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  • Title: Magp.ie | A nest for the random, shiny, online tidbits I stumble across…
    Descriptive info: .. Magp.. ie.. A nest for the random, shiny, online tidbits I stumble across.. Search.. Main menu.. Skip to primary content.. Skip to secondary content.. Home.. About me.. Post navigation.. Older posts.. Transfer email from one Gmail account to another.. Posted on.. November 28, 2012.. by.. Eoin.. 2.. I had a case where I wanted to move a bunch of email with a particular label to another Gmail account.. I couldn t find a tool in Gmail to migrate email from one account to another.. But I did find a more convoluted way.. Continue reading.. 53.. 734750.. -8.. 989992.. Posted in.. Guides.. |.. Tagged.. email.. ,.. filters.. forwarding.. Gmail.. transfer email.. Replies.. Quick way to find duplicate entries in MySQL table.. October 26, 2012.. 3.. I recently needed a script that could find duplicate entries in a particular table so I wrote the following bash script.. Code.. bash.. duplicates.. MySQL.. scripting.. sort.. uniq.. Online tools to tidy, format and optimize code.. July 30, 2012.. 1.. Here are a bunch of online tools I use to tidy, format and optimize code.. Shortcuts.. css.. html.. javascript.. online tools.. XML.. Reply.. Remove all.. svn folders in subdirectory.. July 24, 2012.. You may want to copy the contents of one folder to another, but if the original folder is already added to Subversion (.. SVN.. ) you get an error when committing the new folder.. When a folder is committed to SVN, a.. svn.. folder  ...   AirPort again.. airport.. Mac OSX.. networksetup.. snow leopard.. wifi.. Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet Practical Uses.. May 16, 2012.. Found this super handy cheat sheet for regular expressions.. Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet.. Also, this serves as a useful reminder when returning to regular expressions.. cheat sheet.. regular expression.. How to.. Make Subversion ignore files and folders.. March 27, 2012.. Reblogged from Serge Desmedt:.. Excluding files from your repository.. Sometimes you may have types of files or folders in your source code tree that you do not want to include in your source code repository.. Everyne developing with Visual Studio will immediately know what I mean: VS automatically makes bin and obj subfolders for your project folder in which it puts the buildresults and also creates *.. suo files with your personal settings for a solution.. Read more.. 485 more words.. Here is a good guide on how to exclude files and directories from SVN.. ignore files directories.. Join 253 other followers.. Categories.. Top Rated.. Poll.. Take Our Poll.. Content.. aliases.. array.. character set.. coda.. commands.. cross-browser.. CSV.. encoding.. ExternalInterface.. Flash.. format.. format xml.. jQuery.. LSO.. Microsoft SQL Server.. php.. plugin.. polldaddy.. polls.. Port forwarding.. PuTTY.. ratings.. regex.. screen.. Service Broker.. shortcuts.. SSH.. textwrangler.. tips.. UTF8.. validate email.. validate url.. wordpress.. xkcd.. ie.. Blog at WordPress.. com.. Theme:.. Customized Twenty Eleven.. Follow.. Follow Magp.. Get every new post delivered to your Inbox.. Powered by WordPress.. Add your thoughts here.. (optional).. Post to.. or.. Cancel..

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  • Title: About me… | Magp.ie
    Descriptive info: My name is Eoin Gallagher and I work for.. Automattic.. on.. Polldaddy.. I m from.. Mayo, Ireland.. It s a wet part of the world but it s home.. I went to university in.. Galway.. and was handed a degree in electronic and computer engineering.. Had a mighty time.. Started my career in controls automation but after a couple of jobs, wound up in web development on a hunch that this area would suit me.. I spent years working on C#/VB.. NET, but I am coding mostly in PHP these days.. I don t hate Microsoft.. I love  ...   start a blog, primarily for selfish purposes, to help me keep track of handy bits of code, guides and general tips I have come across online that have helped me out at some stage.. If you find yourself here, I d appreciate any feedback or corrections to any of the posts on the blog.. Dude abides.. Share:.. More.. Like this:.. Like.. Be the first to like this.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email..

