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  • Title: Radon Testing Radon Test
    Descriptive info: .... home.. about us.. radon facts.. radon testing.. radon remediation.. radon barrier.. order test.. contact.. We are an accredited radon testing Service Provider*.. and we are here to help !.. It has been estimated by The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) that 10-15% of approximately 1,500 lung cancer deaths in Ireland each year can be linked to radon.. This equates to almost 2000 lung cancer deaths in the past decade.. This is confirmed by the recent European study of radon exposure in the home.. *accreditation #  ...   video showing radon barrier testing in action.. View another short film of a pre-construction test here.. Order.. your.. Radon Test.. NOW!.. View the technical guidance documents on Radon Barriers from the Department of the Environment.. download here.. (right click save as).. (*Previous clients have included: HSE, Local Councils, Deartment of Education, Numerous Corporate Bodies etc.. ).. 2007 Radon Aware Group.. Design by colorweb.. Valid XHTML 1.. 0.. Radon Testing.. |.. Radon Detector.. Radon Remediation.. RPII.. Radon Test Kit.. Radon Barrier.. Radon.. Search Engine Optimisation.. by Alpha SEO..

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  • Title: Radon Testing Radon RPII
    Descriptive info: Content management.. Ecommerce.. Search engines.. Hosting maintenance.. Standards accessibility.. About the Radon Aware Group.. At radon aware group we are committed to working towards creating a healthy home for you.. Not only do we supply radon detectors for your home, a dedicated team to carry out remediation sump activations, we have developed a system to check for leaks in the radon barrier.. We also offer a consultation service, advice, reports, equipment etc..  ...   mitigation.. on site radon barrier testing.. equipment.. Reports consultations.. We test new homes, older homes, commercial properties workplaces.. The Radon Aware Group are a ONE STOP SHOP for all your radon problems from consultation, to testing, to solving high levels of radon gas.. If you would like a test on your property.. now.. The Radon Aware Group Team.. Radon Aware Group.. at your service.. Click pictures below to view large Radon Map..

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  • Title: Radon Testing Radon Detector
    Descriptive info: Facts.. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted that globally between 6 and 15% of lung cancer deaths per year are caused by exposure to indoor radon, which equates to anywhere between 70,000 and 170,000 deaths worldwide every year.. The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) estimates, 13% of lung cancer deaths in Ireland are attributable to exposure to radon.. This is clearly at the upper end of the scale and reflects the high radon levels found in Irish homes.. These figures were presented by Dr Hajo Zeeb, co-coordinator of the WHO s International Radon Project at the fifth National Radon Forum in Galway.. (16/11/06).. If you had a home with a strong smell of gas you would waste no time in getting out, you would call to have it professionally rectified to protect your family.. You wouldn t take the chance.. Just because you can t see, smell, taste or hear radon, you may think that you are safe.. Nothing could be farther from the truth.. Radon gas can lead to lung cancer.. The decision of what to do about radon is a personal choice that only you can make.. At radon aware group we recommend that buildings old or new with levels below the recommended level should be re-tested every 5 years.. :Radon is a Group 1 carcinogen as is cigarette smoke.. :Radon is a colourless, odourless, tasteless radioactive gas.. :Radon accounts for over 60% of the total radiation dose received.. :Radon can cause  ...   2005 Health Safety Act all employers.. must include this in their risk assessment.. Failure to do so can result in prosecutions fines.. Recommended radon level for a workplaces is 400 bq/m3.. FACTSRadon is a Group 1 carcinogen as is cigarette smoke.. Radon In Water.. There are approximately 2% of private wells in Ireland that have radon levels in excess of the safety guidelines.. When radon laden water is exposed in the house the radon will migrate into the air and can then be inhaled.. SO WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT.. The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland.. (RPII) has said all homes being placed for sale on.. the market should be tested for radon gas and.. where necessary, remediation should be included in.. the mortgage approval process.. Almost 90,000 homes prior to 1998 throughout Ireland still have.. radon concentrations above the recommended.. levels, The Institute has made a submission to the.. Law Reform Commission on the issue and has.. written to all the major banks, building societies and.. insurance companies urging them to protect the.. interests of their clients in reducing the risks from.. radon in the home.. Any physically dangerous defects in the structure of.. a home are checked by the conveyancing process.. and must be remedied before mortgage approval is.. given.. The same should apply to radon.. Remediation.. is relatively straightforward and inexpensive no.. one should have to live with the danger.. note*.. These figures do not take into account new house builds..

