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  • Title: Irish airports suffer from French Strikes | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Travel Insurance.. Car Hire.. Stay and Fly.. Irish airports suffer from French Strikes.. 23 September 2010.. | Cork.. Fench strikes, protesting against changes to their pensionable age, has affected flights travelling to and from Ireland.. This follows demonstrations a number of weeks ago over the same dispute.. Travellers from Dublin, Cork, Shannon and all airports are advised to check to see if their flights have been  ...   with the nature of the French culture to continue striking, it is advisable to ensure that you have necessary cover in place before you travel.. Tweet.. Get a quote.. Topics.. (16).. (21).. (52).. (2).. (8).. Archive.. December 2011.. (1).. November 2011.. (6).. October 2011.. (5).. September 2011.. August 2011.. (7).. July 2011.. (11).. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. (9)..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/09/airports-affected-by-french-industrial-action.html
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  • Title: New flight for Manx2 | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: New flight for Manx2.. 28 August 2010.. Manx2, the Isle of Man airline, have announced a new route that will link Cork airport to Belfast International airport.. This increases the links between the two areas as there is already an existing route that links Belfast City Airport and Cork International.. This new service will start from 6th September and adds to the ever  ...   between Cork and Galway.. With plans for a new airport near Athlone, it seems air travel within Ireland and between the UK and Ireland is only going to increase.. If you are using any of the Manx2 options and are looking for.. parking.. or.. a nights stay at an airport hotel options.. , you can get great deals around Cork and Belfast Interational airports..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/08/new-fllight-for-manx2.html
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  • Title: Strong feelings for Cork International Airport | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Strong feelings for Cork International Airport.. 20 August 2010.. A proposal from Cork City Sinn Fein councillors to rename Cork International airport to Terennce MacSwiney Airport has been met with opposition from some oif Ireland's leading journalists and other high profile personalities, including Kevin Myers and John-Paul McCarthy in articles published in the Belfast Telegraph and the Independent.. In one of these  ...   his death is the main motivation for him to be remembered in such a way, and this is not just cause to have Ireland's second ariport named after him.. It is likely there will be more to this story over the coming months as both opinions will be aired and debated and we will all see if Cork Airport is to be renamed..

    Original link path: /blog/2010/08/strong-feelings-for-renaming-cork-airport.html
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  • Title: Dublin Airport performing well | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Dublin Airport performing well.. 02 December 2011.. | Dublin.. Dublin airport has ranked the highest it ever has in the European service quality rankings table.. This table covers a number of customer services studies and is compiled from customer feedback travelling through European airports.. On the anniversary of the opening of Terminal 2, and following stern criticism at the time, this is a timely boost for the airport.. The climb in the rankings table was seen in large part to the new Terminal building and its  ...   the parking location for the regional coaches in Zone 14.. With U.. S passport control in the Terminal building, it has allowed the DAA to attract American Airlines and other U.. S air carriers, along with world leading airlines Emirates and Etihad, and with a further 5 airlines expected to start using the Terminal 2 in 2012, it is has come a long way from the time Michael O’Leary brought a coffin through the arrivals hall to represent the death of the viability of the airport..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/12/-dublin-airport-performing-well.html
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  • Title: Dublin Airport Authority in Wright Venue fight | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Dublin Airport Authority in Wright Venue fight.. 30 November 2011.. The DAA face ones of its toughest challenges in years, but all for a good cause.. On Friday night, 10 of the Dublin Airports finest will be matched against 10 representatives from North Dublin’s Suttonians rugby club.. The 10 bout special event will take place just above..  ...   a charity event.. Proceeds will be split 3 ways and the beneficiaries will be Suttonians rugby club, IRFU’s charitable fund and 3Ts (Turn The Tide of Suicide).. It was hoped that Averil Power, the Fianna Fail Senator, who represent the Sutton rugby club, but unfortunately she has had to pull out due to injury sustained in training..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/11/-dublin-airport-authority-in-wright-venue-fight.html
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  • Title: Present for the Irish Traveller | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Present for the Irish Traveller.. 28 November 2011.. If you are at a lost to know what to buy this Christmas for that person who has everything, Parksmart.. ie have a suggestion which will help to pass away the hours while waiting at the airport departure gates in the New Year for any Christmas travellers or regular flyers from Irish airports.. The first is the book ‘Doesn’t Time Fly’ and has been published to recognise the 75 years of Aer Lingus aviation history.. Aer Lingus travelling from Dublin, Cork and other Irish airports have been Irelands flagship airline throughout this time with the shamrock emblem incorporated on the tail of the airlines planes since the beginning.. With archived photographs and unique accounts of the airlines challenge it could be one present for the plane spotter in your family.. On the  ...   Cork such as an unmanned balloon launched in 1784 and a US naval seaplane just off the Cork coast during the first World War.. It also goes through some of the tragedies surrounding Cork airport including the most recent Manx2 plane crash last year.. The final book is titled ‘Ruinair’ and is one man’s adventures travelling around 15 European countries and airports on a flight budget of €300.. Following on from the writers frustration of a 10 hour delay while using one of the World’s most famous budget airline, and at a loss of €300 for the pleasure of it, he concocted the best way to avenge this is to travel around using the same budget and see how many cheap flights he could use.. Not the best logic in the world, but I don’t think this is about logic..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/11/present-for-the-irish-traveller.html
