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  • Title: radio controlled shop radio controlled helicopters radio controlled planes remote control cars RC boats align rc trex heli os en - Radio Controlled Shop
    Descriptive info: .. This shop requires JavaScript to run correctly.. Please activate JavaScript in your browser.. My Account.. Lost your password?.. Not a member yet? Sign Up!.. Hello Guest!.. |.. Log In | Register.. Close Panel.. contact.. sitemap.. Home.. About Us.. Repair Division.. NEW Products.. Delivery.. T&C.. About Lipo's.. Giant Power Lipo Batteries.. Categories.. Accessories.. Aerial Photography.. Airsoft Guns.. Airsoft Accessories.. Airsoft Lipo Batteries.. Airsoft Rifles.. Apparel.. Batteries.. Battery Accessories.. Lipo Flight Pack.. 10s 37.. 0 volts.. 12s 44.. 4volts.. 1s 3.. 7volts.. 2s 7.. 3s 11.. 1volts.. 4s 14.. 8volts.. 5s 18.. 5volts.. 6s 22.. 2volts.. 7s 29.. 8s 29.. 6volts.. Multicopter Batteries.. Ni-CD, Ni-MH AA s.. Receiver Pack.. Transmitter Pack.. Bearings Screws.. Quality Ceramic Bearings.. RC Screws.. T Rex 250.. T Rex 450.. T Rex 500.. T Rex 600.. T Rex 700.. Beginners Section.. Blades.. Blade Accessories.. Decals Stickers.. Main Rotor Blades.. 3D.. Align.. Edge Rotor Blades.. ESKY.. Gryphon Rotor Blades.. J Perkins.. Other.. Radix.. Rail Blades.. RJX Hobby Blades.. SAB Blades.. SWE Rotor Blades.. VBlades.. Night Blades.. Paddles.. Align Paddles.. ESKY Paddles.. Other Paddles.. Radix Paddles.. Tail Rotor Blades.. Edge.. Gryphon.. Pro 3D.. Rail Tail Blades.. SAB.. BOATS.. Electric Boats.. Boat Kits.. Boats Ready To Run.. Nitro Boats.. Petrol Boats.. Brushless Motors.. Accessories.. ALIGN Brushless Motors.. Arrowind Brushless Motors.. ESKY Brushless Motors.. KDE Brushless Motor.. KMS Brushless Motors.. KONTRONIC Brushless Motors.. Motor Pinions.. 300 Class Pinions.. 450 Size Pinions.. 500 Class Pinions.. 600 Class Pinions.. 700 Class Pinions.. Multiplex Power Packs.. O.. S Brushless Motors.. Other Brushless Motors.. Quantum Brushless Motors.. SCORPION Brushless Motors.. Canopies.. T-REX 250 Canopies.. T-REX 450 Canopies.. T-REX 500 Canopies.. T-REX 550 Electric Canopies.. T-REX 600 Electric Canopies.. T-REX 600 Nitro Canopies.. T-REX 700 Electric Canopies.. T-REX 700 Nitro A Canopies.. T-REX 700 Nitro B Canopies.. T-REX 700 Nitro Canopies.. Carry Cases.. CARS.. Car Accessories.. Car Fuel Nitro.. Electric Buggies.. Electric Cars.. Nitro Buggies.. Nitro Cars.. Petrol ATV s.. Chargers Power supply units.. Adapters Accessories.. Chargers.. Power Supply Units.. Christmas Gifts.. CLEARANCES.. Combo Packages.. Helicopter Combo.. Nitro Car Combo.. Planes Combo.. Electronic Devices.. Engines Mufflers.. Cars Engines.. Helicopter