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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Serving The Local Community - Home Heating Oil Specialists
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Products.. Going Green.. Interest Free Payments.. Troubleshooting.. FAQ's.. Certification.. Photos.. Careers.. Privacy.. Contact.. Founded in 1971 by P.. J.. (Gussie) Lambe, Lambe's Oil has become the premier oil products distributor in the Irish Midlands.. We provide heating oil and kerosene, agri-diesel, commercial diesel, petrol and storage tanks.. Lambe's Oil.. uses the latest pump calibration testing technologies to ensure optimum quality throughout.. Regular servicing ensures our equipment from the pumps to the forecourt to our delivery vehicles are as error-free  ...   hard to ensure compliance with our obligations as a petroleum supplier, and strive to implement social responsibility initiatives that are led by company values and those of our customer base.. We believe that it s our responsibility to help build the momentum towards a tipping-point in the.. green fuels.. market.. Lambe's Oil, Tinnycross Road, Tullamore, Co.. Offaly.. Tel: 057 9321000.. Registered in Ireland: 174885.. Copyright 2008.. All rights reserved.. |.. Privacy Policy.. LoCall: 1890 526 237 | LoCall: 1890 LAMBES.. s..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Products
    Descriptive info: Home Heating Oil.. Our reputation for delivering top quality heating oil on time, at competitive prices, is second to none.. We've been doing it since 1971 and the thousands of customers who keep coming back to us can't be wrong.. Here are some reasons for choosing Lambe's Oil:.. Modern fleet of tankers to reach the most awkward of locations.. Payment options to suit your needs - credit card, cheque, direct debit, and more.. Friendly, polite staff and drivers.. Optional Planned Delivery Scheme - regular deliveries based on your previous usage record to help you avoid running out of heating oil.. High-capacity modern depot in Tullamore with easy access.. Storage solutions - ask us about new, competitively priced polyethelene or steel tanks which meet the latest environmental regulations.. Phone or email for a fuel oil price or to talk about our Budget Payment and Planned Delivery schemes.. Our guarantee to customer service means that every business receives personal attention to their specific needs and that every delivery is prompt and efficient.. Agri-Diesel.. Lambe's Oil was built on deliveries to farms and agriculturally-based businesses.. Today, serving the needs of agriculture is a huge part of our business.. Our farming roots mean we  ...   Bulk deliveries when and where you want them, and at short notice.. Top quality lubricants.. Road derv and fuel bunkering service network.. Full fuel usage report-back service.. Vehicle Fuels.. provides quality petrol and diesel for motor vehicles from its Tullamore depot for both commercial and private vehicles.. Commercial/Fleet fuels for business.. Private motoring.. Green Fuels.. A member of our Sales Team will happily meet with you to discuss opening an account with Lambe's Oil for your vehicle fleet.. is involved in the marketing and distribution of a wide range of lubricating oils and greases across all sectors including:.. Automotive.. Haulage/Heavy Good Vehicles.. Agricultural.. Industrial.. Marine.. Greases.. Our extensive range of products covers virtually every lubricant application for vehicles and machines.. We also act as agents for the large German company Fuchs-Silkolene which enables us to augment our own range of products with a very extensive and specialised German range which includes thousands of products based on extensive research development from Europe s largest Industrial Lubricants producer.. Tanks.. At.. , we supply oil and water storage tanks in all sizes for both domestic and commercial use.. We can even arrange installation.. Call now to arrange a no obligation site survey and quotation..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Going Green with Lambe's Oil
    Descriptive info: The.. Green Fuels Range.. currently consists of five green fuel products.. 1.. Wood Pellets.. - Convenient 10kg Bags.. 2.. Heat Logs.. 3.. CleanBurn.. 4.. Dipetane.. Fuel Treatment.. 5.. BioEthanol.. Using wood pellets is probably one of the oldest and most efficient methods of generating heat for cooking and warmth.. Wood pellets are a renewable and sustainable energy source.. They are made from high quality sawdust and wood shavings which are by-products from the wood processing industry.. They are made by the compression of sawdust and wood shavings.. No other binding or artificial agent is used.. This produces a pure product that is light, high in energy, and is convenient to use.. Wood pellets are very efficient for producing energy as they are very low in moisture and ash content.. Wood pellets are easy to store and can be bought in bulk or in bags.. They can be used as fuel for central heating and water boilers.. These systems are automatic and are as convenient and efficient as oil or gas boilers.. sells convenient and easy-to-carry 10kg bags of wood pellets at participating Lambe's Oil locations.. Advantages of Wood Pellets.. Environmentally friendly - 100% wood chips and sawdust.. CO2 Neutral.. Smokeless - the low moisture content ensures that the product doesn't smoke as it burns.. High heat output - approx 4.. 