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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. [ Standard Version ].. A.. Text Size |.. Sitemap.. Home.. About Us.. Oaklee Group Companies.. Our Staff.. Our Service Standards.. Contact Us.. Contact Us Form.. Oaklee Services Centre.. Repairs Enquiries.. Complaints.. Compliments.. Rents Charges.. Rents and Charges.. Rent FAQ.. Housing.. New Properties.. Available Accommodation.. Partnering.. Energy Advice.. What is Oaklee Doing?.. What can you do?.. Fuel Poverty.. Publications.. FAQ.. Latest News.. Recruitment.. Vacant Jobs.. Why work for Oaklee.. Useful Contacts.. Ways to Pay Your Rent.. Our mission is to be the leading provider of customer focused housing and support services in Ireland.. Oaklee Housing Trust was established and registered in 2000, awarded Voluntary Housing Status by the Department of the Environment and is a member of the Irish Council for Social Housing.. The Trust  ...   including sheltered flats and bungalows, family and supported housing.. Latest news.. Castlerocklands wins Oaklee Gardening Competition 2012.. The hotly anticipated gardening competition run by Oaklee wa.. Read more.. The new Summer edition of Oakleaves is out now!.. The new summer edition of Oakleaves is out now! Features in.. Tenants handbooks.. To launch our Tenants handbook:.. Launch tenants handbook.. To launch our Repairs handbook:.. Launch repairs handbook.. Available Accommodation Search.. Search our database to find accommodation that could suit your needs in minutes!.. Area:.. -- Select Area --.. County Dublin.. County Kildare.. County Donegal.. County Offaly.. County Monaghan.. County Louth.. [ Printer Friendly Version ].. [ Home ].. [ Contact Us ].. Copyright Oaklee Housing Association 2012.. All Rights Reserved.. Web Design Web Development by.. Barclay Communications..

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  • Title: Site Map Site Map
    Descriptive info: Site Map.. Accommodation.. Events.. Links.. Rents and charges.. Repairs..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: OUR MISSION.. The mission or raison detre of the Oaklee Group is :.. to be the leading provider of customer focused housing and support services in Ireland.. In seeking to achieve this mission we will :.. Put our tenants/residents at the heart of all our actions.. Provide good quality homes which meet the aspirations of our tenants/residents.. Provide high quality care and support services which are valued by all our customers.. Create and maintain a culture which maximises the potential of our Board and staff.. OUR CORE VALUES.. Our Core Values represent the framework in which we will fulfil our mission and stand for how we will behave in  ...   identity and culture of our Group.. Customer Focus.. putting our customers at the heart of everything we do through promoting service excellence.. Respect and Dignity.. we treat our customers and staff with fairness and embrace diversity.. Integrity.. we will act at all times with probity and encourage openness, accountability and transparency in all our activities.. Sustainability.. we will provide services that are efficient, competitive and offer good value for money and respect and protect the environment by providing for current needs without jeopardising future provision.. Continued Learning.. we will foster continuous improvement and change by equipping our Board and staff with the appropriate skills to deliver an excellent service..

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  • Title: Oaklee Group Companies
    Descriptive info: Oaklee Housing Association.. Housing Operations which covers key aspects of the work of the former Oaklee Housing Association, including the functions of development, maintenance, estate management and allocations.. It will have its own Board meetings and its Chair is Des Nixon.. Care Support Services.. Care Support Services Ltd is a new company and covers all aspects of directly managing our residential homes as well as the relationship with partner organisations.. The Executive Director post has been advertised and  ...   Employment Services.. Employment Services Ltd provides a register of staff available to fill temporary staffing requirements in the residential homes at this stage.. Enterprises Ltd which was formerly Oaklee Homes Ltd and which provides build for sale, site acquisition and potentially other types of facility management in the future.. Oaklee Housing Trust.. Oaklee Housing Trust will remain as a core partner organisation within the Group Structure, as it operates within its own legislative jurisdiction.. Its Chair is Frank Feely..

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  • Title: Our Staff
    Descriptive info: Estates Officer.. You and other tenants in your area have a Housing Officer who is responsible for:.. signing up new tenants;.. answering enquiries about rents;.. following up on missing payments (arrears);.. helping to sort out neighbour problems;.. giving advice on claims for housing benefit and supporting people payments;.. advising tenants on what to do if they want to move;.. advising tenants on their rights and responsibilities.. Scheme Co-ordinator or Support Worker.. If you live in  ...   Scheme Co-ordinator is there to help you.. For more information about sheltered housing see Sheltered housing.. If you live in a supported scheme you will have a support worker who will see you every day and carry out an agreed range of tasks relating to your particular needs.. Maintenance Officer.. The Maintenance Officer is responsible for:.. assessing day-to-day repairs;.. carrying out property inspections;.. co-ordinating planned maintenance work;.. managing grounds maintenance; and.. managing the servicing of equipment..

