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  • Title: Racquet Stringing, Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Racquetball, Hough Racquet Stringing.
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About.. Tennis.. Badminton.. Squash.. Racquetball.. Other Sports.. Gallery.. Contact.. Welcome to Hough Racquet Stringing.. Whether it's a.. tennis.. ,.. badminton.. squash.. or.. racquetball.. racquet, stringing needs to be done by someone who understands racquets and sport.. Such knowledge can only come from playing top-level sport.. Pat.. at.. Hough Racquet Stringing.. has played all racquet sports at a top-level and has a real feel for the tools of these sports.. Racquet.. collections and  ...   Now in Stock.. Tretorn Plus Tennis Balls.. now in stock.. Announcements.. 07 Mar, 2012.. New Website Launched!.. Announcement Archives.. Customer Login.. Clck here.. to login to your StringJob customer account.. What our customers say!.. The racquet stringing professionals at Hough Racquet Stringing have all played at the top-level and have a real feel for the tools of these sports.. Pat Hough, Hough Racquet Stringing.. © Copyright Hough Racquet Stringing 2012.. All Rights Reserved.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: About Hough Racquet Stringing
    Descriptive info: About Hough Racquet Stringing.. Racquet stringing needs to be done by someone who understands racquets and sport.. Proprietor.. Pat Hough.. has represented Ireland at racquetball, played for his County at squash and badminton and represented Munster at inter-provincial tennis.. These experiences of playing at such a high standard have  ...   someone with a real feel for the sports.. A racquet expertly strung gives a player the added edge which can make all the difference.. can be trusted to do a professional job and supply services nationwide including;.. Clare, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Offaly, Laois, Kerry, Meath, Kildare, Kilkenny, Waterford, Dublin..

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  • Title: Tennis Racquet Stringing
    Descriptive info: Tennis Racquet Stringing.. Taking care of a tennis racquet is a lot easier now that graphite, resins, ceramics, and metals have replaced wood in the construction of frames.. We no longer have to carefully clamp a big, heavy brace onto our racquet after each match to keep it from warping.. Of course, we don't get to peer suspiciously at the racquet's side profile when the ball goes eight feet astray, either.. No, your racquet's not warped.. Maybe it's the strings.. Racquet care is mostly common sense:.. Don't expose it to extreme heat or cold such as by leaving it in your car in summer or winter.. A hot car can soften a graphite frame enough that the string tension will pull it out of shape.. Keep it out of the sun when not in use.. Install a fresh overgrip whenever your grip gets slippery.. Having the racquet slip out of your hand is a common cause of breakage, and it can injure another player.. String within the recommended range.. Exceeding this range can break your frame and will usually void your warranty.. Stringing is a little more complicated.. I'll try to answer the three most common questions:.. 1.. How often should I restring?.. The conventional rule of thumb is to.. restring as often per year as you play per week, but at least twice per year.. It won't hurt your racquet to restring less often, but your strings might lose their responsiveness.. 3.. What's the best tension?.. Generally, tighter strings offer more control, looser strings more comfort.. Looser strings also seem to have more power because they tend to hit farther, probably due to their prolonging contact with the ball while the racquet moves upward with the stroke.. String tension has a profound effect on the way a racquet performs and feels.. I've seen lots of players hate a racquet strung at one tension, then love an identical frame strung differently.. (This is a good point to keep in mind when trying racquets you're considering buying.. ).. There's no single best tension, and the pros offer little guidance, with a huge range in their preferred tensions and no apparent correlation to style of play.. All strings begin to lose tension from the moment they are strung and in the first 24 hours can lose 10-15% or more of the reference tension.. Although the rate of decline lessens over time, strings continue to lose tension over their lifetime.. If you only restring when you break a string you may be restringing once or twice a year.. This means that you are playing on strings that bear little resemblence to their original playing characteristics.. You should keep a log and record your impressions of the strings within the first few weeks of stringing.. When you do decide to restring you can refer back  ...   tension that best suit their particular playing style.. Unfortunately a lot of poor quality strings that play badly are also quite durable and the player s arm and shoulder may suffer for a long time before the strings mercifully break.. By that time many players may have developed.. Tennis Elbow.. and other complications.. Here are some ways to get over that horrible problem.. STRING TENSION.. Lower your tension.. This will allow more of the impact shock to be absorbed and will deliver more power to your shot.. Most of the top professionals shy away from high tensions.. Tensions of around 53 lbs for a normal size frame (95 sq ins) are about right.. 2.. RACKET MASS.. Avoid ultra lightweight rackets.. The more mass you have available to meet the ball, the less worry for your poor old elbow.. If you cannot be parted from your lightweight racket, then ask a competent stringer to add lead weight to the frame around the 3 and 9 o clock positions.. Use a qualified stringer.. INCREASE GRIP SIZE.. Use a towel or similar to see what is the biggest grip size that you can handle (sorry) and then use a normal grip or thinner overgrip to adjust your racket.. Do not use more than two grips, as the natural feel of the flat surfaces called bevels will be rounded off.. A qualified stringer will be able to add heat shrink sleeves to build up the grip size and retain these bevels.. 4.. SOFT GRIP.. Use a cushion grip, as this will absorb much of the shock.. 5.. VIBRATION DAMPERS.. are effective in dampening out those harmful vibration frequencies that are particularly damaging to the tissues of the outside of the elbow joint and rotator cuff in the shoulder joint.. Steroidal injections are an absolute last resort and are NOT a solution to Tennis Elbow.. They will allow a quicker recovery but are totally useless and potentially dangerous if the recovering player walks back into the same old trap.. The above seven golden rules have got many young and seasoned players back onto court, they get far more out of their game, play better shots and are able to lift a pint glass afterwards without a grimace!!.. Tennis Racquets Accessories.. also supply a range of tennis items including;.. Tennis racquets.. (adults children).. Tennis grips.. Tennis gear bags.. Tennis Balls.. Shock Absorbers.. Click here.. to view a selection of items currently supplied.. Hough Racquet Stringing can also advise players on the best racquet suitable for their level of skill, height etc.. “A superb stringing service.. Excellent value for money.. I’d highly recommend Pat for all your tennis stringing needs whether a novice, club player or pro.. He has the knowledge, experience and sound advice to help you make the most of your equipment.. Thanks.. ”.. James, Nenagh..

