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    Archived pages: 142 . Archive date: 2012-07.

  • Title: Belfast long term car park is hiding place for republican bomb | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Travel Insurance.. Car Hire.. Stay and Fly.. Belfast long term car park is hiding place for republican bomb.. 31 March 2011.. | Belfast International.. The Belfast Telegraph has issued an aritcle, which leads to scrutiny of the security in place at Belfast International airport.. In October 2010, a bomb was found in the boot of a car in the long term car park.. It  ...   Belfast International airport received a number of state visitors including the Queen of England and the Prime Minister at the time, Gordon Brown.. Tweet.. Get a quote.. Topics.. (16).. (21).. (52).. (2).. (8).. Archive.. December 2011.. (1).. November 2011.. (6).. October 2011.. (5).. September 2011.. August 2011.. (7).. July 2011.. (11).. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. (9)..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/03/belfast-long-term-car-park-is--hiding-place-for-republican-bomb-.html
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  • Title: Dublin Airport petrol at a premium price | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Dublin Airport petrol at a premium price.. 09 March 2011.. The petrol station in Dublin airport charges 16cent more than other locations elsewhere in the country it was written in an article in the Independent by Aideen Sheehan on the 9th March 2011.. It is also predicted that the ESSO group, of which the airport petrol is part of, will increase their price despite the price  ...   for petrol is high in any airport, where car rentals being returned and the volume of traffic passing through would allow for an increase to other stations.. However it is the size of the price difference that is hard to justify.. Parksmart.. ie promote value for money as much as possible and would advise for travellers to the airport to fill up before they get there..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/03/dublin-airport-petrol--at-a-premium-price.html
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  • Title: BMI move causes industry unrest at Belfast | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: BMI move causes industry unrest at Belfast.. 29 November 2010.. BMI Baby has decided to move its operation from Belfast International Airport.. The reason its gives for this is it wants to give their customers more flexibility and convenience and due to the location of George Best Belfast City airport, it believes this is a better option.. Flybe however have stated that the move was wholly to cater for the benefit of Northern Ireland aviation, but that buying airport assets from subsidised finance is the cause, and believes this practice could be destabalising to the industry in the future..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/11/bmi-move-causes-industry-unrest-at-belfast.html
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  • Title: Ryanair set to leave Belfast City Airport | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Ryanair set to leave Belfast City Airport.. 31 August 2010.. Ryanair has announced that it is set to leave Belfast City Airport.. It has one airplane located there and this is planned to leave there on October 31st.. It will be relocated to another European city, but as yet undisclosed.. As Ryanair do not service.. Belfast International airport.. , it  ...   in Northern Ireland it flies in and out of.. The reason Ryanair is leaving is because because of a delay into the public enquiry that is in place for the second runway to be built.. The original date this runway was to be operational was 2008.. This decision will result in 50 job losses, but staff will be offered relocation deals..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/08/ryanair-set-to-leave-Befast-city-airport.html
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  • Title: How Fifty Years Have Flown By | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: How Fifty Years Have Flown By.. 28 October 2011.. | Cork.. A new book telling the story of Cork Airport's development from a windy hillside in the 1950s has been launched.. Written by brothers Donal and Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil, "Fifty Years Have Flown" also covers the area's links with aerial matters  ...   the reasoning behind the decision to locate the airport at its chosen site of Farmers Cross near Ballygarvan, south of Cork, and includes the tragic air accidents of 1968, 1985 and 2011.. The book, published by Collins Press, is illustrated with many photographs providing a fascinating visual remembrance for older readers..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/10/how-fifty-years-have-flown-by.html
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  • Title: Etihad unCorked | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Etihad unCorked.. 03 October 2011.. Etihad Airways has introduced a special offer to its business class customers who are travelling from Cork to Abu Dhabi, Dubai or beyond via Dublin.. The improvement in the road network linking Cork with Dublin, has encouraged more people to make the journey by road rather than taking a domestic flight.. Etihad is providing free Audi A4 cars for  ...   Airport and dropped off at Dublin Airport, thus avoiding the hassle and cost of car parking.. To avail of the privilege, however, passengers will have to have paid at least €1,999 for a ticket to Etihad's major Middle East destinations of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and considerably more for destinations beyond.. Etihad's service to Abu Dhabi from Terminal 2 at Dublin operates 10 times weekly..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/10/etihad-uncorked.html