Engines.. Engine Spares.. S.. 32SX.. 50SX-H.. 55HZ.. 91HZ.. 91HZ-PS.. 91RZ-H.. YS 56SR.. YS 91SR-3DS.. Engines.. Helicopter exhaust pipes.. Planes Engines.. Irvine engines.. S 2 Stroke Engines.. Petrol Engines.. SC 2 Stroke Engines.. Spares-plane-engine.. MAX 46AX.. Flight Simulators Cables.. Flight Stabilization Systems.. Flybarless Systems.. Align 3G FBL Parts.. Align 3GX FBL.. Beastx Microbeast.. Futaba Flybarless.. Mikado VBar.. MS Brain/IKON Flybarless.. RJX Flybarless Head Parts.. RJX Hobby Flybarless Heads.. Skookum Robotics.. Spartan RC Flybarless.. Spektrum flybarless.. Tarot Flybarless System.. Fuselages.. 250size.. 450size.. 500size.. 600size.. Gift Certificates.. GLIDERS.. Gyros Governors.. Aerospire.. Align.. Curtis Youngblood.. Futaba.. JR.. Other Gyros.. Spartan.. HELICOPTERS.. Easy To Fly Helicopters.. Coaxial Helicopters.. Micro Co-Axial.. Single Rotor Micro.. Single Rotor Outdoor Helicopters.. Electric Helicopter Kits.. Align Helicopters.. Align T -Rex 100.. Align T Rex 250.. Align T Rex 450.. Align T Rex 500.. Align T Rex 550E.. Align T Rex 600E.. Align T Rex 700E.. Clone Kits.. E-Flite Helicopters.. Esky Helicopters.. Mikado Helicopters.. Nine Eagle Helicopters.. RJX Helicopters.. SAB Helicopters.. Electric Helicopters RTF.. Multicopters.. Nitro Helicopter Kits.. Align T Rex 600N.. Align T Rex 700N.. Gaui NX4 Nitro.. Outrage Helicopters Nitro.. Scale Helicopters.. Manuals.. Nitro Supplies.. Engine Accessories.. Field Equipment.. Nitro Fuel.. Cool Power.. Optifuel.. Rapicon.. Starting Equipment.. PARTS UPGRADES.. Boats.. Capricorn 54.. Cars Truggies.. HBX QUAKEWAVE BUGGY.. Helion Animus.. Rage Springbok.. TR-V7 Drift Car.. XTM X-Cellerator.. XTM XT2E Buggy.. CTR5.. 0 Subaru Impreza.. Cen GX1/TR4.. CEN Magnum NX MT.. CEN MG16-MT.. MG10-MT3 Monster Truck.. RATTLESNAKE BUGGY.. TRIBE TRUGGY.. WILDFIRE BUGGY.. XTM X-Terminator.. Petrol Cars.. Futaba Parts.. Helicopter.. T Rex 100S/100X.. T Rex 700.. T REX 700 Nitro.. T REX 700 Nitro Upgrade.. T Rex 700E / DFC.. T-Rex 250.. T-Rex 250 SE.. T-Rex 250 Upgrades.. T-Rex 450.. T-Rex 450 Pro.. T-Rex 450 SEV2.. T-Rex 450 Sport.. T-Rex 450 Upgrades.. T-Rex 450 XL.. Trex 450 Plus.. T-Rex 500.. T-Rex 500.. T-Rex 500 Pro.. T-Rex 500 Upgrade.. T-Rex 550E.. T-Rex 600.. T Rex 600.. T Rex 600 Nitro.. T Rex 600 Nitro Upgrade.. T Rex 600 NSP.. T Rex 600 Upgrades.. T-Rex 600E Pro / DFC.. CopterX Titan.. CX450SE V2.. Double Horse Parts.. DH 9053 Parts.. DH 9100 Parts.. DH 9116 Parts.. E-flite Spare Parts.. Blade 130X.. Blade 300X.. Blade 450 3D.. Blade 450X.. Blade NanoCPX.. mCPX/2 Parts.. mQX Parts.. mSR X Parts.. EF Helicopter.. EF MASH Rescue Chopper.. EF Sabre.. Mini Stinger.. Esky.. Esky Belt CP V1/V2.. Esky Big Lama.. Esky Co-Comanche.. Esky E Smart.. Esky Honey Bee CP2.. Esky Lama V4/V3.. Esky Tandem.. Honey Bee King 2/3.. JPerkins Twister.. MICRO TWISTER NINJA.. Micro Twister Pro.. MINI TWISTER SCALE.. MINI TWISTER SPORT.. TWISTER 3D STORM..  ...   Gadex Li Po Batteries.. Galaxy Battery.. Gaui Helicopters.. Gens Ace.. Giant Power.. GoPro Cameras.. Great Planes.. Grip.. Gryphon.. Hacker Motors.. HBX RC.. Heli Option.. Helivol.. Hi Energy.. Hirobo Helicopters.. Hitec.. Hobbico.. Hobbywing Technology.. Hobbyzone.. Hubsan Hobby.. Hyperion Batteries.. iCharger.. Ino-Lab Servos.. Irvine.. JC Engines.. Joysway Hobby.. JR.. Kasama Helicopters.. Kavan RC.. KBDD International.. KDE Direct.. KDS.. KDS Model Helicopters.. Kontronik Drives.. Lynx Heli Innovations.. Max Thrust.. Micro Beast.. Microheli Performance.. Ming Yang Model.. MKS.. MS Heli.. MSHeli.. Multiplex RC.. Nine Eagles.. Outrage.. Parkzone.. Perfect Regulators.. Phase 3 Models.. Phoenix RC simulator.. Pro 3D Blades.. Pro Peak.. Progressive RC.. Pulse Battery.. Quatum Motors.. Radio Active MFG.. Rail Baldes.. Rapiconfuels.. Raydiowarm.. RC Factory.. Revolectrix.. Ripmax.. Robbe Modellsport.. Rotorworkz.. SAB Compositi.. Sab Heli Devision.. SapiSelco.. Saturn Transmitters.. SC Engines.. Scorpion Motor Systems.. Scorpion System.. Skyartec RC.. SKYRC.. SlecUK.. Slimline Products.. Solarfilm.. Spin Blades.. ST Models.. Sullivan.. SWE.. Syma Helicopters.. Techone Hobby.. Thunder Power RC.. Titan RC.. TrueBlood.. Voltz.. Walkera RC.. Western Robotics.. Weston UK.. XTM Racing.. Xtreme Production.. YS Engines.. Featured products.. New products.. Price drop.. Top sellers.. Flying Fish 3 Nitro Car Special.. This special deal incudes everything you need but AA batteries.. 201,97 €.. View.. Add to cart.. Rattlesnake Buggy Special Combo.. HBX Rattlesnake Buggy Special Combo Deal.. 266,99 €.. Subaru Impreza Nitro Special.. Subaru Impreza Nitro Special Combo Deal 1:8 Scale.. 357,67 €.. Syma S107G Our Best Selling.. The most popular easy to fly helicopter in the world BEST SELLER !!!.. 28,89 €.. Hubsan X4 Mini Quad Copter Easy.. OUR #1 SELLING CHRISTMAS GIFT 2012 !!!.. 49,49 €.. TWISTER 400S SPORT OUTDOOR RC.. The best easy to fly outdoor helicopter in its class.. 99,99 €.. JP Twistercam 4CH 2.. 4G Heli With.. Twistercam Helicopter with Onboard Video Camera BACK IN STOCK.. 63,99 €.. Udi RC UFO Quadcopter Simple To.. NEW Best selling Quad anyone can fly !!!.. 54,48 €.. IKON FLYBARLESS SYSTEM IKN1001.. A great flybarless controller that includes Auto Stabilisation.. 167,89 €.. Rc G.. T.. Power Car Lighting Set -.. Power Car Lighting Set - Flashing C-GTLSC2.. 18,17 €.. RC Car Accessories G.. Power Car Lighting Set - Scale C-GTLSC1.. 