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  • Title: Badminton Racquet Stringing
    Descriptive info: Badminton Racquet Stringing.. Choosing the right.. Badminton String.. to go with your racquet is important.. It may win you games when playing against opponent of similar standard.. But how you know which string is the right one?.. Badminton strings are considered to be one of the most key aspects of your game and equipment.. As such, you should really take your time in doing you research and learn which type of strings are best for you.. When we talk about badminton string tension, this relates to how tight the strings are, and another important aspect, is badminton string gauge, which refers to the size (diameter) of the strings you use.. It's key to understand the effects of both, as choosing the right badminton strings for your racquet will have a great deal of effect on your game.. Badminton string tension will affect the general feel that your racquet has.. A quick rule to remember with regards to badminton string tension, is that more tension leads to more control, less tension leads to more power.. As the two tensions differ, you will lose either more power or more control depending on the amount of tension applied to your badminton strings.. This quickly becomes clear that it's important to get the perfect tension for your style of play.. Trying to pull of powerful smash shots with the wrong tension will leave you disappointed, and trying to work in those accurate or controlled strokes with too low a tension, just won't cut it.. The science behind more power for low tension badminton strings is down to the point of impact between the shuttlecock and your badminton strings.. Once the shuttlecock makes contact with the badminton strings, the strings move in and then push back out.. This creates a catapult like effect which gives you more power.. With a higher tension, when the shuttlecock makes contact with the badminton strings, it does not sink into the strings as much, which gives you more control over accuracy.. Once you know the type of tension you're going for, it's also prudent to choose the correct gauge for your badminton strings.. Gauges are categorised by numbers ranging from 20 to 22, and some will have 'micro' as a suffix.. These numbers dictate the diameter of the string in millimetres.. A thicker diameter of badminton string will take much longer to become damaged and need to be replaced.. It's also worth noting that thicker  ...   to the.. trampoline effect.. of the strings.. - You can go for string tension in between 16lb to 26lb, depending on the strings you use.. - Let say you want extra power.. What you can do is - use thin strings at lower tension.. Or you could use thin strings at higher tension for a more balance approach.. As you can see, stringing is more like doing arts than math.. There is no one common answer for all players.. Understand your own style of play, strengths and weaknesses.. Then string it accordingly.. Feel it.. Test it.. This is the best advice that I can give.. Matching string gauge and tension.. In badminton, the direct contact of shuttlecocks when delivering a smash, a shooting loop or even a drop shot is the badminton string.. Much of the power in a badminton shot comes from the string.. Thus, it is very important to know a little on how the differences in badminton strings and its tension can affect your game.. It is all about tension relating to power and control.. By adjusting the string tension, you can adjust the amount of power or control that you get from any string, thick or thin.. There is coordination between these tension, power and control.. Tension and power are related.. So are power and control.. Playing with a higher tension racket.. If you applied more tension on your string, you will have a stiffer string bed.. With a stiffer string bed, you will get a good control feeling as the shuttlecock bounces off the string bed instantly once in contact with the string, allowing players to control his game and adjusted its placing instantly.. Playing with a lower tension string.. If you applied lower tension on your string, you will have a more bouncy string bed.. With a bouncy string bed, you will get a good feeling as the shuttlecock stays in the string bed for a longer period before bounces off the string bed once in contact with the string, allowing players to adjust powerful smashes instantly.. Badminton Racquets Accessories.. also supply a range of badminton items including;.. Badminton racquets.. Badminton grips.. Badminton gear bags.. “The stringing of my badminton racquet was done perfectly.. I’m enjoying the new strings.. Thank you so much” John,Roscrea “Thanks for stringing my racquet! It feels so much more comfortable! You definitely know how stringing can play an important part in a player’s game!”.. Liz,Thurles..

