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  • Title: Welcome To OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome To OakLodge Nursing Home.. Adding Life to Years and Years to Life.. Rooms.. |.. Facilities.. Dementia Care.. Medical Staff.. Activities.. Religion.. |.. Dining.. Our Mission.. Services.. Latest News.. Careers.. Directions.. Checklist.. Management.. Finance.. Your Queries.. Contact Us.. OakLodge Nursing Home are currently recruiting new staff members.. View our careers page for more details.. Oaklodge Nursing Home.. is a person centred, care facility with a home from home atmosphere.. It is a new state-of-the-art, purpose - built single-story home in the coastal village of Churchtown South near Cloyne in.. East Cork.. Oaklodge Nursing Home.. has fifty two bright, spacious en-suite bedrooms, all with telephone,.. large flat-screen television, nurse call-bell system, individual thermostatic controls and  ...   nursing home Fees.. Read finance Info.. Autumn.. Newsletter- Scéala Oaklodge from Oaklodge.. Oaklodge Nursing Home is currently recruiting Nursing Staff.. Photographic Exhibition which took place recently at Oaklodge.. The specialised Dementia care programme offered by Oaklodge.. Nursing Home to residents has been developed based on international.. best practice with the help of experts in the field.. View Irish Nursing Home Information Blog.. Foyer.. Our Staff.. Activity Room.. Oratory.. Dining Room.. Day Room.. Aerial View.. Southern Health Board/HSE certified*.. 24 hour nursing-care.. 24 hour doctor-on-call and choice of own doctor.. 52 bright, spacious en-suite bedrooms with scenic views.. Nurse call-bell system.. OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co.. Cork.. Phone: +353 (0)21 4646080.. Email:.. info@oaklodgenursinghome.. ie.. Home..

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  • Title: rooms -OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: OakLodge Nursing Home.. Choice of Spacious Rooms.. Oaklodge Nursing Home has fifty two bright, spacious en-suite bedrooms, all with telephone, large flat-screen television, nurse call-bell system, individual thermostatic controls and luxurious furnishings.. Our experienced healthcare staff is always at hand to ensure the needs of all residents are catered for.. Families and visitors are welcome to visit residents at their new home at all times.. ü.. Southern Health Board/HSE certified*.. Hydrotherapy baths with whirlpool.. I.. ndividual thermostatic controls.. Large Flat Screen TV.. Double Room.. Single Room.. Bath.. Click Link to View Larger Image.. *pending HSE approval..

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  • Title: Facilities - OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: Our Facilities.. The.. OAKLODGE.. Home can be characterized as seeking wholeness, rather than fragmentation; creating its own future, rather than simply reacting to the environment and providing services in a way that anticipates and meets the highest expectations of those we serve.. The matron, doctors and staff at OAKLODGE Home are dedicated to giving care which encompasses the mind, body and spirit and emphasises prevention and wellness with a goal of providing leadership to improve the health of the community we serve.. Hydrotherapy baths with whirlpool.. Hair salon.. Oratory/chapel.. ü.. Landscaped gardens and courtyard with private Japanese style gardens.. Conversation lounges and 2 conservatories.. In house Cinema.. Charter of resident rights.. Resident daily activities.. The architectural design of the Nursing Home makes it a comfortable place to live and work, with resident/family  ...   The design strives to conceal clutter and provide a bright, naturally lighted, homely environment, with enhanced privacy and an array of amenities for residents as well as their family members and visitors.. We believe every employee is an equal player in creating a wonderful health care experience for our residents.. Staff.. Hair Salon.. Our goal at OAKLODGE is to continually create an environment and home experience second to none.. This means we must all, regardless of position or rank, take responsibility for ensuring that residents (and visitors) who come here have the most positive experience possible.. We must excel in the performance of those things that will serve to distinguish OAKLODGE over the years: innovative, high quality services; unique, living environment; OAKLODGE philosophy of care; exceptional customer service; and patient and employee satisfaction..

