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  • Title: mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: .. Career.. Contact Us.. Support.. Subscribe.. 012309000.. Become a Fan.. @yourName.. Home.. About Us.. Services.. Tax.. Individual Tax Planning.. Corporate Tax Planning.. Accountancy.. Contractors.. Financial Services.. Wealth Creation.. Retirement.. Investment.. Wealth Protection.. Savings.. Family Protection.. Mortgage Protection.. Income Protection.. Mortgages.. Product Pilots Loss License.. Our People.. contact us.. Partners.. Monthly News.. Monthly Newsletter May.. Monthly Newsletter April.. Radio Interview with Liam McNamara Thursday 10th May.. Keep your income healthy.. June Newsletter.. We provide a full Tax Compliance and Advisory Service.. We focus particular emphasis on Tax Planning.. Read More.. This services provides a Turnkey solution to contractor/agency workers at all skill levels through compliant structures taking account of all compliance issues  ...   Bank as “Authorized Advisors” and provides advice, planning and solutions using a holistic approach to the clients financial affairs.. Tax.. Consultants Dublin.. |.. Our Services.. Authorisation.. Contact Us.. Financial Advice and.. ation Articles.. Sitemap.. Liam McNamara Associates Limited t/a MCN Associates, t/a MCN Financial Services, t/a MCN Mortgages t/a Personal Economy, t/a Lazymoney, t/a Income Protection Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.. Registered in the Republic of Ireland, No 444835 Registered Office: 51A 51B Dawson Street,.. Dublin 2 (.. Statement of Authorised Status.. ).. T:.. +353 1 230 9000.. F:.. +353 1 230 9001.. E:.. info@mcnassociates.. ie.. Liam MCN Associates Ltd 2012.. All rights reserved.. Disclaimer.. MCN Associates..

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  • Title: Career | mcnassociates
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  • Title: Contact Us | mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: Name.. *.. Email.. Phone.. Subject.. Message.. ,.. 51a/51b Dawson Street,.. Dublin 2,.. Ireland.. Tel:.. Fax:.. +353 1 230 9001.. Email:.. ie.. View Larger Map..

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  • Title: Support | mcnassociates
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  • Title: Blog | mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: Blog.. Income Protection: Income protection for a stay at home parent As is the case of income protection in many families throughout the country, one parent will stay at home to look after the house and children while the other becomes the main income p.. Continue.. Plan to build wealth.. Plan to build wealth and provide for your future.. By Johnny McNamara, Director, MCN Associates In order to build wealth it is vitally important that you put plans in place that will provide for your future needs both in the short term and in retireme.. Managing Your Wealth.. Managing your wealth in the face of uncertainty By Johnny McNamara, Director MCN Associates Over the past 12 months I have had many people contact me wondering how they should manage their wealth given the uncertain future of the Euro.. Most of the.. Protecting your Pilots Income.. Protecting your Pilots Income Protecting your pilots income.. have you ever thought about what would happen if you were unable to fly due to an illness or injury? Would you be able to pay your mortgage and other household bills? Would you be able to.. Pension Funds.. We are all aware of the need for Pension Funds We are  ...   age and the earlier we do it, the more chance we have of gaining a lot more than we.. Redundancy.. redundancy www.. personaleconomy.. ie Redundancy is the Biggest threat to many people today Redundacy is the biggest threat to many people today.. The current downturn in the global economy has created an environment of ever increasing level of threats to.. Your Personal Economy.. Taking Back Control of your Personal Economy Your Personal Economy – You can Plan it! You can Control it! You can Understand it! Whether it is the risk of redundancy right through to the tightening or credit lines there is no doubt times are tough.. Family Business Succession Planning.. Family Business Succession Planning family business Most business owners are too busy driving sales and developing business opportunities to take the time to look at the long term plans for their business succession planning.. There are however key qu.. Pension Funding Dilemma:.. Pension Funding Dilemma: There have been a number of changes in pension funding legislation in the last year that will affect the retirement planning of high net worth individuals going forward.. It is therefore important to know how you are affected.. Next Page.. Contact Us a For Free Financial Review..

