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  • Title: Aer Lingus strikes on-going | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Travel Insurance.. Car Hire.. Stay and Fly.. Aer Lingus strikes on-going.. 31 January 2011.. | Dublin.. Strikes over the last month by Aer Lingus staff have affected over 50 flights, many of them departing from or arriving at Dublin Airport.. The industrial action by cabin crew is still on-going as  ...   an agreement between Aer Lingus and the Impact Trade Union.. Tweet.. Get a quote.. Topics.. (16).. (21).. (52).. (2).. (8).. Archive.. December 2011.. (1).. November 2011.. (6).. October 2011.. (5).. September 2011.. August 2011.. (7).. July 2011.. (11).. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. (9)..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/01/aer-lingus-strikes-on-going.html
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  • Title: December coldest month on record at Dublin Airport | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: December coldest month on record at Dublin Airport.. 30 January 2011.. Met Éireann confirmed last month was the coldest at Dublin Airport.. The temperature at Dublin Airport throughout December has been confirmed as the coldest on record.. The month saw travel chaos for many, particularly around Christmas as the cold weather caused snow and ice to close the airport and ground flights.. Met Éireann confirmed it was the coldest ever month since records began at Dublin Airport..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/01/december-coldest-month-on-record-at-dublin-airport.html
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  • Title: New Dublin airport incentive for airlines and passengers | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: New Dublin airport incentive for airlines and passengers.. 21 December 2010.. The DAA have announced that they will rebate airport charges to all customers who travel through Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports in 2011 when the total passenger numbers going through the airports reach 23.. 5 million.. The scheme was set up  ...   Irish airports.. Once that figure is reached any additional traffic will be free of charges and previously booked tickets will be rebated the value of the airport charges they paid.. Along with the low aviation tax set by the Irish Government, it is thought this will ensure high levels of passenger numbers..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/12/new-dublin-airport-incentive-for-airlines-and-passengers.html
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  • Title: Explosive planted near Dublin airport | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Explosive planted near Dublin airport.. 13 December 2010.. An explosive was found in the car park of Airside Retail Park in Swords, about 1 mile away from Dublin Airport.. The suspect device was found opposite where the Wright Venue, one of North Dublin's top nightclub venues.. The bomb was detonated in a controlled environment and is now being examined and further investigations are being carried out..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/12/explosive-planted-near-dublin-airport.html
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  • Title: Air India look to Dublins Terminal 2 | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Air India look to Dublins Terminal 2.. 09 December 2010.. Air India are looking at moving their European hub from Frankfurt to the new terminal at Dublin airport.. A major factor in this is the airport charges in Frankfurt.. Air India has seen large increases over the last couple of years and it believes it service can be maintained or improved  ...   cost.. Birmingham airport is also in the running for this contract.. However Dublin is seen as the favourite due to the new screening technology in terminal 2.. As Air India are looking to target their trans Atlantic flights, the fact the emigration checks for the US and Canada will be carried out in Dublin before the plane leaves is a huge bonus..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/12/air-india-look-to-dublins-terminal-2-.html
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  • Title: Aer Lingus cease low budget model | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Aer Lingus cease low budget model.. 07 December 2010.. Chief Executive aer lingus.. Aer Lingus announced that they will no longer offer zero fares to customers and are leaning away from budget offers as it is not a viable option as it is not sustainable.. The company have not seen  ...   This was the main topic for Christoph Mueller, Aer Lingus's chief executive, who was addressing the Travel Agents Association.. In stark contrast Ryanair have insisted that while demand is there they will run their budget flights to all destinations and continue to produce low cost air travel for the general public..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/12/aer-lingus-cease-low-budget-model.html
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  • Title: Dublin aerospace win Easyjet contract | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Dublin aerospace win Easyjet contract.. 30 November 2010.. Dublin aerospace based in Dublin airport have won a sought after contract in the industry with Easyjet.. The firm have a 5 year service contract on the rear wing spar inspection bulletins on the airlines fleet of A320.. The contract also includes the overhaul of the company's A319 landing gear..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/11/dublin-aerospace-win-easyjet-contract.html
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  • Title: New airport for Dublin and Leinster | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: New airport for Dublin and Leinster.. It was heard at a Wexford County Council meeting that a new airport could be open in the region by 2015.. A group called 'East Leinster Airport Project', represented Anthony Martin, has stated that they have found a site for the proposed runway and airport and the funding  ...   Co Wexford and was choosen because of its location to Dublin.. It would be no susprise in some of aviations big players were involved in this scheme as the airport location and the 'no frills' branding of the airport looks similar to a number of other European airports and had they came into existence..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/11/new-airport-for-dublin-and-leinster.html
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  • Title: Ryanair reducing flights from Dublin | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Ryanair reducing flights from Dublin.. 22 November 2010.. Michael O'Leary announced last Thursday that due to the DAA's insistence of to increase passenger charges and introduction of the airport tax for each person travelling through Dublin airport, that Ryanair have been forced to reduce their flights in and out of double.. He advised that at a time when Ryanair were growing in every other country, it was a shame that in its home country it was  ...   of Terminal 2 at Dublin, saying it that it was something that the DAA and the Irish government couldn't offer and was a white elephant.. His timing could not have been more apt, when Terminal 2 was opened last week, on the same day the IMF came to have talks with the Brian Lenihan.. He labelled the terminal building a welcoming suite for the IMF and dressed up as an undertaker and attending the opening ceremony..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/11/ryanair-reducing-flights-from-dublin.html
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  • Title: Terminal 2 opens at Dublin airport | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Terminal 2 opens at Dublin airport.. Terminal 2 has opened its doors under massive controversy and the DAA have a hard road ahead to show the Irish people that it was really needed.. While the government have insisted the new terminal is for the long term, the fact passenger numbers have slumped by 4 million in the last 2 years, it raises the question, was this really the right time? To compound this timing  ...   in on the same day Terminal 2 opened.. Looking beyond this however, Aer Lingus have had some flights out of the terminal, although travellers still had to check in at Terminal 1, and Air Ethiad will begin their scheduled flights from tomorrow.. It is hoped that Aer Lingus will be fully operational from the Terminal in the New Year, with a number of Trans Atlantic flights also in place by that time with other airlines..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/11/terminal-2-opens-at-dublin-airport.html
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  • Title: Passenger numbers increase a timely boost for Terminal 2 | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Passenger numbers increase a timely boost for Terminal 2.. 11 November 2010.. Figures released for the number of passengers travelling through Dublin airport have showed an 1% increase from the same time last year.. It shows that 1.. 7 million passengers used Dublin in October and it must be a good sign for the DAA and the opening of terminal 2 in a few weeks..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/11/passenger-numbers-increase-a-timely-boost-for-terminal-2.html
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  • Archived pages: 142