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  • Title: Parents Place
    Descriptive info: .. Our Site.. Welcome.. Programme Aims.. Programme Schedule.. UPCOMING COURSES.. Questions for Parents.. Testimonials.. Referrals.. E-zines and more.. Links.. Parenting Talks and Workshops.. Would you like a Parenting Workshop at your school or organisation?.. Why does your child mis-behave ?.. Why don t they just do what they re told ?.. Why don t they just listen!?.. Who is in charge?- Power Struggles?.. Book now for your 2012 Parenting Workshop.. Whether speaking to an audience of parents, presenting workshops to caregivers, schools or organizations, our aim is to educate, inspire and really listen and interact with our audience.. If you need a compassionate speaker who can engage an audience as well as answer the tough how-to questions, we will deliver real thought provoking and (sometimes) emotive content.. Understanding and compassion is key to effective parenting.. Our two hour Workshop will answer these questions, as well as  ...   seminars and classes applies to all age groups.. *€250 -(2 hour talk excluding vat).. *We devote one workshop per Presentation Topic.. Email.. info@parentsplace.. ie.. for further details.. Sign up for our monthly e-zine:.. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"].. p.. Parentsplace.. ie has submitted parenting articles for publications such as; the Irish Times,.. Meath Chronicle, Anglo Celt.. and.. Westmeath Examiner.. newspapers.. I also enjoy contributing to Radio stations which have included.. RedFM.. in.. Cork.. CKLG Radio.. Vancouver Canada.. Paula McKenzie is founder of Parentsplace whose accomplishments include:.. Higher Diploma in Relationship Studies.. ,.. Diploma in Parent Mentoring.. and.. Diploma in Effective Communications.. under the tutelage of.. Dr.. Tony Humphreys.. Consultant Clinical Psychologist, International speaker and best selling Author.. We are proud to have worked with the following organisations:.. ently.. coup.. rce m.. Comments Off.. Parentsplace Ltd, 15 Bremore Castle, Hamlet Lane, Balbriggan, County Dublin + 353 86 600 4340..

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  • Title: UPCOMING COURSES | Parents Place
    Descriptive info: One to One Mentoring Support €60.. 8 week Parenting courses.. Unconditional Parenting of Self and Children September 2012.. Parenting Courses subject to minimum 6 people Max 14*Please complete the booking form below with your preferred workshop or parenting course.. Accreditation.. (Diploma in Parent Mentoring.. Diploma in Effective Communications, Certificate in Transactional Analysis, Rainbows Facilitator Certification, Higher Diploma in Relationship Studies).. BOOKING FORM.. Your Name (required).. Address.. Telephone.. Mobile.. Your Email (required).. Childs Age.. How did you  ...   TIME.. ---.. Morning.. Evening.. No Preference.. Cost of 8 week course €195 per person.. 20% deposit of €40 is required to secure class place.. Please make cheques payable to ParentsPlace Ltd.. Your place will be guaranteed once payment has been received.. Confirmation will be sent to your email or mailing address (as above).. Send this form, completed and signed, with your payment to; ParentsPlace Ltd.. If you have any comments, please feel free to add them here..

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  • Title: Questions for Parents | Parents Place
    Descriptive info: Are you feeling frustrated or angry around your children?.. Do you feel the kids are driving you mad ?.. Are the kids out of control?.. Do you feel your kids won t listen?.. Children do not want to make life difficult for adults, they are showing how difficult life is for them.. Do you feel you can t cope?.. Discipline issues?.. Would you like to learn new skills to help deal with the challenges of parenting?.. Asking questions such as;.. Who (who does your child misbehave with most?).. What (what is the behaviour being expressed?).. Where (where is it happening? ie home, school).. When (is it morning, before school, during meal time, bedtime).. Why?(this  ...   come about when parents feel good about themselves.. ”.. Tony Humphrey’s.. Speak to us of Children?.. Your children are not your children.. They are the sons and daughters of Life s longing for itself.. They come through you but not from you,.. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.. You may give them your love but not your thoughts,.. For they have their own thoughts.. You may house their bodies but not their souls,.. For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.. Kahlil Gibran..

