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  • Title: kare4kaseyHome
    Descriptive info: .. kare4kasey.. Home.. About Kasey.. News Events.. Media.. Gallery.. How to Help.. Contact Us.. Blog.. Thank You.. Home.. Welcome to Kare4Kasey.. My beautiful daughter Kasey Kelly was born on the 31st December 2010 she was a happy and healthy baby until at just 10 months old, Kasey was diagnosed with a rare malignant.. brain tumour.. known as.. Atypical Teratoid/Rhaboid or ATRT.. This type of tumour is very aggressive and extremely rare worldwide.. Approximately 1 in every 1.. 1 million children are born with this condition each year.. Our wish is to send Kasey to an ATRT Specialist in the.. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.. , whe re a neuro expert has agreed to  ...   info.. Talk to Us.. If you would like to contact us about any of the fundraising events.. or.. You would like to set up your own fundraiser to support Kasey.. Email us now.. we would love to hear from you.. Donations.. We really do appreciate all of the support received to date, but we still have a long, long way to go before the full cost of Kasey's life saving treatment in Boston is paid.. For information on how to make a donation to Kasey.. please click here.. Huge thanks to all of you who have supported Kaseys fund so far!.. Copyright 2012, kare4kasey.. Registered Trust Fund Number: 9815644S.. Powered by.. Email.. Print..

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  • Title: kare4kaseyAbout Kasey
    Descriptive info: About Kasey.. This is my beautiful daughter Kasey Kelly who is a happy one year old girl.. Kasey was born on 31/12/2010.. She was just 10 months old when she fell ill with vomiting symptoms.. She was admitted to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin and after various tests, on the 6.. th.. of November 2011, we were given the devastating news that Kasey had a rare brain tumour.. Our whole world fell apart.. She was transferred to Temple Street Hospital for an MRI scan where it was discovered that the tumour had travelled down her spinal cord.. Kasey underwent an extremely dangerous surgery to remove the tumour from the brain stem.. The surgeons managed to successfully remove one third of the tumour without causing any major damage to Kasey but unfortunately, couldn’t remove it all as it could have led to a whole range of devastating side effects like parylisis blindness.. The biopsy results on the removed tumour revealed that it was malignant and it was an Atypical Teratoid/Rhaboid Tumour or ATRT.. 1 million children born each year.. At a meeting with the Oncologist Team in Crumlin Hospital, we were told that the prognosis for Kasey’s survival was very low less than 10% and were offered the choice of Pallative Care or treatment of an Aggressive Protocol of  ...   hope here in Ireland because this treatment is not available.. You may have read a story of a little girl from County Cork called Megan Malone who in 2010 was in a similiar position as Kasey and has since returned from Boston cancer free.. The Malone family have been a inspiration to us and have given us great help and support.. We too are optimistic that Kaseys outcome will be similiar to Megans.. Kaseys treatment will cost several hundred thousand euros and along with that other expenses ie.. Travel, accommodation, maintenance etc.. We would be extremely grateful if people could help us out and donate anything to help little Kasey get the treatment she needs for a chance of survival.. As you can see the enormous cost of the Kasey’s treatment is way beyond our means as a family, but we are determined to highlight Kasey’s condition, and we will be starting a campaign of fundraising events to try raise the much needed funds for Kaseys treatment.. We would be eternally grateful to anyone with the expertise in fund raising to help us, and for any sponsorship or donations received to ensure little Kasey gets the treatment she needs for a chance of survival.. I would like thank all who have supported us through this hard time.. with love.. Michelle Kelly..

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  • Title: kare4kaseyNews and Events
    Descriptive info: News and Events.. Up and Coming Events for the kare4kasey fund.. We hope you can come along and support Kasey!.. Guys, its nearly the month of MOVEMBER and we are looking for some handsome men to help support Kasey and grow their moustaches for the month.. If you would like to take part become a MO BRO please contact us at Kare4kaseyk@hotmail.. com we will happily send you out some information sponsor cards.. Happy grooming!.. Gala Bingo Ballyfermot.. 10th November.. The Gala Bingo in Ballyfermot, 361-365 Ballyfermot Road are running a prize bingo Saturday evening 10th November in aid of Kare4kasey.. Single or double all in only €5 and bees start at  ...   can find The Gala bingo on facebook by clicking on on the following link.. http://www.. facebook.. com/gala.. bally#!/gala.. bally.. !.. Petra's Creations - Beautiful Handmade Jewellery.. Petra Madill makes beautiful handmade statement Jewellery and she has currently offered to donate all the proceeds from sales to the Kare4kasey Trust Fund which is such a generous offer.. For more details how you can view and purchase Jewellery from her online shop.. Petra's Creations.. , please click on the following link.. etsy.. com/shop/Petscrap.. and you can also find her on facebook.. com/petscrap.. Here is an opportunity to buy beautiful, unique handmade Jewellery and your also donating to Kasey's Trust Fund for her treatment in Boston..

