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  • Title: Mactivate - Apple Mac Repair and Sales in Dublin, Ireland. We provide a courier service for repairs and fixing Apple devices. We are an Apple Authorised Service Provider and Reseller.
    Descriptive info: .. CALL US ON: (01) 822 4488.. CONNECT:.. Professional.. Business.. Help Station.. Home Call-Out.. Maintenance.. Upgrade.. Express Delivery.. Check It In.. Warranty AppleCare.. Out of Warranty.. Walk In Pricing.. iPads & Devices.. Data Retrieval.. FAQ.. Mac's.. Devices.. Apple TV.. Refurb Zone.. Accessories.. Apple Care.. Software.. Trade In your Mac.. Trade In your iPad.. Old Macs for Cash.. Trade In Form.. Links.. Tips.. Videos.. Downloads.. Help.. Station.. HELP STATION.. Need a quick solution to your Mac repair, iPad or Apple Device problem? Do you need to consult with someone about a Ram or Hard Drive upgrade? Get a costing on your Mac repair? Or get some help.. Read More.. Trade.. In.. TRADE IN.. With Mactivate you can now trade-in your old Mac or iPad for credit towards the purchase of a New Mac or New 3rd Gen iPad.. Express.. Delivery.. EXPRESS DELIVERY.. Mactivate offer an Express Collection and Delivery service for the repair of  ...   With Mactivate you can now trade-in your old Apple Mac or iPad for credit towards the purchase of a new Apple Mac or device.. T.. (01) 822 4488.. E.. info@mactivate.. ie.. Download PDF Map.. Google Maps.. Click to book-in to repair your device.. Mactivate offer an Express Collection and Delivery service for all Apple Devices (Computers, iPads iPods) and Mac Repairs, anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.. Twitter.. Facebook.. YouTube.. Please Note: Other companies may brand themselves Apple Repair Specialists when in fact they may not be Authorised by Apple to repair Apple products and may not use original Apple parts.. We are Authorised by Apple to fix and sell on their behalf, As a result all of our repairs are carried out to Apple's highest standard.. Warranty & AppleCare.. iPad & Devices.. Laptops.. Desktops.. Refurbished.. AppleCare.. t.. e.. info mactivate.. U13 Northwest Centre, Northwest Business Park.. Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.. Get Directions.. Designed by..

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  • Title: Services - Mactivate - whether a business or domestic customer we provide a number of Mac Services to meet your needs. Drop in or let us call out and let us respond with a Mac solution.
    Descriptive info: Services.. Home.. - Services.. Location.. U13 Northwest Centre,.. Northwest Business Park,.. Plenty of.. FREE.. parking.. Mactivate offer an Express Collection and Delivery service for all Apple Devices (Computers, iPads & iPods) anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.. Mactivate offers a wide range of professional on-site services tailored to the specific needs of businesses large and small.. Feel like your not getting get the most out of your Apple Set-Up at home? Call in the Mac specialist to service your Apple Mac  ...   on to a Mac.. The decision to outsource some or all of your business Mac Support is an important task.. If you are looking for a flexible partner with the expertise and resources.. No Reservation Needed.. Need a quick solution to your Mac or Apple Device problem? Call into the Mac specialists in the Mactivate centre in Dublin today.. Is your Mac getting a bit sluggish?.. Give it a new lease of life.. Mactivate can upgrade your Mac and change everything..

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  • Title: Professional Services - Mactivate - from on-site Mac services tailored to meed the needs of the client. Let the Apple Professionals at Mactivat be your next call.
    Descriptive info: FOLLOW US ON:.. Windows on Mac.. Warranty Apple Care.. Ipad/Devices.. -.. - Professional.. Professional Services.. Mactivate offers a wide range of professional on-site services tailored to the specific needs of the Mac using businesses large and small.. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, publishers, ad agencies, schools, airlines and non-profit organizations Flexible contract and retainer agreements are available.. Services We Provide.. Deployment of Apple Mac computers,.. peripherals, and accessories..  ...   Technology and network assessments.. Design, implementation, and support for networks with PCs and Mac.. Contingency and disaster recovery planning (new offering).. TRADE IN YOUR.. MAC.. With the pace of technology and the general reliability of Apple computers you might find that your old Mac works but is just a little slow or doesn't support the latest operating system that does all the tricks you saw Steve Jobs perform online.. Upgarde..