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  • Title: Our Service Standards
    Descriptive info: We aim to be the best at everything we do.. We have a continuous programme of training to make sure our staff achieve a high standard of service.. Our aims and values.. We want to provide all our customers with high quality services.. We have set out some of the standards we expect our staff to keep to when dealing with you.. We have set some of these out in.. We are also committed to making sure we deliver services to you in the most cost effective way.. This is known as best value.. To achieve this we have a continuous programme of service reviews.. In these reviews we:.. Look critically at how we do things;.. Compare our performance with other associations;.. Consult with our tenants and other customers; and.. Develop plans for improving the service.. The Tenants Guarantee.. This is a set of principles and minimum standards of service that all housing associations registered with the Department of Social Development for Northern Ireland must follow.. The Department makes regular visits to housing associations to make sure that they are keeping to the standards set out in the Guarantee.. Listening to your comments.. We put a very high value on tenant participation.. This enables tenants to have a say in how we do things.. Tenants can do this through talking to or becoming members of the Tenant Forum.. Also, we include tenants on our service review working groups.. See Involving tenants.. We carry out surveys from time to time to find out how well you think we are doing in different areas of our service.. These surveys may be done face-to-face or over the phone, or we may send you a questionnaire by post.. In addition to the surveys we do, we are keen to hear from you at any time with suggestions or ideas about how we can improve our services.. It is also useful for us to hear about what we are doing right.. If we get it wrong.. We know that there may  ...   Deal with any personal information we have about you by following the government data protection requirements and our confidentiality policy.. When visiting you, we will:.. Always carry identification;.. Make sure all our contractors carry identification, are polite, tidy, courteous and consult you about when they will come to work in your home;.. Give you reasonable warning if we need to change or cancel an appointment; and.. Leave a calling card if we find you are not in.. When you visit us:.. Reception rooms will be clean, warm and tidy and have easy access;.. Up-to-date leaflets, posters and information will be easily available;.. We will aim to see you within five minutes of your appointment time; and.. We will use a private interview room, if you prefer this.. Telephone calls.. We will try to answer phone calls within eight rings.. If we can t respond fully at the first point of contact, we will arrange for a Housing Officer or Maintenance Officer to contact you.. When our offices are closed a recorded message will give you the office opening hours and tell you what action to take if you have an emergency.. If the person you want to talk to is unable to take your call, we will tell you how soon they will get back to you.. Letters and e-mails.. We will:.. Acknowledge a letter or e-mail from you within three working days and reply in full within a further ten working days (if we can t give a full reply within that time we will let you know); and.. Write to you in clear jargon-free language.. Equality and diversity.. We will treat everyone fairly and equally, but know that everyone is different and has different needs.. We welcome these differences and will do all we can to respect and encourage them.. Provide information about our services in the best format for you, including in large print, on audio tape or in languages other than English; and.. Arrange for an interpreter to help if you need one..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: How to contact us.. Your phone calls to us may be recorded for training or quality control purposes.. Phone the Oaklee Services Centre 1890 886 226 Our office hours are 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.. At Weekends, on public holidays and after 5pm on weekdays, we will only respond for emergency repairs.. If you have a textphone, please dial 18001 before the telephone number you want to call.. E-mail us.. servicescentre@oaklee.. ie.. (please do not use e-mail or text for emergency or urgent repairs).. Visit our head office 36-39 James’s Street, Dublin 8.. Write to us Maintenance Request, Oaklee Services Centre, Leslie Morrell House, 37-41 May Street,Belfast, BT1 4DN.. We expect our staff and contractors to be considerate and respectful towards you.. We expect you, your family and visitors to behave in a similar way towards them.. When you contact us.. If our customer advisors are very busy and you are waiting in a queue, we will answer your  ...   gas service will have an identity card with their photo on it.. You should check the card carefully.. Also, check that they are coming to do a repair or servicing you are expecting and that the number on their works order is the same as the job reference number we gave you when you reported your repair.. This also appears in your repair acknowledgement letter.. If you are at all unsure, ask them to stay outside and phone the Oaklee Services Centre.. Home contents insurance.. Oaklee does not insure tenants furnishings or belongings.. We strongly advise you to take out your own home contents insurance.. This will cover you against damage to your personal belongings, floor coverings, furniture and other contents and decorations, including damage from a fire, flood, break-in, vandalism or accident.. It would also cover certain items stolen in a break-in.. When choosing an insurance scheme, make sure it will cover broken glass and locks in doors and windows..

