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  • Title: Pan Research - Mystery Shopping | Mystery Shopping Ireland | Market Research
    Descriptive info: .. Mystery Shopping.. Market Research Services.. t: (01) 299 3800.. Home.. Services.. Mystery Shopping.. Video and Audio.. Customer Retention.. Survey Toolkit.. Consumer Panels.. Join Our Panel.. Retail Audits.. User Testing.. Screentoaster.. Prospective Clients.. Testimonials.. Benefits.. PANnet Demo.. Case Studies.. Company Profile.. Mystery Shop Articles.. News.. Mystery Shoppers.. Shopper Application.. Shopper Comments.. FAQs.. Shopper Login.. Contact Us.. We Deliver Insight.. ►.. Improve Frontline Service Sales Performance.. View Listen to your Customer Experiences.. Access Opinions of over 3000 Irish Consumers.. Monitor Competitor Pricing/Product Availability..  ...   expertise, methodology and resources to ensure that frontline staff are.. delivering quality service.. ,.. building brand.. and.. increasing revenue streams.. Our Services.. Who We Are.. About us.. Video Mystery Shopping.. Client Testimonials.. Customer Retention.. Consumer Panels.. Retail and Price Audits.. Return on Investment.. Sign up to our NEWSLETTER.. PAN Research.. D3 Nutgrove Office Park.. Dublin 14.. t: 299 3800 / 01.. e:.. abushnell@panresearch.. ie.. (Adrian Bushnell).. Copyright PAN Research T: 01 2993800 E:.. Web Design by Aarado.. |.. Web Hosting by Irish Domains..

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  • Title: Pan Research - Mystery Shopping | Mystery Shopping Services | Mystery Shopping Options
    Descriptive info: Mystery Shopping Services.. Performance Evaluator.. We provide proven mystery shopping programmes resulting in increased sales performance and higher service standards for your business.. PAN s service includes detailed analysis and interpretation of mystery shopping findings, including targeted conclusions and recommendations.. Our unique know how, as Ireland s first specialist mystery shopping company, allows us to provide the best value to you.. Our experienced team works closely with clients to implement action plans that drive frontline improvements to your business.. PANnet.. , our.. unique market leading mystery shopping system.. , employs cutting edge online technology to offer you real-time web based reporting.. C.. lick here for a demo of our online reporting.. We guarantee delivery of actionable findings on time and within budget.. PAN s unique reports enable action by identifying strengths and weaknesses in service delivery, product knowledge and sales performance - read some.. Reports also act as an effective staff motivation and training tool.. As a leader in the field with over 22,000 mystery shops completed, we guarantee our clients proven mystery shopping programmes delivering a.. better return on investment.. with real improvements to frontline  ...   techniques to ensure against mis selling, documentation compliance provision etc.. Franchise Monitor.. The key to franchise success is that the customer experience and product offering in all locations conform to set standards.. Our Franchise Monitor is specifically designed to test the uniformity of every aspect of the customer experience.. Everything from telephone contact, point of sale material, branding, signage and all aspects of service delivery is measured and benchmarked nationally.. For more information on Mystery Shopping and any service offered by PAN Research.. contact us.. today.. Click here for Video Audio Recorded Mystery Shopping.. TOP.. Video Mystery Shops.. Retail Price Audits.. User Testing.. We highly recommend PAN to any company seeking a partner that provides outstanding service, excellent quality, and a detailed evaluation of customer experiences.. J Ryan, Retail Excellence Manager O2.. We work very well with PAN s experienced project management team who continually develop how research findings are used and presented.. PAN s mystery shopping is central to helping our staff improve their performance.. B Healy, Allianz.. We Offer You.. FREE Pilot Programs.. Competitor Benchmarking.. Recommendations for action.. and the.. 7 PAN Benefits.. (Adrian Bushnell)..

