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  • Title: Search Engine Optimisation Services | SEO Ireland | Online Marketing
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Search Engine Optimisation.. Web Development.. Pay-per-Click.. Contact Us.. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Online Marketing Services.. Page1.. SEO Ireland.. offers small to medium size business.. search engine optimization.. and website development services at genuinely affordable low prices.. Unlike most other SEO companies in Dublin, Ireland,.. Read More.. Unlike most other SEO companies in Dublin, Ireland, we do not charge crazy dot com rates for our ethical, 100% white-hat SEO and website development services.. The rates some.. SEO.. companies in Dublin, Ireland charge, you make you think that the dot com bubble never burst and is very much alive.. Employing an.. company is a big decision and one which should not be taken lightly.. Get it wrong, and it will be a huge disaster for your online business.. However, if you get it right, it will mean Page1 rankings for your website, which will mean a huge increase in visitors and everyone knows that more visitors means increased sales.. Page1 SEO experts are vastly experienced in all areas of search engine optimization.. Our SEO services are 100% ethical and in accordance with Google webmaster guidelines.. Before you employ a.. (SEO) company, it is vital for any website owner to have at least a basic understanding of what SEO is broadly about and also what is good SEO and what is bad SEO.. Below we provide a very helpful explanation on good and bad SEO techniques, which you should make yourself aware of if you plan on employing an SEO company in Dublin or anywhere else in the world.. Hide Details.. Out rank your competitors.. Increase site visitors.. Generate more sales.. We offer effective, affordable ethical search engine optimisation services.. more.. Business Website Package.. 300 worth of PPC services free.. Free hosting for a year worth 95.. Free domain name worth 20.. Our business website package provides you with everything you need.. Pay-per-Click Marketing.. No.. 1 on Google Guaranteed.. 7 Day Money Back Guaranee.. + 100 Google PPC Ad Credit Free.. We'll get your PPC ads No.. 1 on Google or we'll refund your money!.. Understanding Good & Bad SEO Techniques.. (SEO) company, it is very important that you understand the basics of what is good and bad SEO as if you employ an SEO company who engages in unethical techniques, they will get your website banned from Google and all other search engines.. Short Explanation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):.. Search engine optimisation.. is commonly referred to as SEO.. Search engine optimization is the process of getting a website or a particular page on a website to rank highly in the organic (un-paid) search results of search engines such as Google for particular keywords or search terms.. Effective SEO is a continuous process and anyone looking for instant results will be disappointed as it will take a number of months before you start to see the results of your SEO efforts.. There are different SEO techniques various companies use, however, they  ...   not 100% conform with search engines rules so therefore they should not be used.. A lot of automated SEO services also come under the heading of Grey-hat.. Grey-hat SEO techniques are very risky and there is a seriously high chance that they will get your website banned from the search engines.. Many sites owners are tempted to use black-hat or grey-hat techniques to gain a Page1 ranking, however, we highly recommend that you do not go down this road because you will end up getting your web site banned from the search engines.. Ethical Search Engine Optimisation Service Guarantee.. Page1 SEO Declaration Guarantee To All Our Clients:.. Page1 SEO will NEVER use any.. search engine optimisation.. (SEO) technique that is not 100% White-hat and conforms to search engine rules including Google Webmaster Guidelines.. If you are looking for an SEO partner that will use either Black-hat and/or Grey-hat SEO techniques then we are not the search engine optimization partner for you.. Black and grey hat SEO will put you on the road to search engine failure!.. Many.. companies will guarantee a number 1 ranking on Google and other search engines, and good luck to them and their SEO clients.. However, Page1 SEO does not, will not and cannot guarantee a number 1 ranking on Google or any other search engine.. Well that s not strictly true because we could, if we wanted to, guarantee to have your website ranked in the number 1 position on Google for a totally obscure long-tail search term that absolutely no one in the world is searching for.. This type of guaranteed ranking practice is not only unethical but it misleads site owners and takes advantage of site owners lack of SEO knowledge.. and understanding.. No SEO company in the world can guarantee a genuine number 1 ranking and we strongly advise that you avoid any SEO company who makes such a false and misleading ranking guarantee.. Google make the following statement on their webmaster guidelines page, which confirms what we have just outlined.. No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a special relationship with Google, or advertise a priority submit to Google.. There is no priority submit for Google.. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.. With the information we have provided you with on this page coupled with Google s own statement, we hope you believe us when we say No SEO company in Ireland or in the world can guarantee a number 1 ranking.. The only thing any ethical.. company can guarantee you is that they will at all times, perform their SEO duties honestly and ehtically and use techniques that conform to Google s rules and regulations.. Page1 SEO Ireland makes that guarantee to all our customers..

