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  • Title: The Radon Centre, Radon, radon gas, radon ireland, radon lung cancer, radon home.
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Radon in Ireland.. Test for Radon.. Solutions.. Radon in Workplaces.. News Events.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Click here to order.. Home Test Kit 60.. OR.. workplace detectors.. Radon is a Radioactive Gas.. Radon is a radioactive gas that kills 200 people a year in Ireland.. It comes from the radioactive decay of uranium in our rocks and soils.. Buildings suck radon from the soil into our living and working spaces.. It has no odour, colour or taste and so can not be detected by humans.. It can only be measured using a specialised, but easy-to-use, test kit.. A home test kit costs only.. 60.. See our.. Radon Testing.. page for details.. Radon Causes Lung Cancer.. When breathed into the lungs this radioactive gas damages lung tissues.. This can lead to lung cancer.. Radon is the second leading cause of lung  ...   to fix.. We have over 400 successful installations nationwide.. Employers should refer to our.. page.. Our clients nationwide include:.. IDA, Enterprise Ireland, Dublin City Council, Department of Defence, Waterford Institute of Technology, Rehab Ireland, ESB, Department of Education, National Roads Authority, Wexford County Council, Waterford County Council, Wicklow County Council, Teagasc and many home owners, schools & convents.. Radon gas comes from the soil into your house through cracks in your floors.. Inhaled radon gas can damage the lungs causing cancer.. Test for radon gas now and protect your family and employees from this silent killer.. Silver Stream Engineering Ltd T/A The Radon Centre, Kitestown, Crossabeg, Co.. Wexford.. Company Number: 387340.. Phone:.. 1890 511 511.. Fax:.. 053 9120250.. Email:.. info@radon.. ie.. Galway Office: The Radon Centre, Pairc Lair, Spiddal, Co.. Galway.. Website Design Ireland.. |.. GRAPHEDIA.. The Radon Centre, All Rights Reserved.. Links..

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  • Title: Radon in Ireland
    Descriptive info: Radon is the biggest source of radiation in Ireland.. Approximately two thirds of our radiation exposure comes from radon gas in the home and the workplace.. Less than 1% comes from the world's nuclear industry and military testing of nuclear weapons.. Exposure to radiation from radon in the home and workplace is about one hundred times more than from the emissions from all the civil & military nuclear installations in the world combined!.. Radon Map of Ireland.. (from the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland).. Ireland has one of the highest exposures to radon in Europe.. This is the  ...   do not only indicate low radon areas, but also areas where few households participated in this voluntary survey.. It is now agreed that all homes and workplaces in Ireland should be tested.. Click map for a larger image.. How does radon get into buildings?.. click image to enlarge.. As a gas, radon can move freely through soil.. So it can enter buildings via:.. cracks.. joints.. gaps.. cavities.. etc.. Outside winds and central heating literally suck radon out of the ground into buildings.. Radon can then build up to unacceptably high levels.. This is how buildings collect and concentrate radon..

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  • Title: Radon test, radon testing, radon detector, radon gas test, radon test kit, radon monitor, radon laboratory.
    Descriptive info: Radon Test - Your Home.. All homes should be tested - even new homes which have radon barriers installed.. Radon barriers are very unreliable - there is growing evidence that over 50% of barriers installed in Ireland are failing.. The safety limit for your home is 200 Bq/m3, above which action is recommended.. The radon test is straightforward as follows:.. The radon test kit is sent to you by post.. It fits through your letter box.. Each kit contains 2 detectors in a sealed protective bag.. The bag is cut open to take out the detectors.. Each detector is a simple box that contains a sensitive material you can t see.. If there is any radon in your home it seeps through the black box and marks the sensitive material.. One detector is placed in the main living area and one detector is placed in the main bedroom.. The detectors are placed on tables or shelves, between 1 and 2 metres above the ground.. The  ...   Each piece is analysed for radon gas marks under a microscope.. A report of the results is then sent to you.. Workplace Testing.. Workplaces are regulated by The Radiological Protection Act, 1991, and The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989.. Employers are required to test the workplace and to take remedial action where necessary - the legal action level for radon in the workplace is 400 Bq/m3.. How many detectors per workplace?.. 1 detector in each ground floor office (including basements).. Open plan offices - 1 detector for every 200m2 floor area.. Warehouses / Production areas - 1 detector for every 400m2 floor area.. Toilets, janitorial cupboards and other such unoccupied rooms are not required to be tested.. But canteens & rest rooms should be tested.. Work areas or warehouses that are open to the outside with good airflows are not required to be tested.. Split levels or unusual building structures - please contact us to discuss.. For more information and advice see our..