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  • Title: Testimonials | Parents Place
    Descriptive info: NEW RELATIONSHIP COURSE.. Session 1.. Everyone Wants to Belong.. Session 2.. Society’s 7 Best Kept Secrets.. Session 3.. Relationship Worlds.. Session 4.. Relationships Interrupted.. Session 5.. Importance of Boundaries in Relationships.. Session 6.. Emotion Calls for Motion.. Session 7.. Communication – The Life-Blood of Relationship.. Session 8.. Individual Maturity Leads to a Mature Society.. Life changing, this course has given me more information and understanding about myself and my children.. Brian, Swords.. I wish it was longer, I got so much from it, I didn t want it to end.. Sarah, Blanchardstown.. I came to this course looking for help for my daugher, who was out of control , I finished the class, realising she was very much in control and her behaviour was showing me that something was troubling her, I felt so supported.. Margaret, Drogheda.. I thought I was the only parent with problems before I joined the class, knowing there were other parents who were having difficulties, was reassuring.. I made some friends for life.. Sara B.. Clontarf.. I attended another parenting course a few years ago when my son was 3, I found it helpful, however his behaviour did not change despite the naughty step etc.. I decided to try Paula s course, I realised that controlling my child by getting him to change was not the answer.. I learned to understand my behaviour, I talk with my child, not at my child now, we have great fun, our relationship has changed because I have changed.. Pat, Drumcondra.. Parents Inspiration.. This is for all the Parents who froze their bottoms off on metal benches at soccer games Friday night instead of watching from cars, so that when their kids asked, Did you see my goal? they could say, Of course, wouldn t have missed it for the world, and mean it.. This is for all the Parents who have sat up all night with sick toddlers in their arms, wiping up sick laced with that days dinner and fruit juice saying, It s OK honey, I m here.. This is for all the Parents of Kosovo who fled in the night and can t find their children.. This is for the Mothers who gave birth to babies they ll  ...   a school shooting, a fire, a car accident, a baby dying? I think so.. So this is for all the Parents who sat down with their children and explained all about making babies.. And for all the Parents who wanted to but just couldn t.. This is for reading Goodnight, Moon twice a night for a year.. And then reading it again.. Just one more time.. This is for all the Parents who mess up.. Who yell at their kids in the grocery store and slap them in despair and stomp their feet like a tired 2 year old who wants ice cream before dinner.. This is for all the Parents who taught their child to tie their shoelaces before they started school.. And for all the Parents who opted for Velcro instead.. For all the Parents who bite their lips- sometimes until they bleed-when their 14 year olds dye their hair green.. Who lock themselves in the bathroom when babies keep crying and won t stop.. This is for all the Mothers who show up at work with spit-up in their hair and milk stains on their blouses and nappies in their purse.. This is for all the mothers who teach their sons to cook and their daughters to sink a ball in pool.. This is for all Parents whose heads turn automatically when a little voice calls Mam? in a crowd, even though they know their own offspring are at home.. This is for Parents who put flowers and teddy bears on their children s graves.. This is for Parents whose children have gone astray, who can t find the words to reach them.. This is for all the Parents who sent their kids to school with stomach aches, assuring them they d be just FINE once they got there, only to get calls from the school nurse an hour later asking them to please pick them up.. Right away.. This is for young mothers stumbling through nappy changes and sleep deprivation.. And mature mothers learning to let go.. For working mothers and stay-at-home mothers.. Single mothers and married mothers.. Families with money, Families without.. This is for you all.. When being good enough is just enough.. So hang in there.. Anonymous..