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  • Title: Search Engine Optimisation | SEO Ireland | SEO Services | SEO Dublin
    Descriptive info: Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Ireland.. SEO Campaign Steps.. Before you embark on a.. (SEO) campaign, you need to work out and put in place an affective.. plan.. Most website owners think that once they have a website, it will automatically be found on Google and other search engines and lots of people will find and visitor their great looking website.. They think that people just have to type into Google a search term that is relevant to their website and bingo, their website will appear on Page 1 of Google.. If only it was as simple as that, but unfortunately,.. is not as straightforward and as simple as that.. Think about it, how many other website owners who are in the same market as you want to be on Page 1 of Google? There are only ten positions on each page of Google search results so every website cannot possibly appear on Page 1.. Google and other search engines uses what are called, algorithms, of which there are hundreds, to determine what position in their search results pages a website or a particular page on a website will appear.. Not All Websites Are Equal.. Websites are listed on a sliding scale in search results in accordance to how important or authoritative the search engine has calculated each website to be and how relevant the content on each website is to the search term entered.. Using its own set of algorithms, each search engine places the website it has calculated to be most important together with the most relevant  ...   know, and have, a very clear understanding of the following;.. Your target market and their needs.. Your target markets geographical location.. Search terms (keywords) your target market are using to find your product or service.. Who your top 3 to 5 competitors are.. Search terms your top competitors are targeting.. What it is you are selling, why your target market need it and how it will benefit them.. Any unique selling points you have.. Why customers should buy from you.. These are just some of the things that will ultimately form your.. plan and strategy.. Tailored Search Engine Optimisation Plan.. In order to devise an effective.. campaign, which is tailored to your specific needs, market and objectives, we work very closely with you so we gain a clear and precise understanding of your expectations, your targets, your target market, your competitors, best search terms to target, your business and also the industry you operate within.. We use our professional.. knowledge to help work all these, and many other factors out but for any SEO campaign to be successful, it needs the input and co-operation of the website owner from the start.. After our search engine optimisation experts formulate an.. plan and strategy for you, the next stage is to find out exactly what search terms your target market are using to find your service or product(s) and what are the best keywords to target.. This is done through thorough.. keyword research.. , which is Step 2 of your.. campaign.. Did you find this information useful?.. Yes.. Useful:.. Yes=796 No=9..