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  • Title: kare4kaseyMedia
    Descriptive info: Media.. If you have missed any of Kasey's stories in the media you can catch up by clicking on the newspaper links below.. Check out the video of the.. Kare4Kasey Celebrity Fundraiser.. at Vanilla Nightclub.. filmed by John Redmond.. The show was organised by Andrea Smith and Edward Smith.. (MC), produced by James and Emma English of Couleur Productions, styled by Amanda Kevlin and Helen Egan, make up and hair by the.. Powder Room Girls and music from DJ Ray Shah from Classic Hits 4FM.. With huge thanks to everyone who took part and contributed from all of our family..

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  • Title: kare4kaseyGallery
    Descriptive info: Gallery..

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  • Title: kare4kaseyHow to Help
    Descriptive info: How to Help.. Please can you help Kasey in Boston for her much needed treatment.. Please see below on how you can support our little girl.. You can now donate online, easily and safely directly into the Kare4Kasey Trust Fund bank account.. To text a €3 donation from your mobile phone to the Kare4Kasey Trust Fund please:.. TEXT KASEY TO 57802.. €3.. 00 per text (1x €2.. 00 1 x €1.. 00) €1.. 91 ex VAT will go to charity.. 18+.. Phonovation Ltd.. Helpline 0818 217 100.. For information on making donations into the Kare4Kasey Trust Fund, please see our details  ...   use our online donation option above or make a lodgement into our account :.. SWIFT Code:.. AIB KIE 2D.. IBAN Number:.. IE 68 AIB K 931020 - 27320052.. By Post.. Cheques and Banker Drafts can be made payable to.. and posted to the.. following address:.. Kare4Kasey, PO Box 12189, Dublin 12, Ireland.. Sponsorship Cards.. If you wish to raise money for Kasey we can organize sponsorship cards for you and your friends.. Visit the.. contact page.. and email us your details and we will arrange to get the sponsorship cards to you.. Thank you so much on behalf of Kasey's family..

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  • Title: kare4kaseyContact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. If you would like to get in touch with us please enter your details below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.. Your Name.. Email Address.. Email address:.. kare4kaseyk@hotmail.. com.. By Post:.. Kare4Kasey,.. PO Box 12189,.. Dublin 12,.. Ireland.. Notes..

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  • Title: kare4kaseyBlog
    Descriptive info: Kaseys journey so far.. Thursday 29th November.. Kasey went for her MRI scan on Tuesday and we got back her results yesterday.. Well we got the most amazing news! The results showed her tumour has shrunk a lot in size, it is relatively small and the spread of cancer cells along her spine have gone! Such positive news for us Kasey's Medical Team.. Dr Susan Chi and the team are delighted with the results and had a conference where other Neurologists also wanted to be involed as they were so impressed with Kasey's progress.. There has also been a mention of Kasey having a Stem Cell Transplant in the new year all going well.. Along with these results they found a blood cloth near Kasey's heart and in her line so she has been taken into hospital for the next few days so they can thin her blood remove the line next week.. She is doing remarkably well and we are over the moon with the latest results and the relief is enormous.. We are so looking forward to christmas this year.. the only present we wanted was to know she is doing well we got it.. Kasey will be spending christmas with the family who will be flying over to Boston and making it a magical one for her.. Thanks to everyone who has been praying, sending well wishes, donating fundraising for our princess, she would not be where she is today without your incredible kindness, we will be forever thankful.. Its onwards upwards for our little one xxx.. Tuesday 2nd October.. Kasey has started a new treatment in the last couple of weeks its called the 5 Oral Regimen chemotherapy.. It is a slow drug that starves the tumour and the surrounding blood vessels that feed the tumour.. Mammy is able to give this to her at home so she does not have to go into hospital which is great.. Every two weeks Kasey receives Interical Chemotherapy in hospital.. This is basically chemo put directly into her spine while she is put asleep.. She also receive an infusion of chemo through her CVL port.. She has been coping really well, with only one bad day and this was shortly after receiving the Interical Chemotherapy.. She spiked a high tempersture