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  • Title: Radon solution, radon sump, radon remediation, radon pressurisation, radon ventilation, radon prevention, radon reduction, radon fan, radon system, radon removal.
    Descriptive info: RADON SUMPS.. A trickle of air is sucked into most buildings via cracks and gaps in the ground floor and this will carry Radon with it.. The main method for eliminating Radon is to reverse this trickle of air by installing a Radon Sump - see the diagram opposite.. Download our.. RADON MANUAL.. to see exactly how a Radon Sump is installed.. A radon sump can normally be installed in 1 day - installations are usually fast and very clean.. You can buy the  ...   of any installation is essential to ensure the Radon has been successfully reduced.. WHAT OTHER METHODS EXIST?.. In most cases a Radon Sump system is the most effective and reliable method.. In certain circumstances a Pressurisation System can be used - this is normally where a Radon Sump is not possible.. Another method is to install wall air vents where the Radon concentrations are not too high - but this is rarely used now.. Our.. also explains more about these alternative methods.. Download.. Radon Manual..

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  • Title: Radon workplace, radon legislation, radon safety, radon employers, radon law, radon standards.
    Descriptive info: Workplaces and Employers Legislation:.. Employers must ensure that they are not exposing their employees to excessive levels of radon ( 400 Bq/m3).. Note that employers are obliged to use only approved detectors, such as ours which are accredited to INAB standards.. The legislation regulating radon is The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005.. and The Radiological Protection Act, 1991 (Ionising Radiation) Order, updated in 2000 by Statutory Instrument 125 of 2000.. Complicated? No, it's simple when you know what you are doing:.. First & Foremost, contact The Radon Centre - save yourself time and  ...   high levels are found then it is usually easy to develop a solution and fix.. Normally the solutions / fixes are straightforward, with very little disruption.. But it is also very easy to get it wrong:.. It is very common for employers to misinterpret their legal responsibilities.. This misinterpretation and subsequent poor solution design often results in wasted time, resources and money.. Our Clients include:.. Department of Defence.. IDA.. Enterprise Ireland.. Dublin City Council.. Rehab Ireland.. Waterford Institute of Technology.. ESB.. Department of Education.. National Roads Authority.. Wexford County Council.. Waterford County Council.. Wicklow County Council.. Teagasc..

