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  • Title: Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum Web Site
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Strategic Policy Committees - SPCs.. The Forum as a.. Nominating Body.. Consultation Process.. Structure of Forum.. Registration.. Elected Representatives.. Forum Election.. News/Events.. News Letters.. Links.. Limerick County Communnity and Voluntary Forum,.. Patrickswell Community Resource Centre,.. Main St.. ,.. Patrickswell,.. Co.. Limerick.. e-Mail: lccvforum@gmail.. com.. Phone No.. : 086 21 42 50 1.. Current date:  ...   Community and Voluntary.. Forum.. Have Your Say.. Make sure your Organisations needs are represented!.. Mission Statement.. "Representing the views of the Community and Voluntary Sector by influencing policy and decision making for the benefit of the people of County Limerick through effective communication and consultation both locally and nationally.. ".. Latest News.. Privacy Statement.. Accessibility.. Terms and Conditions..

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  • Title: About Us - Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum Web Site
    Descriptive info: You are Here ».. Home».. What is the Forum?.. What is the purpose of the Forum?.. How does the Forum work?.. Issues.. Who can apply for membership.. Benefits.. Registration Form..

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  • Title: What is the Strategic Policy Committees? (SPCs)
    Descriptive info: What is the Strategic Policy Committees? (SPCs).. The Strategic Policy Committees (S.. P.. C.. ) were born out of the ‘Better Local Government—A programme for Change’ proposal, designed to enhance the democratic remit and policy making role of the elected members and involve the Social Partners at a local level.. Each SPC comprises of elected Councillors and sectoral representatives, including members of the Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum, working together in a more participative form of democracy, thereby  ...   Council.. Each Strategic Policy Committee formulates and develops policy, which is forwarded to the full Council for approval.. Limerick County Council has five SPCs dealing with a range of policy issues including:.. SPC(Stratgic Policy Committee).. Forum Representative.. Housing Policy.. Alice McAuliffe,.. Caroline O'Callaghan,.. Jeremiah O'Connor.. Transportation and Infrastructural Policy.. Joan O'Shea.. Elizabeth Stanley.. Planning and Development.. Ann Gill,.. Charles Richardson,.. Seamus Hunt.. Social, Cultural and Community Development.. Bernie O'Sullivan.. Seamus Ryan.. Donal Thurlow.. Environmental Policy.. Sean Hanley.. Margaret Barkham..

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  • Title: The Forum as a Nominating Body - Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum
    Descriptive info: You are Here».. »The Forum as a Nominating Body.. The Forum as a Nominating Body.. The Forum nominates members to act as representatives on five Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs).. These are Planning Development, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure, Social, Cultural Community Development.. The SPCs are designed to enhance the democratic remit and policy-making role of the elected members while also involving the Social Partners at a local level.. Each SPC, comprises of elected Councillors and sectoral  ...   then forwarded to the full Council for approval.. A number of Forum members sit on the:.. County Development Board Action Groups, which include Social Inclusion, Enterprise, Tourism, Sports Partnership, Agriculture, Environment Community Development, and Culture.. Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs), which include Housing, Planning Development, Social, Cultural Community Development, Environmental, Transport Infrastructure.. County Limerick Childcare Committee.. MWHB Structures.. Violence Against Women Committee.. Regional Drugs Taskforce.. Local Development Companies such as: Ballyhoura Development, West Limerick Resources..

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  • Title: Consultation Process - Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum
    Descriptive info: »Consultation Process.. The consultation with the Working Groups and the Community and Voluntary Forum resulted in the identification of a large number of key issues, goals and actions.. In order to assist the Working Group to consider their areas of interest extensive research was carried out.. Initially statistical data was gathered to establish where the County is placed in relation to the economic, social and cultural situation.. This led to the production of the  ...   Audit of Services to establish who are delivering services; to whom services are being delivered and the nature and extent of those services.. This research has assisted the Board and Working Groups in establishing the actual situation in relation to the various issues.. To date a Working Group was set up to produce a report on Community Employment.. Another Working Group was recently set up to carry out a study on Volunteering in County Limerick..

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  • Title: Structure of the Forum - Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum Web Site
    Descriptive info: » Structure of the Forum.. Structure of the Forum.. There are 45 members of the Community voluntary Forum.. 30 members are elected according to their electoral area.. Six representatives are elected from the five electoral areas in County Limerick.. This serves to achieve a geographical balance around the county.. It is also necessary as by the Constitution to achieve a gender balance.. It is also required when  ...   further 15 members are nominated to act as representatives on the Forum from various countywide bodies or sectoral interests.. This ensures an interest balance is achieved in those who act as representatives on the Forum.. This breaks down as:.. Disability 2 representatives.. Sporting 2 representatives.. Youth 2 representatives.. Travellers 2 representatives.. Arts,Culture Music 3 representatives.. I.. A.. 1 representative.. Voluntary Housing Forum 2 representatives.. Childcare 1 representative..

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  • Title: Registration Form - Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum Web Site
    Descriptive info: »Registration Form.. BE PART OF THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS.. FINAL DATE FOR REGISTER OF COMMUNITY AND VOLUNTARY GROUPS IN COUNTY LIMERICK.. 11TH DECEMBER 2008.. Limerick County Council / Limerick County Development Board are creating a register of all community and voluntary groups operating in County Limerick.. We are now inviting all voluntary groups and community organisations to provide contact details for  ...   including:.. A means of providing information to community and voluntary groups on funding, training opportunities and other supports.. For election purposes to select representatives to Limerick County Community & Voluntary Forum.. Providing information on the range of community & voluntary activities available locally.. Download.. Registration form (21kb doc).. which can be emailed to.. infolccvf@gmail.. or post to Community and Volunatry etc..