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  • Title: Business Services - Mactivate - we have a range of services available to companies that have Macs and need them serviced. If your business has a Mac or Apple need, contact Mactivate today.
    Descriptive info: - Business.. About the Windows Installation Methods.. We offer two different methods to install Windows on your Mac.. Let us know how you plan to use your computer and we ll help choose the best method for you.. 1.. Boot Camp (included with OS X).. Apple s Boot Camp allows you to boot into the Macintosh or Windows operating system when you start-up the computer.. Pros: This is the fastest method to run Windows with the best performance for applications that require a lot of memory (RAM) and fast processing.. Applications requiring accelerated 3D graphics (OpenGL DirectX) are also supported so this is the best method for video games.. Plus this is the only method that supports FireWire devices.. Cons: Rebooting every time you need Windows takes extra time.. Boot Camp requires partitioning (dividing) your computer s hard drive into a Mac and Windows side.. You have to choose your partition sizes carefully because they cannot be changed without erasing your entire hard drive and  ...   (instead of actually splitting your computer in two with Boot Camp).. Parallels and VMWare are in a constant battle to provide the fastest operating speeds and best features.. You can read about the latest available versions on the Parallels and VMWare websites.. Pros: No rebooting required.. Windows programs can run side-by-side with your Mac applications.. You can easily copy/paste text and files between the operating systems.. You can expand and contract the size of the Windows installation as you go (instead of being stuck with permanent partition sizes.. ) Parallels VMWare include a built-in Windows backup method called snapshots.. You can also run a large variety of other Windows and Linux operating systems.. Cons: Running two operating systems at once will slow you down so you ll need a fairly well equipped Mac or some patience.. Hit and miss support for accelerated 3D graphics (DirectX, OpenGL) means that some programs and many games simply won t run using this method.. You cannot use any FireWire devices..

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  • Title: Help Station - Mactivate - all Mac users can drop in to speak to our Mac specialists for Mac support and advice.
    Descriptive info: - Help Station.. Need a quick solution to your Mac or Apple Device problem? Do you need to consult with someone about a Ram or Hard Drive upgrade? Do you just need some help? At the Mactivate Help Station you can meet with one of our Apple Certified Technicians to discuss your issue.. Rest assured our Mac and Apple specialists  ...   there to provide support whether you have a repair problem or perhaps you are thinking of buying a new Mac or Apple product.. As one of Dublin's main Apple Authorised Service Providers and Resellers the experts at our Help Station will find your solution.. No appointment necessary and plenty of free parking.. Click here is our location and our opening hours..

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  • Title: Home Call-Out - Mactivate - Need to get more out of your Apple Setup at home?
    Descriptive info: - Home Call-Out.. Need to get more out of your Apple Set-Up at home?.. Let Mactivate Help You.. Services we offer.. Mobile or Apple Device (iPad / iPod / iPhone) and Mac Integration.. Remote Troubleshooting.. In-Home Mac Computer Setup.. Introdution to Mac Training.. Apple TV Set-Up.. TV / Video Audio / iPod/iPad set - up.. Printer Setup or Troubleshooting.. Wireless Network Installation.. Mac Backup and Online Storage solutions.. Mac Software Install and Setup.. Virus Spyware Removal.. Email Setup..

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  • Title: Maintenance - Mactivate - outsource some or all of your business Mac Support with Mactivate's customised Maintenance contracts. Get the support your business deserves.
    Descriptive info: - Maintenance.. If you are looking for a flexible partner with the expertise and resources to support you and allow you to focus on your core business, then you have come to the right place.. As one of the Ireland s leading Apple Authorised Service Providers, Mactivate can offer you the fullest range of technical support services, delivered by Apple Certified Technicians, designed to offer expert, reliable.. support to business of all  ...   We have a permanently manned helpdesk to guarantee you response and a team of experienced consultants to handle your more challenging technical issues.. Our workshops are staffed to guarantee you the fastest possible turnaround on your hardware support.. Our mission is to keep you working.. Enquire today about getting a maintenance contract with Mactivate.. Maintenance contracts can be designed to suit and fit your needs whether you are a large or small company..

