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  • Title: Pain Delice - Bread, Viennoiserie, Pastry, Savoury, Retail, Bake-off.
    Descriptive info: .. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.. Whatever your bakery needs, Pain Delice Limited can provide the perfect solution.. First established in 2002, each year has seen Pain Delice go from strength to strength in both the UK and Ireland markets.. We have now become leaders in our field of frozen bakery product distribution and have our own delivery vehicles supplying our customers’ needs every day.. Our passion is bakery, our commitment is total.. Whether you need a pallet or full container of products, we are able to meet your demands.. PainDelice supplies products into the foodservice and food manufacturing sectors as well as into many of the major retail outlets.. We offer a fantastic choice ranging from standard French baguettes and petit pains to delicious, healthy Swedish breads,  ...   low fat snacks from Weight Watchers.. Why not click on our product page for more information! If you still can't find what you're looking for, please let us know and we'll do our utmost to source it for you.. Lazy Day Foods.. are Dr Sally Beattie and Emer Bustard.. We are professional food scientists, with a personal interest in food intolerances.. click here for more.. Delicato.. is the biggest manufacturer of cakes and pastries in the Nordic countries.. This position has been obtained thanks to a long-term commitment to quality, both in terms of ingredients and professional know-how.. Pain Delice, the answer to your bakery requirements.. Pan Delice Ireland Ltd.. Unit 2 Oikoseen House, Castleredmond, Midleton, Co.. Cork, Ireland.. Tel:.. +353 21 4635222/4.. Fax:.. Email:.. info@paindelice.. ie.. Web:.. www.. paindelice.. Copyright 2011.. site by.. Imokilly Webs..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - About Us.
    Descriptive info: Pain Delice Limited are a well established company supplying a wide variety of products into the UK and Ireland markets.. Our products come from bakeries and manufacturing plants situated throughout Europe and all of them operate to BRC accreditation standards.. Operating from our home base in Cork, Pain Delice has a number of delivery vehicles servicing our large number of customers, meeting their daily requirements and helping  ...   to help customers with orders and to resolve any queries that might arise from time to time.. Our strength is bakery and food manufacturing.. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our product list, then ask us about it.. Within the group we have numerous manufacturing sites and are able to source from a number of European plants.. We look forward to hearing from you!..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Brochures.
    Descriptive info: Please click on the images below to download and view our current Brochures in Pdf format.. All the above brochures can be downloaded and viewed in Pdf format.. This requires Adobe reader.. Click on this link to download and install it.. adobe.. com/products/acrobat/readstep2.. html..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Order Form.
    Descriptive info: Name.. Contact Number.. Delivery Address.. Requested Delivery Date.. Item.. Order Number.. Order.. Quantity.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Contact Us.
    Descriptive info: Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries you may have.. Pain Delice Ltd.. Unit 2 Oikoseen House,.. Castleredmond,.. Midleton,.. Co.. Cork.. +353-21-4635222.. Fax:.. +353-21-4635225.. Email:.. ie.. View Larger Map.. Name *.. Organisation.. E-Mail *.. Telephone.. Enquiry *.. * required..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Lazy Days Food.