75Kcal.. Low ash content - the ash can be used as a fertiliser in your garden.. Clean to handle and won't take up as much space as conventional firewood.. back to top.. Using wood is probably one of the oldest and most efficient methods of generating heat for cooking and warmth.. Heat Logs are a renewable and sustainable energy source.. Heat Logs are very efficient for producing energy as they are very low in moisture and ash content.. The have the same benefits as wood pelletsand offer a more efficient way for space heating from an appliance or open fire.. They are simply used as a substitute to standard logs or firewood.. Advantages of Heat Logs.. Easy to light.. Suitable for a range of open and closed appliances.. Using a proprietary process, a fuel treatment called Dipetane is added and mixed with regular home heating oil to form the Clean Burn product.. The Dipetane blends with and becomes part of the Clean Burn product, taking part in the combustion process.. The Dipetane in Clean Burn is not an additive or detergent and does not leave residues in the combustion chamber of your boiler.. Clean Burn offers the following benefits:.. Burns Cleaner - more of the harmful carbons in the fuel are burnt off in the combustion process then with standard  ...   an additive or detergent, and does not leave any residues in your engine.. It offers the following benefits:.. Burns Cleaner - more of the harmful carbons in the fuel are burnt off in the combustion process than with standard petrol or diesel.. The benefit of this is that dipetane-treated fuels emit up to 25% less carbon into the atmosphere.. An additional benefit is that it produces up to 50% less smoke than standard fuel.. Regular use can help vehicles pass NCT and smoke emmisions testing.. Burns Longer - field tests have shown that Dipetane-treated fuel lasts up to 10% longer as it burns off more of the carbon in the fuel.. Normally the carbon that cannot be burnt is left as residue in your engine.. Using Dipetane reduces carbon deposits and should equate to lower servicing costs and increased engine lifespan.. Advantages of Dipetane:.. Reduces smoke and carbon emmisions.. Regular use can help vehicles pass NCT and smoke emmsion testing.. Reduces fuel consumption.. Economical - reduces carbon deposits in your engine increasing engine lifespan.. Enhances engine performance.. No vehicle modifications required, works in petrol and diesel engines.. Ethanol is an alcohol which can be manufactured from plant sources which are high in starch, such as sugarcane, corn, or wheat.. Making ethanol is a fairly simple process which basically involves the fermentation of carbohydrates and the distillation of the resulting alcohol.. The use of ethanol as a fuel has been around for many years.. Ethanol that is used as fuel is at least 97% pure.. Ethanol is primarily used in petrol engines, is simple to use, and can result in about 1/3 of the greenhouse emmisions compared to petrol.. Ethanol is typically used in a blend with petrol at either 5%, 10%, or 85% concentration.. It has a higher octane value than petrol and when used at concentrations greater than 10% there is a requirement to have the vehicles engine modified.. 85% ethanol (E85) can be used in flexifuel vehicles.. While E85 is currently at a limited number of retail stations in Ireland, the 5% blend (E5) is currently more widely available.. In fact, the current Irish specification allows for the addition of 5% Ethanaol in all petrol sold here.. Most vehicles do not require modification for E5, and most vehicle manufacturers warranties cover the use of E5.. Advantages of Ethanol:.. It can be used in unmodified engines (E5).. Higher octane level so it improves vehicle performance.. Using ethanol produces less air pollution and greenhouse gases.. Ethanol can be produced from renewable crops in Ireland.. Most car manufacturers stand over engines using E5.. Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) incentives exist for flexifuel vehicles..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan