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  • Title: Referrals | Parents Place
    Descriptive info: ParentsPlace is proud to recommend the following independent Parent Mentors.. All Parent Mentors have studied for two years with Dr.. Tony Humphreys Consultant Clinical Psychologist and awarded a Diploma in Parent Mentoring.. Dublin.. North, Fingal, North Meath, Drogheda.. Name:.. Paula McKenzie- Higher Diploma in Relationship Studies.. Qualifications:.. Dip Parent Mentoring, Dip.. Effective Communication, Cert.. Transactional Analysis, Rainbows facilitator training cert.. Phone.. :.. 086-6004340.. Email.. Web Link:.. www.. parentsplace.. Dublin,.. Bray,.. Wicklow,.. Anne Brannick.. Qualifications.. H.. Dip.. Relationship Studies, Dip.. Parent mentoring, Dip.. Communications.. 087-6635560.. anne.. brannick@gmail.. com.. County.. Louth, Dundalk.. Mary McKenna.. Parent Mentoring, Dip.. (H) 042-9374329, (M) 087-9692116.. mmckennaam@eircom.. net.. Kildare, Offaly, Laois and surrounding areas.. Mary Briody.. MSc, Dip Therapeutic Counselling, Dip Parent Mentoring, Cert Play Therapy Skills.. 087- 6380941.. marybriody8@eircom.. parentmatters.. Louth.. Sinead.. Mc Guigan.. Parent Mentoring.. 087-2419482.. North Wicklow, South Dublin, Naas, Kildare.. Thereze McCallion.. (H)045 865248 (M)086-2627010.. Dundalk, Louth Cooley Peninsula.. Maisie McGuinness.. Dip: Parenting Mentoring, Dip: Effective Communications, Dip: Family Management and Communications.. 042 9371491 or 087-2100620.. maisiemcguinness@hotmail.. and surrounding counties.. One Family.. 01 6629212.. gbrereton@onefamily.. onefamily.. North, Glasnevin, Drumcondra, Ballymun.. Ruth Boardman.. (M)087-6824227.. ruthanddon@eircom.. North, Glasnevin.. Eithne Courtney.. (M) 087-9553551 (H)01-8308378.. eth.. courtney@gmail.. South County Dublin and Bray.. Gabrielle O’Herlihy.. B.. Arch.. , H.. Dip Guidance Counselling, Dip Parent Mentoring, Dip.. Effective  ...   Dublin.. Margaret Fitzgerald.. BA (Hons); Diploma Parent Mentoring.. 086 8866230.. margaretfitzgerald2@gmail.. Dundrum, Mount Merrion or South County Dublin.. Claire Connolly.. Life Coach.. Diploma in Parent Mentoring and Effective Communication.. 086 3310023.. connollyclaire@gmail.. Southside of Dublin.. Sheila O Malley.. Diploma in Parent Mentoring Dip in Communications.. 086 8759086.. sheilaomalley@msn.. practicalparenting.. Monaghan, Cavan, Ardee, Co.. Terry O Leary (Mrs).. 086 8161800 or 042 9663057.. County Cork.. FRANCES TREACY.. Relationship Studies, 1.. st.. Class Honours, U.. C.. (NFQ 8) Parent Mentoring (NFQ7) U.. CInterpersonal Communication and Relationships (NFQ 6) U.. Diploma in Social Science (NFQ 7) U.. Sexuality and the Individual (Dr.. Helen Ruddel).. E.. ducational Psychotherapy Introductory Course U.. 0871213245.. frantreacy@gmail.. County Wicklow.. Colette Maher.. BA Hons, Diploma in Parent Mentoring Dip in Communications.. 01 2810099 or 086 3300577.. colettemaher@eircom.. PARENTSPLACE WOULD LIKE TO RECOMMEND THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES.. Declan Ready.. MS in Rehab.. Studies, H.. Dip in Social/ Vocational Rehab.. Diploma in Addition Studies; Licentiate from Irish School of Homeopathy, Irish Society of Homeopaths: Diploma in Holistic Healing masaage:.. (+353) 87 917 7868.. dexter@indigo.. Website:.. declanreddy.. Kildare.. , Leixslip.. Susan Sneyd.. Counsellor I.. A.. P Accredited.. 085-1421500.. If you would like your name and contact details to be added or updated on the Referral List please submit your details to..

