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  • Title: UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supplies installed, repaired, maintained. Pure Power Systems, Dublin, Ireland.
    Descriptive info: .. Based in Dublin, we provide customers in the medical, financial, pharmaceutical, telecommunication and aviation industries nationwide with clean reliable power and 24-hour emergency cover.. We are the Irish distributors of Riello UPS systems.. UPSTrade-in Offer.. Is your UPS over 5 years old? If so, is it more cost effective to keep it or trade it in for a new one?.. more.. UPS Maintenance Contracts.. Comprehensive Maintenance Technical Support Services.. Pure Power Systems.. home.. ::.. products.. services.. trade-in offer.. about.. contact.. web design.. by..

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  • Title: Riello UPS and Unninterruptible Power Systems from Pure Power Systems, Dublin, Ireland
    Descriptive info: UPS, POWER QUALITY SAFETY PRODUCTS.. Modular UPS.. Multi.. Guard.. The MULTI GUARD 15-120 kVA modular UPS is a scalable 3 Phase / 3 phase with double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply system.. Its power capacity ranges.. from 15kVA to 120kVA, delivering the best combination of reliability, functionality and flexibility.. ACThe MULTI GUARD 15-120 N+X parallel architecture adopts a drawer-style, highly intelligent design to achieve maximum power availability and redundancy.. It is specially designed to meet the protection demands of mission critical loads in Datacentres or other important applications.. Each module has an individual power capacity of 15 kVA, and a standard cabinet can be fitted with up to 8 modules to reach 120 kVA.. If the load is within limits, modules can be hotswapped to enable true power continuity without any interruptions.. PowerWAVE.. 9000DPA.. POWERWAVE 9000DPA is the foundation for continuous power protection availability of network-critical infrastructures in enterprise data centres where business continuity has paramount importance and in process control environment where manufacturing continuity is essential.. POWERWAVE 9000DPA is a second generation high-power-density (HPD), leading-edge double-conversion power protection technology that has standardized on a modular component approach which helps speed deployment, improve adaptability and increase system availability while reducing total cost of ownership.. Three Phase.. Multi.. Sentry.. The MULTI SENTRY series is ideal for protecting data centres and telecommunications systems, IT networks and critical systems.. The MULTI SENTRY series is available in 10-12-15-20 kVA models with three-phase/single-phase input and single-phase output, and 10-12- 15- 20-30-40-60-80-100-120 kVA models with three-phase input and output and On-Line double donversion technology, VFI-SS-111 classification (defined in IEC EN 62040-3).. MULTI SENTRY: designed and built using state of the art technology and components, and controlled by DSP (Digital Signal Processor) microprocessors, to provide maximum protection to the powered loads with no impact on downsteam systems, and optimised energy savings.. Its highly flexible design allows full compatibility with both three-phase and single-phase power supplies.. Master.. MPS.. MASTER MPS series UPS provides maximum protection and power quality for critical loads, including data centres, industrial processes, telecommunications, security and electro-medical systems.. The UPS is an On-line double conversion UPS (VFI SS 111 - IEC EN 62040-3) with a transformer isolated inverter.. The MASTER MPS range includes three-phase input and single-phase output versions from 10 to 100kVA, and three-phase input and output versions from 10 to 800kVA.. Three phase MPS models from 10 to 200 kVA are available with a 6 or 12-pulse thyristor-based rectifier.. From 100 to 500 kVA, the Master HP series has an IGBT-based rectifier, to provide lower harmonic input current distortion (THDi) and a high input power factor (see Master HP section).. From 600 to 800kVA, Master MPS have a 12-pulse rectifier and optional harmonic filters.. Plus HP.. The MASTER MPS range has been enhanced with the HP series available from 100 to 500kVA MASTER HP Series provides maximum protection and power quality for data centres and industrial loads.. The UPS has an IGBT-based rectifier, DSP (Digital Signal Processors) technology and provides true On-line, double conversion power protection, (VFI SS 11 - Voltage and Frequency Independent in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3).. The HP series provides exceptional operating efficiency (over more conventional thyristor rectifier-based systems), a compact footprint and easy maintenance access - all ideal for today’s critical operating environments.. Master.. Plus Industrial.. The MASTER INDUSTRIAL series UPS provide maximum protection and power quality for any type of load, especially industrial applications, manufacturing and petrochemical processes, electrical distribution and power plants.. MASTER INDUSTRIAL is an On-line double conversion UPS (VFI SS 111 - IEC EN 62040-3) with input and inverter transformers.. MASTER INDUSTRIAL is suited to demanding installation environments where there are vibrations, mechanical stress, dust and where operating conditions are unfavourable to products created for general IT environments (different levels of IP protection available upon request).. The high short-circuit current (Icc = 3) makes it suitable for loads that require high current peaks; during switch-on or during normal operation.. Single Phase.. iDialog.. The iDIALOG range is the ideal solution for the protection of PCs and peripheral devices in domestic and office environments.. iDIALOG is an easy-to-install and economical solution for protecting equipment such as:.. PCs, Media Centres and peripheral devices, TVs, Home Cinemas, Satellite and Digital Terrestrial Receivers, DVD players and writers;.. Modems and xDSL routers;.. Small household appliances.. iPlug.. The iPLUG series is the ideal solution for household, and small office systems.. Its compact size and versatility, push-button operation, LED status panel and user replaceable batteries – make iPLUG easy to install within a domestic environment to protect systems from surges and blackouts.. When mains power fails, the load is powered by the pseudo-sinewave inverter and built-in battery.. PowerShield3 UPS monitoring and control software can be used for an orderly unattended shutdown of IT systems.. PowerShield3 can be downloaded free of charge from  ...   