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  • Title: www.l5remote.ie -
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Overview.. Products.. L5 Remote.. Visible Green Charger.. Visible Green Cable.. iCarry for iPhone.. L5 Specs.. FAQ s.. Reviews.. Visible Green Cable For iPad/iPhone/iPod.. White Charge Sync Cable with Blue Visible G Visible charging current, Folding AC plug for portability, Safely and quickly cha.. Order Now.. Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote control.. All your remotes under one App, in the palm of your hand.. iCarry Listen Stand.. Handsfree +15dB Plug Play, Facetime stand, No power required, Landscape Portrait view.. Visible Green Smart Charger For iPhone/iPod/iPad.. Automatically SAVE standby power when not in use or fully charged Saves Power and Money.. The gadget everybody needs!.. Click here to order your very own, all in one,  ...   in use or fully charged.. Visible Green Smart Charger.. For iPhone/iPod/iPad.. Automatically SAVE standby power when not in use or fully charged.. Saves Power and Money.. Visible Green Smart Charger.. iCarry for iphone.. Listen & Stand.. Handsfree +15dB Plug & Play, Facetime stand, No power required, Landscape & Portrait view.. Make your own.. With the L5 Remote, you have the power of a whole coffee table full of remotes with the elegance and simplicity of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.. Use it to control your TV, cable box, DVD, DVR, etc.. Specs.. News.. Works With.. Contact.. Media Info.. Support.. L5 Info.. Terms of Use.. Privacy Policy.. L5 Remote App.. Copyright L5 Remote.. ie 2011 - Powered by Thenet.. ie..

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  • Title: Products - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: www.. l5remote.. ie.. L5 remote.. 5th July 2012 | admin |..

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  • Title: Visible Green Smart Charger For iPhone/iPod/iPad - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: In the U.. S.. , 12 percent of the nation s annual electricity consumption is from electricity that flows through internal and external power adapters, which is nearly 470 billion kWh per year.. The Dexim Visible Green Smart Charger and its automatic shut-off feature helps you reduce unnecessary standby power when your device is not in use up to 85% with their integrated green technology.. Simply plug the charger into a wall socket to save power without unplugging your devices.. iPhone battery level.. Visible current flowing speed.. 1% 65%.. Fast.. 65% 99%.. Slower.. 100%.. Off..  ...   through the cord.. The light flowing through the cord at a fast pace means your battery charging level is at up to 65 percent.. After 65 percent the light will flow at a slower speed, and once fully charged the light will shut off.. The Dexim Visible Green Charger will save you money, energy and our earth.. Automatically shut-off outlets when not in use and recovery power once boot up.. Visible the charging current.. Folding AC plug for Portability.. Specifications.. input: 100V-240V AC, 50-60Hz.. Output: 5V DC, 1A.. SKU# DCA245.. Subscribe For Updates.. Name:.. Email:..

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  • Title: Visible Green Cable For iPad/iPhone/iPod - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: White Charge Sync Cable with Blue Visible G.. Visible charging current,.. Folding AC plug for portability,.. Safely and quickly charge your Apple devices automatically,.. Automatically save standby power when not in use or fully charged,.. The cable uses low power consumption EL technology.. The dexim charge and sync cable is an efficient and stylish way to charge and sync your Apple mobile devices.. The unique glow color adds flair to  ...   EL technology which lowers power consumption and saves energy.. Visible Charging Current.. The glowing tells you your device is charging.. At full battery capacity, the glowing stops to let you know your device is ready for use.. Charge Sync.. Uses standard USB / Apple connector to charge and sync your Apple devices.. Rapid Charging.. Saves time by providing a full charge quickly and efficiently.. The length of USB cable: 80cm..

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  • Title: iCarry for iPhone - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: Unique facetime stand with power-free amplifier fro iPhone 4 4S.. listen stand.. Handsfree +15dB.. Plug Play.. Facetime stand.. No power required.. Landscape Portrait view..

