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  • Title: OASIS International
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. NEW PRODUCTS.. ABOUT US.. Innovation.. Milestones.. PRODUCTS.. Bottled Watercoolers.. Aquarius.. RFX.. B1NR.. RR Range.. ONYX.. Tall RR.. Jeweltones.. RR Stainless Steel.. ODYSSEY.. Quarrtz.. Mirage.. Point-of-Use.. KalixCO2.. KaliX.. ODYSSEY POU.. ONYX POU.. P1TR.. P1RR.. P1AQ.. Quarrtz POU.. Aquarius POU.. AquaBar II.. Mirage POU.. Pressure Fountains.. FLF100.. P8ACY.. PLF10CPY.. PLF14 FAY.. RLF8.. GLASS FILLERS.. AQUA POINTE BOTTLE FILLER.. M8SBF.. PWSBF.. Domestic Products.. Water Jug.. Dehumidfiers.. D270HD.. D75HGXI.. D125HGXI.. D165HGXI.. DH SS Range.. Accessories.. Sport Bottles.. POU Conversion Kit.. OMEGA.. POU Installation Kit.. Taps - Undersink System.. K101.. K102.. K103.. Filtration.. SUPPORT.. Spare Parts.. Service Manuals.. Technical Bulletins.. CONTACT.. Sales Team.. Request.. Global contact.. Strona główna..  ...   food service, commercial and industrial applications.. The galaxi's unique filter design combines activated carbon with a cellulose-free synthetic fibre matrix.. Superior to traditional active carbon filter elements, the galaxi takes water filtration to the next level:.. • Performs as a sediment filter and a carbon block in a single cartridge.. • Dramatically improves chlorine taste odour reduction.. • Reduced blocking improves dirt-holding capacity.. • Prevents carbon fines from being released into the water stream.. • Reduces lead.. • Reduces cysts.. • Available with phosphate to remove scale for hard water and hot water applications.. Americas - OASIS International.. 2012.. OASIS International.. tworzenie stron.. www.. aptus.. pl..

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  • Title: OASIS International - New Products
    Descriptive info: New Products.. This Aqua Pointe Bottle Filler is designed to retrofit to previously installed Versacooler® P8ACY and P8AMY models to deliver an advanced drinking water system with a great look, and upgrade those older units at a very competitive cost.. PWSBF delivers either chilled or ambient drinking water according to the P8 or PAC series pressure cooler to which it is retrofitted.. If connected to a P8, this Aqua Pointe bottle cooler will deliver up to 8 gallons of chilled drinking water per hour.. The PWSBF includes a mechanically activated push button to control water flow, no electricity required.. Quarrtz Bottle and POU.. The legendary OASIS removable reservoir cooler has a new look.. Bottle and POU Version.. Designed with user ergonomics in mind.. High quality stainless steel cabinetry.. Cook and Cold or your choice of one or two piece hot tanks.. Compatible with all existing RR  ...   central handle and two large transportation wheels, so it can be easily transported to and around a building site and ideal for uneven surfaces.. The D270HD or SDF with 510m3 of air flow, the dehumidifier is works perfectly in rooms with a capacity not exceeding 300m3.. The streamlined flow of air allows increased productivity to 27.. 2 l / 24h.. The unit is trouble-free and extremely reliable It was designed to operate in the harshest weather conditions, giving great results and performance.. The ideal product for drying buildings.. D270 HD or SD are :.. - air flow : 510 m3.. - water extraction : 27,2 l / 24 hrs *.. D220 HD or SD are :.. - air flow : 425 m3.. - water extraction : 22,4 l / 24 hrs *.. * at 30 degrees C / 80% humidity.. CONTACT.. PRODUCTS OVERVIEW.. NEW PRODUCTS.. NEWS..