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  • Title: Pan Research - Video Mystery Shopping | Audio Mystery Shopping | Recorded Mystery Shopping
    Descriptive info: Video Mystery Shopping.. Video mystery shopping allows clients to view for themselves the reality of customer experiences.. An invaluable training tool, the real power of video mystery shopping is to.. e.. ffect fundamental change in the quality of service and sales.. delivery to customers.. The reality of customer experiences is captured using covert state-of-the-art video audio recording equipment.. Evaluations are conducted nationwide by fully trained mystery shoppers.. Recordings are digital which ensures the highest quality of picture and sound.. Each evaluation is subjected to a rigorous quality control procedure and can be accompanied by a detailed mystery shopping report.. Take your mystery shopping programme to the next level.. We deliver full colour video format and perfect audio which allows you to see and hear your staff in action.. We also provide advice on  ...   This approach not only provides companies with objective, fact-based research, but also enables managers to listen back to exactly what frontline staff said to customers, and how they reacted to customer queries.. FREE OFFER.. We are currently offering.. FREE Video Mystery Shops.. in exchange for being able to host edited versions of these videos on our website as samples.. Edited versions can be viewed beforehand and are subject to agreement.. If you would like some more information please.. CONTACT US.. straight away, as this offer will only available for a limited period.. Our mystery shopping programme helped us develop an internal quality control process that focuses on key issues which are important to our customers.. The audio recorded telephone calls have been particularly effective in focusing attention on achieving excellence.. MD leading Storage Company..

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  • Title: Pan Research - Customer Retention | Customer Loyalty | Customer Retention Techniques
    Descriptive info: Customer Retention Matters.. Why? because it's cheap, it means that you can increase profit without increasing prices, or finding new customers.. Independent research has established two clear facts:.. 1.. On average, businesses will lose between 30% to 50% of their customers every 5 years.. The bad news is that this figure increases during a recession.. 2.. If you can hold on to an extra 5% of your customers you could double your profits!.. The relationship between costs and winning new business is well known.. Adopting a strategy of listening to your existing or recent customers and finding out what is important for them could be the most financially rewarding exercise you conduct this year.. Get Personal: 6 Steps to Customer Retention.. Don't just assume the reason a customer stops buying from you is price.. There are normally many more reasons as to why this is happening; customer needs are not being met, poor service or communication, targeted by a competitor, new product/service requirements etc.. Here we have put together 6 steps to help you improve customer retention.. Step 1: Make it Measurable.. You will need to be able to answer the question How successful was our retention strategy So, measure your existing retention rate, and then set a new retention goal.. You will need to set out a clear strategy, i.. e.. is your focus simply on retaining your existing customers or on expanding the depth and breath of products and services that customers purchase.. Step 2: Focus your Effort.. It goes without saying that all customers should be treated with care.. However the 80/20 rule applies here more than ever.. 20% of your customers account for 80% of your sales.. You should target that 20% for special treatment.. Step 3: Identify what your customers need.. You have to ask your customers what they really want and where the performance gaps exist.. What do your customers value most? Prices? Convenience? Speed? Customised services? More Personal Contact? Unless you know, the services you provide may not be what they really want.. Asking customers these questions shows that you care about them and their business.. This dialogue in itself can strengthen customer relationships and improve loyalty.. Step 4: Develop Programmes to Improve Performance.. Like all successful change, an effective improvement programme must be driven from the top down.. This is also the hardest part of customer retention, and in our experience where the process often breaks down.. In order to be successful, companies must follow through with changes  ...   You should continue to measure customer retention progress based on your set goals.. In our experience companies may put a customer retention or mystery shopping programme in place and leave it there, tick the box and move on.. But if your customers are going to remain loyal, you need to communicate with them on a regular basis.. Monitor changes in your customer s requirements or buying behaviour so that you can reflect this in your business, build loyalty and beat the competition.. To find out more.. or call Adrian Bushnell at (01) 299 3800.. Why Customer Satisfaction is so Important.. It s easy for a sole trader to have their finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction, with feedback given personally.. In larger businesses, unless management have direct unbiased contact with their customers this valuable feedback is hard to get.. This is why surveys are necessary to measure and track customer satisfaction.. Conducting a customer satisfaction survey is a great thing to do, but.. it is only one step to making a real lasting difference.. Major long lasting improvements require change in a company and support of senior management.. This involves understanding what the research is saying, implementing action plans and measuring ongoing performance.. Delivered correctly, customer satisfaction programmes result in more l.. oyal customers.. higher sales.. and market share.. , a.. stronger brand.. happier staff.. To deliver major long lasting improvement, our customer satisfaction programmes include:.. How to ask the right question to the right person.. What questions to ask.. what do customers consider to be important.. How should the survey be carried out.. more.. How to measure satisfaction, and the importance attached to specific attributes.. Creating your Customer Satisfaction Index when are customers genuinely satisfied/loyal?.. How to use customer satisfaction studies to best effect.. Implement an Action plan quick fixes and longer term improvements.. Click here to view our survey toolkit, and the advantages and diadvantages of each option.. The research delivered a true insight into what our customers think and also uncovered a large number of sales opportunities.. It easily paid for itself and we are surprised and delighted with the results.. Sheelagh Carroll, Marketing Manager DMG Group.. We are extremely pleased with the customer satisfaction programme delivered by PAN.. The research generated excellent insights.. The team at PAN are easy to work with, supportive and offer timely feedback and response throughout projects.. They exhibit clarity of thinking from research design through to the excellent reporting.. Laura Reddy, Customer Insight Manager, Sherry FitzGerald..

