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  • Title: One source for all your science teaching needs - Lennox Laboratory Supplies
    Descriptive info: .. Username.. Password.. (0) items.. Total: 0.. 00.. Primary School.. '>.. Living Things.. Energy and Forces.. Materials and their Properties.. Earth Space and the Environment.. Fun with Science.. Secondary School.. Biology.. Chemistry.. Physics.. Forensics and DNA.. Chemicals A - Z.. General.. Appliances.. Audio Visual and ICT.. Balances.. DVDs and Videos.. Electronic and Electrical Equipment.. Glass Plastics and Ceramics.. Health and Safety.. Laboratory Equipment.. Measurement.. Microscopes.. Posters.. Safety.. Storage.. Stationary.. Teaching Resources and Kits.. MSDS here:.. Select.. A-Amylase.. Indole-3-Acetic_Acid.. Acetaldehyde.. Acetic Acid Glacia.. Acetic Acid Glacial.. Acetone Gpr.. Acetone.. Albumen Gpr.. Aluminium Oxide.. Aluminium Powder Fine.. Aluminium Sulphate 16 Water.. Ammonia 0.. 88.. Ammonium Chloride.. Ammonium Hydrogen Phosphate.. Ammonium Iron (II) Sulphate.. Ammonium Metavanadate.. Ammonium Molybdate.. Ammonium Sulphate.. Anaerocult A Pk10.. Anaerocult C For Co2.. Ant Bumoing Granules.. Anti-Bumping Granules.. Barium Chloride 2 Water.. Benedicts Solution.. Benzoic Acid.. Biuret Reagent Working Solution.. Bromine Water.. Bromothymol Blue Ph Ind.. Buffer 9.. Buffer Ph 2.. Buffer Ph 4.. Buffer Ph 7.. Buffer Ph 9.. 2 Tablets.. Buffer Tablets Ph 4.. Buffer Teblets Ph 7.. Butan-1-Ol.. Butyraldehyde.. Calcium Carbide Gpr.. Calcium Carbonate Gpr.. Calcium Chloride 6 Water.. Calcium Granules.. Calcium Hydroxide Gpr.. Calcium Hypochlorite 70%.. Calcium Hypochlorite.. Calcium Metal Granular.. Calcium Nitrate.. Calcium Oxide Powder.. Calcium Sulphate 2 Water Gpr.. Ce110663 Msds.. Charcoal Avtivated.. Citric Acid Gpt.. Cobalt Chloride Gpr.. Copper (II) Sulphate Anhydrous.. Copper (II) Chloride 6 Water.. Copper (II) Sulphate 5 Water.. Copper Turnings.. Copper(11) Chloride 2 Water.. Crtsh6321612 Hydrochloric Acid 0  ...   Octane N.. Oxalic Acid Gpr.. Paraffin Wax.. Parrafin Liquid Light.. Pentane N.. Pepsin.. Pet.. Spirits 40-60.. Phenolphthalei Sol.. Phloroglucinol Gpr.. Potassium Bromide Gor.. Potassium Chloride Gpr.. Potassium Chromate Gpr.. Potassium Dichromate 2 Water #.. Potassium Hydroxide Gpr.. Potassium Iodide.. Potassium Iodtate Gpr.. Potassium Permanganate 0.. 1N Amp.. Potassium Permanganate Gpr.. Potassium Sodium Tartrate Gpr.. Potassium Thiocyanate Gpr.. Propan-1-Ol.. Propan-2-Ol.. Propionaldehyde.. Pyrogallol Gpr.. Silica Gel Gpr.. Silver Nitrate Gpr.. Skim Milk Powder.. Soda Lime.. Sodium Acetate 3 Water Gpr.. Sodium Alginate Gpr.. Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous.. Sodium Chloride Gpr.. Sodium Dichromate 2 Water.. Sodium Dichromate.. Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate.. Sodium Hydroxide 0.. 5N.. Sodium Hydroxide Gpr.. Sodium Hydroxide Pearl.. Sodium Hypochlorite.. Sodium Metabisulphite.. Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous Gpr.. Sodium Thiosulphate 5 Water Gpr.. Starch Soluble Gpr.. Strontium Chloride 6 Water.. Styrene.. Sucrose Gpr.. Sudan 111.. Sulphur Flowers.. Sulphur Gpr.. Sulphuric Acid 1N.. Sulphuric Acid Gpr.. Thumbs.. Db.. Trypsin.. Urea.. Yeast Brewers.. Zinc Carbonate 3 Water.. Zinc Granular Gpr.. Zinc Powder Gpr.. The Spark from Pasco.. The All-In-One Science Learning System.. Laser Optics Demo Kit.. Kit for demonstrating the basics of geometrical optics.. Loading.. Coursework B Investigations 2012.. PASCO Probeware.. From PASCO come a wide range of probeware devices perfect for science lab learning.. Each device integrates the power of probeware with inquiry-based content and assessment.. home.. |.. about us.. register.. suppliers.. services.. msds coa.. contact us.. NB.. Images are for illustrative purposes and may not represent exact products on offer.. Ecommerce solutions.. from Lynx..