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  • Title: News & Events
    Descriptive info: July 2010, Short radon tests not a reliable indicator.. of radon concentrations in the home.. Short radon tests are not a reliable indicator of radon concentrations in your home and should not be used to decide whether remedial work is required.. The RPII have recently been contacted on a number of occasions regarding the usefulness of short term radon tests.. Most of these queries have come from the Galway area due to the visit of a company selling radon tests that take several hours.. In the light of this the RPII wishes to make the following observations on the usefulness of such tests.. A reliable radon test must be made over a minimum of 3 months.. This is because the rate at which radon enters a building can vary significantly from day to day.. Therefore only the results of a 3 month test can be compared to the Reference Level (200 Bq/m.. 3.. ) and can be used to decide whether remediation work is needed.. A test carried out over a shorter period, particularly over a number of hours or days, is not a reliable estimate of your radon risk and should not be used as a basis for deciding whether remediation work is needed.. A short term radon test can be useful as an early indicator of the success or otherwise of remediation work.. However, a 3 month test will still be ultimately needed to determine whether the work has been successful.. April 2010, RPII to highlight danger of exposure to cancer causing radon gas.. during an awareness drive in Carlow.. Almost one in 6 homes measured have high levels of radon.. The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) is to host a week long awareness drive in Carlow to highlight the dangers of exposure to radon gas.. The information campaign will begin on Saturday 17th April and will urge people to test their homes for the presence of cancer-causing radon gas.. Carlow has the fourth highest incidence of radon in homes in the country, with almost one in six homes measured in the county so far recording a measurement above the acceptable level.. Exposure to radon gas is linked to some 200 lung cancer deaths each year in Ireland.. As part of the awareness drive the RPII will host two public meetings on Wednesday 21st April at 3.. 30 pm and 7.. 30 pm in the Talbot Hotel, Portlaoise Road, Carlow.. The event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.. Mr.. David Pollard, Director of Monitoring and Measurement at the RPII, said: Radon is a serious issue, especially in Carlow.. But it s easy to test for it and if your home has high levels it s relatively inexpensive to fix it.. Because radon is invisible, odourless and tasteless, people cannot tell if they have high levels of the radioactive gas in their home without testing for it.. Homeowners in Carlow need to take this matter seriously and measure radon levels in their homes to ensure that they and their families are not at risk.. March 2010, Sligo Radon Week.. Almost a quarter of homes measured in Sligo have high levels.. The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) is to host a week long awareness drive in Sligo to highlight the dangers of exposure to radon gas.. The information campaign will begin on Saturday 20th March and will urge people to test their homes for the presence of the cancer-causing gas, radon.. Sligo has the highest incidence of homes with high radon levels in Ireland, with almost one in four homes measured in the county so far exceeding the acceptable level.. As part of the awareness drive, the RPII will host two public meetings on Wednesday 24th March at 3.. 30pm in the Sligo Park Hotel.. The information event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.. David Fenton of the RPII, said: Radon is a serious issue, especially in Sligo.. But it s easy to test for it and if your home has high levels, it s relatively inexpensive to fix the problem.. Homeowners in Sligo need to take this matter seriously and measure radon levels in their homes to ensure that they and their families are not at risk.. January 2010, High radon levels measured in homes in every county in Ireland.. Radon, a colourless, odourless and tasteless radioactive gas is linked to up to 200 lung cancer deaths each year in Ireland.. Counties in the west, southeast and south of the country are returning the highest rates of homes with high radon levels.. In Sligo, 24 per cent of the homes tested by the RPII are above the acceptable level.. In Waterford, Galway, Carlow, Wicklow, Mayo, Wexford the rate is greater than 15 per cent.. Seven other counties returned results where more than 10 per cent are high.. There is no county in Ireland without a home with a high radon level.. Ten of the fifteen highest individual measurements have been found in Kerry where the overall rate of homes tested above the acceptable level is 14 per cent.. These were recorded in the area around Tralee and Castelisland.. Dr.. Ann McGarry, Chief Executive of the RPII, said: Because radon is odourless, colourless and tasteless, many people are unknowingly living with dangerous levels of radiation in their homes.. Homeowners, especially those in High Radon Areas, need to take this matter seriously and measure radon levels in their homes to ensure that they and their families are not at risk.. November 2009, It could take 400 years to measure housing stock for radon.. A cohesive national strategy is needed to tackle this problem.. It could take 400 years to measure all homes in the country for cancer-causing radon gas, which is linked to 200 lung cancer deaths every year, the National Radon Forum was told today.. The forum, held in Dublin, was told that the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) estimates that at the current rate at which houses are being tested, testing of the State s current housing stock would not be finished for four centuries.. The Chief Executive of the RPII Dr Ann McGarry said today that this rate was unacceptably slow.. People who could detect high levels of this gas and take remedial action are not doing so, thus exposing themselves to unnecessary risks , she said.. Some local authorities have taken a lead in testing their housing stock, but others need to follow this example.. Most importantly, 80% of houses are privately owned and home-owners need to take  ...   We believe that there are many more homes in these counties with high radon levels.. January 2009, Summary of Radon Research published.. in The British Medical Journal.. Researchers =.. Alastair Gray, Professor of Health Economics 1, Simon Read, Analyst and Programmer 2, Paul McGale, Statistician 2, Sarah Darby, Professor of Medical Statistics 2.. 