    Descriptive info: Our Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan has been developed for.. Home Heating oil customers.. It allows you to pay monthly via Direct Debit, spreading the cost of paying for your home heating over the full twelve months.. Monthly Payment Plan.. Our Monthly Payment Plan runs from All year and can be set up at any time.. Your monthly payments will be spread equally to clear your account by the following May.. Commencement deposit.. Depending on the amount of your first order a deposit may be required on your first delivery only.. All future deliveries will be covered by our agreed monthly payments.. How much do you pay each month?.. We recommend a minimum payment of 100.. 00,  ...   your account.. If your monthly payment needs to be adjusted you will be advised in writing in advance of any proposed change.. Clearing Your Balance.. You can choose to pay the remainding balance of your order at any time with no hidden charges.. Benefits of our Budget Plan Account.. No more large heating oil bills.. The cost of heating your home is spread throughout the year.. Saving money - saving time - cutting costs.. No need to write cheques.. All Monthly Payment Plan customers can avail of all our special seasonal heating oil promotions.. How can I join ?.. Simply call us on 057 9321000 any time during office hours and we will be glad to assist you..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Going Green with Lambe's Oil
    Descriptive info: What to do if your Boiler stops working.. If your burner stops working it may be helpful to check the following common causes:.. Is there adequate oil in the tank?.. Carefully remove the cap on top, peer inside and judge if you have enough oil.. Are the oil supply valves open?.. These could have been accidentally knocked off by animals or kids.. Is the electricity supply active?.. Check if you have power.. If you do, check your house's fusebox or tripswitch box to see if a certain circuit has been interrupted.. Is the boiler / heater thermostat at the correct temperature?.. If set too low, it may  ...   Usually a sinlge press of this (red) button is enough to restart your boiler.. If it trips out after a number of seconds, try once more.. After that, call Lambe's Oil for assistance or any other qualified boiler repair service person.. Check that the time clock registers the correct time.. Your clock may not have the correct time due to a power loss at some stage, or being accidentally knocked.. If the boiler still fails to operate as normal, call.. on 057 9321000.. We can provide the name of a recommended heating service engineer in your area or arrange a prompt delivery of home heating oil to you..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: How do I know how much oil I should order?.. What if I don't need as many litres as I have ordered?.. What size is my oil tank?.. Can I cancel or change my order?.. Boiler Trouble - Can you Bleed my Boiler?.. Can you make unattended deliveries?.. What is Derv?.. What is the difference between Kerosene and Gas Oil?.. My tank is a little way from the road.. Will you still be able to deliver?.. If you are unsure what quantity to order, we recommend that you suit your own budget and match the order quantity with the maximum value that you wish to spend.. will never deliver more than this maximum value and we will never overfill your tank.. We will simply reduce the order size and value of your bill for the quantity your tank holds.. [.. top of page.. ].. will not deliver more than the maximum quantity you have ordered and we will never overfill your tank.. If it turns out that your tank needed less than what you thought, you are simply charged on the quantity you received at the rate for that quantity.. Knowing the size of your oil tank and its capacity will make future orders much easier to make.. The average domestic tank capacity usually ranges between 1000 litres to 1350 litres.. Some larger domestic tanks have capacity of up to 2500 litres.. All recently manufactured oil tanks must state their approximate maximum capacity (in litres) on the Product Label, which is generally located on the front or side of the tank.. If you are still unsure of your  ...   VAT rate are higher than regular green diesel.. It is also known as 'gas oil'.. ].. Kerosene, also known as 28-second oil (or more commonly 'home heating oil'), is produced after the distillation process of crude oil.. Most domestic systems run on kerosene because it provides a cleaner and more efficient burn for your home.. Gas oil (red diesel), also known as 35-second oil, is more commonly used in agriculture and industry.. Gas oil is less combustible than kerosene and has more carbon atoms.. Providing we can gain access to the tank you don't need to be at home when we deliver.. All our deliveries are metered and you will receive a printed reading of the precise amount dispensed, so you know exactly how much home heating oil we have delivered.. These meters are regularly checked by Trading Standards.. Yes, you can cancel your order at any time prior to delivery, but please inform us as soon as possible.. Provided you notify us we will cancel your order and either refund your payment (if paid in advance) or credit your account.. Where the tank has already been filled and you want to return the product, there will be a charge for delivery and removal.. Most of.. 's tankers have a 200ft maximum hose, which can be pulled out to make the delivery.. This means we can even deliver if your tank is tucked away and seemingly hard to get to.. If the answer to your question is not here, please contact us at 057 9321000 or.. info@lambesoil.. ie.. and we will be happy to answer all of your questions..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Certification & Accreditation