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  • Title: Elected Representatives - Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum Web Site
    Descriptive info: »Elected Representatives.. Elected Representatives - 2008.. EXECUTIVE.. Chairperson: Pat Cummins, Rathkeale Area;.. Secretary: Donal Thurlow, Kilmallock Area;.. Treasurer: Edwina Frawley, Castleconnell Area;.. Vice Chairperson: Alice Mc Auliffe, Kilmallock Area;.. Caroline O'Callaghan, Adare Area, Donal Cooper, Newcastle Area, Jeremiah O'COnnnor, Newcastle West Area.. ADARE.. Ann Gill, Caroline  ...   Elizabeth Stanley, Roisin Hartigan, Patrick Coffey.. KILMALLOCK:.. Donal Thurlow, Charley Richardson, Sean Hanley, Seamus Ryan.. NEWCASTLE WEST.. ,.. Jeremiah O’Connor.. Denis McAuliffe.. , John O'Shea.. RATHKEALE.. Joe Whelan, Patrick Cummins.. Sectoral Interest Members.. Donal Cooper, Alice Mc Auliffe, Elizabeth Stanley, Marie Wright, David Mc Knight, Margaret Geary..

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  • Title: Forum Election - Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum Web Site
    Descriptive info: »Forum Election.. A new Limerick County Community Voluntary Forum was elected in May 2004.. Any community or voluntary group that is registered with the Forum can nominate a representative.. Election meetings were held in each Electoral Area in County Limerick to achieve a geographical spread.. Prior to the election meetings, public information meetings were held throughout the County.. In most cases, a vote could be avoided with representatives being elected through a consensus.. A further 15 representatives were nominated  ...   held every five years.. All members have to be re-elected.. If a situation arises where a member has to step down from their position, substitutes were appointed in the election.. The Forum also nominates an Executive Committee, which comprises of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, Assistant Secretary and a P.. R.. O.. These positions are filled each year at the Forum’s AGM.. Any one Forum member cannot fill the same position for any longer than three consecutive years..

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  • Title: News and Events - Limerick County Community and Voluntary Forum Web Site
    Descriptive info: News and Events.. News and Events.. Date.. Details.. 8th July'09.. Silencing Dissent - 7th July 09.. 3rd July'09.. Maintaining Farm Incomes – Information evening Tuesday 7th July.. 2nd July'09.. Community Foundation for Ireland - Small Grants Scheme.. Limerick City Community & Voluntary Fair Saturday September 5th 2009 12:00-17:00 City Hall.. 24th June'09.. Making More from Less - Limerick Managing your Resources in a Recession – 25th June 2009.. 18th June '09.. Working Sensitively with Refugees and Asylum Seekers who have experienced Sexual Violence.. 17th June '09.. GreenIT Summer Special Offer(pdf.. size 156kb).. 25th May '09.. Jobseeker? Thinking of setting up a business?(pdf size 309kb).. 11th May '09.. CWC Workshops – Community Work in Challenging times.. 22nd Apr '09.. West Limerick Area Councils to be Established.. Irish Rural Link – Annual Conference.. 25th Mar '09.. Redundancy (pdf document).. 24th Mar '09.. Mid Western Drugs Task Force Small Grants 2009-03-24 m(pdf.. document).. 10th Mar '09.. Heading European Anti-Poverty Network (Ireland) Participative Regional Workshops.. 13th Feb '09.. Older & Bolder – 24th February 2009(pdf document - size 535kb).. 12th Feb '09.. New Programme to invest €10 million into local community.. 11th Feb '09.. Civic Structures Conservation  ...   size 410kb).. 15th Jan '09.. RDP Programme to get under in West Limerick shortly(pdf.. doc).. Charities Bill - the amendments and the supports - Dublin, Friday 30 January 2009.. 12th Jan '09.. Rural Development Programme – Series of Information Session.. s.. New West Limerick Resources Website.. 16th December '08.. Charities Bill - End of Journey (word document-29kb).. 8th December '08.. The Community Foundation for Ireland's Small Grants Scheme (2009).. Ray Murphy Fund for leadership education and training 2009.. Influencing public policy (February 5, Dublin).. 26th November '08.. MAPPING EXERCISE OF COMMUNITY & VOLUNTARY GROUPS INVOLVED IN ENVIRONMENT FOCUSED ENTERPRISES(ms word doc - size 23kb).. 26th November '08 (Child Literacy and Social Inclusion ).. National Economic Social Forum - Child Literacy and Social Inclusion - call for Submission (pdf doc.. size 65kb).. National Economic Social Forum - Guidelines for making a submission(pdf doc size 40kb).. 8th November'08.. Free Life and Pensions Audit Facility for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Groups.. 29th September'08.. Communities urged to Dial to Stop Drug Dealing.. Suicide Awareness Presentation opportunity.. 5th September'08.. Limerick County Community Forum Strategic Plan 2008 - 2011 (doc.. format, size:211kb).. 10th May'08.. National Drugs Strategy 2009 – 2016..

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  • Title: News Letters
    Descriptive info: Newsletter for 1st Quarter of 2009(pdf doc.. size 134kb).. September News Letter.. Community and Voluntary Forum Newsletter - May 2008 (pdf format, size 969kb)..

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