14,02 €.. Parkzone Mini-Vapor Kit Only.. Parkzone Mini-Vapor Electric RC Plane Kit Only PKZU1280.. 72,69 €.. Parkzone Mini-Vapor RTF Ready To.. Parkzone Mini-Vapor Indoor Electric RC Plane RTF PKZU1200.. 96,99 €.. Blade 550 X Pro Series.. Eflite Blade 550 X Pro Series RC Helicopter Radio Combo BLH5525C.. 989,99 €.. Eflite 550 X Pro Series RC.. Eflite 550 X Pro Series RC Helicopter Kit BLH5525.. 654,99 €.. Eflite Blade mSR Ready To Fly.. Eflite Blade mSR RTF Ready To Fly Micro RC Helicopter BLH3000.. 118,74 €.. JP Twister Hawk Fuselage (LEDs.. J Perkins Twister Hawk Fuselage (LEDs FITTED) 6601880.. 23,63 €.. RATTLESNAKE HOP002 OPTIONAL.. RATTLESNAKE HOP002 OPTIONAL CLUTCH BELL (13T) 9941642.. 16,70 €.. Balsa Strip.. Balsa Strip 1/16x1/16x36"/1.. 59x1.. 59mm W-L220/10.. 0,35 €.. Balsa Strip 1/8x1/8x36 /3.. 18x3.. 18mm.. Balsa Strip 1/8x1/8x36"/3.. 18mm W-L240/10.. 0,47 €.. Balsa Strip 3/16x3/16x36"/4.. 76x4.. 76mm W-L250/10.. 0,48 €.. Balsa Strip 1/8x1/4x36 /3.. 18x6.. 35mm.. Balsa Strip 1/8x1/4x36"/3.. 35mm W-L242/10.. 0,49 €.. Deans plug Female XT60.. Deans plug connector female XT60.. 0,55 €.. Metal Rod K S Piano Wire.. Metal Rod K S Piano Wire.. 020 x 36"/0.. 51 x 914mm W-KS0499.. 0,60 €.. 039 x 36"/0.. 99 x 914mm W-KS0497.. 0,70 €.. Twister Quad Main Blades (Black).. J Perkins Twister Quad Main Blades (Black) (2) 6606020.. 0,88 €.. Twister Quad Main Blades (Red).. J Perkins Twister Quad Main Blades (Red) (2) 6606015.. Beastx V3 Microbeast Flybarless.. €9 shippe d to the UK EU insured tracked in 2-3 days.. 149,99 €.. Rapicon 2.. 5L Max Power RC Nitro.. Rapicon Max Power RC Nitro Car Fuel 16%.. 13,99 €.. Skartec Cessna 182 Propeller Set.. Skyartec Cessna 182 Propeller 8 X 6 CEN-004.. 6,99 €.. Deans XT60 Connectors Pair (Male.. Deans XT60 Connectors Pair (Male and Female).. 0,89 €.. P-S3003 Futaba Servo Standard.. Futaba Servo Standard (Boxed) 0.. 19s/4.. 1Kg P-S3003.. 10,76 €.. Glowplug No.. 8 (Medium).. 8 (Medium) L-OS71608001 OSMG2691.. Futaba Extension Lead (HD) 300mm.. Futaba Extension Lead (HD) 300mm P-CF0300HD.. 1,32 €.. 6mm Gold Bullet Connectors.. 6 mm gold bullet connectors.. 1,09 €.. XT60 Connectors (Pair).. XT60 connectors pair.. 1,19 €.. Advertising.. Cart.. products.. product.. (empty).. No products.. Shipping.. 0,00 €.. Total.. Check out.. Information.. Privacy Policy.. Terms and conditions.. About Lipo s.. Lipo Battery Warranty.. Customers Feedback.. Beastx V3 Microbeast Flybarless System Version 3.. 5L Max Power RC Nitro Car Fuel 16%.. Skartec Cessna 182 Propeller Set 8 X 6 CEN-004.. Deans XT60 Connectors Pair (Male and Female).. P-S3003 Futaba Servo Standard 0.. 1Kg.. All best sellers.. Specials.. Contact us.. Powered by.. PrestaShop..