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  • Title: Website Development | Website Design Service
    Descriptive info: Website Development and Design Services.. Page 1 SEO is a professional.. web development.. and online marketing company in Dublin providing very affordable web development and marketing services to all business types.. From design to development to marketing your new website, we work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver exactly what they want and within the agreed timeframe and budget.. When we set out to build a website, we understand the secret to any website success is that it has a modern, fresh design that is pleasing to the visitor, is easy to navigate around and enables visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.. It is also vital that a website can expand as your business grows with no limitations on the number of pages a site can have.. You might see offers for a 5 or 10 page website.. These type of website deals simply restrict a websites expansion and will cost you a lot more money if you need your site to expand because you will need to employ a web developer to create new  ...   area most website developers get wrong or overlook is building the website so it is search engine friendly in order for it to rank highly on Google and other search engines.. There are certain on-page elements you simply have to get right for every page of your site so the search engines will like your site, such as page titles, H tags, META data etc.. Get these wrong, or leave them out altogether, as most sites do, and your website will fail.. It might look good to look at, but behind the scenes, it is a totally different situation.. Page 1 SEO believes that it is very important that all website owners should have at least a basic understanding how websites should be built, what each important on-page element is and why it is important and how a website ranks highly on search engines.. If you would like a free consultation on developing and/or marketing a new website or you would like to discuss your current website and how to improve it, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Search Engine Optimisation | Dublin SEO Company Page1seo
    Descriptive info: Please fill in your details and one of our team will contact you regarding your enquiry.. Your Name:.. *.. Phone Number:.. Email Address:.. Web Site Address:.. Message:..

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  • Title: SEO Link Building Services | Back Links | One Way Links
    Descriptive info: SEO Link Building Services..

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  • Title: Pay per Click Marketing | PPC Management Services | Dublin Ireland
    Descriptive info: Pay-per-click Marketing & Management Services.. Are you paying a high cost-per-click rate for your Google AdWords?.. Do your.. pay per click.. Google AdWords have a low click through rate (CTR)?.. Are your ads generating thousands of impressions but very few clicks?.. Are your landing pages not converting?.. Have you properly optimised your targeted keywords, ad copy and landing pages and do they all work in unison?.. Do your Google AdWords have a low Quality Score?.. If you are experiencing any of the above or you do not completely understand each one of these points, then you need urgent, professional.. Pay-per-click.. (PPC) help and Page 1 SEO can certainly help you.. We can help you increase your click through rate, improve your Google Quality Score, optimise your ad copy, keywords and landing pages and have them all working in unison while at the same time, help you increase your customer conversion rates and sales, which will drastically improve your Return on Investment (ROI).. It is no secret in the.. profession that almost all.. PPC.. campaigns that have being set up and managed by the business owner are  ...   or set up properly from the start because they do not fully understand what needs to be done and how to do it.. A poorly set up PPC campaign leads to substantially higher cost per click rates, poor Google quality score, a very low click through rate and very low customer conversion rates, which all result in a low Return on Investment (ROI).. If you do not fully understand all of the above-mentioned Pay-per-click points, then you absolutely need the help of a professional PPC marketing company such as Page1 SEO if you are currently running or intent to undertake some PPC marketing.. The points we mentioned above are just a very small number of elements that you must get right in order to achieve a successful Pay-per-click campaign that delivers a high Return on Investment (ROI).. Page1 SEO have helped many small to medium sized businesses with small budgets improve their online presence.. If you would like to know more about our.. services please.. contact us now.. and let us show you how we can help you increase your sales and reduce your.. marketing costs..