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  • Title: E-zines and more. | Parents Place
    Descriptive info: Able-response Ezine.. How do we encourage our children to become responsible?.. Democratic Learning.. I wonder if the metaphor for our Numeracy and Literacy problems is perhaps symbolic that children and young people may feel that they literally don t count in a system were good results and good behaviors are prioritized over the well being of the child.. ADD u TURN.. -by Tony Humphreys.. Does medication cure human distress?.. How Do We Tell Children….. they can feel like they have some control over their day and themselves?.. that they are safe?.. that they are not bad, but are making bad choices?.. that learning is what is important?.. that we value  ...   ….. Taking action for self when presented with challenging behavior, not.. against.. the child.. Understanding the Cause of challenging behavior.. Child centered.. About Boundaries.. Consistent.. Unconditional.. About managing Self.. Offers Children choices.. Compassionate.. z.. 1-5 Tips to Problem Solving….. Mind your Tone of voice! Firm and Kind is the key.. Have children identify the problem and their feelings.. Acknowledge what they say (.. I hear you are feeling angry because your toy is broken.. ).. Ask each child for ideas and solutions.. Talk.. with.. the child encouraging them to come up with an answer to.. their.. problem.. Make Comment.. Make a Comment.. Name (required).. email (Optional.. Will not be published) (required)..

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  • Title: Links | Parents Place
    Descriptive info: tonyhumphreys.. Dr Tony Humphreys is a clinical Psychologist, lecturer and internationally acclaimed author of a number of books including The Power of Negative Thinking , Myself, My Partner, Leaving the Nest; A Different Kind of Teacher; A Different Kind of Discipline; Self-Esteem- The key to your  ...   Living?; The Mature Manager; Work and Worth- Take back your life; and All about Children.. Tony has recorded a number of audio tapes and CDs and his books are available in twenty three foreign-language editions.. educatetogether.. ispcc.. barnardos.. parentline.. childrensrights.. hse.. solo.. kinect2health.. mumstown.. connectitcomputing.. cuidiu-ict..

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  • Title: Programme Aims | Parents Place
    Descriptive info: Parenting is the most valuable profession in today’s society and training and parenting skills are essential.. All parenting starts with self”.. all behavior makes sense this is the key philosophy of my courses and workshops.. Parents feel empowered with the understanding that the intention of challenging behaviours such as; aggression, irritability, passivity, avoidance, bullying and temper tantrums serve a purpose.. Support parents to understand the intention of their child’s behaviour in knowing all behaviour makes sense.. Help parents/guardians’ to look at how their behaviour may be influencing challenging  ...   Guide parents/guardians’ to recognise their needs and the needs of their children.. Offer parents/guardians’ a safe place to reflect and take action to improve the relationships with self and within the family.. Offer a supportive, non judgmental, empowering place for parents/guardians’ to communicate effectively and resolve conflict.. Recognise that as parents and guardians’ we need all the help and support we can get, but ultimately we need to rely on our own wisdom, intuition, knowledge and skills.. Aim to provide a parenting programme that empowers parents and guardians..

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  • Title: Programme Schedule | Parents Place
    Descriptive info: Our empowering parents course is held over 6 8 weeks, 2 hours per week.. The schedule can be adapted to the needs of the parents attending.. All practicing Mentors are required to participate in ongoing supervision and shared vision work.. Throughout our course parents will look at parenting on a deeper level, they will reflect and hopefully be enabled to take action for themselves and their children.. This will ultimately bring about lasting change in the parent and in the parent/child relationship.. Week 1.. All parenting starts with self.. Week  ...   Week 4.. Family communication.. Week 5.. Children’s challenging behaviours (one).. Week 6.. Children’s challenging behaviours (two).. Week 7.. Parent’s challenging behaviours.. Week 8.. A different kind of discipline.. Certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of each course.. Six week course fee €129 per person.. Eight week course fee €149 per person.. We are happy to run our parenting programme in your area to groups of 10 or more.. If you would like our parenting programme to run within your school or organization contact us at.. or phone 086-6004340..

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