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  • Title: Sitemap - Radio Controlled Shop
    Descriptive info: Sitemap.. Contact.. Secure payment.. Our offers.. Suppliers.. Your Account.. Personal information.. Addresses.. Discount.. Orders history..

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  • Title: radio controlled shop radio controlled helicopters radio controlled planes remote control cars RC boats align rc trex heli os en - Radio Controlled Shop
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  • Title: About Us - Radio Controlled Shop
    Descriptive info: Christmas opening hours:.. Normal business hours up to Saturday 22nd of December, closed Sunday 23rd and we are open till 4pm on Christmas eve.. The online shop remains open throughout the holiday season as we will still be processing orders, answering e-mails and getting orders ready to send on January 2nd when we reopen.. Welcome to Radio Controlled Shop Ireland.. As Irelands leading model shop, we are committed to bringing you the latest innovative and best RC products to reach the market.. We set the trends and others just follow!.. If you are purchasing from out of the E.. U we will deduct 23% VAT from your order.. *.. We are currently dealing with hundreds of e-mails a day, please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as possible, we apologize about these delays.. If its an inquiry you need a quick answer to please call 087-136.. 5934.. Due to the high demand of our popular products they may be out of stock, please use the notify me when available tab beside add to cart or contact us to get an estimated time of arrival.. Here is a list of Irish Model Flying Clubs.. http://www.. irish-rc.. com/maps/.. We are the Irish distributor of.. Rapicon fuels.. ,.. Revolectrix Cellpro Chargers.. Giant Power batteries.. YGE Speed controllers.. and.. KDS Helicopters.. taking more on board soon as we continuously expand.. The most important factor to consider when purchasing any radio controlled model is availability and price of parts for that product.. We are always trying to keep our prices as competitive as possible to match other shops worldwide but you must consider excise duty of 4.. 8% and VAT of 23% is applied to imports purchased from outside the European Union already factored into our prices.. Radio Controlled Shop.. ie is an model shop based in Ballymount, Co.. Dublin, Ireland.. Our aim is to create a website that is easy and efficient to use.. We are constantly expanding the business and are in the process of adding new products and dealers to our  ...   sales service.. We strive to keep all of our customers happy so that they can advance and develop their skills in this ever-expanding hobby.. A professional repair service is another key aspect of our business along with the availability of all parts and upgrades for the models sold.. We also fly all of the advanced models and there for provide RC model flying lessons.. Hobby shops Dublin and RC Model shops Ireland.. Advertised postal rates apply to the Republic of Ireland only.. WE PRICE MATCH.. Find the same item in Ireland cheaper and we will match that price, you must provide advertising proof to avail of this offer.. All products shipped within 24 hours of purchase (Provided products are in stock).. Most products are tested before they are shipped.. All parts and upgrades available for each model.. Most important the professional after sales service is there for your convenience.. Shop Business hours:.. Monday CLOSED.. Tuesday 11am-5.. 30pm.. Wednesday 11am-5.. Thursday 11am-5.. Friday 11am-5.. Saturday 12.. 30pm-5pm.. Contact us on.. : 00353-1-4589834 / 00353-87-1365934.. E-Mail.. : mail@radiocontrolledshop.. ie.. ***.. On.. Saturday.. please call.. 087-1365934.. when outside the building to gain entry, strictly no admittance otherwise.. If collecting from the shop we can only accept cash on collection for now.. Location :.. Huntsman House, Ballymount Cross Ind.. Est.. Ballymount, Dublin 24, Ireland.. (Top floor of the commercial section in the Store It building).. Directions:.. Satellite Navigation Coordinates.. 53° 18'52.. 65"N 6° 21'48.. 18W.. or.. From the M50 Southbound:.. At exit 10 turn left on bridge towards Ballymount.. First mini roundabout turn left at TV3.. Next roundabout turn left at Ballymount cross.. Follow the road around to the right.. Last building on the left is Store-It.. From the M50 Northbound:.. At exit 10 turn right go over the bridge towards Ballymount.. From the Walkinstown roundabout:.. Exit Ballymount turn off.. Continue past the Maxol to the Ballymount cross roundabout.. Go staraight through the Ballymount cross roundabout.. Company registration number : 355167B.. VAT registration number IE6772529I.. Copyright © 2010 Radio Controlled Shop.. ie All Rights Reserved.. Contact us today..