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  • Title: Small to Medium Size Business Website With Free Hosting
    Descriptive info: Business Website - Save 810.. 00 With This Low Cost Start-up Package.. Page 1 SEO low cost start-up bespoke.. business website.. package is ideal for any size business, big or small, who need a professional online presence and need to do it on a very low budget.. It includes 415.. 00 worth of marketing, web hosting and domain name services absolutely free.. This start-up.. package would normally cost 1,410.. 00 but you won't have to pay anywhere near that amount if you act fast.. For a limited time, we are offering this.. package for only.. 600.. 00.. , saving you a huge.. 810.. Our start-up business package includes the following.. A bespoke business website that is professionally designed to your specific requirements.. 300.. 00 worth of Google Pay-per-Click services.. Free hosting for your first year (value 95.. 00).. Free.. com domain name for one year (value 20.. A website that is built and coded properly so it is search engine friendly.. Easy insertion and management of crucial on-page.. factors.. A website that will achieve a higher ranking on Google.. Google analytics installed on your new website.. See comprehensive site visitor statistics.. An easy to manage website.. No need for monthly web development management fees.. Create unlimited webpages easily without web development knowledge.. An enquiry form for your customers to contact you.. Setup of up to five email addresses on your free hosting account with us.. Free Google Online Marketing For Your New Business Website.. Every website needs to be found for keywords your target market are using to find the service or product(s) you sell and the best place to do found is on Google.. To help get your new business website instantly found, our start-up.. package includes 300.. 00 worth of Google Pay-per-Click (PPC) services.. We will create a new Google AdWords account for you and our professional.. Google pay-per-click.. online marketing experts will create and optimise your PPC campaign.. We will expertly research and identify the right keywords to target.. Your PPC ads will be professionally written and optimised for you, which will mean your ads will not only stand out from your online competitors, but your cost-per-click will be lower because your ad quality score will improve.. Your new.. will appear at the top of Page 1 on Google above your competitors for keywords your target market are using to find your service or product(s) generating immediate customers and sales for you.. Unlimited Pages For Your Business Website.. The.. we will build for you will not be limited to a certain number of pages.. Have you noticed how other web development companies offer website packages such as a 5 page website for 399.. 00 or a 10 page website for 499.. 99? This type of website package is not suitable for a business website as they restrict the growth and expansion of your website and your  ...   to your server or hosting account.. Any delay in providing us with FTP access will obviously result in a delay in being able to complete the process.. We work very closely with you throughout the whole process so there really isn't anything for you to worry about.. We very much understand that most business owners do not understand the ins and outs of how a website works and nor do they want to, which is why we look after everything for you from start to finish so you can get on with the day to day running of your business.. We can assure you that once we have completed the process of building your new business website, not only will you be completely happy with the site, but you will have a better understanding how your website functions and how it is found on Google.. Get Stared Today Without Delay Before This Great Offer Is Gone.. So if you are looking to get your business online fast and at a very low price, our start-up business package is for you.. To get started, simply fill-in this short.. enquiry form.. and we will call you to discuss your requirements.. If you need a more advance dynamic website with complex functionality or an e-commerce site, we also offer these.. Because of the complexity of this type of website, we can only price these projects on an individual basis so please contact us to discuss your individual needs.. Unlike almost every other web development company, with do not inject an overload of hype into our discussions with our customers.. This practice is designed to take advantage of a customers lack of web development knowledge and to make the customer believe there is a hell of a lot more involved in their project than there actually is so the web development company can quote you a crazy high price.. Page 1 SEO does not operate like this.. We offer comprehensive web development and online marketing services at genuinely fair and affordable prices.. We do like to ensure our customers are well informed and explain in layman's terms what is involved in build their new business website and why certain on-page elements are so important to their site ranking.. It is our view that although not all website owners want to know the full ins and outs of how web development works, we believe every website owner should know what factors are very important to the success of their online business and why.. We explain it in a very simply way so even the most technophobe person will understand and find interesting.. Cheap Website Price Details.. Cost: 600.. VAT @ 23%: 138.. Total Cost: 738.. Value of Free Service: 410.. Total cost of website ( 738.. 00) less the free services value ( 410.. 00) equals a nett cost to you of only: 328..

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  • Title: Oops! 404 Error, sorry page not found. Page 1 SEO Ireland
    Descriptive info: Oops! 404 Error - Sorry page cannot be found.. It seems the page you were looking for cannot be found.. This could be because,.. - The page no longer exists.. - The page is currently unavailable.. - The page URL has changed..