1 Health Economics Research Centre, Department of Public Health, University of Oxford, Oxford OX3 7LF.. 2 Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit, University of Oxford.. Objective =.. To determine the number of deaths from lung cancer related to radon in the home and to explore the cost effectiveness of alternative policies to control indoor radon and their potential to reduce lung cancer mortality.. Design Cost effectiveness analysis.. Setting =.. United Kingdom.. Data sources =.. Epidemiological data on risks from indoor radon and from smoking, vital statistics on deaths from lung cancer, survey information on effectiveness and costs of radon prevention and remediation.. Main outcome measures =.. Estimated number of deaths from lung cancer related to indoor radon, lifetime risks of death from lung cancer before and after various potential interventions to control radon, the cost per quality adjusted life year (QALY) gained from different policies for control of radon, and the potential of those policies to reduce lung cancer mortality.. Results =.. The mean radon concentration in UK homes is 21 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3).. Each year around 1100 deaths from lung cancer (3.. 3% of all deaths from lung cancer) are related to radon in the home.. Over 85% of these arise from radon concentrations below 100 Bq/m3 and most are caused jointly by radon and active smoking.. Current policy requiring basic measures to prevent radon in new homes in selected areas is highly cost effective, and such measures would remain cost effective if extended to the entire UK, with a cost per QALY gained of 11 400 ( 12 200; 913).. Current policy identifying and remediating existing homes with high radon levels is, however, neither cost effective (cost per QALY gained 36 800) nor effective in reducing lung cancer mortality.. Conclusions =.. Policies requiring basic preventive measures against radon in all new homes throughout the UK would be cost effective and could complement existing policies to reduce smoking.. Policies involving remedial work on existing homes with high radon levels cannot prevent most radon related deaths, as these are caused by moderate exposure in many homes.. These conclusions are likely to apply to most developed countries, many with higher mean radon concentrations than the UK.. February 2007 - New, Early Warning, Lung Cancer Test.. Irish Times Article.. A new lung cancer test has been developed that gives exceptionally early warning of the disease.. The test, which measures the activity of 80 separate genes, is highly accurate and could help save lives through earlier medical intervention.. The new test was a joint effort involving scientists and medical clinicians at the Boston University Medical Centre and St James's Hospital, Dublin.. Details of the work are published in the prestigious journal, Nature Medicine.. Initial trials on about 200 patients showed the test to be between 83 and 95 per cent accurate for identifying patients with early-stage lung cancer, stated the head of the Irish group at St James's and consultant respiratory physician, Dr Joseph Keane.. Dr Keane spent some time on the faculty of the Boston University and developed contacts with the Nature Medicine's two lead authors, Dr Avrum Spira and Dr Jerome Brody.. On his return to Ireland, Dr Keane joined them to try and find a "biomarker" that could help identify lung cancer as early as possible by looking for changes in lung tissue samples.. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in the world, with 80 to 85 per cent of patients dying within five years of diagnosis, Dr Keane said.. An estimated 1,500 die here each year from the disease.. "In Ireland, there is an epidemic among young women," he added.. St James's handles about 20 per cent of all lung cancer patients in the Republic.. Dr Keane worked with Dr Spira on an emerging technology based on the use of DNA chips.. These chips can measure gene activity in cells, indicating in a sample whether genes are switched on or switched off.. Using tissue samples provided by Dublin, the Boston group identified a biomarker involving the activity of 80 genes.. About half of the genes become more active and half less active if a person is at risk of lung cancer.. The research team found its biomarker was highly accurate for confirming an existing lung cancer diagnosis and it now wants to run a much larger trial to confirm the test can also reliably predict whether a person will actually contract the disease.. "We haven't shown that if you have these gene changes you will progress to lung cancer, but if we do show that, then we have a remarkable tool for the very early diagnosis of lung cancer," said Dr Keane.. Early diagnosis is considered imperative if a patient is to have the best chance of survival, he said.. Two weeks ago the New England Journal of Medicine ran reports suggesting CT scanning could help reduce lung cancer mortality.. Dr Keane, who is also attached to Trinity College Dublin's institute of molecular medicine, was the first person to be supported by the Health Research Board's clinician scientist programme.. 2007 The Irish Times.. RPII Radon Action Plan 2006.. The following are the summary of recommendations extracted from the RPII Radon Action Plan published in 2006:.. The central theme of a programme to identify and remediate Irish homes with radon concentrations above the national Reference Level is the provision of targeted information that will allow individuals to make informed choices.. The specific initiatives that should be considered include:.. A high profile information and media campaign to be managed jointly by the RPII, the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the Department of Health and Children;.. A study to be commissioned on the feasibility of including radon measurement and remediation in the conveyancing process;.. Improved implementation of the building regulations to further reduce radon concentrations in newly built homes and the number of such homes with radon concentrations above the Reference Level;.. The Homebond scheme to be extended to include the installation of radon barriers and sumps;.. A programme of free radon measurements in all High Radon Areas;.. And Some form of financial assistance to householders for the reduction of radon concentrations above the Reference Level..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: The Radon Centre.. The Radon Centre is Ireland s leading radon testing and remediation company.. We operate nationwide and have successfully completed installations for customers in the public and the private sectors.. We work with customers to specify the most cost-effective and practical solutions to radon problems.. With an excellent  ...   recommended safety levels.. We liaise closely with the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland and ensure that we operate best practices as laid down by:.. Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.. Irish Legislation, Building Regulations & Guidelines.. European Union Legislation and Guidelines.. Our clients nationwide include:.. Home owners.. Schools.. Convents..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: 1890 511 511.. 053 9120250.. Name:.. (required).. Phone:.. Address:.. Message:.. Please ensure that your.. E-Mail address.. is entered correctly..