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  • Title: Fog affects flights at Dublin airport | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Fog affects flights at Dublin airport.. 21 November 2011.. Flights in and out of Dublin airport were affected today by heavy fog across the South of England.. City of London airport, which provides a number of business routes for Irish and English businesses, was one of the most affected airports and it grounded a number of scheduled flights.. Thus far this winter, the mild climate has lead to minimum or no flight disruptions due to weather, however today’s occurrence will lead to aviation fears of  ...   and financial repercussions for airlines, passengers and many other parties linked to the aviation industry.. On other news that link Dublin Airport and the City of London airport, Dublin Airport’s CEO, Declan Collier, has announced he will take up a new post as the new chief executive at the London airport.. A representative spoke of Mr Collier, wishing him every success and thanking him for his time and effort while working with the DAA board.. He will begin his new post with the BAA in April..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/11/fog-affects-flights-at-dublin-airport.html
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  • Title: IAA and DAA look to reduce charges for airlines | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: IAA and DAA look to reduce charges for airlines.. 14 November 2011.. Airport charges at Dublin airport are to remain the same for the next 12 months according to an announcement made by the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA).. This comes following the news from the Irish Aviation Authority that it will reduce its charges for airlines on air traffic control by a massive 40% over the coming 5 years.. Both actions are to ensure Ireland’s and specifically Dublin airports competitiveness to other European airports..  ...   have other repercussions elsewhere as the DAA recorded a drop in the profits from this time last year recently and they will need to look to address this as Shannon and Cork come under further sustainability pressure.. One area that the DAA look to recoup this revenue is through airport parking and their red and blue car parks at Dublin airport.. Customers driving to the airport would be advised to always check what the best parking deals are on at the time they are travelling..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/11/iaa-and-daa-look-to-reduce-charges-for-airlines.html
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  • Title: Underground parking with a twist | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Underground parking with a twist.. 03 November 2011.. The opening title from indie short film, Two Men and a Car Park.. If you're in the parking industry and are wondering what to do with your next 6 minutes, there are worse ways to spend it than watching.. Two Men and a Car Park.. A surreal take on an "average day" for a couple of security  ...   of TV bits and pieces (Mark Benton and Nigel Betts), Two Men slowly builds the suspense to a satisfying ending.. Without giving too much away, there's a distinct Donnie Darko/Greek mythology vibe coupled with the every day setting.. In conclusion, you'll probably never look at an underground car park in quite the same way again!.. You can watch it now at:.. http://www.. thesmalls.. com/members/fedeforc/films/two-men-a-car-park.. go..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/11/underground-parking-with-a-twist.html
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  • Title: Hot wheels to Dublin | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Hot wheels to Dublin.. 03 October 2011.. Etihad Airways has introduced a special offer to its business class customers who are travelling from Cork or Shannon via Dublin, and onwards to its home base of Abu Dhabi and beyond.. The improved road network between Dublin, Cork and Limerick has encouraged more people to drive to Dublin, rather than take domestic flights and Etihad is providing a free Audi A4 for the purpose.. The  ...   dropped off at Dublin, saving on the hassle and cost of car parking at the airport.. The average passenger, however, will not be able to enjoy the privilege; it will only be available for those passengers who have paid at least €1,999 to the airline's principal Middle East destinations of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and considerably more for destinations beyond.. Etihad flies 10 times weekly to Abu Dhabi from Terminal 2 at Dublin..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/10/hot-wheels-to-dublin.html
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  • Title: Emirates to grace Dublin. | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Emirates to grace Dublin.. 08 September 2011.. Dubai based airline EMIRATES is launching a new daily direct service from Dublin to Dubai on 9th January 2012.. The service will operate from Terminal 2, courtesy of the new long-haul gates on Pier E, and will offer first, business and economy class tickets.. The new route is the second long-haul service to be acquired in Dublin since Terminal 2 opened last year, and will  ...   and the Middle East and beyond.. The DAA's chief executive, Declan Collier, said that the development of Terminal 2, which has been much criticised as a white elephant in some quarters, ".. was a major factor in winning this new service for Ireland".. Dublin's significance as a major European hub could only be enhanced by the arrival of Emirates, the world’s sixth largest airline, which links more than 114 destinations in 67 countries..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/09/emirates-to-grace-dublin-.html
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    Archived pages: 142