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  • Title: Repair Division - Radio Controlled Shop
    Descriptive info: We repair all types of RC models including Cars, Helicopters, Planes and Boats.. Most repairs will now take up to 2-3 weeks to complete as we have a huge back log of repairs.. A new repair.. division.. is now open.. Why attempt to, or get your friend to build, set up or tune your model which regularly results in a crash due to lack of knowledge or skill.. Instead you can get it done by professionals who have years of experience in the RC field.. We guarantee all building,  ...   bought from us.. Your model can be set up for a beginner or for full on 3D flights.. Once completed your model will be flight tested.. Also on completion of a new build you will receive a framed certificate of completion explaining about your set up and the control settings on your radio.. We take no responsibility for used products installed or test flying your machine if it’s not new and purchased from us.. Check out some of our latest work.. Right click the picture then click view image..

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  • Title: New products - Radio Controlled Shop
    Descriptive info: --.. price: lowest first.. price: highest first.. name: A to Z.. name: Z to A.. in-stock first.. sort by.. new.. Power Car Lighting Set - Flashing C-GTLSC2.. Available.. Power Car Lighting Set - Scale C-GTLSC1.. Price lowered!.. Parkzone Mini-Vapor RTF Ready To Fly.. Blade 550 X Pro Series Helicopter and Radio Combo.. Out of stock.. Eflite 550 X Pro Series RC Helicopter Kit.. Eflite Blade mSR Ready To Fly Micro RC Helicopter.. JP Twister Hawk Fuselage (LEDs FITTED) 6601880.. RATTLESNAKE HOP002 OPTIONAL CLUTCH BELL (13T).. J Perkins GLOcharge Glowstart Charger 12V (20 Min).. 10,15 €.. Subaru Impreza Nitro Special Combo Deal 1:8 Scale.. Rattlesnake Buggy Special Combo Deal.. 9919572 TS004 THRUST SHAFT (SH RANGE) (1).. 2,05 €.. AgfaPhoto Digital Alkaline AA Batteries 4  ...   Drift Car 1:24 Scale.. 25,99 €.. Radio Controlled Mitsubishi Eclipse Drift Car 1:24 Scale.. Electric Powered Subaru Impreza 1/10 Scale 5101.. 135,74 €.. Radio Controlled Electric Mini Cooper 1:18 Scale.. 29,99 €.. Radio Controlled Electric Land Rover Discovery.. 32,49 €.. OS Engine O.. MAX 160FX Ring with E-5010 Silencer.. 374,99 €.. Skyartec 8CH RC Flight Simulator (Incudes Software).. 37,99 €.. Ideafly Quadcopter Carbon Camera Mount with Servo.. 90,99 €.. Ideafly IFLY 4 ARTF Quadcopter Receiver Ready.. 275,49 €.. Rastar Radio Controlled RC Ferrari 458 Italia 1:14 Scale.. 32,47 €.. Himoto 1:10 High Performance Formula 1 RC Racing Car 2.. 4Ghz.. 128,58 €.. Nine Eagles Sky Runner Glider FTR Futaba TX Ready.. 75,99 €.. Previous.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Next.. items:.. 10.. 20.. 30.. 50..