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  • Title: Finance Information - OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: Explanation and Introduction to Dementia Care Programme at Oaklodge.. Oaklodge Nursing Home has established a now well recognised care programme for Dementia/Challenging Behaviour residents based.. on international best practice.. The specialised Dementia care programme offered by Oaklodge Nursing Home to residents has been developed based on international best practice with the help of experts in the field.. Oaklodge Nursing Home commissioned University College Cork School of Nursing to undertake primary research on international best practice models of care.. The essence of the approach is based on a much higher staff ratio as is required by residents with Dementia as well as a therapeutic care programme that engages the senses of the resident.. and calms them.. This reduces agitation and violence and places our residents at ease with their surroundings.. It comprises of a general care unit and a specialised Dementia/Alzheimer’s care programme and unit.. Some of the interventions utilised include, one to one care continuous behaviour monitoring every 30 minutes, reality therapy, memory clinics, validation Therapy and reminiscence therapy.. Through education, information, research and collaboration with others we aim to reduce stigma and promote excellence in all aspects of services for persons with dementia in Oaklodge.. Interventions used in programme:.. Instead of treating the person as a collection of symptoms and behaviours to be controlled, Oaklodge Nursing Home aims to see the person with dementia as an individual, rather than focusing on their illness or on abilities they may have lost.. Each Oaklodge Dementia resident is seen as an individual with unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs.. To care for people with dementia.. Staff at all levels receive ongoing training.. Offering a wide range of carefully considered activities, and encouraging people with dementia to take part in as many activities as possible.. Some of the interventions and systems utilised include:.. -.. One to one care.. Continuous behaviour monitoring every 30 minutes.. Reality Therapy.. Memory Clinics.. Validation Therapy.. Reminiscence Therapy.. Higher staff ratios.. Staff training.. Extra management.. External Expertise.. Orientation cues.. Staff experience.. One-to-one and one-to-group work.. Life Story Programme.. Optimal Building Design.. D.. ementia Care Programme Resources have also proved to be a great resource for people with dementia.. Games such as nostalgia, reminiscing and discover Ireland have encouraged them to look for tasks that they can still enjoy and manage.. Multi.. Sensory Tools such as parachute, crayons, hoops (small and large), co-ordination games, rings, shapes and figures, cushion football, plastic balls, bowls (plastic), cards (standard and jumbo size), pencils, shapes and figures, chess and draughts have allowed them to as far as possible maintain.. existing skills and can give the person pleasure while boosting their confidence.. Sensory and.. Physical stimulation such as clay, knitting equipment, mosaic art, shells, magazines for art, collection of art pictures have helped them retain their independence.. Suggested approaches for carers:.. Be a warm, calm, reassuring presence and offer support.. To make a person feel valued and important use positive language.. People with dementia are influenced by the language people use around them.. Avoid use of ‘negative’ language; such as shouldn’t, can’t or don’t.. They may  ...   be enormously helpful with identifying objects, especially in the bathroom.. A person may have great difficulty identifying a white toilet, sink and bath in a white bathroom.. Similarly, in table settings, use plates that have a high contrast with the tablecloth.. Pale colours can be used to de-emphasise what’s not important.. Floors are especially important.. Avoid bold, contrasting patterns, which can be confusing to a person who may have difficulties with depth perception.. dementia.. stir.. ac.. uk.. If a person with dementia is unsteady on their feet safety measures must be put in place.. Handrails in the hall and on the stairs, grab rails in the bathroom and toilet, and a toilet seat riser will help.. Put up pictures on doors indicating the functions of the various rooms in the house.. Pictures help with reality orientation.. For example, you might have a picture of a bed on the bedroom door or a dinner table on the dining room door.. When people are stressed or confused accidents are more likely to happen in the home.. From time to time.. it is inevitable that family members and carers will feel tired and irritable.. If possible take a few minutes break or else simply breathe deeply and slow down.. The person with dementia may pick up on a person's mood from their body language, even if they do not say anything.. Check your home for rugs, loose carpets and slippery floors or anything that may cause accidents.. These items can affect older people who may be unsteady on their feet.. For someone whose memory and sense of danger are impaired fires or heaters can be a danger.. Always fit a fixed fire guard while central heating and many electric fires can be regulated with a time switch.. Places to go for support.. Talk to your GP out about the type of dementia involved.. The symptoms and effects of Alzheimers is quite different to, for example, vascular dementia.. Call your local public health nurse and find out what day and respite services are available to you.. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is an enormous resource for families which are experiencing Alzheimers, both the person with Alzheimers and the carer.. Ireland's leading dementia specific service provider, it has more than 100 services across the country.. Contact your local branch of the Alzheimer’s Society or call the.. Alzheimer National Helpline for support and advice at 1800 341 341.. Do some research of your own.. Websites of organisations such as the Alzheimers Society (check out the UK one too at www.. alzheimers.. org.. uk), the DSIDC (.. ), and the Dementia Services Development Centre based at Stirling University (.. uk).. have a large amount of information and resources that can be very helpful.. You’ll find lots of ideas there on how to make our home more “dementia-friendly”.. Go to your local nursing homes.. Find out about the various services on offer and if they hold any carers’ support evenings.. If you require Information regarding Dementia Care Programme at Oaklodge,.. Please Telephone Oaklodge Nursing Home.. 021 4646080.. or.. Email :..