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  • Title: Cork Chamber action to replace Ryanair Cork-Dublin airport route | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Cork Chamber action to replace Ryanair Cork-Dublin airport route.. 31 August 2011.. After the announcement by Ryanair that they are discontinuing their Dublin-Cork airport route in October, Cork Chamber have begin to investigate whether it is worthwhile to investigate the feasibility of trying to find alternatives to this.. Working with Dublin Chamber, they are requesting businesses in Cork and Dublin to complete the survey which assesses as to the benefit that individual companies experienced through the air route being in place.. Once they have colated this information, it will be used as part of a proposal to other airline providers..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/08/cork-chamber-action-to-replace-ryanair-cork-dublin-airport-route.html
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  • Title: 50 years, 50 photos | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: 50 years, 50 photos.. 22 August 2011.. A new photographic exhibition has gone on display in the Arrivals terminal at Cork Airport to mark the 50th anniversary of the official opening of the airport in October 1961.. The idea behind the exhibition is an attempt to capture significant moments, memories and personalities that have shaped the development of the airport over its 50 years: one photograph for each year of the airport's existence.. The exhibition will run until the end of the year..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/08/50-years-50-photos.html
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  • Title: Cool runnings from Cork | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Cool runnings from Cork.. 07 July 2011.. IRELAND, July 07, 2011.. Aer Lingus has announced 10 new routes as part of its winter schedule for 2011/2012 including an exciting route from Cork to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.. The new service will operate once weekly, commencing on Sunday 30th October 2011.. This route expands on the extensive choice already on offer to Aer Lingus customers travelling to the Canary Islands, with scheduled services also available from Ireland to Lanzarote, Tenerife and Fuerteventura.. This winter, Aer Lingus will introduce three weekly flights from Cork to Barcelona and a twice weekly service from Cork to  ...   sun in the Canary Islands or skiing in the Italian Alps, Aer Lingus has the holiday destination for you, combining great value fares with excellent in-flight service.. ".. About Aer Lingus: Aer Lingus was founded by the Irish Government in April 1936.. Aer Lingus also offers travel gift vouchers.. Aer Lingus' low-cost, low fares model is centred on maintaining low unit cost, offering one way fares, maintaining effective fleet utilisation and developing the Aer Lingus brand.. Aer Lingus' primary distribution channel is its website aerlingus.. In 2010, approximately 81% of total passenger revenue was generated through aerlingus.. Article source: http://www.. 24-7pressrelease.. (Abridged)..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/07/cool-runnings-from-cork.html
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  • Title: Police car apprehended at Cork Airport | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Police car apprehended at Cork Airport.. 24 May 2011.. A dramatic and life threatening pursuit ended on the grounds of cork airport two days after the Queen finished her state visit from the same airport.. The incident began when a man assaulted a Garda in Cork city centre cutting him with a knife.. The man in attempting to escape, jumped into a Gardai  ...   that they thought someone would be killed due to his reckless driving.. The man then proceeded to Cork airport, crossed the car park and ended on the airport grounds.. A tazer gun was eventually used to stop him and to get the situation under control.. The DAA are now examining their security at the airport terminal, its carpark and the runway and surrounding area..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/05/police-car-apprehended-at-cork-airport-.html
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  • Title: First Flight in Cork airport to be affected by ash cloud | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: First Flight in Cork airport to be affected by ash cloud.. The first flight from Cork to be cancelled due to the most recent ash cloud is from Cork to Newquay.. So far it has been mainly Scottish airports affected but with Cork and Newquay being South and South West in their respective countries, it seems that the cloud is travelling further South and is starting to affect certain types of aircraft..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/05/first-flight-in-cork-airport-to-be-affected-by-ash-cloud.html
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  • Archived pages: 142