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    Archived pages: 103 . Archive date: 2012-10.

  • Title: Welcome to Panda Pouch!
    Descriptive info: .. Panda Pouch.. Home.. About Us.. News.. Contact Us.. Shopping basket.. 0.. View basket.. Search:.. Bags.. Bathroom.. Cub Corner.. Pouches.. Hello!.. Welcome to Panda Pouch!.. Below are just a selection of the products that we have.. Click on the images or use the menu navigation on the bamboo tree.. Enjoy!.. Delivery.. Terms.. Privacy.. Stockists.. Website developed by startbrandagency.. co.. uk..

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  • Title: About Us - IE
    Descriptive info: About Us - IE.. Last year during a trip to Singapore I discovered a shop selling a range of childrens apparel that were so cute that I just had to go in.. I was instantly taken by not only the range of products inside, but how well made and colourful they were.. Having just had a daughter myself, I was always disappointed by the lack of variety available when choosing childrens products and the insistence that retailers seem to have in promoting whatever cartoon character was the current hit with kids, so these were a breath of fresh air.. I bought as many samples as I could, and liked them so much that I decided I can’t be the only mum out there who wanted more variety, so Pandapouch was born.. The response to the product was fantastic, and as the orders grew I eventually decided to leave my 10 year career in Investment  ...   we were naturally a bit concerned.. The last thing that we wanted to do was support in anyway a factory that encouraged underage working, inhumane conditions, or used dyes/materials that were potentially dangerous.. Despite the constant re-assurances of the manager, we decided to go and investigate for ourselves.. We were pleasantly surprised.. The factory was a large established business of approx.. 400 employees.. It was clean, well run, and the average employee age must have been about 35! All of the materials and dyes used were naturally sourced local produce, and by the time our visit finished our minds were made up that our venture would certainly not be assisting anything that we would feel uncomfortable with.. It was at this point that we decided to take the plunge and go ahead with Pandapouch.. We hope that you enjoy the site, and if you have any questions please email me directly at.. liz@pandapouch.. ie..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: When we finally booked the flights and arranged a time to visit the factory, I have to admit that nerves did set in.. What would the factory be like? What would Vietnam be like? Is it safe?.. On arrival in Vietnam all of our concerns were immediately put at bay.. The people are friendly, and the country is stunningly beautiful.. Perhaps because of its history, sometimes our perceptions of Vietnam are blurred by the negative connotations created by its past.. After a night in Ho Chi Minh, we took a boat for the hour long ferry ride to the factory.. When we arrived we were delighted that we had made the journey.. What impressed us most were the professionalism of the employees, and the sheer size of the business.. We met the management team, who seemed to genuinely appreciate the fact that we had taken the time to travel this far to see them.. After a quick meeting, we then had a lunch with the 400 staff that worked there.. There was no hierarchical structure, management and staff are all treated equally, so we sat with management at the same table as everyone else, amongst hundreds of workers, and shared a lunch of fish, rice, and tea!..  ...   to work there in a clean and safe environment, but that the average age appeared to be around 35! The quality control was second to none.. After the product was made, it was then passed over to another team for checking.. Once this quality checking was complete, it was then passed to another team who literally spent another hour slowly checking every stitch to ensure that it was finally ready for despatch.. The staff at the factory were delighted that we took the time to meet as many of them as we could, and were very eager to show us exactly what there roles were and how the whole manufacturing process worked.. They also took a shine to our young daughter Yasmin, and dressed her head to toe in Panda pouch products.. Picture attached!.. As the day drew to a close, the manager dropped us back to the port for our ferry ride home.. We sat on the boat secure in the knowledge that we had chosen a company that was well established, but more importantly had a large workforce who were not only happy in their work, but were absolutely proud of the products that they were producing.. We looked forward to placing our first order..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: If you have any questions, comments, queries on your order, or would just like to say hello, please fill out the form below:.. First Name:.. E-Mail Address:.. Enquiry:.. Enter the code in the box below:.. Submit.. Or email us at.. info@pandapouch.. For all wholesale and distribution enquiries, please call us on: +353 1 254 2889 Or email us at.. sales@pandapouch.. For Press enquiries, please call us on: +353 1 254 2889 Or email us at.. press@pandapouch..

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  • Title: Bags
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  • Title: Bathroom
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  • Title: Cub Corner
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  • Title: Pouches
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  • Title: Cushion 04
    Descriptive info: 19.. 39€.. Add to basket.. Cushions: ITEM PPBDC 004.. Features:.. Made with 100% sheeting outer and 100 % polyester fiber padding.. Dimensions: 40"Lx24"Wx 16"D.. Made in Vietnam.. Each Cushion is crafted individually which adds to their uniqueness.. Machine Washable – Drip Dry.. Optional Gift Wrap: Gift messages are conveyed on a handwritten note.. Scroll through our.. Cushions.. and click on image.. >..

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  • Title: Footmat 04
    Descriptive info: 18.. 98€.. Foot Mats: ITEM PPBDFM 004.. Machine Washable at 30.. o.. C for easy care.. Drip Dry.. Made with sheeting outer and 100% vinyl.. Dimensions : 70"Lx43"Wx 1.. 5"D.. Each Foot mat is crafted individually which adds to their uniqueness.. Foot Mats..

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  • Title: Coin Purse 06
    Descriptive info: 1.. 96€.. Coin Purse: ITEM PPCP 006.. Lightweight and highly durable.. Zip Closure.. One inside zip pocket.. Key ring attached.. Made with cotton drill outer and 100% waterproof nylon lining inner.. Dimensions : 9"Wx5"Hx 1.. Each Pouch is crafted individually which adds to their uniqueness.. Coin Purse..

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