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  • Title: Intensive driving lessons, crash course driving school Dublin, Kildare, Meath
    Descriptive info: Intensive Driving lessons.. Discover the difference for yourself - pass quicker, save money and give yourself the best possible start to a lifetime of safe driving.. Intensive driving courses (sometimes referred to as "crash driving courses") are the fastest way possible to learn to drive.. Popular with learners of all ages, intensive driving courses make it possible to learn with a.. 5 day course.. what could take up to 6 months to learn taking a 1 hour driving lesson every week with other driving schools.. What we offer?.. Leinster Driving Campus is offering driving lessons from one-week courses to semi intensive courses.. to suit your schedule.. Many people have taken a seemingly endless stream of driving lessons without making the necessary improvements to get to pass their driving test.. What seperates us from other driving schools in that we can.. guarantee your standard of driving will improve much quicker.. due to the fact that the first few lessons are taken in our controlled environment with NO TRAFFIC, NO PRESSURE, NO PROBLEMS.. Many of our customers fit the course around work, or college holidays.. Some people find the idea of 'getting it all over with in one go' appealing; others need to.. learn quickly.. An intensive driving course can be more.. cost-effective.. too.. On average people take up to 40 hours driving tuition when taking 1 hr per week, with intensive driving lessons we can guarantee that the average number of hours is closer to 25 - that's a potential saving of 15 hours –.. over €500!.. We  ...   took driving lessons years ago but didn't continue with them as I was too nervous.. A friend recommended doing an intensive driving course and I did the one week course and it was brilliant.. Having the lessons so close to one another helped me so much.. Thanks to everyone at Leinster Driving Campus.. Catherine Mannion.. I took some time off work to do this course as I wasn't taking my previous lessons regularly enough due to work commitments.. It was tough at the start but by the end of day 1 I had made huge improvements.. I was very happy with the results by the end of the three days.. I will go back when I get my test date.. Barry O'Dwyer.. I needed to learn how to drive asap.. A job application depended on me having a full driving licence.. I applied for my test and had 8 weeks to get ready.. I completed 30 hours intensive driving and then spent the remaining 5 weeks driving everywhere I could.. Delighted to say I passed my test first time.. Cathal Griffiths.. This was perfect for me.. I took my lessons during my midterm break from study.. I was then able to give the total commitment required to learn how to drive.. Thumbs up!!.. Aisling Cronin.. What an impressive setup.. I went from having no experience of driving to feeling confident enough to practice with my Dad in such a short time.. I'm absolutely delighted.. Thanks Padraic for everything.. Amy Kilbride.. Learn.. To Drive.. Learn To Drive EDT..

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  • Title: Residential driving course, residential driving school, intensive driving course, crash driving course dublin
    Descriptive info: Many people decide to take their intensive driving courses as a Residential course.. These are arranged for our Maynooth centre in Co.. Kildare.. People taking Leinster Driving Campus’s intensive driving courses come from.. all over Ireland.. , many decide to stay and look to book.. accomodation.. If you decide to include accommodation with your course, you can avail of cheaper rates by.. booking online.. with.. The Glenroyal Hotel.. in Maynooth -  ...   accommodation.. You can also avail of a special.. discount.. on a lunch and main course meal at.. O'Neill's Bar in Maynooth.. Soup and sandwich tea / coffee €9.. Soup and main course €14.. Intensive / Residential Course - Prices.. Transport links to Maynooth.. Maynooth is easily accessible -.. By Train -.. Irish Rail website.. Dublin Bus routes.. 66.. and.. 67a.. -.. Dublin Bus website.. National Bus routes -.. Bus Eireann website..

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  • Title: Motorway Driving Lessons, Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip, Lucan
    Descriptive info: Motorway Driving school.. Most newly qualified drivers have little or no experience of high volumes of fast moving traffic, so at first motorway driving can seem quite daunting and to some even frightening.. It’s an entirely different environment from where we learned to drive; things can happen very quickly when travelling at higher speeds.. Take our.. specialist motorway instruction.. lessons and gain confidence and understanding of motorway driving.. The.. are now recommending that anyone unfamiliar with Roundabouts or Motorway.. s, whether you are a full licence holder or not, should take a driving lesson with their local driving instructor.. Our motorway driving lessons cover  ...   zone around your vehicle.. Awareness and reaction to other road users.. What to do in an emergency including personal safety.. Adverse weather conditions.. Motorway fatigue.. Our driving instructors have a.. vast experience.. of motorway driving and will see by the end of the session you feel both comfortable and confident whilst driving on the motorway.. Course.. Price.. € 35 - per hour.. Optional Extras.. Parallel Parking.. Learn how to perfect this tricky manoeuvre with some great tips.. Reverse Parking.. Do you dread parking in tight spots at work, in shopping centres or school car parks? No More!! Learn how to Reverse Park with ease..