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  • Title: Delivery - Radio Controlled Shop
    Descriptive info: Christmas delivery times:.. Fastway couriers are.. guaranteeing.. their last collection on Thursday 20th of December to arrive before Christmas.. Nationwide next day deliveries resume on Wednesday 2nd January.. The majority of our clients are based in the UK and Europe but Radio Controlled Shop are also selling into many countries outside of the EU and around the world.. Advertised postal rates apply to Ireland only, for another country please contact us as advertised prices may not be accurate for outside of Ireland.. Your puchase will leave us within 24-48 hours provided it is in stock and your purchase is made before 2pm, it will then reach you within 24 hours (Within Ireland).. If a product is back ordered then your full order will be sent out when all items are back in stock.. If using Paypal and your account does not.. qualify.. for seller protection then we have the right not to ship to your address, you must verify your account details with Paypal.. We have the right to refuse orders over.. €.. 300 on Paypal if.. your account is not eligible for seller protection.. Delivery of the products shall take place at the delivery address contained in your order.. Any dates or times specified by us for delivery of the products are intended to be estimates only and time of delivery shall not be of the essence, and shall not be made of the essence by notice.. Subject to the other provisions contained in these terms and conditions, we shall not be  ...   due at the time of payment for the products.. You must check the packages carefully before signing.. You must ask the driver to wait for no more than 15 minuites whilst you check the goods.. If there any signs of damage what so ever, you must sign as DAMAGED on the drivers paperwork and report to us within 48 hours of signing.. If you put UNCHECKED, NOT CHECKED or words to that affect, this will be taken as clear acceptance of the goods.. If there are any discrepancies to the order, please inform us within 48 hours of reciept, otherwise you will have accepted them as they are and we can take no further liability for incorrect goods.. When back ordering a product or products, it or they will be sent with the the full order unless you state so, which means you will incur the extra shipping charges.. All deliveries are sent with a tracking number and insurance unless you state otherwise.. If you choose to get your purchase sent via regular mail and it does not arrive at its destination they the liability is yours.. We can not insure regular mail.. Cooling Off Period.. You may return a tangible product within a 7 days even without giving us a reason, as long as your package and ordered items are unused, unopened and in the same condition as received.. Please also review our.. Terms of conditions.. for our more details.. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have..

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  • Title: Terms and conditions - Radio Controlled Shop
    Descriptive info: Terms Conditions.. Please read these terms and conditions carefully as it governs the relationship between you and us, and limits our liability to you when you purchase products from us.. By accepting these terms and conditions you are forming a contract with us and agreeing to the terms and conditions that appear below.. References to “you” and “your” are to you as an individual.. References to “us”, “our” and “we” are to Our Shop.. Please note that all radio controlled or remote controlled helicopters, planes, cars and boats require a certain level of skills.. In order to get this training it is advised to learn to operate these models on a simulator first, sold at Radio Controlled Shop.. Please contact us if you are unsure about a product being suitable for your requirements, we would be happy to professionally guide you to the right choice.. Your Order.. 1 Each order placed by you with us shall be an offer by you to us to buy products subject to these and the website terms and conditions.. 2 No order you place shall be deemed to be accepted by us until we have received payment from you and issued confirmation of the order.. 3 You must ensure that the terms of your order, including the address for delivery, are complete and accurate.. 4 All quotations and advertisements for products given on this website are given on the basis that no contract for sale shall come into existence between us and you until we have received payment from you and issued acknowledgement of your order.. Any quotations or advertisements for products given on this website may be altered or withdrawn by us at any time.. 5 We shall endeavour that all orders are met.. We do not, however, guarantee the availability of any product at any time.. Where a product is temporarily out of stock we will advise you of when we expect to be able to fulfil orders, however this is an estimate only and shall not be binding upon us.. 6 Sometimes stock may be withdrawn or discontinued.. We shall make every effort to update the website at all times, but you understand and acknowledge that we are not liable to you for any failure or delay to fulfil an order due to products being out of stock, withdrawn or discontinued.. 7 Once an order has been placed by you and accepted by us you have no right to cancel the order, except at our discretion in exceptional circumstances.. Once we have dispatched the products we are unable to cancel any orders.. 