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  • Title: Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About.. Gallery.. Blog.. Contact.. Mad Pride Ireland.. Mad Pride Ireland is an Irish mental health group that fights for the rights of the mad community and promotes the normality of madness.. Mad Pride Ireland welcomes you to our website.. We hope you will come to realise how perfectly normal it is to be mad.. Heres a video of the Mad Pride Ireland Family Fun Day in Ballydehob 2012.. Just press play ;).. Learn more.. Welcome.. Heres a video of the Mad Pride Ireland Family Fun Day held in Tullamore 2010.. Heres a video of the Mad Pride Ireland Family Fun Day.. Make a Donation.. Every little helps as they say.. Spare some bob for the good cause!.. Get.. Involved.. Join us in campaigning for equal human rights for the mad community.. Sign the Petition.. Decriminalising Human Emotions’ End FORCE in Irish mental health.. Hope from Copenhagen At A Recent Fundamental Rights Agency Conference.. By.. admin.. on.. June 11, 2012.. in.. Mental Health.. Follow madprideireland.. I am just back from three days in Copenhagen, where I attended a recent Fundamental Rights Agency conference on the rights of people with disabilities and mental health problems.. The conference is designed to help the EU formulate policy that will help member states fully adopt the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD).. Attendance at the conference was made up of civil society groups, user movements and public servants from member states as well as European bodies including the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the UN High Commission on Human Rights.. Many topics were discussed but I was there with a particular interest in [.. ].. Read full story.. ·.. Comments { 2 }.. Mental Health: The Semantics of Pain.. June 8, 2012.. Ciaran Houricane s article succinctly sums up the problems we are having in the debate on Mental Health.. He addresses the complexity of human behaviours and reactions to everyday stresses and the need to  ...   was a great success with over 1,500 people enjoying the free music, fun and sun, an increase on last year’s numbers.. The event was organised by Mad Pride Ireland with the support of the West Cork Mental Health Forum and the HSE.. Friends of Mad Pride Ireland the West Cork Mental Health Forum and the HSE organised a balloon release in memory of the late John Mc Carthy the founder of Mad Pride Ireland who passed away recently following a battle with Motor Neuron Disease.. David Mc Carthy, John’s son and CEO of Mad Pride Ireland [.. John Spillane Heads The Bill At Mad Pride Family Fun Day In Ballydehob Sunday May 27th.. May 23, 2012.. Mad Pride Ireland today announced that John Spillane will headline their Free Family Fun Day event in Ballydehob on Sunday May 27th next.. John Spillane has previously played at the groups events in Cork and Killarney in 2010, organisers are hoping the popular Corkman will attract a large crowd to the fully free event.. This year’s event also sees greater participation from the community with involvement of music, youth and sports groups, an initiative to encourage more participation from the wider community in dealing with the battle against stigma in mental health.. This is the second annual event in Ballydehob and has been co-organised between Mad Pride Ireland and the [.. 1.. 2.. 6.. Next.. Subscribe / Connect.. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates.. Recent Tweets.. Follow.. @madprideireland.. on Twitter.. About Us.. This is so much more about human rights than stigma; people who live with the normality of madness are second class citizens because of the present legal system in Ireland.. The mad community can be locked up without trial forced treated and forced medicated.. Read more.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. David on.. Rory on.. Good Karma, Posh Academics and the Promise to Let You Read my First Chapter writeme?.. on.. 2012 Mad Pride Ireland.. All Rights Reserved.. Designed By..

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  • Title: About | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: No branch of medicine should demand the protection of mental health acts in order to force treat its patients.. The common law is to protect both doctor and patient, we the mad community demand the protection of the common law just like any other citizen, none of this is rocket science.. This is about law not policy.. We hear so much about introducing policy re stigma, about adjusting the law but allowing abuse continue.. We the mad community demand equality, simple! As women, gay and black communities had to fight for that right so will we! Hence, Mad Pride Ireland Family Fun Days.. No protests, no leaflets, no information stands, simply fun for all the family.. We will engage with difference as a normality, celebrate that difference in a space that gives dignity to difference, by not addressing it at all, simply allowing it to be (just that different).. A space which allows us all to embrace each other in peace with love through laughter.. We give you music, poetry, art, beauty yet we are stigmatized unto death.. We need society to wake up to its responsibility towards us by taking pride in  ...   health is to engage the community through active participation in a fun environment.. We do that by hosting family events that are inclusive, fun and suitable for children, teenagers, adults and families.. These events do not bombard people with pamphlets extolling the virtues of one approach over another.. Rather they show the world that madness is an everyday occurrence that affects us all and can be dealt with openly, lovingly and without fear.. Have we opened the national debate on mental health? We sure have.. We are deadly serious in our intent, while so open in our content, we are good at what we do!!.. What does a Mad Pride Ireland event consist of?.. We host events with diverse programmes that are tailored to suit the local community.. Every Mad Pride event has a good deal of silliness, ridiculousness, colour and fun as well as: Clown normality testing (clowns patrol the entrances with rubber chicken normality detectors checking people for signs of normality.. Those showing symptoms are not allowed in, as there is no such thing as normal everyone gets in).. Live music.. Street theatre shows.. Family games.. Children’s activities.. Food and craft market..