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  • Title: Keyword Research - SEO Plan Step 2
    Descriptive info: Keyword Research - SEO Plan Step 2.. Step 2 of your organic SEO campaign is the.. Keywords Research.. stage.. Keywords are the most fundamental element of any SEO campaign because if you target the wrong keywords, your Search Engine Optimisation campaign will not be successful.. You need to carry our comprehensive.. identify the right.. keywords.. for your SEO campaign to target and then you need to create content for the keywords you are going to target and you then need to properly optimise the content you created.. Read more on the important subject of.. but finish reading this page first.. The type of keywords you need to identify and target are;.. Keywords that are highly relevant to whatever service or product(s) you offer.. Keywords your target market are using to kind your service or product(s).. Keywords that are not highly competitive.. Keywords you have a realistic chance of ranking for.. Keywords your competitors are not targeting.. Our SEO experts will carry out thorough.. and identify the keywords your target market are using to find your service or product(s) and present you with a list of keywords your search engine optimisation campaign should target and the reasons why you should target them.. Our experts will check the competitiveness of each keyword and select the right keywords for your SEO campaign.. We will check and analyse the keywords your competitors are targeting and make recommendations on whether or not you should target the same.. Choose The Right Keywords.. The mistake most website owners make is that they do not perform.. properly and target keywords that have the highest monthly search volume and think they will get more visitors from these keywords.. The reality is, these keywords are generally single or two-word keywords that are too generic and are highly competitive.. You would need a huge marketing budget to rank highly for these type of keywords.. If you know how to do keyword research properly and  ...   it be before I start to rank on Page 1 of Google? The answer to this varies depending on a number of factors.. If you are in a highly competitive market, such as property, weight loss, gambling etc, it will take much longer to rank on Page 1, possibly up to a year or more depending on your marketing budget.. If you are in a market with little competition, you could see a big improvement in your rankings in a matter of weeks.. Generally, in most cases, it will take three to six months before you start to see a big jump in your rankings.. Knowing how to carry out.. properly and thoroughly will help you find the right keywords to get your site ranking highly in the shortest possible time.. Guaranteed Keyword Ranking.. Another question we get asked regularly is, do we guarantee a number 1 ranking? The answer to this is, no.. Absolutely no SEO company anywhere in the world can guarantee you a genuine number 1 organic ranking.. We do however offer a guaranteed number 1 ranking in Google.. pay-per-click.. results.. Pay per click results are different to organic results.. If you are offered a guaranteed number 1 organic ranking by an SEO company, we would advise you not use them as such guarantees are disingenuous, misleading and are designed to take advantage of peoples lack of SEO knowledge.. In their webmaster guidelines, Google make this statement in respect of number 1 ranking guarantees.. If you are looking for a ranking guarantee, then we are not the search engine optimisation company you are looking for.. You will only have a chance of a number 1 ranking through the use of effective, ethical SEO techniques, which is what Page 1 SEO offer.. When our search engine optimisation experts complete the.. step and have agreed keyword selection with you, the next stage of your search engine optimisation campaign is On-page Optimisation.. Yes=1348 No=13..

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  • Title: On-page Optimisation - SEO Plan Step 3
    Descriptive info: On-page Optimisation - SEO Plan Step 3.. Step 3 of your organic SEO campaign is the.. On-page Optimisation.. So what is.. ?.. On-page optimisation.. is the process of making a website as search engine friendly as possible.. The following are some of the basic, but hugely important, elements every site simply must get right.. Domain name review.. Search engine friendly URLs.. Page title tags,.. title.. This is the title of this page /.. Page description tags, meta name= description content= This is a description of this page /.. Page keyword tags, meta name= keywords content= keyword 1, keyword 2.. H Tags, h1 class= action This is the H1 tag /h1.. Image tags, img alt= image title src= url of image /.. Unique site content.. Keyword density.. Keyword placement.. Emphasizing targeted keywords.. Internal linking and anchor text.. External linking and anchor text.. Optimising minimising site HTML code.. Site navigation.. Site map.. Expert On-page Optimisation.. Our.. experts will be able to go through your website and identify areas that need to be changed and improved.. Everyday we see websites that have the same page title for every page on their website and some don't even have pages titles.. We see websites that  ...   page is about.. These are the on-page factors that search engines look to in order for them to know what each page is about.. This is why it is vital that every page on your website is optimised properly.. On-page Optimisation Essential Rule.. A very common mistake website owners make is that they try to target too many keywords with every page of their site.. Each page should have just one subject matter and the page should be optimised for that one subject.. For example, if you sell cars, Mercedes, BMW, Ford etc, you cannot create one page and put information about all the different makes and models of all the different types of cars you sell.. Each make and model should have its own page that is highly optimised just for that particular make and model.. This is why your website needs to have an organised structure that not only makes it easy for your site visitors to find what they are looking for, but also makes it easy for search engines to know and understand what every page is about.. The next step of your SEO campaign after the.. stage is complete, is the Off-page Optimisation stage.. Yes=967 No=2..