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  • Title: e-commerce shopping cart
    Descriptive info: shopping cart.. Please note all orders valued above 300 are carriage paid.. Carriage is charged extra at cost.. No items in basket.. Returning Customer? Then enter your email address:.. Please note: V.. A.. T.. will be shown at the next stage of ordering..

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  • Title: Lennox Laboratory Supplies - Education Supplies - About us
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Laboratory Supplies Ltd.. John F.. Kennedy Drive, Naas Road, Dublin 12.. Registered in Ireland, No.. 7217.. Welcome to LabSupplies.. ie.. The one source for educational solutions in Ireland.. Lennox an independent Irish company has been serving the science teaching community since 1923, distributing science and technology apparatus, science supplies and chemicals to the education market.. Lennox Chemicals was founded in 1923 by the coming together of four businessmen with a deep interest in the sciences, Robert Lennox, Charles Russell, Lionel Rosenthal and John Pride.. The company came to bear the name of Robert Lennox who served as Managing Director from 1923 until this death in 1936.. Originally located at Great Strand Street, Lennox moved to South Leinster Street in 1937 and on to John F.. Kennedy Estate just off the Naas Road in 1983.. The latter move was necessitated  ...   products and customer service at competitive prices.. The company has grown considerably since 1923.. A new showroom laboratory, sales office, trade counter, meeting rooms and reception were added in 1993.. These enable the technical sales staff to provide demonstrations of products to suit customer requirements.. Extensive stockholding and efficient purchasing mean that Lennox have the product range and volumes to supply laboratories of all sizes and disciplines.. 'Product excellence and consistent delivery of exceptional service quality are the cornerstones for managing our business, both are intrinsic to our goal of customer satisfaction.. We are committed to your success and the success of our employees, suppliers and shareholders'.. In an area of increasing specialisation, changing needs and advancing technology, Lennox has consolidated it's traditional product markets and offers technically sophisticated equipment for research and developement, quality control, process measurement and environmental monitoring..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: New from PASCO - The SPARK Science Learning System.. Designed from the ground up for 21st century science discovery.. SPARK Science Learning System is an all-in-one mobile device that seamlessly integrates the power of probeware with inquiry-based content and assessment.. With its large, full-color display, finger-touch navigation and completely intuitive data collection and analysis capabilities, SPARK completely redefines the concept of easy-to-use--so the focus remains on the learning of science.. SPARK is designed to become the center of  ...   scientific concepts.. The SPARK Science Learning System includes more than 60 free pre-installed SPARKlabs --standards-based guided inquiry labs in a unique electronic notebook format.. These SPARKlabs completely integrate background content, data collection and analysis, even assessment--all within the same environment.. Students no longer need to navigate to a separate file for instructions or even refer to paper manuals.. Everything you and your students need is right there in context.. Hitachi FX-Duo Interactive Whiteboard -.. Dual pen and touch operated!..

