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  • Title: Magliner Hand Trucks Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Our Promises.. General Handtrucks.. Bottled Water Tray Truck.. Gemini Convertible Hand Truck.. Welcome to.. www.. Magliner.. ie.. For more information on Magliner products, please use the menu above, or click one of the items below.. General Handtrucks Product Info.. Gemini Junior Handtruck.. Gemini Convertible Foldable Handtrucks.. Bottled Water Tray Truck Product Info.. Address:.. Unit 31, Greenogue Business Pk, Rathcoole, Co.. Dublin, Ireland.. Telephone:.. 00353 (0)1 4019 640/1,.. Fax:.. 00353 (0)1 4019 025,.. Mobile:.. 00353 (0)87 232 4404..

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  • Title: Our Promises To You
    Descriptive info: Our Promises To You.. We want to help you grow your business, no matter the delivery challenge.. From our people and products, to our vision and values, everything we do is focused on helping you effectively address your route distribution needs.. 1.. Value.. Since 1947, we have been committed to giving our customers the best products, the best solutions and service, all at the best price.. 4.. Innovation.. Our focus on new thinking and new ideas has  ...   to move our customers’ business.. 2.. Quality.. By consistently delivering the highest quality products and solutions, Magliner has become the most trusted name in route distribution.. 5.. Flexibility.. We offer the broadest selection of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of our customers.. 3.. People.. Customers depend on our team’s knowledge, experience and personal service to help them be even more successful.. 6.. Service.. We are committed to responding to our customers’ needs quickly, efficiently, and enthusiastically..

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  • Title: General Handtrucks
    Descriptive info: Design your own Magliner when you mix and match parts from our modular components system to create a customized hand truck.. As the industry leader, Magliner has created this section to help you design the hand truck that best suits your needs.. These recommendations are based on ergonomic evaluation, customer feedback and engineering specifications.. To purchase your customized hand truck select from the components and accessories listed under the Design Your Own Hand Truck under the “go shopping” dropdown menu.. Overview.. Weighing In.. The weight of a hand truck can vary by as much as 30 pounds! Hand truck weight can make a significant difference on driver stress and fatigue.. The average beverage delivery driver will lift nearly 14 tons less per year by selecting a hand truck just three pounds lighter.. What is the difference between a weightlifter and a route driver?.. The average beverage driver will lift at least 24,000 pounds per day, and nearly 45,000 pounds during peak season.. Weightlifters stretch before and after they lift weights; most drivers do not.. Weightlifters give their muscles a minimum one day break to recuperate from lifting weights.. Route drivers continue to use muscles, slowly causing degeneration.. Most injuries don’t happen from one-time occurrences – they happen from repetitive movements over time.. Increase the longevity of your hand truck.. Before you begin your workday, always inspect your hand truck.. An inspection takes only a few minutes but can save you time and inconvenience later.. Conduct a general overview – look for any bent or broken parts and repair or replace immediately.. Check the tires – look for wear and check to be sure they are properly inflated (if pneumatic tires).. Review fasteners – tighten any loose bolts.. Never use a hand truck that isn’t in proper working order.. If you use a broken hand truck you risk damaging your load and more importantly, you risk injuring yourself or others.. Frames.. #1.. Straight back.. Our most popular frame.. Excellent general purpose frame for a wide variety of package sizes and use in most industries.. #2 (or B).. Straight back lattice.. A variation of our #1 frame with a vertical strap to improve load management with small package sizes.. F.. Curved lattice back.. Curved molded cross braces and a vertical strap.. Excellent for managing small cylinders or pails.. #4.. Straight back with bolted molded cross members.. Similar to our #1 frame but with molded cross braces.. The molded cross braces are high strength and exceedingly impact resistant.. They help protect against metal to load contact and reduce the potential for load damage.. #5.. Curved back with bolted molded cross members.. The curved molded cross braces are specifically designed to cradle and provide stable load management  ...   and hand truck; use high grip for control on stairs or low grip for easy turning.. Double Grip.. Excellent steering capability and firm grip for solid load control.. Noses.. Die-Cast.. Aluminum and.. Magnesium.. Our most popular and highest value nose plates.. Magnesium: Magnesium is extremely lightweight and durable, weighing 1/3 less than comparable products made from aluminum.. Magnesium noses are temperature resistant so they work well in cold weather and freezers.. Magnesium noses flex rather than break and easily return to their original shape for long life.. Aluminum: Aluminum is a stronger material than magnesium.. Aluminum noses are more economical than magnesium noses.. Both magnesium and aluminum noses are available in a variety of sizes to fit almost any load requirement.. Extruded Aluminum and Steel.. Excellent for scooping stacks and stair deliveries.. Available in a variety of sizes making them an excellent choice for unusual package sizes.. Wheels.. In general, 8” wheels in a similar tire and wheel compound are lighter than 10” wheels; 10” wheels typically provide better maneuverability over more diverse terrain environments.. Mold-on rubber (815).. A cast aluminum hub makes this one of our lightest wheels.. The bonded tire is durable and rolls well over most paved surfaces.. Pneumatic (1060).. Pneumatic tires provide excellent shock absorption and load protection.. Best uses include uneven terrains or surfaces such as gravel.. Shock absorption means reduced impact on loads for less damage and better stability.. Recommended when loads are consistently near maximum capacity.. (Magliner recommends checking air pressure regularly and maintaining proper pressure).. Microcellular (1010).. Microcellular wheels work well on challenging surfaces including rough and uneven terrain.. Microcellular wheels are long lasting – never need air, never goes flat.. They provide some of the shock absorption capabilities of a pneumatic.. Balloon cushion (1030/830).. A lightweight, excellent rolling tire and wheel that provides shock absorption characteristics only surpassed by a pneumatic.. Hand Truck Accessories.. Stair Climbers.. Help ascend and descend stairs with less effort.. Polymer glide strips improve the ability to negotiate curbs, steps and stairs while reducing the potential for load damage or loss associated with stairs and curbs and they protect stairs from damage.. Folding Nose.. Extends the length of the hand truck nose to carry additional bulky packages.. Hi-U Frame Extension.. Available in several heights.. These extensions provide additional stability for unusually high loads; add the optional padded cover to cushion arms for better comfort and fewer injuries.. Keg Hook.. Provides additional stability for keg delivery especially on stairs.. Wheel Guards.. Adding wheel guards provides a barrier between the wheels and the load, reducing damage – especially useful with overlapping loads like flour bags.. Accessory Bag.. Provides a secure place to carry hand-held computers, pencils, food service splits and other supplies..