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  • Title: OASIS International - About us
    Descriptive info: About us.. OASIS is a subsidiary of OASIS International.. The OASIS brand is the recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of bottled and pressure water coolers.. We also provide point-of-use filtration equipment, non-refrigerated drinking fountains and dehumidifiers.. Our products are distributed to more than 100 countries through our worldwide sales and warehousing network..  ...   us.. OASIS is headquartered in Ballina, Ireland with an integrated manufacturing facility in Gliwice, Poland.. Factory sales people and warehouses are based throughout Europe, Russia and Middle East to serve our customers.. Oasis International corporate headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio and the company also has a manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico.. Cooler Innovation Magazine..

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  • Title: OASIS International - Innovation
    Descriptive info: Oasis has been responsible for most of the key innovations in our industry.. These innovations date back to the first ever watercooler and the first Hot N Cold right up to our current range of products.. We also built the world s first ever dehumidifier.. In more recent years, we have introduced removable reservoir systems, non-spill systems, new durable plastics, budget price coolers and new methods of cooler sanitisation.. All of these new developments have been designed to meet the ever changing needs of our industry and have been built to the usual Oasis high quality standards..

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  • Title: OASIS International - Milestones
    Descriptive info: 1911.. First electric refrigerated water cooler is marketed.. 1922.. First point-of-use "bubbler" is developed.. 1944.. Streamlined cooler design places all components into a compact case.. 1949.. First electric dehumidifier is marketed.. 1954.. First Hot 'N Cold model is designed.. 1974.. First removable side panel streamlines servicing.. 1985.. First countertop water cooler developed.. 1990.. First point-of-use systems are marketed.. 1991.. The revolutionary WaterGuard System for no-spill bottle  ...   of polycarbonate cabinet.. 1998.. Service-friendly, stainless steel hot tank introduced.. 2000.. Translucent colour coolers introduced.. 2001.. Gliwice, Poland Plant begins production.. 2003.. Monterrey, Mexico Plant begins production.. 2004.. Company acquires Sunroc.. 2005.. rfx cooler with the RR operating system introduced.. 2006.. Kalix POU model with PVDC system introduced.. 2009.. ONYX countertop bottled and POU model introduced.. Kalix POU Carbo co.. 2.. oler with PVDC system introduced..

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  • Title: OASIS International - Product Summary
    Descriptive info: Product Summary.. Dehumidifiers..

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  • Title: OASIS International - Bottled Watercoolers
    Descriptive info: B1RR.. B1TR.. Jeweltone.. Mirage Bottle..

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  • Title: OASIS International - Aquarius
    Descriptive info: Benefits of the Aquarius RR Cooler.. REMOVABLE RESERVOIR.. * Easy to clean.. * Easy to remove.. * Dishwasher Safe.. OASIS FRESHGUARD.. * Simple and effective.. * Low profile, gives clean look to cooler.. * Effectively eliminates spills during bottle changes.. TOUGH DURABLE DRIP TRAY.. * Dishwasher safe.. * Large capacity.. NO SWEAT TAPS.. * No condensation.. * Covered Taps.. CUP DISPENSER.. * Hinged cover eliminates possibility of losing cover.. * Increased capacity and variety of cups.. POLYETHELENE CABINET.. * Scratch Resistant.. * Retains finish and shine.. INSIDE/OUT COOLING PROBE.. * No Freeze-ups.. * No inside cooler condensation.. tech info..

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  • Title: OASIS International - RFX
    Descriptive info: B1ARPHSY/B1ARPKY.. *Easy to clean.. *Easy to remove.. *Dishwasher Safe.. POLYETHYLENE CABINET.. *Scratch Resistant.. *Simple and effective.. *Low profile, gives clean look to cooler.. *Effectively eliminates spills during bottle changes.. *Dishwasher safe.. *Large capacity.. Tech Info..

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  • Title: OASIS International - B1NR
    Descriptive info: B1NRKY/B1NRHSY.. POLYCARBONATE CABINET.. *Retains finish and shine..

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  • Title: OASIS International - RR Range
    Descriptive info: B1RRKY/B1RRHSY..

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