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  • Title: Body Scanners to be used in Terminal 1 | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Travel Insurance.. Car Hire.. Stay and Fly.. Body Scanners to be used in Terminal 1.. 31 August 2011.. | Dublin.. The DAA are introducing a trial of the body scanners that have proved controversial in other European airports.. The length of the trial will be 18 months and will only be used on a voluntary basis for Dublin Airport Staff members.. The new body scanners came under scrutiny recently when a passenger in Manchester airport refused to go through and was not permitted to get on their  ...   more than likely be trialing one here, but not for passengers.. " The European parliament commented on the subject of airport body scanners recently and said they must adhere to their directives and any use must ensure a persons the safety of ones health,dignity and privacy.. Tweet.. Get a quote.. Topics.. (16).. (21).. (52).. (2).. (8).. Archive.. December 2011.. (1).. November 2011.. (6).. October 2011.. (5).. September 2011.. August 2011.. (7).. July 2011.. (11).. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. (9)..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/08/body-scanners-to-be-used-in-terminal-1.html
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  • Title: Charity Bike Ride | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Charity Bike Ride.. 25 August 2011.. Cycling enthusiasts are being invited to get on their bikes for charity next month and join Dublin Airport workers on a 50 km cycle ride.. The event is in support of the DAA's charity of the year, the 3Ts Turning the Tide of Suicide.. The organisers are hoping to raise at least €5,000 for the charity, as well as promoting  ...   to work" initiative which encourages workers to improve their own health, and that of the environment, by enabling them to buy bicycles at subsidised prices.. The scheme has proved to be very successful and local bicycle shops are also reaping the benefits of increased business.. Over 50 people have already signed up for the event which will take place on 17th September at 11.. 00 am..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/08/charity-bike-ride.html
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  • Title: Sun setting in the West for Aer lingus | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Sun setting in the West for Aer lingus.. 17 August 2011.. setting sun.. If you are going to San Francisco.. it won't be with Aer Lingus.. After terminating its flight schedule to Calfornia in 2009 it was rumoured lately that Aer Lingus were looking to renew these flight paths.. But it was reported in a number of Ireland's leading newspapers yesterday, that Aer Lingus have carried out a feasibility study into running these flights and they have reported it is was likely to generate 'significant losses'..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/08/sun-setting-in-the-west-for-aer-lingus.html
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  • Title: Dublin included in Cityjets trial concierge service through Twitter | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Dublin included in Cityjets trial concierge service through Twitter.. 05 August 2011.. Cityjet are launching a new Twitter service on a trial basis for its customers.. It will run on a limited basis to see if customers respond well to the service and if there is a demand for it.. The concierge  ...   any other issues or events happening with Cityjet.. It will also be able to book services throughout a number of European cities, including Dublin.. This includes hotel reservations, restaurant bookings and other services.. The only restriction on this is that no bookings could be made where a payment needs to be made..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/08/dublin-included-in-cityjets-trial-concierge-service-through-twitter-.html
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  • Title: Quirkey Fun and Games | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Quirkey Fun and Games.. 26 July 2011.. If you have time to spare while waiting for your flight at Dublin Airport Terminal 1, you can enjoy a brand new entertainment experience courtesy of Dr Quirkey’s Good Time Emporium.. Dr Quirkey’s 4DFX Motion Theatre and Family Fun Centre, a first for Dublin Airport, is located in The Loop shopping street in T1, where the link corridor to T2 begins.. Designed and built in  ...   realistic theatre experience adventure” with 4D movies complete with smoke, fog, simulated flame, snow and water, and where "Visitors dodge falling boulders, battle aliens or get rocked around in a runaway train”.. This safe, family oriented entertainment complements the Family Play Centre which includes Teken 6, Sega Rally, air hockey, dance and basketball games.. Snacks and refreshments can also be obtained in the Centre.. The 4DFX Motion Theatre costs €5 per ride..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/07/quirkey-fun-and-games.html
