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  • Title: Karl Reid - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Karl Reid.. Home.. About.. Current.. Contact.. Welcome to the personal site of Karl Reid, Irish computer scientist.. I am a graduate of the Computer Science.. degree program.. of.. Trinity College Dublin.. , currently working with.. Impartio.. , a start up company from TCD, developing an  ...   systems across several languages, a solid understanding of modern industry practises, and have participated in research multiple times.. I am a follower of the latest advances in technology and computing and am especially interested in cryptography, networking, mobile communications, and information security and privacy.. 2012 Karl Reid..

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  • Title: Karl Reid - About
    Descriptive info: Education and Work Experience.. B.. A(Mod) Computer Science- Trinity College Dublin(2007-2011).. I am a graduate of.. , completing the.. A.. (Mod) in Computer Science.. in the summer of 2011 with a mark of 2.. 1.. My grades were also a 2.. 1 average over my four years in the course.. I was a member of the internet society,.. Netsoc.. Final Year Project(2010/2011).. In the academic year 2010/2011, I completed an undergraduate thesis as part of my final year of the undergraduate Computer Science program.. This was titled "Applying Identity Based Encryption to Secure DNS Updates".. It investigated the application of.. IBE.. , a relatively new and novel form of cryptographic security, to the field of the.. Domain Name System.. , a crucial part of the operation of the internet.. I became familiar with the state-of-the-art in IBE and developed my own secure system using it as a foundation (copies of the final report are available.. on request.. to interested parties).. I have participated in two summer internships in my time in the School of Computer Science and Statistics.. Routed Time of Arrival Prediction Engine (Summer 2010).. In the summer of 2010, I worked with.. René Meier.. and Ph.. D student.. Derek Fagan.. of the.. Distributed Systems Group.. (DSG), developing a real-time passenger information system to estimate the arrival time of a vehicle at a location.. The system was similar in purpose  ...   of the Distributed Systems Group in commercialisation work for.. This involves development of a cryptographically secure online system.. Impartio(2011/2012).. I am currently employed as the Lead Engineer at Impartio, developing the CipherDocs product, a cloud security solution.. CipherDocs is an innovative security product that encrypts the information within your online documents to provide privacy for your cloud storage.. Thus the user gets all the benefits of cloud storage while maintaining the privacy of local storage.. Text is encrypted on the client-side before it ever leaves the machine, so what is stored on the server is only ever ciphertext meaningless to anyone but you and people you have shared the document with.. CipherDocs has sophisticated support for sharing and collaboration.. Other.. I also worked part-time in my local.. Dunnes Stores.. grocery store for the first three years of my undergraduate degree, where I had excellent annual assessments.. Personal.. I am keenly interested in public transport with a particular focus on rail transport.. I am a member of.. Rail Users Ireland.. , the largest passenger lobby group in Ireland, commuting regularly on the Maynooth to Pearse line.. I am also an amateur train enthusiast and enjoy keeping up to date with current and past operations of the railways of Ireland.. I enjoy playing the train simulator.. Railworks.. I enjoy video games, especially of the RPG,JRPG and platformer genres.. I am a science fiction fan..

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  • Title: Karl Reid - Current
    Descriptive info: Iinformation on my current activities.. Professional.. This is work I am currently doing on a professional basis, my main day-to-day focus.. Cipherdocs.. - I am currently employed working on commercialising an innovative new product for Impartio, a start-up company formed of researchers in the Distributed Systems Group of  ...   new features, as well as refactoring of existing code with the ultimate goal of creating a robust system suitable for real-world deployment and appraisal.. In terms of technologies, this involves the use of Java, various cryptographic libraries, JSON, and browser plugins through Firefox and the Mozilla XPCOM API..

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  • Title: Karl Reid - Contact
    Descriptive info: If you would like to contact me, please submit a comment below along with your email address(the name and phone number fields are not mandatory).. Social Media.. LinkedIn..

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