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  • Title: Driving Lessons Newcastle Leinster Driving Campus
    Descriptive info: Driving Lessons Newcastle.. Leinster Driving Campus is proud to offer.. driving lessons in Newcastle Co.. Kildare.. We have made learning to drive EASIER!! To help you with your driving lessons we have designed an off road facility in Maynooth.. (only 20 minutes from Newcastle –.. google maps directions page.. ).. whereby learner drivers with little or no experience behind the wheel, can encounter some of the typical  ...   The obvious benefit is the need for less driving lessons therefore resulting in cheap driving lessons too!.. Read More ».. Check out some of our other unique driving courses in Newcastle location:.. Scared to drive on snow or ice? Don't be, get hands on experience on how to control a skid on Ireland's only Skid Pad.. Driving test Naas, Tallaght and Mullingar.. View Larger Map.. Us On:..

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  • Title: Skid Control
    Descriptive info: Main Menu Articles.. Our Services - driving lessons, options.. Skid Control driving lessons.. This specialist course is available to fully licensed drivers of any age and level of experience.. and is run by our team of specially trained instructors, including a former Irish rally champion.. Skidding is mainly caused by driving too fast for the road conditions.. This course teaches you how to control a car in a skid.. You will experience all types of skids in various mock road conditions.. It is a fun, but very informative course which is well worth trying.. Whether you are a newly qualified driver or an experienced one, there is plenty to learn from this exciting course.. Course Details.. On this course you will learn skid control.. skills and techniques.. These skills will help you to handle difficult or unexpected slippery conditions in normal road driving.. First there's a briefing from your instructor explaining exactly what happens when a car skids, and tips are given on how to avoid a dangerous skid situation on the road.. Your instructor will also explain how electronic driver aids like.. ABS.. and.. ESP.. found in most of todays cars work and what it can do for you! You are then split into groups and introduced to your track instructor.. Session 1.. - Skid Pad.. During this session your instructor will help you master the basics of car control including.. over and under steer.. Most modern road cars will under steer in the majority of situations and if you know a few basics you can soon get the hang of controlling it.. With practice you will find everything much easier and more natural.. Your instructor will encourage you to let the car slide more and even spin around! This will give you the confidence and techniques needed to bring the car back in control  ...   good.. I have quite extensive experience on driving in icy conditions but wasn't quite sure if I can still manage - being so many years in Ireland.. The slippery part turned out to be the easy part.. This is probably programmed somewhere in my spinal cord.. But - to my surprise - I didn't know how to brake in perfect, dry conditions and make an emergency stop.. I learned to drive well before the ABS-era and modern cars require quite a different braking technique than used to be when I got my licence 30 years ago.. Extremely useful and I would probably like to do a little bit more practising.. Juha Junttila.. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was well worth it.. The staff are very courteous and professional and the course is well set up.. Brilliant idea.. Well done!.. Bernie Downes.. I really enjoyed the driving course and felt I learnt a few useful things to do in order to prevent an accident from happening.. The guys giving the course were very professional and friendly.. Carmel Moran.. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and left with the impression of having learnt something.. Thumbs up from me, and thank you! Hopefully we will not need to put in practice what we learnt.. Elisabetta Ravarino.. Great course and very enjoyable as well as being informative.. I hope to take my 3 kids there when they are back home at Christmas just to get them used to icy roads and heavy braking.. John McEvoy.. Really enjoyed the driving course and learned a lot too.. The instructors knew their stuff and really put me at ease as I was very apprehensive.. Carmel even thought she had a habit of 'coasting' and Padraic gave her some time at the end to see if there was a problem.. Jean Plunkett..

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  • Title: Skid Control Combo
    Descriptive info: advanced driving skid control.. Skid Control and Skid Avoidance training is an important part of staying safe in.. difficult driving conditions.. But if you would like to further improve your driving skills you can include a two hour On-Road Advanced Driving lesson with a skid control lesson to improve your on-road skills and awareness.. If you are serious about your on road driving this course is the one for you.. At the end of this informative and challenging day your confidence and abilities behind the wheel will have moved on to a new level.. advanced driving Course Details.. 1 Skid Control Training.. This is a unique skid pad driving training course where you will not only have fun testing your skid control ability but also learn the full range of skills needed to stay in control of a car when it goes beyond its limit.. You will also learn how to master the use of ABS for emergency avoidance!.. Your instructor will also explain how electronic driver aids like ABS and ESP (Electronic  ...   back in.. control.. from some seemingly impossible situations!.. On this session you will learn how to master the use of.. (Anti-Lock Braking System) in an emergency.. We set up an avoidance exercise to demonstrate just what this system is capable of - so you know how to get the most out of it!.. 2 Advanced On Road Driving.. This experience is a.. one to one.. with the instructor for the whole course duration and uses the participants own car.. The course is an advanced driving lesson which takes an exciting and fresh approach to on road driving methods.. Its content will help to improve driver awareness and observation skills out on the road in all traffic and weather condition and also guide you toward becoming a smoother and.. more accurate driver.. Observation.. Speed Awareness.. Effective use of positioning.. Steering.. Appropriate gear selection.. Braking techniques.. Defensive vehicle positioning.. Co-ordination of hazard/Risk management.. Accurate bend assessment.. Cornering techniques.. Awareness of hazards and risks.. Safe and calculated overtaking.. Third party perception awareness.. Conflict prevention.. € 219..