and needed to go to hospital to be monitored.. She was back to herself two days later thankfully.. We are currently getting genetic testing done on Kasey's tumour in the Foundation Medicine Company.. What happens is Kaseys tumour which was partly removed back in Dublin, we are getting a sample of this flown over to the Foundation Medicine Company in America so they can test it with diffrent drugs to see which one it responds well to.. This is another option of treatment for Kasey, if they find a drug that Kasey hasn't used already and if it has good effect on killing her cancerous cells this could be great news for her.. This will take a few weeks until we get the results back.. Kasey is mad about her new doggy walker.. She loves bringing her doggy for a walk and is not impressed when Mammy says its time to go home! She has shown an interest in food again and loves nothing more than licking butter off bread and ketchup off chips! She is coming on leaps and bounds!.. Friday 7th September.. Kasey had a MRI scan yesterday, and we got the results today.. The inside of the tumour has turned black which showed the tumour reacted to the radiaton with further biopsys we will know if it has killed this part.. The outside of the tumour is still active and has spread some cells down Kaseys back and a mass at the bottom of her lower back.. Its not the news we would have liken but its not the worst.. There will be futher tests and discussions with Dr Susan Chi her team as to what will be next treatment to go with.. The main object now is to stop the outside of the tumour spreading.. Kasey has number of options which is good, it is now up to the Doctors to discuss find which is the best.. We knew from the start that Kasey had a long road ahead of her and we will take the highs with the lows and keep on going until we get our little girl better again.. Thats all we know for the moment until she goes back to hospital next week.. Despite this news Kasey is in great form, and is trying her hardest to get on the move.. She is climbing up and holding onto the chair and standing! She has great determination lets hope she takes her first steps shortly.. Thanks for all your lovely messages well wishes of support over the last few days it means a lot to us Kasey.. We will update you again when we get more news.. Friday 17th August.. We are thrilled to let you all know Kasey completed her 6 week course of Radiation today! It was a great day for her.. The wonderful radiation team made a big fuss organised a party for Kasey when she finished her last treatment.. They are a lovely people who became very fond of Kasey really looked after her while she was being treated.. They gave Kasey a certificate for being so brave some presents, she loved every minute of it and was hyper! It was tough on her the first 3 weeks as she was feeling ill but the last 3 weeks she seemed to take it all in her stride and took to it really good.. Michelle, Derek and Kasey are going to miss the team can't thank them enough for helping them get through the last 6 weeks.. The next step now for our princess is to have a MRI Scan a spinal tap the first week in September.. This will tell us how Kasey responded to the radiation also check to see if the spine is still clear with no sign of spread of cancer cells.. We are praying all will go well.. Kasey will have a well deserved break now from treatment she really has been in great form and I think the visit from her Nanna two Uncles really lifted her spirit she loved every minute spent with them.. She also has another visitor, her other nanna who she is delighted to see also.. Thanks again to everyone who have been fundraising these last couple of months your support means the world to Kasey she wouldnt be there without your help.. Monday 16th July.. Kasey continues to amaze us all as she battles each day with this awful tumour.. She is getting stronger by the day and always has a smile for everyone.. She has started to take food by mouth now on a low scale which is great and hoepfully in the near future she will not have to be feed through the peg.. She has also become a handful for her mammy as she has grasped the crawling business, with her determination no doubt it wont be long until she starts walking.. On Thursday the 5th July she commenced her Proton Beam Radiation, which will continue for the next 6 weeks Monday to Friday.. She is coping very well so far.. apart from getting sick on the following day after each session, which we have been assured by her Doctor that this can be expected.. We are still on a high after we got the news of the donation of €140,000 from the Ray Tye Medical Foundation it was just incredible and this will fund Kasey's Radiation for the next few weeks.. Kasey will be expecting a lot more visitors over to Boston in the coming weeks Auntys, Nannies and Uncles who cant wait to get over and spoil her rotten!.. Monday 2nd July.. Kasey's bone marrow results  ...   