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  • Title: Gallery | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: Family Fun Days.. Mad Pride Press.. Mad Pride Performers.. Mad Pride Musicians.. Normality Testing Clowns.. Mad Pride Kids Activities..

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  • Title: Blog | Mad Pride Ireland
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  • Title: Contact | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: For further information regarding Mad Pride Ireland , for answers to your initial questions, or to discuss any issues you may have please use the form below.. Name.. Email.. Message.. Send a copy of this email to yourself.. If you want to submit this form, do not enter anything in this field.. Contact Emails.. David McCarthy.. Email:.. david@madprideireland.. ie.. Tel: (086) 662 0448.. If you want to volunteer, participate or are looking for programme details please contact:.. Moray Bresnihan.. moray@madprideireland.. Roseanne Kidney.. roseanne@madprideireland..

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  • Title: Notes From A Fundamental Rights Agency Conference | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: Many topics were discussed but I was there with a particular interest in the discussions on ‘Involuntary treatment and incarceration’ and ‘Capacity Legislation’, this is because here in Ireland we have two very important pieces of legislation being discussed in the Oireachtas right now; the proposed Capacity Legislation and the review of the Mental Health Act 2001.. Both these pieces of legislation have the potential to seriously impact on the lives of the mad community and so it is very important we make as positive influence on them as possible.. It was interesting to listen to contributions from people and groups in different jurisdictions and to hear how they have tackled similar problems as we have and to see some of the innovative approaches they have adopted.. It was also interesting, and hugely frustrating, to hear the bureaucrats present talking about issues with the implementation of policy because of the current financial crisis.. The representative from the UN High Commission pointed out that EU directives on ‘non-discrimination’ were currently being blocked at the European Council by a number of member states, Germany in particular who argue that these directives should be implemented at state not EU level.. However, he pointed out that in reality they are more concerned with the restrictions these ‘non-discrimination’ directives would place on how they get to spend structural funds.. So essentially states want the ability to continue spending structural funds on institutional care and do not want to be forced into the paradigm shift toward community based care (even if this shift is being touted by them, including the Irish government, as their stated policy).. Professor Gerard Quinn of NUIG has written a paper outlining how states are breaching the UNCRPD if they continue to fund and develop institutional based care systems.. So as usual politics is letting us down, we are being told policy is shifting toward a progressive system of community care and away from regressive institutional care and the reality is states are taking EU structural funds and pumping them into the old and outdated methods.. We need to be vigilant on this and not allow it where we find it happening.. The first working group I was involved in discussed involuntary treatment and incarceration.. Now in Ireland it is possible to lose your liberty and bodily integrity on the opinion of your treating psychiatrist, if we are to fully adopt the UNCRPD this will have to end, and will only end if we radically reform, or in my opinion abolish mental health laws.. Mental health laws, while they may have been intended to be an instrument for positive discrimination have in fact had a negative impact on the lives of the mad community and have allowed the state to breach their human rights.. I will take one point of discussion that I feel highlights the basic human problem we all have with dealing with this area of policy.. A user from Norway presented her case to the group and discussed an idea being looked at to abolish mental health law, in particular the legislation that allows for involuntary treatment or incarceration based on the belief an individual poses a danger to himself or others.. The idea was simple, introduce instead a Danger Law, this law would apply to all the community equally, so it that sense it is non discriminatory.. Our group began to discuss this idea with interesting results.. One contributor said he would fear that a Danger Law could mean that if he had an altercation with a neighbour which led to a complaint he  ...   Decision Making’ and how best to structure it.. My fear is that unless we at all times keep the individual at the core of all discussions on treatment and care, and unless we enshrine in legislation that the individual is at all times the final arbiter in any and all decisions and discussions we will not have ‘Supported’ but ‘Substitute Decision Making’ which will again not only breach human rights but will not comply with the UNCRPD.. So what is the roadblock to keeping the individual at the core of decision making in their own lives? It is simple, it is psychiatry.. For a truly human rights based system of ‘Supported Decision Making’ to exist psychiatry will have to relinquish the control it now has over the lives of its patients, the control of their bodily integrity and freedom of movement.. Society too needs to shift, we need to become comfortable with allowing people make decisions that in some cases may be harmful to them or contrary to what we feel is their ‘best interests’.. Psychiatry, the government and civil society need to put in place the supports to facilitate people’s choices no matter what they may be.. Psychiatry too has more work to do, they need to give up their arrogant belief that they are the only authority in the area of emotional distress.. If we are to have effective multi-disciplinary teams then all voices need equality and the leadership of the teams need to be opened to any of the constituent disciplines, while remembering individual at all times it at the core and has the final word.. A system that is working in this way exists in Sweden were users have an individual Ombudsman who works directly with them to help them make and implement decisions, not matter what they are.. This system too has flaws but its user centred approach is at least a step forward.. So what can I take from my trip? Firstly it’s obvious that psychiatry, and in particular its arrogant approach to control, is a global problem that needs to be immediately addressed.. Mental Health Laws are contrary to the UNCRPD because they are by their nature discriminatory and contravene Articles 12-14 16 of the UNCRPD which deal with the treatment of users on an equal basis, liberty and security of the person and integrity of the person respectively.. That any discussion on ‘Capacity Legislation’ and subsequent supports in decision making need to have enshrined in legislation that the individual at all times remains the final arbiter in their lives.. My final thoughts are addressed to policy makers, instead of at all times trying to predict the consequences of decisions and legislating for them why not switch your focus and implement the changes and then react to the consequences as they arise, because we must remember that while we prevaricate people continue to suffer and die.. About admin.. View all posts by admin.. Subscribe.. Related Posts:.. Kila Return To Headline This Year’s Mad Pride Family Fun Day In Cork Sunday June 3rd.. human rights.. ,.. mad pride.. mental health.. mental health campaign.. 2 Responses to.. Rory.. June 11, 2012 at 8:44 pm.. #.. Great post dave, you make a strong case.. Reply.. David.. June 27, 2012 at 8:05 am.. Thanks Rory, we will have our submission on the review of the Mental Health Act shortly have a look when it goes online!.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name.. (required).. Email (will not be published).. Website.. Prove you're human and not some bot.. 8 = 16.. Comment..