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  • Title: Magp.ie | A nest for the random, shiny, online tidbits I stumble across… | Page 2
    Descriptive info: Newer posts.. How to access attached screen after connection dropped.. February 29, 2012.. Here s the situation, you are using bash s.. Screen command.. because you don t want your flakey internet connection to affect whatever you are working on, and sure enough, the connection drops.. Sometimes, when you try to re-attach to this screen session you are told that the screen session is still attached.. ~$ screen -r '1234.. somescreensession'.. There is a screen on:.. 1234.. somescreensession (Attached).. There is no screen to be resumed matching 1234.. somescreensession.. How annoying.. UPDATE:.. Here is a simple way to take back that screen session.. screen -D -r '1234.. Kudos to.. Donncha O Caoimh.. Here is.. a way.. a longer way to remove the process that is attached to that screen session, so you can reattach to it and continue with whatever you were doing.. figure out which tty is holding on to the screen session by typing into terminal.. ps -ef | grep screen | grep tty.. result of this should be something like.. testdev 5760 5688 0 12:31 ttyp1 00:00:00 screen -r 1234.. in this case the tty is 5688, use this to find the login bash that is associated with that tty.. ps -ef | grep bash | grep 5688.. testdev 5688 5687 0 12:28 ttyp1 00:00:00 -bash.. kill process.. kill -9 5687.. Now you should be free to re-attach to this screen session.. David Mackintosh.. MySQL Cheat Sheet and Field Type Sizes.. February 21, 2012.. Handy.. MySQL cheat sheet from Neal Parikh.. Breakdown of.. MySQL Field Types.. with their corresponding sizes.. Uninstall and Remove Xcode Completely.. December 12, 2011.. If you are in a position where you want to remove the colossus that is Xcode, here is the terminal command to use.. sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all.. In my case, I was using.. migration assistant.. to migrate my applications and user account to a new laptop.. My older laptop had an older version of Xcode that I didn t want included in the migration and as it is so big, I didn t want to take the chance.. Kudos to Pushkararora.. max osx.. remove.. uninstall.. xcode.. HTML5 Data attributes in HTML and jQuery.. November 29, 2011.. When writing javascript, it is often necessary to include metadata in the HTML markup, to help define some element or behaviour..  ...   //convert array to a JSON string $test = htmlspecialchars( $test, ENT_QUOTES ); //convert any quotes into HTML entities so JSON string behaves as a proper HTML attribute.. ? div class= test data-complex= ?php echo $test ; ? /div.. The jQuery parses the JSON string like so.. var test = $( 'div.. data( 'complex' ); // returns JSON Object console.. log( test.. color ); // outputs pink!.. Important to note that this method is also backward compatible with older browsers, so there is no excuse not to give it a go!.. data attribute.. html5.. json.. iWorks 09 DVD installation problems.. October 18, 2011.. I m pretty sure this will help nobody and it s unlikely I will have the same problem again but just in case.. If you are having difficulty installing iWorks 09 from the DVD, then this is what I went through to finally get it to work.. installation.. iWorks.. software.. Filter IP addresses with PHP.. September 1, 2011.. You may at some stage want to filter an online service based on IP address.. In other words, you may want to block or grant access to a request based on their IP address.. This can be handled in PHP by doing the following.. If you have the IP addresses, then it is trivial.. //First check IP address is valid $request_ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; if ( !preg_match( /^(([1-9]?[0-9]|1[0-9]{2}|2[0-4][0-9]|25[0-5]).. ){3}([1-9]?[0-9]|1[0-9]{2}|2[0-4][0-9]|25[0-5])$/ , $request_ip ) ) return false; $blacklist = array( '111.. 222.. 12.. 11', '222.. 111.. 21.. 22', '221.. 112.. 11.. 12' ); //check that ip is not blacklisted if ( in_array( $request_ip, $blacklist ) ) return false;.. If you want to include a range of IP addresses, best to use a regular expression.. $blacklist_ip_range = array( '/^122\.. 244\.. (\d+)\.. (\d+)/', //for IP address in the range 122.. 244.. 0.. 0 - 122.. 255.. 255 '/^123\.. (\d+)/', //for IP address in the range 123.. 0 - 123.. 255 ); foreach( $blacklist_ip_range as $ip ) { if( preg_match( $ip, $request_ip ) ) return false; }.. If you have a better solution, then please let me know.. blacklist.. filter.. IP address.. whitelist.. Change Float style with Javascript.. August 21, 2011.. If you would like to change the float style of some element using javascript, then use the following.. var element = document.. getElementById( 'some_element_id' ); element.. style.. cssFloat = 'left';.. dom.. style..