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  • Title: Automatic Driving Lessons Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip, Dublin, Kildare
    Descriptive info: Leinster Driving Campus recognises that due to circumstances or needs many people would prefer an option regarding taking.. automatic driving lessons.. Driving lessons in an automatic car are becoming increasingly popular among those taking driving lessons.. If you've had problems learning to drive in a manual car there is the option of driving lessons in an automatic.. There are numerous advantages to learning to drive in an automatic car:.. No stalling when  ...   gears co ordination to worry about allowing you more time to concentrate on controlling your vehicle and reading the road ahead.. Better suited to stop / start driving in towns and cities.. Less stress leading to more enjoyable driving lessons.. Learner driver will progress to test standard quicker therefore saving money with less driving lessons.. If you'd like to book automatic driving lessons call us on.. 01 6286377.. or.. contact us today.. !..

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  • Title: Trailer Towing Driving Lessons Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip
    Descriptive info: If you hold a.. Full category B.. licence, you may tow a trailer only if:.. the design gross vehicle weight of the trailer is 750kg or less, or.. the unladen (empty) weight of your towing vehicle is at least the same as the trailer's design gross vehicle weight, and the combined design gross vehicle weight of the vehicle and trailer is no more than 3,500kg.. When using a car to tow a heavier trailer, you must hold a category.. EB licence.. Without the correct licence, you are not insured and could be prosecuted.. Category.. Vehicle Type.. Minimum Age.. B.. Vehicles with seats for up to 8 passengers and a maximum weight of 3,500kg (includes pulling  ...   than 750kg.. Whether you are new to trailer towing, need refresher lessons or want to pass your EB towing test, we can provide a course of trailer towing lessons tailored to suit your needs in Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip, Clane, Kilcock and the surrounding areas.. Our experienced instructors will help you to achieve your goal quickly and affordably, therefore reducing the cost of your trailer towing lessons.. We will provide you with everything you need to master trailer towing in as few lessons as possible.. You can use our school vehicles, equipped with Dual Controls and a braked, dual-axle box trailer or if you prefer you can also complete your lessons in your own vehicle and trailer..

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  • Title: Motorcycle Lessons, Motorbike Lessons, Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip, Lucan,
    Descriptive info: Motorbike training.. Leinster Driving Campus is an approved RSA.. (IBT) centre.. This course syllabus sets out the training that a novice motorcyclist needs to do with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) before having their Learner Permit validated.. The IBT course syllabus includes 4 modules, which have to be completed in turn.. Read More ».. We would advise you to take your  ...   is approximately 50 minutes duration and will include questions on general machine maintenance and is conducted with radios allowing your examiner follow you and to take you wherever he/she wants.. AON and Quinn Direct are offering.. discounts.. for riders who have achieved a standard of riding helping drive down the costs of rising insurance premiums.. Read More ».. Training.. Our.. Video IBT..

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  • Title: From €375 IBT Motorcycle, IBT Motorbike, Initial Basic Training, Dublin, Kildare, Meath
    Descriptive info: Initial basic training (iBT) motorcycle.. From 6 December 2010, Initial Basic Training (IBT) is a.. legal requirement.. Leinster Driving Campus is an.. approved RSA.. Initial Basic Training (IBT) centre.. WHY CHOOSE LEINSTER DRIVING CAMPUS FOR YOUR IBT?.. We are the.. only.. facility in Ireland that can offer you a.. 2.. 5km private road.. network, ideal for getting familiar with moving up and down your gears and your cornering techniques.. Get familiar with approaching junctions and roundabouts while getting a feel for meeting other traffic.. Why restrict yourself to a compound area alone.. when you will achieve a far more realistic feel for your motorcycle in our safe controlled environment before commencing Module 4.. If required you can.. store your bike safely.. in a lock up on site at Leinster Driving Campus, saving you having to get it transported to and from the facility in between modules.. We offer very.. competitive prices for first class tuition.. If you book in your IBT and supply your own partner to pair up with you can avail of our BRING A FRIEND SPECIAL price!!.. Motorcycles and all safety gear provided.. Only 25 minutes from Dublin City Centre.. Module 1 and Module 2 run every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.. Module 3 and Module 4 run every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.. Leinster Driving Campus IBT Prices.. Course Type.. Price: Own Bike.. Price: School Bike.. IBT Monday - Friday.. € 475.. € 500.. IBT Saturday - Sunday.. € 525.. IBT Bring a Friend.. Special.. Monday - Friday.. €  ...   with:.. Motorcycle Equipment.. Motorcycles and their controls.. Basic Technical Checks.. Taking Machine on and off the stand.. Basic Safety Checks (POWER).. Moving the Machine without aid of engine.. Precautions before starting (FIGS).. Starting and stopping the engine.. Module 2 (5 Hrs).. Carried out at Leinster Driving Campus - deals with:.. Stopping the machine (Theory).. Moving off Stopping in controlled fashion.. Ride in a straight line.. Correct use of brakes (all scenarios).. Gears selecting and changing.. Rear Observation.. Junctions Left and Right using the Observation-Signal-Manoeuvre (OSM) and Position Speed-Look (PSL) routines.. Emergency stopping under full control.. Slalom.. U Turn manoeuvre.. Figure of eight.. Slow Riding under control.. Explanation and Application of the Motorcycle System (OSPSL).. Section 2 - Two modules covering the on road aspects of motorcycling.. Module 3 (2 Hrs).. This is carried out at Leinster Driving Campus and deals with:.. Legal Requirements for riding on the road.. Importance of knowing the Rules of the Road.. Visibility - "Be Seen".. Road Positioning.. Rear Observation at appropriate times.. Road surfaces and Traffic Conditions.. Progress – Fast/Slow.. Hazard perception and anticipation.. Module 4 (6 Hrs).. This module is carried out on-road and deals with:.. The application of Module 3 (in practice) whilst on a public road.. Dealing with Junctions.. Dealing with Roundabouts.. Dealing with Traffic controls.. Dealing with Hills (incline decline).. Dealing with Hazards and Obstructions.. When you have completed your IBT course, your instructor will record the details of your training in.. your logbook.. and issue you with a.. Certificate of Satisfactory Completion..