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  • Title: Squash Racquet Stringing
    Descriptive info: Squash Racquet Stringing.. STRING S THE THING.. Players may spend hours arguing the relative merits of one racquet versus another and agonise for weeks before spending 100 or more on a new one, but surprisingly little attention is paid to string, which is really the most important piece of equipment from a competitive point of view.. After all, you don't hit the ball with your racquet (at least, not intentionally); you hit it with the string.. Certainly, the racquet is important, because it holds the string.. But the string provides the majority of the power, control, and "feel" to every stroke.. String is to squash as tyres are to motor racing or sails to sailing: you won't get far without them, and quality makes a difference.. The more knowledge you can bring to bear when selecting equipment, the more competitive you will be.. Squash string is a surprisingly  ...   becomes clear that selecting the right string is no simple matter.. Despair not, however, for while it may not be a piece of cake, neither is it rocket science.. During this series of articles we'll be looking at these issues, separately and in combination, to help you choose the best string for your game.. We won't compare brands, but we'll try to provide enough information so you can analyse manufacturers' claims and decide which strings are worth trying.. That "worth trying" is key.. No matter how much information you have, the only way to know if a string is right for you is to play a few matches with it.. So my main advice is: restring frequently and try different strings until you find the one that suits you best.. You may be surprised how much your game improves.. Squash Racquets Accessories.. Squash racquets.. Squash grips.. Squash gear bags..