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  • Title: Bottled Water Tray Trucks
    Descriptive info: Bottled water deliveries are easier than ever when using Magliner Bottled Water Tray Trucks.. Bottled Water Tray Trucks have a durable construction, yet are the lightest in the industry.. Customized hardware reduces the risk chance of injury and product damage.. Contact your Magline representative for more information.. 500 Pound Capacity.. Coverts to hold a combination of boxes and bottles.. Aluminum construction - never rusts.. Load Stability.. Rubber stops help  ...   Product #301444.. Tray kit assembly – Can modify most standard Magliner hand trucks.. (12” deep nose required).. 4-Bottle Tray Truck.. 128-HM-1060 BW.. 5-Bottle Tray Truck.. 111-HM-815 BW.. Overall Width.. 21".. Overall Height.. 49".. Tires.. 10" pneumatic.. 8" mold-on rubber.. Hm Nose Plate*.. 14" wide x 12" deep.. die cast magnesium.. Capacity.. 500 lbs.. 4 five-gallon.. water bottles.. 5 five-gallon.. Weight.. 28lbs.. 25lbs.. 30.. 4lbs.. *12” deep nose plate required..

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  • Title: Gemini Convertible Hand Truck
    Descriptive info: Higher Capacity = Higher Benefits.. Using a Gemini® in place of a standard hand truck*:.. Allows driver to make 1 trip vs.. 5 trips.. Saves the average delivery person 8 minutes per stop or 8 hours a week!.. Lowers driver fatigue by reducing muscle strain.. *based on industry norms.. Gemini.. ®.. Jr.. 2-in-1 truck converts from 2 to 4 wheels in seconds.. High capacities reduce number of trips per day, increasing productivity.. Strong, lightweight construction reduces user fatigue.. Optional accessories available to meet all delivery needs.. Modular design means no welds to break, all parts are replaceable for longer product life.. As easy as 1.. 3!.. Press release latch.. Slide frame down handle.. Hand truck becomes platform.. truck.. Great for thousands of uses including:.. Arts Crafts Industry.. Beverage Delivery.. Corporate Offices.. Food Service.. Hospitals.. Malls.. Manufacturing.. Moving and Storage.. Package Delivery.. Amusement Parks.. Trade Shows.. Universities.. Vending.. Video Production.. Medical Delivery.. Specifications.. GMK16UA4.. 21 inch.. Frame Width.. 12 inch.. Deck Width.. Overall Length, 4 wheel.. 47-1/2 inch.. Height, as hand truck.. 51 inch.. Height, as platform truck.. 40 inch.. Platform bed length.. 38 inch.. Capacity, as hand truck.. Capacity, as platform truck.. 1,000 lbs.. Platform Height from floor.. 10-1/2 inch.. *Standard Wheel (pneumatic).. 10 inch.. *Casters (standard swivel).. 5 inch.. x 1-1/4 inch.. Nose.. 18 inch x 7-1/2 inch.. Shipping weight.. 44lbs.. AA.. Die-cast aluminum with recessed heel is 14” wide x 7-1/2” deep.. AM.. Die-cast magnesium with recessed  ...   mount only).. ?.. Double Grip Handles.. Standard handle for the Gemini.. Strong tubular aluminum provides sturdy control of loads.. 1030.. Strong, one-piece polyolefin hub with 10 inch.. puncture-resistant, shock absorbing, non-marking balloon cushion tires and double-groove ball bearings.. 1010.. puncture-resistant microcellular foam tire with sealed semi-precision ball bearings – never goes flat and performs like a pneumatic tire but doesn’t require air!.. 1060.. 4-ply rated, 10 inch.. pneumatic tube-type tire with sealed semi-precision bearings and corrosion-resistant hub.. Excellent shock absorption.. Accessories.. Folding Nose Extensions.. (Capacity 300 lbs.. ).. F1.. 24” length x 12” wide low-profile formed plate extension.. F2.. 20” length x 12” wide extruded aluminum channel extension.. F3.. 30” length x 12” wide extruded aluminum channel extension.. Recessed Folding Nose Extension.. 22” long x 9” wide tubular aluminum.. Requires special frame, call your dealer.. Quick Connect Decks.. Snap in place quickly and removes easily.. Great for carrying small packages.. Formed from strong embossed aluminum.. Stay securely in place.. -wheel position w/quick connect deck.. Note: Decks may be used with F2, F3, or die-cast recessed nose plates only.. Gemini® Jr.. Casters.. Caster with Brake.. Secures Gemini.. in place on inclines for safer load control.. Gray thermoplastic rubber with flat tread and red thread guard, bolted axle, 5” x 1-1/4” wheel for easier rolling, non-marking – quieter caster.. Available with and without brakes.. Standard gray polyurethane flat treads with red threadguard, bolted axle, 5” x 1-1/4” wheel.. Also available with brakes..

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  • Title: Magliner Hand Trucks Ireland
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