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  • Title: admin | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: Author Archive | admin..

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  • Title: Mental Health | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: Archive | Mental Health.. RSS feed for this section.. Emotional Distress Is Not A Disease.. February 7, 2012.. 2012 is the most important year in Irish mental health.. As I write this there are well intentioned and well meaning people preparing for a meeting at the Amnesty Ireland HQ.. The meeting is made up of the voluntary bodies who lobby for those with intellectual disabilities, brain acquired injury, Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as mental health.. Mad Pride Ireland has and is part of this conversation, a conversation hoping to influence the governments proposed ‘Capacity’ legislation.. 2012 is a very important year, Kathleen Lynch TD, our straight talking and good  ...   lord how I love my family, my first thought.. Yet writing that line has brought tears to the surface of my eyes.. Isn’t nature a wonderful gift, when you know, learn, and you allow yourself to be open to its lessons? Tears are to cleanse the spirit, tears of love, sorrow, though such tears are salty; encourage the growth of peace in your spirit, when you lose a loved one.. If, a big if, you let them flow externally, from cheek to lip, while being held in friends’ and family’s caring arms.. They cure grief.. Tears that we conceal; that flow internally, behind your eyes into your spirit, that [.. 3..

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  • Title: Mental Health: The Semantics Of Pain | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: The website Irish Central recently reported that suicide could claim up to one-thousand lives in 2012 (almost three a day) and that Gardaí throughout the country have been keeping a close watch on many suicide hot spots such as river quays and cliffs in the hope of thwarting further attempts.. However, in what has come to be known as a very contentious topic there is much debate around the efforts to reach a huge variety of people suffering from vastly different experiences of turmoil.. Some has criticized phrases such as ‘Mental Health’ or ‘Mental Illness’ as labels that once applied to people tend to stay with them for a long time afterwards.. There is also the fear that old stereotypes or stigmas attached to ‘being mental’ would prevent people in need of such support from asking for help.. ‘Mental Health’ is also a blanket term for distress and even though there is the allusion to something clinical that is not always the case.. Psychologist and GP, Terry Lynch writes in his acclaimed book Beyond Prozac: Healing Mental Suffering without Drugs, that the medication (and often over-medication) of individuals reporting with symptoms of depression does little to resolve the long-term causes of such conditions.. Instead he suggests that this only treats symptoms.. Although in many instances people live full and rewarding lives with the use of medication this is not always the case, again reflecting the subjectivity of the problem.. Yet another aspect contributing to this is that doctors on the front lines of such scenarios are often faced with the dilemma of allowing potentially suicidal patients leave their surgery’s untreated—medicated or otherwise—given the limited resources available to them.. Lynch argues that although anti-depressants and other sedatives assist people in the short-term, their producer’s claims that they serve to correct chemical imbalances are patently untrue.. Added to this much of the research into particular brands of theses drugs is funded by the very companies that produce them leading to questions over the validity of the results.. Psychologists however suggest that the solution can often be talking with a trained professional and exploring the root of one’s feelings in the hope of resolving and or learning to live with their issues in a more constructive way.. In this regard it is understandable why people would not wish to explore themselves on a deeper level as the process can often be quite painful.. This method is also slow and can at times lead to the feeling that nothing is being achieved, which is directly antithetical to the use of medication where results can be  ...   