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  • Title: Pan Research - Customer Surveys | Satisfaction Surveys
    Descriptive info: Survey Type.. Advantages.. Disadvantages.. Application.. Online.. Very low cost.. Extremely fast responses.. Respondent flexibility - when to complete.. High response rate for correct targeting.. Powerful fast reporting.. Include visuals audio.. List integrity: safe guards to ensure reliability of findings.. Short surveys, response rates drop with longer surveys.. B2C: may not reflect general populations (see PAN's.. ).. Business to Business Research: by email or on website.. Employee Attitude Surveys.. Consumer surveys with  ...   substantive answers.. High control of interviewer standards sample.. B2C: Lower response rates.. No visual supports.. Requires skilled interviewer for best results.. General Population surveys.. Business surveys where interviewer can probe for substantive answers.. Face to Face.. Build rapport talk to respondent longer.. Good response to open ended questions.. Allows probing and answers to be queried.. Expensive.. Longer to complete than other options.. For key customers.. Where the subject is complicated or lengthy..

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  • Title: Pan Research - Consumer Panels | Online Consumer Panels | Mystery Shopping
    Descriptive info: A fast, inexpensive way to reach your target audience and get answers to your marketing questions.. Our online consumer panel allows you to ask over.. 3000 Irish consumers.. questions relating to your business.. We deliver statistically significant findings up to.. 50% CHEAPER.. than alternatives because we manage our own panel of consumers rather than recruiting for each project.. Target your audience and get detailed feedback on products, services and marketing questions.. :.. Evaluate market by measuring attitude and usage.. Understand customer satisfaction commitment.. Test marketing messages.. Measure awareness of brands services.. Accurately understand trends.. Detailed user feedback on your website.. Our Online Consumer Panel is Superior because.. Immediate access to 3000 hard to reach customer profiles.. Quick Reporting, often within  ...   experience their brand, products and services.. Customer Panels are designed to allow management at all levels engage directly with their customers, something that rarely happens.. Panels are recruited based on the issues to be examined.. A bank's customer service director might want to talk to people who recently applied for a loan.. A retail head of operations might want to talk to people about their in store shopping experience.. A marketing director might be keen to get a firsthand account of consumers attitudes towards their marketing messages.. Click here to.. For more information on Consumer Panels and any service offered by PAN Research.. Download our brochure for more information on pricing and the breakdown of our panel.. Join our Consumer Panel..