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  • Title: Contact Us Form
    Descriptive info: Your name:.. Your email address:.. Telephone number:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Oaklee Services Centre
    Descriptive info: The Oaklee Services Centre is a vital central contact point for its tenants and customers.. Since its launch in September 2005 it has developed its range of services significantly to meet the changing needs of its customer base.. The customer services standards are very high and ranked in line with similar leading Housing Associations in Great Britain.. We are the only Housing Association both north and south of the border that can provide a one stop shop for tenant s enquiries in this way, making access to services easy and very responsive.. Almost 90% of calls, whether tenant or property related are answered within the Services  ...   more consistent and accessible services for tenants but it has allowed Oaklee to restructure other departments to provide specialist teams to deliver customer focused areas such as housing allocations, estate management and rent collection.. A most recent innovation to support Frontline staff in delivering Tenant services was to introduce PDA mobile working technology so that housing and maintenance staff can access information communicated from the Services Centre whilst they are out on the ground.. Our investment in leading edge technology continues to help us develop our range of services for our tenants and also ensure we maintain the very highest standards in the housing association movement..

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  • Title: Repairs Enquiries
    Descriptive info: Before you call.. Look up the problem on one of the repairs sections.. See Types of repairs.. When you call, let us know.. your name, address, postcode, and a contact phone number;.. details of the item that needs repairing; and.. when a repair worker can come to do the work.. We will assess the repair.. We will tell you if it is your responsibility to arrange the repair.. If it is our responsibility, we will place an order with a local contractor, or a Maintenance Officer will contact you to discuss what needs to be done.. We will confirm the repair and give youa target date by which the repair should be finished;.. the name of the contractor who will do the work; and.. the job reference number.. This will also appear on the repair worker s works order.. Our contractor will contact you.. Our repairs contractor will phone you to agree when they will come to carry out the repair.. If it is an emergency they will tell you how soon they will be at your home.. For all other repairs they will try to agree a morning or afternoon on a specific date (Monday to Friday only).. Please make sure we have your correct phone number.. When you report a repair.. We may need to phone you or visit your home before ordering any repairs so we can assess exactly what work needs to be done.. We  ...   with you any problems that arise.. We insist that repair workers must not work in homes where the only person(s) at home are under 16 years old.. You need to make sure that the repair workers can get on with their work safely.. You must keep any pets out of the way, and keep your children under control.. Repair workers can refuse to work if they feel that their health or safety, or yours, is at risk.. In very bad weather we will always make things safe but repair workers may not be able to carry out a full repair.. This is for their own safety.. Oaklee s Property Services section is responsible for marinating your home to the highest standard.. You can report a repair in the following ways.. Click here to submit a repair request now.. Report to your scheme Coordinator (Sheltered Housing Only).. By Telephoning the Oaklee Services Centre on 1890 886226.. In an Emergency call our out of hours contact service FOLD on 0800 731 9081.. By letter.. Please mark Maintenance Request.. By visiting our Office in Dublin.. By emailing us at.. repairs@oaklee.. Please remember to include you address and contact information.. Day to Day repairs are carried out on a priority basis.. Oaklee Housing Association has 3 repair type categories:.. Emergency - To be completed within 24hrs.. Urgent - To be completed within 4 working days.. Normal - To be completed within 20 working days..

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  • Title: Complaints
    Descriptive info: We have a leaflet which sets out the steps you should follow.. Here is a short outline.. First steps.. Contact Oaklee Services Centre or your scheme co-ordinator for an informal discussion about the issue you are unhappy about.. We will try to sort out your problem quickly and to your satisfaction.. If it is about a repair, a member of staff will either visit your home to look at the problem or we will send someone out to carry out (or correct) the repair.. Formal complaint or appeal.. If you are not happy with the steps already taken, or you would rather refer the problem to someone else, please ask  ...   phone the Customer Services Officer who will fill in a complaints form and send you a copy.. The Officer will send you a letter of acknowledgement immediately and pass your complaint to the Chief Executive.. The Chief Executive or one of our directors will investigate the problem and get back to you with a response within 14 working days.. Most complaints are sorted out at this stage.. If you are still unhappy after the investigation, you can ask the Customer Services Officer to refer your matter to the Chairman of the Board.. The Chairman will review the complaint and the decisions made and will reply to you within 28 working days..

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