that often times general emotional upset (although nonetheless challenging) has come to be categorized as a condition.. Developing this Dr Lynch calls for the need to humanize much of science’s fact based investigations of deeply complex and highly subjective issues.. Psychologist Sue Gerhardt develops this further in her book The Selfish Society where she proposes the notion that our essential emotional states are often excluded from the realms of politics and business that form much of our society given that the psychology movement (still a relatively young science) occurred long after the Industrial Revolution took place.. There is still a seemingly single minded effort to put organic and complex realities into neat and organised little boxes in the same manner that phrases such as ‘Human Resources’ and ‘Mental Health’ fail dramatically to account for what they denote.. If you, or someone you know is suffering from anything like suicidal thinking, depression, alcohol and/or drug abuse there is plenty of help currently available.. The Samaritans: 1850 60 9090 (24 hours a day).. Alcoholics Anonymous Cork Phone Service: 021-4500481.. Narcotics Anonymous Southern Area 087 1386120 (7-9pm Weekly).. Suicide Aware 083 3983500 or 087 7998602.. 1 life 1800 247 100.. Aware 1890 303 302.. Notalone.. The Counselling Directory.. Hope from Copenhagen At A Recent Fundamental Rights Agency Conference.. Stan.. June 11, 2012 at 3:49 pm.. Interesting and articulate article.. I would add, however, as I always do, that one of the issues here in Ireland regarding anything related to (and as Ciaran says, that can be many things) to mental health is that it is not discussed with young people enough.. I know that argument is made for adults, frequently and thank goodness that is changing but it is getting beyond the barrier as early as possible that will, I n my opinion, that will reap huge long term benefits.. Certainly when I was diagnosed with depression at 40 I had no idea of my options; something that would never have been true if it had been cancer or many other diseases.. This, I m convinced, was due to the enormous silence that prevailed during my youth.. It is the youth of toady that will be, in the main, the depressed, suicidal and sadly suicide statistics in the future.. Let us enlighten them in order that the darkness not descend.. Trackbacks/Pingbacks.. -.. [.. ] entitled Mental Health: The Semantics of Pain has also attracted the attention of the good folks at Mad Pride Ireland who I ve only just noticed have published it too.. Added to this my course in Revolutionary [.. 3 = 9..

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  • Title: Psychiatric Power By Dr.Pat Bracken | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: Here is an.. article written by a friend of Mad Pride Ireland.. Dr.. Mental Health: The Semantics of Pain.. No comments yet.. 3 = 8..

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  • Title: Family Fun Day In Ballydehob Was A Great Success | Mad Pride Ireland
    Descriptive info: David Mc Carthy, John’s son and CEO of Mad Pride Ireland said;.. It was a lovely thought, this is the first event we have had since dad passed on and it was nice of the guys here in West Cork to mark him like this.. We are delighted to be back in West Cork again, and delighted that the crowds turned up again.. The whole point of what we do is to bring people together and it was a testament to us that two of the local mental health groups came to us today to thank us for building relationships across West Cork that may not have arisen if we didn’t bring the Fun Day, so that pleases us and we are already looking forward to and planning next year’s event.. Crowds were treated to music from John Spillane, Luke Cosgrave and the Dizzy Blues Band as well as local group The Cladagh Rogues and community drumming group The Clon Drummers.. There were also performances from the  ...   As always our event is free and we have a great line up this year with Lyre Dyce, Luke Cosgrave, The Dizzy Blues, John Spillane and of course Kila who are back for the second year.. We also have a lot more community involvement this year with seven acts performing on our community stage, so it is set to be a great day out.. The markets, clowns and performers are all back as well so we hope to see ye all there again.. The focus of Mad Pride Family Fun Days is to engage the community through fun and laughter and thereby break down stigma and increase awareness and understanding of the normality of madness.. Visitors at this fully free event will be entertained by musical acts, street performers, clowns and food stalls.. Since the first event in Cork, in 2008over 62,500 people have enjoyed the free Fun Days in Cork, Portlaoise, Killarney, Tullamore and even Mbula Uganda.. events.. family fun days.. Pat Bracken.. 1 = 10..

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