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  • Title: Fleet Training
    Descriptive info: Other Courses.. Fleet driver Training.. Driver training schemes like regular driver risk assessments and SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) for smaller commercial vehicle drivers are swiftly becoming an essential tool for companies who want to improve fleet efficiency.. Our Instructors are qualified RSA Approved Driving Instructors, all having a high degree of skill and experience in car control training.. We will work with your driver's own skills to improve their assessment of road conditions and their risk/reward behaviour.. Simple skills, which can be gained immediately and used on a daily basis, will help develop all of your drivers into courteous, safe, responsible and above all efficient representatives for your company.. Our fleet driver-training course will help you to reduce costs, reduce risks and increase your employees' skills.. Driver Initial Assesment.. Our trainer will conduct an individual driver assessment in order to establish a driver's key risk factors, their driving and their attitude.. This will help determine whether a driver falls into the Low/Medium/High risk category.. The trainer will then provide feedback and establish areas for the main part of the training to concentrate on.. The trainer may  ...   driving competence based on concentration, effective all round observation, anticipation and planning.. Effective use of Positioning.. Steering Technique.. Appropriate Gear Selection.. Braking Techniques.. Defensive Vehicle Positioning.. Co-ordination of Hazard/Risk Management.. Accurate Bend Assessment.. Cornering Techniques.. Awareness of Hazards and Risks.. Safe and Calculated Overtaking.. Conflict Prevention.. Fuel Efficient Driver Techiques.. Your drivers will be encouraged to drive in a more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient way and with more mechanical sympathy to the vehicle.. Written Driving Assessment.. A written report, based on the participants' performance will be produced at the end of the session, risk areas are highlighted and if required, further training is recommended.. Copies of the Risk Assessments are provided for line managers.. What Are Benefits of Fleet Training.. Reduce your company's fuel costs.. Reduce your company's accident rate.. Negotiate lower insurance premiums for your fleet.. Enhance your company profile.. Reduce your fleet repair and maintenance costs.. Reduce your staff downtime.. Reduce your stress levels as well as that of your company drivers'.. Lower your environmental impact upon the local and wider community.. Fleet driver training courses are available as.. full day or half-day sessions.. Contact us for details..

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  • Title: driving lessons, driving schools, driving test, Dublin, Kildare, Meath
    Descriptive info: Fields marked with * are required.. Name.. *.. Email.. Phone.. Subject.. Message.. You have.. characters left.. How did you hear about us?.. Choose Option:.. Web Search.. Friend.. Newspaper.. Radio.. Road Sign.. Web Forum.. Others.. Send a copy of this message to yourself.. Leinster Driving Campus, Taghadoe, Maynooth.. Tel:.. Add.. Testimonial.. Add Your Testimonial.. Driving Lesson.. Buy Voucher.. Try it now!.. Advanced Drive.. Pre Test Course.. IBT Motorbike.. Learn More..