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  • Title: Pan Research - Join Our Panel
    Descriptive info: It just takes a minute to become part of PAN s new Online Consumer Panel by completing the Sign Up Form below just click on the link.. Retailers, service providers and other organisations are interested in your opinions.. So, from time to time panel members will be asked to complete online questionnaires giving their thoughts on  ...   with entries into competitions to win.. Cash prizes or Ipods, Netbooks, Digital Camera's and Vouchers.. Privacy and Confidentially guarantee: You are protected with a guarantee from PAN Research to complete privacy and confidentially of information supplied.. Please be assured that we NEVER share your details with third parties.. Click Here to Join PAN's.. Online Community Panel..

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  • Title: Pan Research - Pricing Audits | Retail Audits | Mystery Shopping
    Descriptive info: Price, Product and Promotion Audits.. - How does your merchandising look? Are your products available and correctly priced?.. PAN completes price and product audits across a range of retail sectors.. Our.. Internet reporting system ensures rapid reporting to enable quick reaction to the marketplace.. We also conduct.. Product Availability, Promotion and Point of Sale Audits.. If your products are not available in stores customers will go to your competitors.. Industry research suggests that almost  ...   store.. For more information on Retail Audits and any service offered by PAN Research.. Our partnership with Pan Research dates back over six years.. During this period we have been impressed with the professional manner in which they have conducted our research.. They have consistently delivered accurate information giving us market insight into brand performance.. I would happily recommend Pan to any company looking for a reputable research agency.. Product Manager, Leading Paint Varnish Manufacturer..

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  • Title: Pan Research - User Testing | Website Testing | Website Audit
    Descriptive info: COMING SOON!.. Usability Test your website with real customers!.. PAN's Usability Testing Service is an.. easy.. quick.. incredibly cost effective.. way to find out how to dramatically improve your website's results.. We find.. real people from your target market.. , per your detailed specifications.. We have them usability test your website.. per your exact instructions.. We deliver you the results normally within.. 24 hours.. Stop waiting to improve your website.. Contact us.. and we will set up your first user test for.. FREE!..

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  • Title: Pan Research - Screentoaster
    Descriptive info: Free online screencasting tool..

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  • Title: Pan Research - testimonials
    Descriptive info: For the past 5 years we have been able to rely on PAN s experienced project management team and extensive mystery shopper network to ensure successful research that reflects what our customers are experiencing.. John Ryan, Retail Excellence Manager - O2 Retail.. PAN s work is excellent.. They are dedicated to meeting our needs and provide valuable feedback on the delivery of all aspects of our service and sales performance.. PAN s reports are extremely valuable in terms of ensuring first class customer experiences and quality service delivery.. Our mystery shopping programmes have enabled Sherry FitzGerald to pinpoint areas in need of improvement as well as identify those who truly shine within our organisation.. Triona Gorman, Director, Sherry FitzGerald Countrywide.. We have found the quality and range of their mystery shopping reports to be excellent, both in terms of statistical  ...   allows us to instantly share information about our performance with people at all levels across our business.. Laura Kelly, Customer Experience Manager, AXA Ireland.. I strongly recommend PAN's mystery shopping to other firms who aim for high levels of customer retention and excellent service standards.. PAN's team has successfully managed mystery shopping programmes that deliver a comprehensive understanding of customer experiences and staff performance levels.. Their online reporting is quick and easy to use, and an excellent tool for staff motivation and training.. Barry Dempsey, Managing Director, Peter Mark.. I am very pleased with the relationship I have developed with members of the PAN team and because of their excellent service and research analysis, I am more than happy to recommend PAN to other companies seeking to improve frontline service and sales performance.. Orla Cleary, Human Resources Manager, Atlantic Homecare..

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