has a practical, modern design and includes several performanance advantages over traditional on-line UPS.. All developed by the Riello UPS research and development team.. The newly-designed inverter is one of the best energy conversion systems on the market, with a 0.. 9 output power factor and 92% opersting efficiency in on-line mode.. For critical applications requiring long battery rutnimes, extension packs and ER versions with larger battery chargers are available.. Dual HP.. SENTINEL DUAL is the best solution for powering mission critical applicaitons and eletro-medical devices requiring maximum power reliability.. The UPS is suitable for a wide variety of applications, offering a flexible format (tower or rack), digital display, communication options and user-replaceable batteries.. The SENTINEL DUAL is available in 3.. 3-4 5-6-8-10 kVA models and uses On-line double conversion technology (VFI): the load is powered continuously by the inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of voltage, form and frequency; in addition, the input and output filters significantly increase the load’s immunity to network disturbances and lightning strikes.. Power.. SENTINEL POWER is the ideal solution for powering critical network systems and processes.. The series includes 5-6kVA single/single-phase and 6.. 5-8- 10kVA single/single-phase and three/ three-phase models with On-line double conversion technology (VFI); the load is always powered by the inverter which provides a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of voltage, form and frequency.. EMI filters (input and output) significantly provide further immunity from mains disturbanes and lightning strikes.. SENTINEL POWER stands for technology, performance (selectable Economy Mode and Smart Active Mode) and diagnostics (LCD custom display, RS232 and USB interfaces with Powershield3 software included, ESD input, and a communications slot for optional interface cards).. Other Products.. Switch ATS.. MULTI-SWITCH ATS provides power supply continuity for am installation.. Its operating principle ensures higher reliability than a single UPS (with or without its own internal bypass).. MULTI-SWITCH ATS provides direct distribution of eight 10A IEC supplies or one 16A IEC supply in a system with two input power supplies (two mains inputs, or two UPS or a combination of the two).. MULTI-SWITCH ATS is able to connect to either of the two inut power supplies.. Switch STS.. MULTI-SWITCH is a rackmount source transfer switch that can supply up to eight loads from two AC power sources.. Should one source fail, the other automatically powers the load.. The sources can be two separate AC sources including mains power and UPS, or a combination of the two.. The MULTI-SWITCH provides electrical distribution and remote management for up to eight network users, powered from two direct mains supplies or UPS or a combination of both.. The MULTI-SWITCH can connect each load (up to eight, each with a maximum power demand not greater than 4A), to either of the two power sources (1 and 2).. Load demand is shown on the LCD.. Switch.. Installing a Master Switch static transfer switch provides additional resilience and protection from the disruption that can be caused by the failure of a single power source The result is the absolute protection of industrial utilities and critical information technology against power supply and load faults.. Operating principle Master Switch guarantees a source of redundant power, allowing the load to be switched between to alternative and independent power sources.. Switching can be automatic (when a supply source falls outside of acceptable tolerances) or manually done by an operator from the front panel or remotely.. DC Flywheel.. Energy Storage.. The VDC series of flywheel energy storage systems provide Riello Master Plus UPS with a source of dc power that can be used to ride through short mains power supply failures.. The length of supply available can be used to cover the start-up time of a standby generator or prevent the initial discharge of a locally connected battery set.. The VDC flywheel connects directly to the UPS DC busbar and is a standalone device supplied in a matching cabinet.. The VDC series of flywheels has been designed for UPS applications within datacentres, hospitals and industrial installations.. The patented flywheel concept is a form of energy storage and provides a green, clean source of back up power by converting the kinetic energy stored within a rotating mass to electrical power through a built-in IGBTbased converter.. Two sizes are available (VDC and VDC-XE) with a load-related back-up autonomy.. Software.. Accessories.. PowerShield.. 3.. Communications Software.. PowerNetGuard Supervision Software.. NetMan 101/102 Plus Network Agent.. NetMan 202 Plus Network Agent.. Environmental Sensors.. Multicom 301/302 Protocol converter.. Multicom 351/352 Serial duplicator.. Multicom 362 Serial Port / USB.. Multicom 372 SERIAL PORT / ESD.. Multicom 382 Contacts /ESD board.. Multi I/O Protocol and contacts converter.. I/O Expansion board.. Multicom 401 Protocol converter.. Kit for AS400 and i-Series Communications kit.. Multi Panel.. Multi Pass 10, 16 16-R.. MBB32A.. MBB100A.. Contact us.. for further details and pricing..