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  • Title: Order
    Descriptive info: Buy Now.. Radon Home Test Kits.. Each kit contains:.. 2 detectors in sealed protective bags,.. Clear instructions,.. Prices include analyses & reports.. Price E60.. 00 per pack.. Quantity:.. 1.. 2.. 4.. 5.. >" name=B1>.. Terms & Conditions of Sale/Returns & Refunds Policy:.. Once payment is received product will be sent by post.. Please allow about 7 working days from date of payment to receipt of product.. If there is a problem or fault with the product we will rectify and/or replace, on notification and return of the faulty product.. If the product is not fit for use as intended the customer is entitled to a refund of monies paid if  ...   available if the product is damaged or becomes faulty as a result of misuse, mishandling or the actions of any party other than The Radon Centre or our employees.. Please note that these products are not meant for use by children and that they should be placed out of reach of children at all times.. Privacy Policy:.. Information and/or data relating to any individual, household and/or workplace will be held in strict confidence according to current legislation.. Customer information may be used for statistical purposes such as trend, geographic analyses etc but these analyses will always be in generic form and have no reference to any individual, household and/or workplace..

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  • Title: Order workplace
    Descriptive info: Radon Detectors for the Workplace.. Price = 30.. 00 per detector.. Prices include analyses & reports on return of detectors.. Each order will contain clear instructions.. These prices include 23.. 0% VAT.. A VAT receipt will be emailed on completion of the order.. How many detectors per workplace?.. Open plan offices 1 detector for every 200m2 floor area.. Warehouses / Production Areas - 1 detector  ...   outside with good airflow are not required to be tested.. Unusual building structures - please contact us to discuss.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 32.. 33.. 34.. 35.. 36.. 37.. 38.. 39.. 40.. 41.. 42.. 43.. 44.. 45.. 46.. 47.. 48.. 49.. 50.. >" name=B2>..

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  • Title: The Radon Centre
    Descriptive info: Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland.. Buildings Research Establishment, UK.. Concore Ltd, Galway.. Radonett.. Graphedia.. Irish Internet Association.. Wexford County Enterprise Board.. MoldBusters Ireland.. Mesothelioma..

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