in Ireland, you must have a life assurance policy in place to cover the outstanding mortgage amount in the event of your death during the mortgage term but with the choices on offer now more than ever, which option is best for you and your family?.. We deal with 9 different life assurance companies in Ireland, which puts us in the position of being able to offer you every type of assurance at very competitive prices.. Mortgage Protection is a decreasing term life assurance policy, the sole purpose of which is to clear the outstanding balance on  ...   in line with the outstanding balance of your mortgage.. This policy type is the minimum level of cover required by your mortgage lender for your homeloan.. Level Term Assurance remains at a constant level of cover for a specific term.. Starts off at 250,000 for 25 years and remains at that level of cover for the 25 years.. We would be delighted to help you organise your mortgage protection or Life insurance requirements furthermore we can review your existing policies that you have in place to see can you save money call us, your don't have to have your policies to hand we can do that for you..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Income Protection
    Descriptive info: Income Protection.. What is Income Protection?.. An income protection policy is a simple, TAX EFFICIENT inexpensive plan that provides you with an alternate source of income if you are unfortunate enough to be out of work because of an illness and suffer a loss of earnings as a result of ANY disability, ANY injury or ANY accident.. If you were unable to carry  ...   or injury, could you continue to meet your commitments? Who would pay your mortgage repayments, maintain your personal loans, your medical bills or even your children's school expenses? Start an income protection plan today.. We can help you choose the right policy that suits your circumstances.. If you have an existing income protection policy and you would like for us to review it!..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Key Man Insurance
    Descriptive info: Keyman Insurance - The value in protecting your profits.. Virtually every business will guard against the loss of material assets such as buildings and contents, even work in progress.. Yet many do not protect against the death or serious illness of personnel who may be vital to the success of the business.. The death or serious illness of a key member of staff can have a huge impact on your business.. A sales director may have valuable contacts that may be lost.. A technical expert may be essential to the  ...   and expensive recruitment of a replacement employee.. Business interruption could directly impact on profits.. Important continuity may be lost.. Existing contracts could be lost.. Production and delivery deadlines may be more difficult to meet.. Staff morale may suffer It may become difficult to meet financial commitments.. Kane Finance can organise policies to protect the people and the business you value.. It provides a range of solutions to help your business continue as smoothly as possible during times of great stress and financial hardship.. ie - We would be delighted to help..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Serious Illness Insurance
    Descriptive info: This product is often linked with a life assurance policy (Decreasing or Level term) but it is also available on a stand alone basis.. It pays out the agreed assured sum, for defined medical conditions at the time of diagnosis (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy) rather than on the death of the insured.. Indeed, you can recover fully from your illness and still retain the amount paid out by the policy.. However, where it is a combined Life Serious Illness Policy and a claim has been made and paid by the assurance company in respect of a serious illness , on the death of the insured no further benefit is payable to the insured party under the terms of the policy.. Main use  ...   the client wishes providing the policy has not been assigned to a lender, in which case only the amount of the policy, in excess of the outstanding borrowings, will be available to the insured person.. The policy is often associated with level term assurance, and if so it can be mortgage related.. However, if you purchase a stand alone SIC policy it is not usually associated with mortgage borrowings and you can use the benefit as you see fit.. We would be delighted to help you organise your serious illness requirements.. Furthermore we can review your existing policies that you have in place to see can you save money call us, you don t have to have your policies to hand we can do that for you..

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  • Title: Kane Finance - Shareholder Protection
    Descriptive info: The value of protecting your company.. If you want to know more about Shareholder Protection it is worth while reading the case study before continuing.. Case Study.. Many Businesses have no idea how much they need shareholder protection.. In this example we will imagine a business run by two partners.. The business is an estate agency and is run by Bill and Ben.. The business has been established for a number of years and is doing well.. Both Bill and Ben are well known in the area and regarded as being the professional estate agents to go to.. When Bill and Ben set the company up they did so on a 50/50 basis and share the responsibilities, running and profits equally.. Both Bill and Ben are married with children.. One day Bill is killed in a traffic accident.. Naturally Bill's family and Ben are devastated.. From a business point of view Ben has lost a valuable partner in the business who contributed 50% to the running of the business.. He will be sadly missed and the business will never be the same again nor will it generate the same kind of turnover.. For Bill's family things will obviously never be the same again.. They have lost a husband, father and bread-winner.. However, they  ...   who will contribute nothing to the running of the business, yet still take 50% of the profits at the end of each year.. Ben's own income will now suffer too.. How It Works.. Amid the time-consuming, complex business of running a company, scant attention is paid to what might happen if a shareholder dies, or becomes seriously ill.. In the interests of financial security, business stability, and continuity - particularly for private limited companies where there may only be a small number of principal shareholders - it is essential to provide a safety net following the loss of a shareholder:.. Shares may go to the deceased's family, which has no.. interest in the business and would prefer a cash sum.. The company or other shareholders will want to retain control.. by buying lost shares - but may not have the resources to do so.. The shares may be taken over by someone who does not share the company's objectives - and may even be a competitor.. Kane Finance can organise for your policies that allow for sufficient funds to be available in the event of the death or serious illness of a shareholder.. This ensures that the company can continue to operate unhindered while the ongoing shareholder or their family receive fair compensation..

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