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  • Title: Transfer email from one Gmail account to another | Magp.ie
    Descriptive info: Previous.. Note:.. This will work if you want to move all your email or just some of it to another Gmail account.. You are using some Gmail account.. myname@gmail.. You want to move some or all email to another Gmail account.. mybusiness@gmail.. Log into the.. account and go to.. Settings - Forwarding and POP/IMAP.. https://mail.. google.. com/mail/u/0/#settings/fwdandpop.. Add a forwarding address to.. You will receive an email at.. with a Confirmation code.. Copy and paste this code into your.. forwarding settings to prove you have access to the.. Gmail account.. Now create a filter in your.. to make use of this forwarding address.. com/mail/u/0/#settings/filters.. You can choose to filter some or all of your email at this point.. Click continue and choose the Forward it to: option and select your new forwarding address.. Save the filter and any new email that comes in that meets the filter rule will be forwarded to.. To move old email, you now need to enable IMAP on both Gmail accounts and setup both accounts in an email client like Mac Mail or Thunderbird.. guide to set up IMAP on Gmail and your email client.. This may take some time, depending on how much email you have.. When  ...   easier than that I think.. When setting up the filter you can search for that criteria using the blue search button.. Then click the down arrow on the search box to bring up the search options and create a filter from the search.. There s a checkbox on the next page that says, Also apply filter to 3 matching conversations.. Your existing email should be moved.. Reply.. November 30, 2012 at 13:45.. Not as easy as that I m afraid.. Gmail will not forward old email, there is a note at bottom of filter editor to that effect.. Note: old mail will not be forwarded.. Note: filter will not be applied to old conversations in Spam or Bin.. The IMAP method is the only way to transfer old email.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Enter your comment here.. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.. Email.. (required).. (Address never made public).. Name.. Website.. You are commenting using your WordPress.. com account.. (.. Log Out.. /.. Change.. ).. You are commenting using your Twitter account.. You are commenting using your Facebook account.. Connecting to %s.. Notify me of follow-up comments via email.. Notify me of new posts via email..

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  • Title: Eoin | Magp.ie
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:.. About Eoin.. Software engineer working on.. from the wet west of Ireland..

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  • Title: Guides | Magp.ie
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. How-to s.. Mac mail not sending Gmail email.. August 10, 2011.. Infrequently my Mac mail would be rendered incapable of sending email.. It appears the Mac mail client could not connect to the outgoing Gmail SMTP server,.. smtp.. gmail.. , then after a few hours the connection would be restored automatically.. I.. assumed.. that my settings must be fine as they remained constant, it.. must.. be a problem  ...   be plausible.. connection doctor.. IMAP.. mac mail.. outgoing server.. SMTP.. SSL.. Find process using port number in Bash.. April 19, 2011.. Something that has bugged me recently is that when I go to proxy on a particular port, the port is already in use and I get the following error.. bind: Address already in use.. channel_setup_fwd_listener: cannot listen to port: 8090.. Could not request local forwarding.. killall.. lsof command.. Unix..

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  • Title: email | Magp.ie
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  • Title: filters | Magp.ie
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  • Title: forwarding | Magp.ie
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  • Title: Gmail | Magp.ie
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  • Title: transfer email | Magp.ie
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