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  • Title: Racquetball Racquet Stringing
    Descriptive info: Racquetball Racquet Stringing.. It is also extremely important that the person that strings your racquetball racquet know how to string for racquetball! Unlike many tennis racquets, racquetball racquets are almost all strung differently.. A given manufacturer changes string patterns almost on a yearly basis, so a stringer must stay knowledgeable on the proper way to string the newest racquets with the newest technology!.. String Tension.. The general guidelines about tension are: low tensions produce more power and less control and higher tension produce less power and more control.. This is a very general rule and the type of string also plays a part in the power vs.. control issue.. Slow swinging players may need a softer stringbed that provides more power.. Fast swinging players may need a more tighter stringbed to provide more control.. These are general guidelines but it's always how a string "feels" and plays for the individual player.. Experimentation is the key to finding the right string for you.. Every racquet has a tension range recommended by the racquet manufacturer.. When determining what string to evaluate, you should start at the mid-range and work your way up or down, depending on the experience you have.. Remember, if you want more power, reduce tension.. For more control, increase tension.. Another issue when determining tension is your arm/shoulder condition.. If no injury or pain exist, you should feel free to try any tension in the manufacturer's range.. However, if there is some pain, you should select a string that is "soft" and/or explore the lower tension range.. Lower tension and a softer string reduces the shock and vibration  ...   string, offers better durablity.. it's a little stiffer and thus offers less playability.. 17 gauge is the most common racquetball thickness.. It allows you decent durability coupled with very good playability.. For example, we can string 17 gauge string at a a slightly higher tension so that you have very good control upfront.. in addition, even at the higher tension the strings flex and respond very well when you need more power on a full shot from the back court.. An 18 gauge string enhances playability as referenced by the 17 gauge string but the durability factor makes playing with this string much more costly for most.. Grommets are the plastic pieces around your racquet that protect the top of your frame from the wall.. They are also the little pieces you see coming through the holes of your frame that the string actually comes through.. They keep your strings safe.. Good grommets are essential for good string life.. When your grommets are cracked they can easily nick your string and it's over.. In addition, repeatedly scraping the wall (especially at 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock) will cause your grommets to wear down on the outside of your frame.. If you wear them down enough the channel they create to protect your strings will become bear.. When that happens, one good grazing wall shot and "Pop" it's over Johnny!.. Friction is the biggest problem.. so put some grommet tape on your racquet and extend your outside grommet life by 4 times.. Racquetball Racquets Accessories.. also supply a range of Racquetball items including;.. Racquetball racquets.. Racquetball grips.. Racquetball gear bags..

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  • Title: Racquetball Racquet Stringing
    Descriptive info: We supply equipment and accessories for various other sports.. Click on links to find out more.. Sports Accessories..

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  • Title: Hough Racquet Stringing Image Gallery
    Descriptive info: " alt="Go to gallery ->" height="150" width="200" />.. Tennis Accessories Gallery.. Badminton Accessories Gallery.. Squash Accessories Gallery.. Racquetball Accessories Gallery.. Tennis Racquets Gallery.. Badminton Racquets Gallery.. Squash Racquets Gallery.. Sports Accessories Gallery.. Special Offers Gallery.. Badminton Gallery.. Tennis Gallery..

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  • Title: Contact Hough Racquet Stringing
    Descriptive info: Contact Hough Racquet Stringing.. Monaree.. Gortlandroe.. Nenagh.. Co.. Tipperary.. Loc8.. - Q6X-73-CZ8.. N52.. 86811 W008.. 21514.. M:.. 087 2622782.. E:.. sales@racquetstringing.. ie.. Supplying -.. Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Offaly, Laois, Meath, Kildare.. Location Map.. View.. in a larger map.. Complete the form below and submit your details and enquiry.. Alternatively we are happy to  ...   *Phone:.. *Email:.. *Enquiry:.. This site has been developed with grant assistance made available by the Tipperary North County Enterprise Board.. Also funded by the Irish Government and part-financed by the European Union under the National Development Plan, 2000-2012.. Fantastic service!.. John,Thurles.. Local Sports Clubs.. Nenagh Tennis Club.. Munster Tennis.. Munster Badminton.. Munster Squash.. Munster Racquetball..

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  • Title: Babolat & Head Tennis Racquets now in stock. Any new racquets can be ordered.
    Descriptive info: Hough Racquet Stringing is delighted to announce the launch of it's new Website.. We hope the new site will be of benefit to all customers.. Please check back regularly to read the latest news announcements.. Babolat Head Tennis Racquets now in stock.. Any new racquets can be ordered..

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  • Title: Babolat & Head Tennis Racquets
    Descriptive info: Read more.. Previous.. |.. Next.. Page 1 of 1 showing 1-1 of 1 announcements..

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