who contacted them through the website offering their help when they arrived.. Kasey even got a tour of the city in a drop top Convertible! which was such a treat.. The first appointment in the Dana Faber Cancer Institute was today.. As the pulled up to the hospital in the Taxi the Cab driver said 'I have seen miracles happen in this Hospital' They knew things could only get better from here.. As they entered the building they couldnt believe their eyes, they took a tour of the hospital and were amazed at such a state of the art building.. It is fabulous spotlessly clean.. The much awaited appointment with Dr Susan Chi arrived and they were not dissapointed.. She was wonderful so positive, and assured Michelle this type of tumour.. is.. curable.. The words Michelle has been longing to hear for so long.. She examined Kasey said it was a great sign she was so strong now after the intense chemotherapy treatment she received in Dublin and how well she reponded to it.. Kasey will go back to Hospital on Wednesday for an MRI scan, blood tests and a Lumbar Puncture which had to be cancelled in Dublin.. Such a relief our little girl is finally going to receive the treatment she deserves.. Even though Kasey is so far away, please keep her in your hearts, she needs your on going support, thanks everyone xxx.. 29th March 2012.. So the.. real.. journeys begins today at Dublin Airport, a lot of joy also a lot of tears shed.. We are so happy that finally Kasey will be able to begin her treatment in Boston but also saddened as she will be so far away from her family friends.. We never thought this day would come so quick we are blessed for this oppurtunity.. There is no doubt in our mind we have made the right decision by sending her to The Dana Faber Institute as this is one of the top Hospitals in the world and we know she will looked after to the highest standard by Dr Susan Chi.. This day would not have been made possible without all the support from all of you, who donated and raised funds for Kasey.. Irish generosity is alive and well.. We never imagined this amount of support, its just incredible.. As a family we need to keep fundraising for Kaseys Treatment, so keep up all your fantastic support on spreading the awareness about Kasey.. She still needs your help.. We will keep you all updated on Kaseys progress, love best wishes from Kasey Family x.. 16th March 2012.. Well some great news today, flights have been booked for Kasey to go to Boston on the 29th March.. The Financial Department in the Dana Faber Cancer Clinic have kindly agreed to allow us pay a monthly payment so Kasey can get started on her treatment she so badly needs.. They have been fantastic so supportive.. We have roughly raised and could not have done it without your help €120,000 so this should cover at least 3 to 4 months treatment for Kasey.. This is only the beginning of our long journey ahead of us and we need to keep up the fundraising so Kasey can receive the full treatment which roughly costs €450,000.. We are still gobsmacked and overwhelmed with your ongoing support generosity you have given to Kasey and our family and we cant thank you enough for giving her the opportunity to begin her treatment in April.. Happy St Paddys day lots of love from Kasey xxx.. 5th March 2012.. Our little girl has been home from the hospital since the 18th February its been a great time for the family.. She did spike a temperature last Sunday week, so had to be taken back in to Hospital for a blood transfusion but she soon bounced back and was let back home on Thursday.. She is loving all the attention she has been receiving from family friends and too right, she deserves to be spoilt rotten! Its hard to believe what she has she gone through for her young age, all the tests, operations and chemotherapy, but always manages to pick herself back up and put a smile on her face.. She has been put on a high nutritional feed now which has seemed to have given her a lot more energy, increasing her weight and her chubby cheeks are even coming back! She is loving going out for walks in the pram and keeping Grandad busy playing on the floor with all her new toys.. On Thursday she will be back in hospital to undergo a lumbar puncture.. This procedure will hopefully confirm that the tumour coatings along her spine are in fact gone.. So we are praying