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  • Title: MCN Associates is a Provider of Accountancy, Taxation and Financial Services to Personal and Corporate Clients | mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: MCN Associates is a Provider of Accountancy, Taxation and Financial Services to Personal and Corporate Clients.. MCN Associates was founded in 1990 by Liam McNamara who has over 30 years experience in all aspects of developing and running businesses and in providing personal and corporate Tax and Financial advice to clients based throughout the world.. The business has qualified and competent expert partners in all areas in which service is provided.. Our Mission Statement is.. To be as relevant as possible to our clients in their personal and corporate development in a cost effective and supportive manner.. In today s world everybody seems to be so busy that they find difficulty in taking time to deal with and plan their financial affairs.. Our services are focused on supporting you in all the relevant  ...   help maximize your profitability.. In providing out Tax services our objective is not just to look after your compliance accurately and efficiently but to use our expertise to help maximize your tax efficiency through creative tax planning.. In providing our Financial Services our objective is to provide you with totally independent and Best Advice in line with our regulatory obligations as Authorized Advisors and to help maximize your wealth through sound financial planning and help you to do this in all economic environments.. In providing our Mortgage Intermediary services our objective is not just to shop the market and negotiate the best mortgage for you but first to examine your overall financial situation and establish your objectives.. Engage with us and see how we can add value to you personally and/or your business.. click..

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  • Title: Tax Services | mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: Tax Services..

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  • Title: Tax individual | mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: Tax individual.. Individual Tax Consultant.. Tax Planning is under your control!.. PAYE Workers:.. There are millions of Euros worth of unclaimed relief sitting with Revenue at this point in time.. Is some of this money yours?.. Are your tax credits correct?.. Are you claiming for all of your allowances?.. Self Assessed Individuals:.. Tax savings can be achieved through good tax planning and implementation.. Are you availing of all  ...   to date and compliant?.. Are you incurring interest penalties and surcharges?.. Tax planning is a key tool in controlling your Personal Economy.. Our aim is to ensure that each individual is as tax efficient as possible and are maximising on all tax reliefs and opportunities available to them.. If you feel you need advice in this area please call today and we will help.. Name:.. Email:.. Telephone:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Tax Consultancy Ireland | mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: Corporate Tax Consultants.. Structure your company to maximise your Wealth and Tax Efficiency!.. Tax Consultancy Ireland.. Are you a Proprietary Director of your own company and if so are you maximising the tax efficiency of your position?.. Is all of your wealth being created within your company structure?.. Have you made plans for the extraction of this wealth in the most tax efficient manner?.. Are you aware of and entitled to retirement reliefs available?.. Many people are too busy trying to build their business to take the  ...   engage with clients to help structure their business appropriately using our expertise in Accountancy and.. Tax Consultancy.. In doing so, we can maximise the overall tax efficiency of the business.. We specialise in developing and implementing Wealth Creation plans for individuals who are proprietary directors of their own companies.. If you are the owner of your own business or are a Proprietary Director we can help structure your finances in the most tax efficient way.. If you need help and.. tax consultancy.. support please call us today..

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  • Title: Accountancy Services Dublin | mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: Accountancy Services Dublin.. Improve your business efficiency and make it easier to grow!.. It is important that every aspect of your business is running as efficiently as possible.. The more time that is taken from your day dealing with.. accountancy.. inefficiencies, the less time you will have to develop and grab hold of business opportunities.. Below are some of the key questions that need to be reviewed with regards to your corporate.. accountancy.. :.. How is your business structured at present?.. Is your business  ...   a business plan in place to enable the expansion and development of your business?.. Is Payroll an unnecessary burden taking up too much of your time?.. MCN Associates can help to ensure that your business runs efficiently and is fully compliant.. We will review and plan the overall structure of your business so that you can worry about driving the business forward.. We combine our knowledge of.. , Taxation and overall financial planning to provide advice and ongoing support to you and your business..

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  • Title: Financial Services | mcnassociates
    Descriptive info: Mortgage.. Pilots Loss of License and Income Protection.. Personal Economy.. Corporate Services..

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