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  • Title: FAQ’s - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: Version 3.. 1.. 0 fixes the iPad crash from version 3.. 0.. 3.. We apologize for this bug.. What are the new features in version 3.. 0?.. - skins for different graphic looks.. - ability to add future skin designs.. - color buttons and panels.. - more icons.. - floating text and icon labels.. - MACRO DRAWER, runs a macro displays relevant buttons.. - JUMP button, jumps from one remote to another.. - simplified button properties interface.. Visit our Forum.. The.. L5 Forum.. is the quickest and most complete resource for getting answers to your questions.. When does the L5 Remote update the firmware?.. It updates each time the app updates.. However, there is a bug that is causing the device to update each time you reboot your iPhone.. This does not hurt anything, but can be annoying if you reboot a lot.. We are working on a fix, and will release it soon.. Will the L5 Remote app work with OS4?.. Yes.. Can I transfer the remotes I designed to another iPhone?.. Version 2.. 0 of the app includes an import/export function for backups and transfers.. Is the L5 Remote compatible with the iPad?.. The L5 remote works with the iPad as well as all iPhone and iPod touch models.. We are working on a native iPad app.. My remote wont assign.. What do I do?.. First make sure you’re assigning from an IR remote.. The L5 Remote will not work with garage door openers, Bluetooth devices like Sony PS3, or RF remotes.. Once you’re sure it’s IR, move away from all sources of IR interference like sunlight, florescent lights, and especially the TV.. Point the original remote at the front of the L5 remote, about 6 away and press the button.. If it still doesn’t work, email us the brand and model and we’ll investigate.. The L5 Remote is designed to work with all major protocols, but with 300,000 IR devices it’s impossible to test them all.. 0 of the app contains an import feature so that codes that cannot be Assigned can be downloaded.. One way or another, we’ll make it work.. Where is the L5 Remote available?.. The L5 Remote is now shipping.. Order the.. on this site.. How long will it take to reach me?.. Orders received before 1pm GMT are shipped the same day.. Domestic orders are sent by First Class Mail, and reach most parts of Ireland in 2-3 days.. International orders are shipped to arrive in 2-5 business days.. You will receive an order confirmation and tracking number when your product is shipped.. What if I don’t have a credit card?.. Right now, L5 is set up to take orders online with major credit cards.. If you wish to use Paypal or other forms of payment, you can buy online from our resellers.. Please look at the forum for the current list.. What can I do to help L5?.. If you like the product, please write a 5-star review on iTunes, Amazon, and the other retail sites.. What is the L5 remote?.. The L5 remote is an accessory and app that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a.. universal remote control.. You can use it to control your TV, cable, DVD, DVR, and most home entertainment and home automation devices.. How do I set up the L5 remote? Is it easy?.. The L5 remote is very easy to set up.. First you ‘design’ the remote you want by dragging and dropping the buttons, sizing them, and naming them.. Then you ‘assign’ the buttons by touching the button  ...   Does the L5 remote support macros so I can press one button to activate a sequence of commands?.. Yes, and it’s simple to do.. Will the L5 remote open my garage door or interfere with my cell phone?.. No.. Garage door openers and cell phones use radio waves, which do not interact with the infrared used in home entertainment and other IR devices.. How many devices can I control using the L5 remote?.. The L5 remote can hold up to 100,000 buttons, and index 1000 remotes.. Can I use the L5 remote in more than one room?.. The app allows you to set up multiple remotes, in several rooms, or grouped however you want.. Which version of the iPhone OS do I need?.. The L5 remote requires OS 3.. 0 or later.. You can update your OS from iTunes on your computer.. Does the L5 remote only work with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad?.. No other platforms are currently supported.. What is the range for the L5 remote?.. The L5 remote has a range of about 30 feet in use, and about 1 foot when transferring signals from your old remote to the L5 remote.. Who is most likely to want/use/need the L5 remote?.. The L5 remote is perfect for iPhone or iPod touch users who want to extend the elegance and simplicity of their iPhone to replace several cluttered and confusing remotes.. How much does the L5 remote cost?.. €59.. 99 Manufacturer’s suggested retail price.. Prices may vary.. Can I try it before I buy it?.. You can try the app, and add the accessory when you’re ready.. Download the.. L5 Remote app.. free from the App Store, and design the remotes you want.. The accessory is required to transfer the signals from your old remote to the L5 remote, and to control your home entertainment devices.. Will the accessory work without the app?.. The accessory does nothing without the app.. for FREE on iTunes.. Can I use the L5 remote in my country?.. The L5 remote will work worldwide, and has been tested and certified to comply with international regulatory standards.. What is the warranty?.. The L5 remote comes with a 1 year limited warranty.. We stand behind the quality of our products.. See the Support section for Warranty and Service details.. Is the L5 remote authorized by Apple?.. While the L5 remote has been designed specifically for Apple products, and it has been certified to meet Apple’s performance standards, Apple is not responsible for its operation.. Is L5 going to release an API so I can write an app for the L5 hardware?.. Check the Developer’s Lair in the L5 Forum to download the API.. It allows iPhone developers to create apps that control the L5 Remote accessory.. Is there any danger in pointing the device at pets or children?.. Infrared devices, including the L5 remote, uses light that is invisible to humans and pets.. Will the accessory drain the iPhone batteries?.. Each code transmission uses a tiny bit of power for a half second.. Under normal use, it would take the accessory 2 months to drain the battery.. However, the display backlight will use the same power as any other app.. Can a user take control of a TV in a public place such as a bar or restaurant?.. Actually, you could always use a universal remote control to take control of someone else’s TV.. The difference is that most people don’t carry a universal remote with them… unless it’s also their iPhone.. Please act responsibly.. 15th March 2011 | admin |..

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  • Title: reviews - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: reviews.. Terageek.. Warning.. : substr() expects parameter 3 to be long, string given in.. /home/lremotei/public_html/wp-content/themes/l5remote/includes/custom-functions.. php.. on line.. 10.. Posted: 18th March 2011 | by: admin | in:.. Sea Monkey.. iLounge.. Vinko.. Posted: 17th March 2011 | by: admin | in:.. L5 Remote Debuts at CES 2010.. Posted: 16th March 2011 | by: admin | in:.. CES interview with L5 CEO Wade McNary.. View Older Entries..

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  • Title: Order Now - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: L5 Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.. €39.. 99.. Remember the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad fanatics in your life.. The L5 Remote makes a perfect holiday gift..

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  • Title: Reviews - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: SeaMonkey.. TeraGeek.. Buy the.. L5 Universal Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.. today.. 16th March 2011 | admin |..

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  • Title: News - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: L5 Remote Fact Sheet.. CES Interview with L5 CEO Wadey McNarry.. iPhone Universal Remote Helps Sports-Obsessed Fans Take Control..

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  • Title: Works With - www.l5remote.ie
    Descriptive info: Made for:.. iPod Touch.. (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations).. iPhone 4.. iPhone 3Gs.. iPhone 3G.. iPhone.. Made for.. iPad..

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