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  • Title: Motorcycle Test, Motorbike Test, Naas, Tallaght, Dublin, Kildare
    Descriptive info: Motorbike Pre-Test lessons.. We would advise you to take your pre-test motorcycle course within 2 weeks of your driving test date.. The motorcycle test itself is approximately 50 minutes duration and is designed to determine that you:.. Know the Rules Of The Road.. Possess the knowledge and skill to drive competently in accordance with those rules.. Can perform a technical check on 3 parts of your motorcycle.. Drive with proper regard for the safety and convenience of other road users.. Our Help.. We will brief you on how the motorbike test is marked giving you a.. clear understanding.. of how many mistakes you are allowed to make and the severity of those mistakes.. We will give you a full explanation on  ...   drive in traffic, perform U Turns to name a few.. You will ride out in front and with the use of radio contact.. we will identify.. any.. mistakes.. made by you as they occur.. This will allow you to recognize your faults immediately and to correct them on the move.. At the end we will give you a full de-brief on how you got on and what areas you will need to concentrate on between now and your test.. Once you have completed our Pre-Test course you will be.. fully prepared.. in every way to sit and pass your motorbike test.. Options.. Without bike hire - 2hrs.. € 100.. With bike hire - 2hrs - Also includes bike for test.. € 220..

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  • Title: Insurance Assessment, AON, QuinnDirect, Dublin, Kildare, Meath
    Descriptive info: Insurance Skills Assessment (ISA).. Quinn Direct / Liberty and AON/AXA Bikecare have introduced a rider skills assessment which could save you money on your motorcycle insurance as well as improve your rider skills.. Generous discounts are given and vary by the level you achieve in your assessment.. This rider skills initiative is not a test but is an assessment of the different skills required to ride a motorcycle safely.. Insurance Discounts.. The program has been designed with the assistance of Senior Training Instructors with recognised Motorcycle Safety Organisations.. Riders are assessed on their skills and can achieve huge discounts with premium reductions ranging from up to 25% for basic competency right up to 45% for demonstrating expert competency.. The cost of the training program will be offset by the savings made on premiums upon successful completion of the course.. Apart from the very real advantage of saving you money, the scheme will also save lives.. Our four-hour training programme will consist of the following:.. A briefing on what is to be expected from the course.. A 'demo' showing how you need to ride in order to pass the assessment.. An observed ride, correction and de-brief.. A 45 minute assessment.. A de-brief, final score and grade.. NOTE: Your assessment  ...   4 Insurance is offered at full licence rate to provisional Licence holders.. The rider understands basic driver theory and is implementing it consistently.. AON/AXA GRADE 3.. Intermediate: Basic reduction plus an additional 10%.. Available to those with a Full Licence and a good level of hazard awareness and planning combined with a good level of machine control.. AON/AXA GRADE 2.. Intermediate/Advanced: Basic reduction plus an additional 15%.. Available to those with a Full Licence and a high level of hazard awareness and planning combined with a very good level of machine control.. AON/AXA GRADE 1.. Level 1 Take the ROSPA advanced riding test and get silver.. Full licence rate plus 30% Discount.. The bike used for the assessment must be no more than four insurance categories lower than the bike you want to insure.. The Quinn Direct / Liberty is very similar to the AON/AXA assessment.. QUINN DIRECT / LIBERTY GRADE 4.. Grade 4 Discount 20%.. QUINN DIRECT / LIBERTY GRADE 3.. Grade 3 Discount 25%.. QUINN DIRECT / LIBERTY GRADE 2.. Grade 2 Discount 30%.. QUINN DIRECT / LIBERTY GRADE 1.. Grade 1 Discount 35%.. Course Duration: 3 Hours.. Insurance Assessment Course (3hrs) inc 45 minute assessment.. € 199 using own bike.. € 265 using school bike..