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  • Title: Upgrade - Mactivate - want a faster Mac. Get it upgraded today. Mactivate can install alarger hard-drive, more RAM, or the new Apple Mac Os.
    Descriptive info: - Upgrade.. Click on the headers to read more.. Do I need a larger internal hard drive?.. To see how much space you have left on your internal Mac hard drive, click its icon on your desktop.. Then go to the File menu and choose Get Info.. The info window will show your hard drive s capacity and available gigabytes.. We recommend that you leave 10% of your hard drive free for daily use.. (For example, if you have a 200GB hard drive, you should keep about 20GB available).. If you have less than 10% of your hard drive capacity remaining, you have a few choices:.. How to remove extra applications from your Apple Mac hard drive.. Make sure you have the original installation disks and installation codes for any applications you may want to run again.. If you ve downloaded any important applications online, it s a good idea to burn copies of the installation files to a CD or DVD just in case.. Once you ve confirmed that you have everything you need in case you want to run that application again, you can uninstall it.. Do this by dragging the application icon into the Rubbish bin.. How much memory (RAM) do I currently have?.. To check how  ...   take out some of the existing RAM to install larger Memory chips.. My Mac seems slow, will adding more RAM help?.. One way to check is to go to / Applications / Utilities and open the Activity Monitor.. Click on the System Memory tab and watch the graph as you work.. If you have enough memory, the pie chart should continue to have chunks of green (free memory) or blue (inactive memory) throughout your tasks.. If the pie chart fills up with red (wired memory) and yellow (active memory), your computer is probably being slowed down because it is using all the memory available.. While in Activity Monitor, also look down at the bottom where it says Page ins/out.. If the outs are growing, you need more RAM.. Why should I buy Mactivate RAM?.. Mactivate RAM comes with a lifetime warranty, which covers the part and installation.. Should you ever have any problems with your RAM, we ll do a free diagnostic and replace it while you wait.. Additionally, we are one of the largest Apple Authorized Service Providers, so you don t have to stress about our RAM interfering with your AppleCare protection plan.. We ll take care of any possible RAM problems for you during warranty or AppleCare repairs..

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  • Title: Express Delivery - Mactivate - have your Mac or Apple device repair collected and delivered to your home or business.
    Descriptive info: - Express Delivery.. Mactivate offer an Express Collection and Delivery service for all Apple Devices.. (Computers, iPads iPods) anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.. If you are having a problem with an Apple Device feel free to contact us and we can look after its Collection, Repair and Return Delivery.. Our Courier charge is 12 Each Way for the Dublin area 15  ...   fill in the.. form or if you prefer call us at.. 01-8224488.. or emails us at.. sales@mactivate.. Please note: For customers outside of Dublin the Apple Computer or Apple Device will need to be adequately packed before collection, if you do not have adequate packaging we can send to you in advance a suitable packaging box at a further charge of 15..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Repairs.. - Repair.. Check Your.. Repair Status.. Click Here!.. Download TeamViewer.. Blanchardstown Dublin 15.. Please complete the repair form on our check it in page, so our courier can reach you promptly.. Walk in Pricing.. Labour Only Charges.. Consumable Parts.. Feel like your not getting the most out of your Apple set-up at home?.. Warranty and AppleCare.. Before you call in to Mactivate or have your repair collected, please make notes about the problem(s) you are having.. Need a quick solution  ...   Retrieval Solutions.. From Laptop Hard Drives to Apple Servers.. Mactivate are Authorised by Apple to carry out Beyond (Non) Warranty REPAIRS on all Macs, iPads and iPods.. To arrange a collection please fill in the below form.. iPad and Devices.. Mactivate are Authorised by Apple to troubleshoot, diagnose, repair and replace faulty Warranty and beyond Warranty iPads and iPods.. How long do repairs take?.. Our turnaround time is 2 to 6 days, depending on the complexity of the diagnosis and parts availability..

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  • Title: Check It In - Mactivate - fill in our online form for your Apple repair today. Our courier will collect and briing it in for repair.
    Descriptive info: iPad/Devices.. Repair.. - Check It In.. Please complete all fields below so our Courier can reach you promptly.. If you'd prefer, you can call us 01-8224488 or email.. sales mactivate.. *Please provide information in all required fields *.. Your Full Name*:.. Street*:.. Town\City*:.. County*:.. Telephone Number*:.. Email Address*:.. Serial Number*:.. Suitable Day & Time*:.. --Select--.. Monday.. Tuesday..  ...   Mac/Device*:.. Macbook.. Macbook Pro.. Macbook Air.. Mac Pro.. iMac.. iPad.. iPod.. Fault Description*:.. How did you hear about us?.. Google Search.. Apple Customer.. Support.. Word of Month.. Apple Website.. Additional Internal Hard Drive Capacity:.. Yes.. No.. External Storage?.. Mac OSX Upgrade?.. AppleCare Extended Warranty?.. Can't read the image?.. Click here to refresh.. Enter the code above here:..

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