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  • Title: Staff - OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: 24 Hour Experienced Nursing and Support Staff.. Oaklodge believe that it is above all the quality of staff that will ensure that excellent care is given to our residents.. Therefore we have spent considerable time and energy in recruitment and training of staff.. Many of our staff has experience in hospitals and Nursing homes.. We have provided an intensive two week training programme for staff to ensure that all members of the team work well together, covering various issues and topics  ...   well as patient lifting, manual handling and CPR.. Our Nursing staff has specialist training and experience in Alzheimer’s, Palliative care, Wound care, and Counselling.. All of our staff is from the local area or from other parts of Cork.. We have employed a Pastoral Care assistant who is also a qualified special needs Nurse.. Dr.. Michael Thompson of Carrigtwohill is our nominated GP who along with residents’ own GP's will provide medical Care for residents.. Click Photo to view Larger Image..

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  • Title: Activities - OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080OakLodge Nursing Home
    Descriptive info: Resident Daily Activities.. A wide variety of activities are available to suit both individuals and groups.. Ample quiet and peaceful areas are available within the building including the library and in the gardens for residents to enjoy.. A special emphasis is placed on facilitating residents’ continued participation in their chosen hobbies and interests.. Lovely walks are available within the security of the grounds or at nearby Garryvoe and Ballinamona Strands.. Arts and crafts and movement to music.. Walking, excursions, bingo and cards.. Film club and Painting.. Storytelling, music sessions and drama/theatre.. Wheelchair accessible minibus available.. Nearby Fishing.. Local Walks..

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  • Title: Religion -OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.. Expressing one’s personal religious beliefs is a vital part of the well-being of residents.. The Oratory/Chapel hosts regular religious devotions for all denominations.. Residents may choose to tune in live from the comfort of their room via an internal TV channel.. Clergy regularly visit Oaklodge.. The community of Churchtown South have extended a great welcome to Oaklodge and its residents.. Beautiful Oratory/chapel.. Regular religious services and pastoral care.. Active participation in local community..

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  • Title: Dining Room - OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: Dining.. Oaklodge has a Spacious bright Dining Room.. A Extensive menu range is available to meet all diet requirements.. View.. Sample Menus.. Oaklodge offers a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere for all residents and their families.. Family involvement is encouraged and visitors welcomed at all times.. Staff, residents and family are invited to share in the care of residents and our undertaking is to provide a safe, happy and secure home for all who join us.. ”.. Dining Room..

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  • Title: Mission Statement - OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: Oaklodge Mission.. “To excel as the leader in providing for patient, family and community needs by offering exceptional service and greater value through compassionate and professional care as well as empowering individuals to be actively involved in decisions affecting their care and well-being through access to information and education, and to providing leadership to improve the health of the community we serve.. ” We are a team of professionals committed to the delivery of the highest quality healthcare services to our residents.. Join a team looking to the future.. You can be a part of our service expansion, technological advances, and an environment conducive to personal and professional development, fulfilling and rewarding work, and a culture that values respect, diversity, collaboration and teamwork.. OAKLODGE's.. commitment is to continuously improve the quality of life and well being of residents and to provide leadership to achieve the vision of making our community a better place in which to live, work, raise a family and enjoy life.. Fundamental to OAKLODGE's philosophy is empowering people and providing the knowledge to make them active partners responsible for maintaining their health and making  ...   residents, families and the community on the medical, wellness and care condition.. Facilitating residents to be informed participants in decisions affecting their care and well- being.. Exceeding the service expectations of residents, families, physicians and other health care providers.. Measuring, monitoring and reporting performance against service and quality standards benchmarked to the best nursing homes.. Respect and Dignity.. Embracing residents and families as partners in the care process.. Treating all people with compassion.. Attending to the mind and the spirit as well as the body.. Preserving privacy and confidentiality.. Valuing positive relationships among members of the OAKLODGE community and fostering an environment of mutual respect and support.. Collaboration.. Building and sustaining collaborative working relationships within OAKLODGE and between residents and staff, other providers and community agencies.. Entrepreneurship and Innovation.. Encouraging and recognizing performance leading to the development of new ideas and services and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.. Stewardship.. Achieving high productivity by efficient use of resources including people’s time.. Remaining true to the mission by allocating resources to purposes directly supportive of the mission.. Being accountable for use of resources at all levels of the organization..

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  • Title: Services - OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: **** Our Services Page.. Is Currently Unavailable ****.. We Apologise for any inconvenience caused.. If you require Information regarding.. Please Telephone or E-mail.. +353 – (0)21 4646080..

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  • Title: Latest News - OakLodge Nursing Home, Churchtown South, Midleton, Co. Cork. Telephone 021-4646080
    Descriptive info: Photographic Exhibition held at Oaklodge Nursing Home in conjunction with East Cork Camera Group.. See Photos.. OakLodge.. News.. Oaklodge Nursing Home and East Cork Camera Group cordially invite you to celebrate the launch of the.. East Cork Camera Group’s display of photographs in East Cork.. Where:.. When:.. Thursday 20.. th.. May 2010.. Time: 6pm.. WITH SPECIAL GUEST:.. County Cork Lord Mayor Cllr Derry Canty.. ------------.. , Please Telephone or E-mail..

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