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  • Title: Dublin airport world record | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Dublin airport world record.. 20 July 2011.. Jigsaw record.. A new world record has been created in Terminal 2 of Dublin airport.. Students in Scoil Naomh Iosaf created the worlds largest jigsaw and it is now on display in the airport.. The jigsaw itself has 32,256 pieces and is 18 feet in length.. It is the height of a tall person, standing at 6 feet 4 inches.. This feat is one in a long list of achievements by the group of children with one feat for 4 of them, being awarded 'Young Inventor of the Year 2011'..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/07/dublin-airport-world-record.html
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  • Title: Winter wanderlust | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Winter wanderlust.. 07 July 2011.. Aer Lingus has announced 10 new routes as part of its winter schedule for 2011/2012.. The extensive route network from Dublin will now include four weekly flights to Milan Malpensa throughout the winter schedule - good news for ski and snowboarding enthusiasts seeking out the snow this winter.. The recently launched service to Stuttgart will also be extended this winter with four weekly flights from  ...   the UK, with services from Dublin to Aberdeen and Bristol being extended into the winter months.. Aer Lingus director of communications, Declan Kearney said: "There is something for everyone in our winter schedule, whether you prefer winter sun in the Canary Islands or skiing in the Italian Alps, Aer Lingus has the holiday destination for you, combining great value fares with excellent in-flight service.. ".. Article source: http://www.. 24-7pressrelease.. (Abridged)..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/07/winter-wanderlust.html
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  • Title: Dublin Firemen Charity Effort | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Dublin Firemen Charity Effort.. Members of the Dublin Airport Police and Fire Service rowed across the Irish Sea from Howth to Holyhead last month in aid of the Dublin Airport Authority's (DAA) charity of the year.. 3Ts (Turn the Tide of Suicide), works to prevent suicides.. Despite having next to no rowing experience, the gallant crew  ...   the challenge.. With determination and guts they managed to achieve their aim, finishing five minutes short of their 12-hour target.. The crew have raised an amazing €15,000 for the charity so far, but hope to increase this to €20,000.. Anyone wishing to contribute can read more and donate on line at www.. firefighterschallenge.. BRAVO TO ALL INVOLVED..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/07/dublin-firemen-charity-effort.html
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  • Title: Passenger traffic increase | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Passenger traffic increase.. According to the latest figures available, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) notes that DUBLIN Airport is showing signs of recovery, with passenger numbers up for the first five months of this year, compared to the same period last year.. Some 7.. 1 million travellers have passed through the airport, a 7% increase in passenger traffic..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/07/passenger-traffic-increase-.html
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  • Title: Dublin Airports welcome heads of state in an historical week for Ireland | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Dublin Airports welcome heads of state in an historical week for Ireland.. 24 May 2011.. The visit of the Queen and US President, Barrack Obama, had been looked forwarded to for months and the occasions did not let the Irish public down.. Baldonnel and Dublin Airport had the honour of welcoming the Queen,  ...   the President of the United States.. Each visit was a complete success, and they have cemented and furthered Ireland's close relations to its neighbours East and West.. It would be hoped these relationships will be strengthened more in the future and that they can aid Ireland's financial recovery over the coming months and years..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/05/dublin-airports-welcome-heads-of-state-in-an-historical-week-for-ireland.html
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  • Title: Airlines incentives by Dublin Airport and Irish Government | ParkSmart.ie
    Descriptive info: Airlines incentives by Dublin Airport and Irish Government.. 10 May 2011.. Transport Minister, Leo Varadkar, has outlined a large incentive to the airlines to increase passenger numbers going through Dublin and other Irish airports over the next three years.. As part of an overall strategy put in place, the government advise they will wavy the €3 air travel  ...   passenger numbers set by the government.. The targets will be based on surpassing passenger numbers that were recorded in 2010.. Once these targets are met then the government will rebate this back to the airlines.. It is hoped that this will trigger growth in the Irish Tourism sector and incentivise the airlines to attract more passengers to Ireland..

    Original link path: /blog/2011/05/airlines-incentives-by-dublin-airport-and-irish-government.html
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  • Archived pages: 142