    Descriptive info: Let us introduce ourselves.. We are Dr Sally Beattie and Emer Bustard.. We are professional food scientists, with a personal interest in food intolerances.. We believe that everyone should be able to indulge in good quality treats from time to time.. Therefore we have created a delicious range of treat products that anyone would be delighted to eat.. Sally is a Dunblane mum with a number of food intolerances, including ones to dairy and gluten.. Several members of her family are also dairy intolerant, including her 3 year old son.. So she knows first hand the difficulties that accompany a food intolerance.. For many years Sally and Emer have been professional food  ...   we have been amazed at how many people suffer from food intolerances.. Virtually everyone we meet either has a problem with a particular food, or knows someone who does.. And everyone has been telling us the same thing - that they find it impossible to buy delicious treats that are good enough for the whole family to enjoy.. Now with the help of Lazy Day Foods, everyone will be able to have their cake and eat it!.. New stockists of Lazy Day products in Cork.. SuperValu (Hurleys).. Midleton.. The Granary.. , Mideton.. The Green Barn.. , Killeagh.. Costcutters.. , Carrigtwohill.. Farmfresh.. O’Briens.. Fitzpatricks Store.. , Glountane.. Roughty Fruit King.. , English Market..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Delicato. Sweden’s best-loved cakes and pastries
    Descriptive info: Delicato - Sweden’s best-loved cakes and pastries.. Delicato is the biggest manufacturer of cakes and pastries in the Nordic countries.. Our assortment includes chocolate, pies, cakes, pastries, soft marshmallow products and much more.. Many of our products, such as the Delicatoball, Punchroll and Mazarin are classics, well known and loved throughout Sweden.. Along with our pastries, we also distribute Fazer bread to restaurants and large-scale households in Sweden.. Our.. business concept.. is to offer a market leading assortment of high quality  ...   area of the Baltic coast.. Quality.. Our mission when it comes to quality is to always either live up to or outperform our customer’s needs, requirements and expectations.. We conduct a structured product improvement work which is based on our own controls and feedback from customers and consumers.. We want our products to:.. …comply with current legislation and requirements.. …be safe for the health.. …be manufactured from high quality raw materials.. …have a high and even quality.. …be delivered on time..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Baguettes & Petit Pains.
    Descriptive info: In our part baked assortment, we have the French bread to suit your needs.. Made using selected flours and traditional baking methods, we offer you unique breads with thin crispy crusts, light open textures and authentic French aromas and flavours.. Code.. Frozen Weight.. Units/box.. Boxes/Euro pallet.. 1/2 Baguette 28 cm.. S5788.. 140 g.. 50.. 32.. 1/2 Baguette Baked 28cm.. S5829.. 1/2 Baguette Multigrain.. S5805.. 120g..  ...   S5770.. 280 g.. 30.. Parisien 56 cm.. S5708.. 430 g.. 18.. Assorted Flavoured Petit Pain “Hotel Selection”.. (white, poppy, sesame, country).. S5964.. 35 g.. 200.. Assorted Kaiser Rolls.. (white, poppy, sesame, wholemeal).. S302971.. 50 g.. 100.. Petit Pain 9 cm.. S302972.. S5898 (5).. Petit Pain 13 cm.. S5900.. 55 g.. 120.. Petit Pain 17 cm.. S5859.. 85 g.. 80.. Petit Pain Brown.. S302106.. 60 g.. 125..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Raw Frozen Breads.
    Descriptive info: Mouth watering aromas, delicate crusts and rich golden colours all combine to create the unmistakable.. flavour of our French bread.. Immerse yourself in this authentic artistry!.. Sourdough Baguette “Fourniline”.. (Supplied with bags).. S300073.. 330 g.. 36.. Baguette “Provencine”.. (with its bag).. S300053.. Country Baguette 56 cm.. S300054.. 340 g.. 42.. Wholemeal Baguette 56 cm.. S300327.. Cereal Baguette 56 cm.. S300328.. Viennese Baguette 56 cm.. S300859.. Rye Cereal Dark Baguette 55 cm.. S301055.. 320 g.. 45.. 40.. Country Batard with Nuts..  ...   cm.. S300495.. 1650 g.. 12.. Bran Batard.. S300049.. 380 g.. 5 Cereals Batard.. S300048.. 5 Cereals Loaf.. S300546.. Wholemeal Batard.. S300050.. Wholemeal Loaf.. S300008.. Rye Batard.. S300051.. White Toast Bread.. Demi-Baguette.. S300082.. 170 g.. Thin Baguette “Ficelle”.. S300081.. 200 g.. Baguette 64 cm.. S300121.. 290 g.. S300125.. S300011.. Round Wheat Loaf.. S300292.. 520 g.. 20.. Long Parisien 65 cm.. S302233.. 530 g.. White Batard.. S300862.. 340 g.. White Batard.. (no salt content).. S300069.. 400 g.. Long White Loaf.. S300063.. 650 g..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Artisan Breads.