    Descriptive info: Text will go here..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Photos
    Descriptive info: National Ploughing Championships 2007 at Annaharvey, Tullamore.. From our Tullamore Depot.. In the community..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Careers at Lambe's Oil
    Descriptive info: is the leading independent oil distributor to homes and businesses across the Midlands region.. Founded in 1971 near Tullamore in County Offaly the company has grown from agri-diesel and home heating products to include a new range of green energy and complete commercial fuel solutions.. has its headquarters on the Tinnycross Road in Tullamore, and is determined to provide an unrivalled local service to all customers.. The provision of outstanding  ...   fleet of oil delivery and sales vehicles on the road ready to meet its customers at anytime.. This guarantees the highest quality service to the most efficient and clean delivery method to your home, farm or business.. If you are thinking of joining a dynamic and outgoing company brimming with energy, then you can forward your curriculum vitae with references to:.. Rita Lambe,.. Lambe's Oil,.. Tinnycross Road,.. Tullamore,.. County Offaly..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Privacy Statement and Disclaimer
    Descriptive info: This page explains how.. uses any information you might give to us, and the ways in which we protect your privacy.. We are committed to protecting your privacy.. We will not share your information with others without your prior consent.. The Data Protection Act.. Under the Data Protection Act, we have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you.. We use leading technologies and encryption software to safeguard your data when submitted online, and keep strict security standards to prevent any unauthorised access to it.. We do not pass on your details to any third party or government department unless you give us permission, or we are legally permitted or required by law to do so.. What information do we collect?.. We sometimes collect several kinds of information from visitors to our website: feedback and registration details through emails and online forms, and site usage information through a stat counter which is used to help us improve the service we offer.. Feedback.. We welcome your feedback.. Please contact us.. Comments and questions?.. If you send us an email or letter asking for information, we may need to contact other bodies to find that information.. If your question is technical, we may need to pass it to our technology suppliers.. We do not pass on any of your personal information when dealing with your enquiry, unless you have given us permission to do so.. Once we have replied to you, we  ...   be used to identify an individual user.. You can set your browser not to accept cookies but if you do this you should note that some areas of the site may not work properly.. Log files via a Visitor/Stat Counter.. Log files allow us to record visitors' use of the site.. We analyse log file information from all our visitors, which we use to make changes to the layout of the site and to the information in it, based on the way that visitors move around it.. Log files do not contain any personal information and they are not used to identify any individual patterns of use of the site.. What happens when I click a link to another site?.. website contains links to other websites.. This privacy policy applies only to our site, so you should always be aware when you are moving to another site and read the privacy statement of any site that collects personal information.. Therefore,.. is under no responsibility for the content on sites linked to from this site.. If you feel that a site linked has been done in error, please let us know.. Changes to this privacy policy.. If this privacy policy changes in any way, we will place an updated version on this page.. Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we will share it with other parties..

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  • Title: Lambe's Oil :: Contact Lambe's Oil
    Descriptive info: Fax: 057 9324259.. Co.. Offaly,.. Ireland.. E-mail:.. www.. lambesoil.. tullamoreoil.. You can use the form below to contact us.. A member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.. Name:.. Email:.. Enter none@none.. com if n/a.. Phone:.. Your Query:.. Order Oil.. Other Products.. Sales or Accounts.. Green Fuels.. Other.. Comments:.. Security test:.. Click to identify.. Apple.. Cat.. Clock.. Dog.. Flower.. Fork.. Hammer.. Key.. Ship.. Tree.. All fields are required..

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