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  • Title: Lennox Laboratory Supplies - Education Supplies - Contact us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Lennox Laboratory Supplies Ltd.. Kennedy Drive,.. Naas Road,.. Dublin 12.. Ireland.. Tel.. +353 1 455 2201.. Fax.. +353 1 450 7906.. email:.. sales@lennox.. How to find us.. From North Dublin:.. Join the M50 Motorway.. Continue on the M50 Motorway southbound, over the Westlink Toll Bridge (Euro 1.. 80), to Exit No.. 9 (N7 - Naas Road Exit).. Heading towards the city centre you will see the Longmile/Naas Road junction, go straight through this and take the next left turn and immediately turn left again.. Follow the road around to the right and you will see Lennox on  ...   out of the city.. Heading out the Naas Road you will come to the Kylemore Road junction (Mc Donalds), turn right here and take the next left (pub on corner).. You will come to some shops take the next right after AIB and follow the road round to the right past the entrance to BOC Gases lennox will be on your left hand side.. From South Dublin:.. Continue on the M50 Motorway nortthbound until you reach Exit No.. Follow the road around to the right and you will see Lennox on the left-hand side of the road.. View Larger Map..

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  • Title: New Customer Account
    Descriptive info: {captcha}.. Customer Registration.. Please take time to fill in the form below.. Fields marked with an asterix are compulsory.. Customer Details.. First Name*.. Last Name*.. School Name*.. Address part 1*.. Address part 2.. Address part 3.. City/Town*.. County.. Carlow.. Cavan.. Clare.. Cork.. Donegal.. Dublin 1.. Dublin 2.. Dublin 3.. Dublin 4.. Dublin 5.. Dublin 6.. Dublin 6W.. Dublin 7.. Dublin 8.. Dublin 9.. Dublin 10.. Dublin 11.. Dublin 13.. Dublin 14..  ...   Dublin.. Galway.. Kerry.. Kildare.. Kilkenny.. Laois.. Leitrim.. Limerick.. Longford.. Louth.. Mayo.. Meath.. Monaghan.. Offaly.. Roscommon.. Sligo.. Tipperary.. Waterford.. Westmeath.. Wexford.. Wicklow.. E-Mail*.. Telephone*.. Delivery Address (if different).. First Name.. Last Name.. Company2.. Address 1.. Address 2.. Address 3.. City.. User Details.. Username*.. Password*.. Re-type*.. Miscellaneous.. How did you find us.. search engine.. print advert.. exhibition.. recommendation.. sales rep.. other.. Please enter the code to complete the registration.. Load New Code.. Register..

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  • Title: Primary School Supplies from Lennox Laboratory Supplies
    Descriptive info: Primary Science..

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  • Title: Living Things - Science Supplies from Lennox
    Descriptive info: Living Things.. Habitat and Environment.. Habitats.. Health and Growth.. Helping Plants Grow.. Keeping Healthy.. Life Cycles.. Micro Organisms.. Moving and Growing.. Ourselves.. Plants.. Teeth and Eating..

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  • Title: Energy and Forces - Science Supplies from Lennox
    Descriptive info: Energy and Forces.. Electricity.. Forces and Energy.. Forces and Movement.. Forces in Action.. How We see Things.. Light and Dark.. Magnetism.. Pushes and Pulls.. Sound and Hearing..

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  • Title: Materials and their Properties - Science Supplies from Lennox
    Descriptive info: Materials and their Properties.. Grouping and Sorting.. Groups and Changing.. Materials from the Earth.. Separating Materials..

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  • Title: Earth Space and the Environment
    Descriptive info: Earth Space and the Environment.. Earth Sun and Moon.. Environment.. Weather..

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