this result confirms what the MRI scan has shown previously.. Keep fighting Kasey, we are all behind you!.. 14th February 2012.. We just received the best news today! We got the results from Kasey's latest MRI Scan.. It shows.. no signs of the small tumour coatings along her spine, they have gone and the tumour on.. her.. brain stem has reduced in size.. We are over the moon! It shows us that Kasey is responding.. well to the treatment and it is stopping the spread of the tumour, while reducing it at the same time.. We still have a long road ahead of us but this is one of our happier days.. We love you lots Kasey, Happy Valentines Day xxx.. 4th February 2012.. Doctors have said kasey can go home tommorrow for a few days, yipee! great news, we are over the moon.. Look out Buster, she's back!.. 9th January 2012.. Second protocol of chemotherapy, this will be everyday for 6 days.. Another bad week for Kasey.. Same as last time getting sick, no energy, tired and clinging to mammy.. Following week Kasey fights back!! she is playing with her toys, laughing and having great fun dancing to barney in the cot.. We are all amazed at how well she got through it this time.. She's our little trooper!.. 31st December 2011.. Kaseys first birthday.. Even though Kasey was still in hospital we had a great day.. We had birthday cake, balloons, hats you name it! Even the hospital staff came in to sing 'happy birthday' and thank god they came in the nick of time before we lit the candles! not realising with all the oxygen equipment we could have been up in smoke, now that would have been a birthday to remember!.. 15th December 2011.. Start of first protocol of intense chemotherapy.. Kasey had occasional good days but mostly she was sick, no energy, caught infections and had little or no interest in anything except clinging to mammy.. But worst of all she didnt smile and lost all of her beautiful hair.. She spent all christmas in hospital which was tough on the family as it was her first christmas.. But in saying that we made the day special and she also got a kiss from Colin farrell.. c'mon whos jealous??? Over the christmas period she also got a visit from Bill Cullen and Brian Ormond.. Not bad for a girl with no hair!!!.. 8th.. November 2011.. Kasey underwent brain surgery to remove tumour.. It was a horrible, brutal operation and wouldnt wish it on anyone.. It was a success and Kasey recovered brilliantly.. Hi everyone,.. Welcome to Kaseys Blog, our website went live on Friday 3rd of February 2012 and it has been a massive success so far! Thanks to all involved in launching the site.. 24 hours later and we've had an amazing response.. Thanks to all for your interest, concern and promise to help us fundraise, and donate.. The cost of Kaseys treatment is enormous but with friends and people like you, we know we can reach our target and get Kasey to Boston for the treatment she needs..

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  • Title: kare4kaseyThank You
    Descriptive info: Thank You.. These are just some of the people who have supported the Kare4Kasey Fund.. This list would be end less if we tried to name all of you individually, who have helped us along the way.. We would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of hearts.. From all of Kaseys Family xxx.. David Fitzimons Kenneth O Driscoll who took part in Gaelforce West raised €2256.. 12.. Brave Aoife Smith aged 12 who completed her 10,000 ft Parachute Jump to help raise funds for Kasey.. All the Ladies who took part in this years Flora Mini Marathon, it was a great day with a brilliant atmosphere.. We were thrilled to see so many of you wearing our pink Kasey Bear T-shirts.. A enormous €18,533 was raised!.. St Canices CNS who raised €241.. All who took part in the bucket collection in Superquinn in Walkinstown.. Paul Fagan The Alamo Club.. Elaine Tomney.. Bucket collection in Tesco thank you to all who helped out on the day.. Supervalue in Aylesbury their amazing customers who continue to support Kasey the raised over €1100 in the past few weeks.. RoadTrain Ltd raised €200.. J Patchell raised €155.. Mona Whelan friends in London raised €1331.. 