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  • Title: Off-page Optimisation - SEO Plan Step 4
    Descriptive info: Off-page Optimisation - SEO Plan Step 4.. Step 4 of your organic SEO campaign is the.. Off-page Optimisation.. Before you even think about doing any kind of off-page optimisation, you must complete the.. stage otherwise most of your off-page optimisation efforts will be in vain.. What is off-page optimisation?.. Off-page optimisation.. is the process of promoting a website primarily by generating links from other websites to your website.. These links are called in-bound links or back-links.. This part of your organic SEO campaign is vital but it is extremely time consuming and you really do need to know what you are doing.. If your website is in any kind of market that has competition, your website will never rank for any meaningful keywords, no matter how well you have carried out on-page optimised, if you do not perform off-page optimisation properly and regularly on a weekly basis.. Why? Because if you are not generating quality back-links to your website regularly, and lots of them, your website will never rank for keywords worth ranking for.. Think of back-links as votes from other websites for your website and the more votes your website has received, the more popular it will appear to Google and other search engines so your site will rank above your competitors site in search results.. Links to websites is what Google uses to calculate the popularity and importance of every website, however, when it comes to inbound links, it is not quantity that counts, it is without doubt, quality of link and quality of the linking site.. A link from a website that has a Google Page Rank (PR) of 6 is far, far better than a link from multiple PR 1 or 2 websites.. However, getting back-links from high PR sites is more difficult than from low PR sites.. It is also important that the linking site has a similar theme to your site.. So why does Google and other search engines consider links to websites so important?.. To fully understand the answer to this question, you need to understand what the primary objective of any search engine is.. Have you ever heard the expression information highway ? This is a common term used to describe the Internet and it came about because the objective of all search engines is to provide the searcher with the  ...   could consider the Internet as an information popularity contest.. Making Your Website More Popular.. Google assumes every link it finds for a site has been created by a single person and that person has decided to create a link on a related site to your website because they consider the content of your website to be both useful and of interest to other people.. So if you create back-links properly, Google will see each back-link as a strong vote for your website.. When generating back-links to your website, it is vital that it looks natural to Google.. What we mean by that is if a website has only a handful of links today, and then in two or three days time, it suddenly has 10,000 links.. That simply isn't something that would happen naturally and Google will see this and it will penalise your website.. For this reason, you should never use automated link building software products or services who claim to get you thousands of links to your site.. These type of services will most likely get your site banned from the search engines.. Link Anchor Text.. Anchor text is the text you see that is a link to another website or page within a website.. The most popular link anchor text text is click here although you should never use this anchor text for any of your clicks.. You should try use your keywords as your anchor text for back-links but do not do this all the time because this will also not look natural.. Imagine you are targeting the search term shiny red shoes.. This is the anchor text you want to use for your back-links on other sites and make sure it links to a page that is.. optimised.. for shiny red shoes and the page is also called shiny-red-shoes.. html.. Use this URL format rather than shiny_red_shoes.. Our team of expert off-page optimisation experts have years of experience and knowledge in all areas of on-page and off-page search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).. We work 100% in accordance with Google webmaster guidelines and will never do anything that would impact negatively on your reputation, your business or on your website.. Our aim is to help your business grow and get you to the top of Google with an ethical.. strategy.. Yes=886 No=7..

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