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  • Title: Radon Testing Radon Test Kit
    Descriptive info: Radon Testing of homes.. The RPII advises that all homes should be tested - even new homes which have radon barriers installed.. It is extremely difficult to make a radon barrier 100% gas tight, particularly under building site conditions.. Studies to date indicate that up to 50% of barriers installed in Ireland are ineffective.. That is why even new houses should be tested for radon.. The RPII recommends remedial action for homes with radon concentrations in excess of 200 Bq/M3.. For test kits, contact.. The Radon Aware Group.. what does it involve ?.. Two week indicator test.. 3 month test.. it is recommended by the r.. p.. i.. to place two detectors (the size of a two euro  ...   with full instructions.. Radon Testing of workplaces.. Under The Radiological Protection Act, 1991, and The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989, employers are required to test the workplace and to take remedial action where necessary.. The established action level for radon in the workplace is 400 Bq/M3.. National Policy on Radon.. In 1992 the government set up the The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII), the national body responsible for matters relating to radiation in Ireland.. Based on their own research, international research and EU legislation and guidelines, the RPII has laid down safety levels for radon in the home and the workplace.. For more information and advice contact.. CLICK ON DWELLING IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW..

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  • Title: Radon Testing Radon Remediation
    Descriptive info: Radon Activation/Remediation.. The Radon Aware Group is available for on-site testing anywhere in Ireland, please fill out the following form and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a visit.. Developers and Business owners please click.. here.. Request Site Survey - Private Dwellings.. Please help us serve you more effectively by filling out our form.. Name.. :.. Address.. Town.. County.. Tel:.. Email.. When do you need a survey?.. --select one--.. A.. S.. A.. P.. Within  ...   Please let us know when you would like to be contacted, and of any other special considerations (such as multiple dwellings in one area).. Thank you,.. Radon Aware Group.. Contact us by telephone or email.. Our contact details ARE:.. 8 Meadow Court, Clon Road, Ennis, Co.. Clare.. Office: 086 2331116.. email.. info@radonawaregroup.. ie.. Clare County Enterprise Board.. Clare County Enterprise Board provides a wide range of services to help promote small enterprise in County Clare.. design by colorweb..

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  • Title: Radon Testing Radon Barrier
    Descriptive info: Building regulations introduced in 1997 states that in a high radon area,.. measures should be taken to protect the building from radon in the ground for example, in the case of a non complex building of normal design a fully sealed membrane of low permeability over the entire footprint of the building anda potential means of extracting radon gas from the substructure such as a sump.. it is also recommended in the building regulations that new homes be tested for radon gas.. Surveys carried out by the radiological protection institute of Ireland show that a lot of new homes have high radon levels.. Many homes that are built to a high standard will have a radon barrier that is not fully sealed.. One of the reasons is because the builder has no real way of checking it.. To prove this we asked builders who kindly agreed to let us inspect 13 houses in a high radon area at random, with our new leak detection system 11 houses failed our test This was a mixture of houses of different types, the barriers installed was by builders using their own labour professional barrier installation teams,  ...   you should consider using this system.. The person paying for the construction of the building should ask the builder to use this system.. Remember a fully sealed membrane will help to protect you and your loved ones.. Q: so how do we check it?.. A: we check it with a chemical that produces a large volume of dye.. it is then pressurised through the pipe work that extends from the sump under the floor terminates outside your house at footpath level.. (The connection point for radon extraction).. Q: Will I be able to see the leak?.. A: Yes you will because the dye allows everyone to see it with the naked eye.. Q: Where will you normally find a leak?.. A: Most of the time a leak will occur in the cavity, or around service pipes, on certain occasions the dye will be visible where the barrier overlaps, other times where a trades man accidentally punctures it.. Any radon barrier checked by us not damaged by other trades will carry the guarantee that should you still have a problem we shall provide a system to lower the radon levels ourselves at our own cost..

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  • Title: Radon Test Radon Testing
    Descriptive info: Radon Products.. Purchase a reliable Radon Detection Kit for your home from Radon Aware Group.. Remember to order 3 units if you have an extension on your home, we are pleased to be able to offer a special %10 discount when you do so.. * The RPII recommends a minimum of 2 detectors per home.. Radon Detector Kits.. 2 Detectors Kit 41.. 32 EUR.. 3  ...   T.. Your Kit Includes:.. A minimum of 2 detectors plus backing cards and log-sheet.. includes postage paid return envelope to return detectors to laboratory for analysis.. Coming Soon:.. :Radon fans with up to 5 year warranties.. :Outdoor fan covers.. :Couplers e.. t.. c.. :D.. I.. Y.. home systems.. Don't Want to Use PayPal?.. Download our Postal Order Form here to pay by cheque.. ORDER FORM..

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  • Title: Radon Testing Radon
    Descriptive info: Contact the Radon Aware Group..

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  • Title: Radon Aware Group, Clarecastle, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland. Radon Testing, Radon Remediation, Radon Products
    Descriptive info: View another short film of a post-construction test here..

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  • Title: Radon Aware Group, Clarecastle, Co. Clare
    Descriptive info: Private Home owners please click.. Request Site Survey - Business Owner.. Business Name.. Business Hrs.. Phone Contact.. (What type of building?).. Residential.. Commercial.. Nursing Home.. Office Space.. County Council.. 2 Greenlawns, Lissane, Clarecastle, Co.. Office: 065 6891660.. Mobile: 086 2331116..

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