62.. Rachel Whelan raised €835.. FM Downes raised €100.. Little Kirsty who dyed her hair pink to help raise funds for our little Kasey!.. Eimear Mc Gauren all the staff who raised €1250 by holding a charity week in their pub for Kasey.. Lisa Darren from Spraoi Kickstart Bootcamp for all the effort hardwork for making the Pheonix Park Bootcamp Family Fun-day such a success raising much needed funds for Kasey.. Thanks to all who took part on day you were incredible! Total funds raised was €8525!.. Caroline Corcoran, Avril Moore all the Zumba Instructors for organising the Zumbathon Family Funday for Kasey.. It was a fantastic day.. Thanks again for all your effort support all those who took part on day helped to raise funds for Kasey.. So many wonderful people have been fundraising for Kaseys treatment in Boston these past few weeks, we would like to thank all of you, here are just a few:.. Anita, Lennon Aoife Collins who organised a stall at the Drogheda Indoor Market raised €369.. 36.. The Mercy Family Centre.. Takedo.. The staff in the Submarine Bar who donated €300.. Sean Kennedy raised €250.. John Burke Paul O Reilly who raised funds for Kasey by doing their cycle to Galway.. Lords Barbers in the Square for their ongoing support to raise funds.. Lowes Pub Dolphins Barn for their ongoing support to raise funds.. Carlisle Leisure Hairdressing Salon.. Essential Food.. Mother Teresa School Canberra Australia raised 1000.. Tom Ray from Ryans Arbour House raised €1000.. Arena Leisure raised €140.. Glenasmole National School Comitee of Management, principle, staff students organised a 'Kafe4Kasey' and raised €715.. Our Ladys College Greenhills Drogheda raised €103.. 80.. Mona Lisa Take Away, Crumlin Road €615.. Adorables Creche Walkinstown €150.. This Star Wont Go Out Foundation donated 2000 to Kasey in memory of Esther Grace Earl.. Naomi Hanlon who raised €505 by doing a charity skydive with Sky Dive Ireland.. All the volunteers who bagpacked in Marks Spencers, Supervalue and Superquinn in Sutton.. All the ladies who organised carboot sales in the Shamrock Rovers Stadium.. Anita, Lennon and Aoife Collins who organsed a stall for Kasey at the indoor Drogheda Market they raised €369.. Thank you to Bernie Stokes who held a charity night of mediumship for Kasey, and to your amazing team Sharon Rhonda who made the night such a success.. Just over €1700 was raised and will go towards Kasey's treatment.. Thank you to all the staff in.. West Park Fitness.. in tallaght and especially Joanna O Brien for organising the cyclethon to help raise funds for Kasey everyone who took part on the day we appreciate all your hard work support.. A total of €3450 was raised from this event.. Thanks to.. Johns Take Away.. on the Walkinstown Roundabout who raised €405 on National Fish Chip day to the family who also donated €700 to Kasey.. Thank you to Jen Mulvey friends for organising the Vegas Casino Night and for all your effort hard work.. Lots more fantastic people have been fundraising to help fund Kasey's treatment in Boston over the past weeks here are just a few we would like to say a big thank you to:.. St Agnes Credit Union in Crumlin who held a raffle and raised €650.. Hartmel Construction raised €200.. 00.. Paddy Doyle Family raised €205.. Frances Maguire raised €1000.. AIB Card Issuing raised €274.. RGSC P/P raised €690.. National Irish Bank, Howth Branch €181.. Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street raised €1058.. Ann Corcoran raised €300.. Rush Newsagent raised €260.. Angela of Roma Takeaway, Clondalkin raised €1000.. Leo Laboratories raised €100.. My Sister Zoe Appeal.. donated €5000.. 00 - Thank you so much for your generosity support.. To the family who sadly lost their beautiful little girl Zoe to ATRT, you will always forever be in our thoughts prayers xxx.. Emma Blake who organised The Kasey Collective Art Exhibition, thank you to all the artists who donated their pieces and everyone involved in making the night such a success.. They raised a total of €2901.. 00 so far!.. To all the of the staff in.. Dunnes Stores, City West Shopping Centre.. who have been fundraising lots for Kasey.. They have been a great support to Michelle the Kare4Kasey Trust Fund.. They recently held a Wax Shave Night were two brave ladies got their heads shaved we cant forget also the brave men who got waxed to help raise funds for Kasey's treatment.. They raised over €7000! Thanks to everyone  ...   match, they raised a total of €1223.. To our friends Rachel Hough the gang, all the way down under in Australia who organised a 10km Swan River Sponsored Walk in Perth and raised €800 for our little girl.. Thank you so much for helping and thinking of Kasey from so far away.. Thank you to Sean Stamp who organised a Benefit Night to help raise funds for Kasey's treatment in Boston.. He raised a total of €600.. We appreciate all the hard work you put into the night you did a brilliant job.. Thank you to Tara Devine for organising a Benefit night for Kasey in The Abberley Court Hotel.. She raised €650 for the Kare4Kasey Trust Fund, we appreciate all your effort you put into the night.. Thanks to the Parents Association Staff in Scoil Carmel Junior National School in Firhouse who organised a.. Colours Day.. on the 16th March.. They raised €1503.. 