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  • Title: UPS Maintenance: Uninterruptible Power Supply Service and Repair from Pure Power Systems
    Descriptive info: We maintain and offer technical support to a wide range of UPS manufacturers.. UPS MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS.. Bronze.. Next working day response, 1 pm visit per annum.. Silver.. 4-6 hour response, 1 pm visit per annum.. Gold.. 4-6 hour response, 2 pm visits per annum.. Platinum.. 4-6 hour response, 2 pm visits per annum, all parts.. UPS Commissioning/Installation.. UPS Service/Repair.. UPS Load Testing.. UPS Hire.. Battery Impedance Testing.. Site Surveys.. Power Quality Analysis.. Battery Installations.. Contact us today for full details and pricing..

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  • Title: UPS Trade In Offer from Pure Power Systems, Dublin, Ireland
    Descriptive info: UPS TRADE-IN OFFER.. Is your UPS over 5 years old? If so, is it cost effective to keep it?.. Expensive Maintenance Contracts.. Poor levels of power efficiency.. Replacement consumables (Batteries, fans, capacitors etc).. All the above cost money!.. Pure Power Systems is now offering the highest levels of reliability and performance.. With this  ...   2 Year Warranty.. 2-year 24/7 Comprehensive UPS Maintenance Contract.. 25 kA Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor.. Powershield SNMP Interface and Monitoring Software.. If you require any further information please.. our sales office at:.. Unit 11.. Canal Walk.. Park West Industrial Estate.. Dublin 12.. Phone: 01 620 5495.. Fax: 01 620 5496.. E-mail:.. info@ppsystems.. ie..

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  • Title: Pure Power Systems
    Descriptive info: ABOUT US.. Established in 2003,.. are one of Irelands leading companies specialising in the sale and service of Power Quality Products.. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service and as a result, we have been used by some of Irelands top companies across a broad range of business sectors.. We supply and service Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, ranging from 400VA single user systems up to 4.. 8MVA multi module parallel UPS systems.. Our project team can design, supply, commission and maintain turnkey power packages including.. Uninterruptible Power Supplies.. ,.. Switchgear.. Generators.. Surge Protection.. and.. Isolation Transformers.. All of our technicians are factory trained and we carry a complete set of in-house spares for all UPS systems, thereby reducing the risk of downtime to a minimum.. We offer comprehensive.. maintenance contracts.. on all our systems, providing our clients with.. 24-hour emergency cover.. as well as peace of mind.. We take pride in our products and people and we commit to giving our customers a service that is second  ...   is responsible for our UPS sales department and can be contacted at.. liam@ppsystems.. Ian graduated from DIT faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1998 and immediately began working in the UPS industry.. Over the past decade, Ian has been responsible for some of the largest and most complex standby power projects in Ireland.. Ian manages our UPS service department and can be contacted at.. ian@ppsystems.. Some of our clients who use our UPS systems and rely on us to maintain and support their critical equipment are:.. Allianz.. Airbus.. Aon.. Arnotts.. BBC Belfast.. Bank of Ireland.. Cook Ireland.. Department of Defence.. Department of Justice.. Department of Transport.. Eagle Star.. E-Net.. GE Money.. GE Healthcare.. Genworth.. Helaba Bank.. Health Safety Authority.. Irish Blood Transfusion Service.. LBBW Bank.. Marsh Insurance.. Mason Hayes Curran.. Masonite.. McAfee.. Mercy Hospital.. Merrion Stockbrokers.. Met Éireann.. Meteor Mobile.. Micro-Bio.. Microsoft.. National Lottery.. Orix Aviation.. PFPC International.. Price Waterhouse Coopers.. Roche Pharmaceutical.. SG Group.. Shamrock Foods.. St.. Pauls Traveller.. Strencom.. Tullow Oil.. University Hospital Cork.. Vistakon.. Vodafone.. Westin Hotel.. Wexford Hospital..

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  • Title: Pure Power Systems
    Descriptive info: CONTACT PURE POWER SYSTEMS.. *.. denotes a required field.. Pure.. Power Systems.. Unit 11,.. Canal Walk,.. Park West Industrial Estate,.. +353 (0)1 6205495.. +353 (0)1 6205496.. f ppsystems.. Name.. *.. Business Name.. E-mail.. Telephone.. How did you hear about us?.. Select one.. Google.. Yahoo.. Business Directory.. Word of Mouth.. Other.. Comments.. Reload Image.. Please enter the characters in the image above to submit your enquiry.. This is an anti-spam measure..

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