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  • Title: Motorway & Roundabout driving lessons
    Descriptive info: Motorway Roundabout driving lessons.. RSA Urges People Unfamiliar With Motorway Driving Or Using Roundabouts To Take Special Lessons with their Local Approved Driving Instructor.. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) today 13th February published a new booklet to help drivers use motorways safely and is also asking drivers who are unfamiliar with driving on a motorway or using a roundabout to consider taking some special lessons with a local Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) to brush up on their skills.. Ireland’s national road network has grown to 5,515 kms.. This includes 1,187 kms of motorway network.. Ireland now has a motorway network which connects all our major urban centres.. There has been an increase in incidents involving motorists driving the wrong way around roundabouts, against the flow of traffic on motorways incorrect use of lanes, intersections and hard shoulders.. This changing road environment may pose challenges for some drivers who have no previous experience of driving on a motorway, using roundabouts or who may be put off by the high speed and multiple lane nature of these routes.. It is very important that people understand the Rules of the Road when driving on motorways or using roundabouts.. To address this, the RSA launched a major road safety awareness campaign last year to inform drivers on how to drive safely on a motorway and on the correct use of roundabouts.. However, another practical step that drivers’ could take, especially if they are nervous about driving on a motorway / roundabout is to take some lessons with an RSA registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).. ADI’s are fully equipped to teach people how to drive safely on a motorway and build driver competence in using roundabouts.. ’.. “A few lessons with an ADI will give you the skills you need to feel confident when driving on a motorway or roundabout.. Your local ADI will explain the rules, give you some practice sessions and equip you to use motorways and roundabouts with confidence.. Money well spent and what better gift than the gift of some special lessons to make someone a safer driver,’ he added.. To find an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) near you, please visit:.. http://www.. rsa.. ie/en/RSA/Learner-Drivers/Finding-an-instructor/Find-an-instructor/.. Mr.. Brett also took the opportunity to remind drivers never to stop their vehicle on a motorway, except in an emergency.. “This could cause a collision and result in a major pile up.. It’s unsafe to stop on a motorway hard-shoulder and it’s an offence.. You should never, ever walk on a motorway.. Pedestrians are at a massive risk on a motorway, they are putting their lives and the lives of all other road users on the motorway in danger too.. He advised drivers to always plan their journey in advance.. Purchase an up to date road atlas such as the Ordnance Survey Ireland version which includes the entire new motorway network.. Know which junctions you wish to take and get into the correct lane in good time.. ”.. In  ...   - Monday, May 07, 2012 - By Seán McCárthaigh Almost half of all learner drivers in the country are breaking the law — by driving unaccompanied.. Data provided by Gardaí have revealed the extent to which inexperienced drivers are deliberately ignoring road traffic laws.. Two recent Garda operations which targeted learner drivers.. Read more.. Driving Instructor Jobs.. 08-03-2012.. DRIVING INSTRUCTOR JOBS Leinster Driving Campus are currently recruiting Driving Instructors to join our highly successful team.. We are looking for experienced and energetic driving instructors to work weekends, Saturday's and Sunday's and weekday evenings.. If interested please send CV to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. and put "CV" in subject heading.. Requirements: You must be an Approved Driving Instructor with the R.. You must have your own vehicle.. Motorway & Roundabout driving.. 14-02-2012.. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) today 13th February published a new booklet to help drivers use motorways safely and is also asking drivers who are unfamiliar with driving on a motorway or using a roundabout to consider taking some special lessons.. Change to 6 month rule for EB.. 25-01-2012.. Last week the RSA has changed the ruling on the driving test waiting time for upgrading your B licence to EB.. If you hold a full B licence you now no longer have to wait 6 months to apply for your EB driving test once you've passed your EB theory test.. This is good news then for those who need to get.. RSA Expresses Concern Over Uno.. 08-10-2011.. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is today, Monday 3rd October 2011, asking anyone booking a driving test online to do so only on the RSA’s official driving test website www.. ie.. And anyone booking a driver theory test online to do so on the official theory test website, www.. theorytest.. ie The call is being made as the RSA has become aware of.. RSA and ITIA launch ‘National.. The focus on tyre safety, which enables motorists to avail of a free tyre check at participating tyre centres, is one of the many road safety initiatives planned for ‘Irish Road Safety Week’ which will take place from Monday 10th October to Sunday 16th October.. Marking the event, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Leo Varadkar TD said: ‘Irish road-users have.. News: Transition Year Driving.. 24-09-2011.. Leinster Driving Campus - Transition Year Driving Course REFER YOUR SCHOOL AND WIN 5 FREE DRIVING LESSONS!! SEE OUR NEWS SECTION FOR FURTHER INFO.. Fed up waiting till your 17 to drive? Wait no more!! Now you can learn to drive at Ireland’s only off road driver training campus without your Theory Test or Learner Permit.. Based in Maynooth Co.. Kildare, our unique.. Archived.. ►.. 2012.. (4).. May.. (1).. •.. Gardai Checks on Lea.. March.. Driving Instructor J.. February.. Motorway & Roundabou.. January.. Change to 6 month ru.. 2011.. (3).. October.. (2).. RSA Expresses Concer.. RSA and ITIA launch.. September.. News: Transition Yea.. Powered by.. mod LCA..

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  • Title: Knowledge Base - Oversteer
    Descriptive info: Glossary of Motoring Terms.. Oversteer.. Knowledge Base Article.. A loss of traction in the rear tyres while cornering..

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  • Title: Knowledge Base - Understeer
    Descriptive info: Understeer.. A loss of traction in the front tyres while cornering..

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  • Title: Gift Vouchers
    Descriptive info: Other Catogories.. Gift Vouchers.. Whatever the occasion whether its Christmas, Birthday or that special Anniversary a driving gift voucher is a wonderful surprise.. The recipient will always remember that you gave them the gift of driving.. Give us a call on 01 6286 377 for details or  ...   gift vouchers can be securely purchased with our.. online shop.. All our gift vouchers can be redeemed against any amount of driving lessons or against any of our driving courses.. Instructor.. Training.. Stage One - Theory Test.. Stage Two - Practical Test.. Stage Three - Instructional Ability..

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  • Title: Add Testimonial. Leinster Driving Campus. Driving Lessons Maynooth
    Descriptive info: Add A Testimonial.. Name *.. EMail.. (will not be published).. Website.. Title *.. Comment: *.. * - Required field..

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  • Title: Driving Lessons Maynooth | Celbridge | Leixlip | Kilcock | Clane
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