21, well done kids you all did a terrific job and so many shades of green!.. Thank you to Stephanie Broe and staff in the Brittas Playgroup and all the fantastic kiddies who raised €500 by having a.. Pajama Day!.. Thank you to Nina Karlsson and Pauline Lawless who organised the.. Charity Rock Night.. in Fibbers Bar on the 16th March.. They raised a total of €1400 for Kaseys Trust Fund.. Thanks to everyone who donated spot prizes and also gave so generously on the night.. Tiernan O' Neill Trust Fund.. On behalf of all of Kaseys family we would like to thank the Tiernan O' Neill Trust Fund their Trustee members Mick Elliot, Andy Ferrari and Mick Kiernan who donated €30,000 to Kasey.. This will get Kasey a huge step closer to getting to Boston for her treatment, we will never be able to thank you enough for your generosity and thinking of our little girl.. To the family who sadly lost their son Tiernan O' Neill, you will always forever be in our thoughts and prayers.. Fundraising Christening-.. Emma Rowan, Lydia Murray Zoe Molloy had their beautiful babies christened and they asked their guests to donate to Kaseys Trust Fund to a raffle on the day.. They raised €1715.. 70 for Kasey.. We would like to thank them their partners for this amazing gesture.. To all who donated on the day, we appreciate all your support.. Thank you to Dave Tonya Kelly who organised a.. Coffee Morning.. with a raffle they raised a total of €947.. Fantastic! Thanks to Lidl for supplying the spot prizes.. Also to mention 9 year old Chloe Gomma who did a presentation about Kasey in St Canices Girls School.. She did a terrifc job creating awareness representing the Kare4kasey Trust Fund.. Thank you so much to Renee Mc Cann and Lauren Ramsey who organised a.. in Cornmarket Group Financial Services.. They managed to raise €1188.. 87 to be exact! This is a fantastic amount of money to add to Kasey's Trust Fund.. To all the Management staff who donated so generously, we really appreciate all your help support.. The Mercantile,.. 28 Dame Street, Dublin 2.. The Princes of Lagos kindly offered to hold a.. Fundraising Night.. for Kasey.. They raised a total of €475! Thank you so much guys for your generosity.. If you havent seen these in action please go and see them they are hilarious! They put on a great show and you never know, we might be able to twist their arm to do another night for Kasey.. watch this space!.. Thanks to Marion Mahon, Nuala Walsh and all the team who organised a.. Cake.. Sale.. after the mass at Our Lady Good Counsel Church in Whitechurch.. They managed to raise.. €2642 for Kasey! That is a fantastic amount of money.. Thanks to all of you who donated cakes to the sale, and also donated money to Kaseys Trust Fund.. Boomers Pub.. , Dutch Village in Clondalkin, Dublin 22.. Thank you to all the staff from Dunnes Stores in City West who hosted a.. Race Night.. and managed to raise €5000 for our little Kasey! Thank you so much for your effort and your on going support is much appreciated by our family.. Thank you to.. Black Out Tattoo and Piercing.. in Drogheda who had a.. Charity Love Tattoo Day.. for the Kare4Kasey Fund.. They managed to raise €600 by doing this.. To Barry and his team of artists Adam and Anthony who worked so hard on the day and to all of the brave gang who got lovely heart Tattoo's we cant thank you enough for your support!.. The Traders Pub.. , Greenhills, located at the top of St James Road.. We had an amazing turn out here.. We raised €9522! Thanks to the staff on the night, the band Knight Shift and Macari's Take Away for the great entertainment food.. For all who donated spot prizes, we could have not have done it without your generosity.. Most of all to you our friends, family and neighbours for showing us your support by buying tickets.. Thanks for making the night so special.. Thanks to Adam Hyland the team from Dunnes Stores in Citywest Shopping Centre who did a.. Static Cyclethon.. in the Centre.. They managed to raise €1924 on the day.. Also to Trish Yeates who raised €500 by having a coffee morning.. Thanks for all your hard work and ongoing support.. A special thanks to Rachel Archbold who organised a.. Sponsored walk.. for Kasey in the pheonix Park.. This event raised €32,000 for Kaseys Trust Fund which was an amazing start.. To all of you who raised money and took part in the walk, we were overwhelmed with the support and can't thank you enough.. Well done guys!..

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