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  • Title: Skid Control Ireland, Skid Pad, Skid Pan, Car Skidding, Skid Car, Understeer, Oversteer
    Descriptive info: Skid Control - driving on snow / ice.. Ireland's only skid pad.. is a purpose built training facility located away from public roads where we can simulate driving in all types of dangerous conditions such as snow, ice or wet roads.. This is the most realistic and effective method of learning how to control a car in adverse conditions.. There is no substitute for.. 'hands-on' experience.. in our safe and controlled off road environment when learning how to control a car in a skid on ice.. Our skid control cars will handle in the same way that a normal vehicle does allowing you to develop control skills that can be applied directly to your own vehicle!.. Our skid pad is a clean environment using clear water and allows you to master skid control safely.. All your Skid Control Instructors all have a high degree of skill and experience in car control training.. They include an.. ex Irish Rally Champion and competitive racing drivers.. , so you'll be in very safe hands.. Skid Control Courses.. Do you fear driving in adverse winter conditions? Learn how to avoid skidding and how to handle your vehicle in the event of a skid.. This course is a combination of our Skid Control Course plus a two hour Advanced Drive / Eco Drive on the public roads.. Skid Control Course - Testimonials:.. I feel so much better prepared  ...   different braking technique than used to be when I got my licence 30 years ago.. Extremely useful and I would probably like to do a little bit more practising.. Juha Junttila.. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was well worth it.. The staff are very courteous and professional and the course is well set up.. Brilliant idea.. Well done!.. Bernie Downes.. I really enjoyed the driving course and felt I learnt a few useful things to do in order to prevent an accident from happening.. The guys giving the course were very professional and friendly.. Everyone should have to do something like this.. Carmel Moran.. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and left with the impression of having learnt something.. Thumbs up from me, and thank you! Hopefully we will not need to put in practice what we learnt.. Elisabetta Ravarino.. Great course and very enjoyable as well as being informative.. I hope to take my 3 kids there when they are back home at Christmas just to get them used to icy roads and heavy braking.. John McEvoy.. Really enjoyed the driving course and learned a lot too.. The instructors knew their stuff and really put me at ease as I was very apprehensive.. Carmel even thought she had a habit of 'coasting' and Padraic gave her some time at the end to see if there was a problem.. Jean Plunkett..

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  • Title: Skidding on Ice, Hands on experience with controlling a skidding car
    Descriptive info: Skid Control driving lessons.. This specialist course is available to fully licensed drivers of any age and level of experience.. and is run by our team of specially trained instructors, including a former Irish rally champion.. Skidding is mainly caused by driving too fast for the road conditions.. This course teaches you how to control a car in a skid.. You will experience all types of skids in various mock road conditions.. It is a fun, but very informative course which is well worth trying.. Whether you are a newly qualified driver or an experienced one, there is plenty to learn from this exciting course.. Course Details.. On this course you will learn skid control.. skills and techniques.. These skills will help you to handle difficult or unexpected slippery conditions in normal road driving.. First there's a briefing from your instructor explaining exactly what happens when a car skids, and tips are given on how to avoid a dangerous skid situation on the road.. Your instructor  ...   under steer.. Most modern road cars will under steer in the majority of situations and if you know a few basics you can soon get the hang of controlling it.. With practice you will find everything much easier and more natural.. Your instructor will encourage you to let the car slide more and even spin around! This will give you the confidence and techniques needed to bring the car back in control from some seemingly impossible situations!.. Session 2.. - Anti Lock Braking System.. On this session you will learn how to master the use of ABS (.. Anti-Lock Braking System.. ) in an emergency.. We set up an avoidance exercise to demonstrate just what this system is capable of - if you know how to get the most out of it!.. Skills Covered.. Car Control.. Skid Avoidance.. Correct Use of Controls.. Anti Lock Brake System Correct Operation.. Early Skid Recognition.. Emergency Avoidance Techniques.. Skid Control Course:.. € 120.. Please.. contact our office.. for Group rates..

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  • Archived pages: 213