    Descriptive info: Our slow traditional leavening process creates the unique characteristics that set these artisan breads apart from the rest.. You’ll notice the difference from the first bite!.. Ciabatta.. S5001.. 95 g.. 65.. S301769.. 100 g.. S301631.. 130 g.. S301766.. 250 g.. Ciabatta with Black Olives.. S301774.. Plain Round Flat Bap Foccacia.. S302957.. 48.. Mediterranean Round Flat Bap.. S302171.. Panini.. S5551.. 115 g.. Plain Panini 26 cm.. S5550.. Oval Panini Sesame Nigella Seed.. 301752.. 130g.. Oval Panini with Sesame Nigella Seed.. S301709.. Baguette “Pastorale”.. S302759.. 25.. 28.. Pain du Fournil.. S302188.. 450 g.. 16.. Andalou Fleur d’Or (Sourdough).. S305057.. 455 g.. Villageoise Fleur d’Or (Sourdough).. S305058.. 350 g.. Buche Nature Fleur d’Or.. S302817.. 22.. Sesame Seeds  ...   Omega 3).. back to top.. S305050.. S305046.. S305048.. 6 Cereals Batard.. S305044.. Country / Walnut Batard.. S302634.. 360 g.. Corn Batard.. S302828.. Pain de Campagne.. S305040.. 440 g.. 24.. Sourdough Twisted Loaf.. S302631.. Sourdough Rustic Loaf “Pavé”.. S302630.. Multigrain Rustic “Pavé”.. S300137.. Petit Pavé Natural.. S302636.. 43 g.. Petit Pavé Sesame.. S302625.. Petit Pavé Poppy.. S302624.. Petit Pavé Cereals.. S302613.. S302820.. 75 g.. Petit Pavé Country Walnut.. S302824.. S302823.. S302825.. Fuson Natural.. S305146.. 80 g.. Fuson Nordic.. (rye cereals).. S302606.. Granary Fuson Seeded.. S302731.. Mini Fusion Natural.. S302866.. 40 g.. Demi-Délicette.. Demi-Délicette 7 Cereals.. Délicette.. (supplied with bags).. S305055.. Délicette Vitaline.. S302848.. Délicette 7 Cereals.. S305067.. Délisson Nuts/Raisins.. S302839.. 57 g.. Délisson Olives.. S302840..

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  • Title: Pain Delice - Ready to Bake Viennoiseries.
    Descriptive info: The ultimate combination of authentic indulgence and ready-to-bake convenience.. In other words: easy and simply delicious!.. Straight Butter Croissant.. PD401608.. 63.. PD401258.. 65 g.. 68.. Pain au Choc.. PD401616.. Pain au Raisin.. PD400302.. 110 g.. 64.. Mini Butter Croissant.. PD401262.. 25 g.. 160.. PD401261.. PD401263.. 30 g.. 90.. Assorted Mini Mix Pastry.. PD401212.. 150.. (minimum 1 pallet).. * A mix of 60 mini croissant 25 g, 30  ...   Raisin 30g.. Mini Apple Turnover.. PD400536.. 104.. Apple Turnover.. PD400218.. 112.. Raspberry Turnover.. PD400420.. Premium Apple Turnover.. PD400399.. 120 g.. (with Apple Cubes).. Apricot Croissant.. S401260.. 52.. Custard Chocolate Chip Twist.. S401190.. Chocolate Nut Filled Croissant.. S401257.. Chocolate Nut Filled Stick.. S400272.. 70 g.. 108.. Mini Choux with Sugar Grains.. S500821.. 10 g.. 480.. 44.. Pastel de Nata.. S500823.. 68 g.. 78.. Belgium Waffle.. (thaw serve).. PD400028.. 62..

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