8 If a product is back ordered then your full order will be sent out when all items are back in stock.. 1 Delivery of the products shall take place at the delivery address contained in your order.. 2 Any dates or times specified by us for delivery of the products are intended to be estimates only and time of delivery shall not be of the essence, and shall not be made of the essence by notice.. 3 Subject to the other provisions contained in these terms and conditions, we shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss (all three terms which include, without limitation, pure economic loss, loss of profits, loss of business, depletion of goodwill and similar losses), costs, damages or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of the products (even if caused by our negligence).. 4 If for any reason you or the person at the delivery address refuses to accept delivery of the products, all risk in the products shall pass to you and we may, at our discretion, charge for return of the products to us, a storage fee and a redelivery fee to another address nominated by you.. 5 The cost of delivery shall be calculated when you place your order with us and payment shall be due at the time of payment for the products.. 6 You must check the packages carefully before signing.. 7 Your puchase will leave us within 24 hours provided its in stock and your purchase is made before 2pm, it will then reach you within 24 hours.. 8 When back ordering a product or products it or they will be sent with the the full order unless you state so, which means you will incur the extra shipping charges.. 9 All deliveries are sent with a tracking number and insurance unless you state otherwise.. 0 Shipping prices are only accurate for Ireland only, if you make payment we may need to give you another shipping quote thereafter.. 1 Christmas delivery times: Fastway couriers are guaranteeing their last collection on Thursday 20th of December to arrive before Christmas.. Price and Payment.. 4 Unless otherwise agreed between you and us, the price for  ...   fault.. 6.. Limitation of Liability.. 1 Without prejudice to the other provisions in these terms and conditions, these provisions set out our total financial liability to you.. 2 All times given for delivery, restocking etc.. are estimates only and we shall not be liable for any damages, costs, losses (including without limitation pure economic loss, loss of profit, loss of business, interruptions to business, depletion of goodwill or reputation, and/or loss of commission), claims or liabilities, whether direct, indirect or consequential, incurred by you due to any delay by us, including if such delay was caused by our negligence.. 3 Nothing in this agreement shall limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to attempt to exclude our liability or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.. 4 Without prejudice to the other provisions of this agreement, our total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise, arising in the performance or contemplated performance of this Agreement shall be limited to the price of the products in any single order.. We do not cover consequential loss.. 5 Radio Controlled Shop are not responsible for typographical errors and are subject to correction.. 7.. Waiver.. 1 If you breach any provision of these terms and conditions or the terms of use of the website and we ignore this, we shall still be entitled to use our rights and remedies at a later date or in any other situation where you breach any provision of these terms and conditions.. 8.. Assignment.. 1 We may transfer and/or assign our rights or obligations under these terms and conditions at any time.. This will not affect your rights and/or obligations under the terms and conditions.. You are not permitted to transfer your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions to any other person.. 9.. Invalidity.. 1 If any provision of these terms and conditions is found by any court, tribunal or administrative body of competent jurisdiction, to be wholly or partially illegal, invalid, void, voidable or unenforceable it shall, to such extent, be deemed to be severable and the remaining provisions of the terms and conditions and the remainder of the provision shall continue in full force and effect.. Privacy.. 1 All information that you provide about yourself to us shall be used in accordance with our privacy policy.. 2 You acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy.. 11.. Variation.. 1 We reserve the right to unilaterally vary these terms and conditions from time to time.. You should check and read the terms and conditions for any updates and/or amendments before placing any order with us.. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions at any time you should not place any order with us.. 12.. Repairs and second hand products.. 1 All second hand repairs and testing carried out are at the risk of the owner.. 2 All second hand products bought through RC Shop.. ie's website (but not supplied by) or otherwise are not garanteed and are not subject to repair or replacement or refund.. 3 All new models purchased form RC Shop that need upgrades are guaranteed from new.. 4 Products left for repair,assessment or otherwise must be collected within 21 days of notice given of their completion, otherwise will subject to storage fees and are not the responsibility of RC Shop.. 5 Radio Controlled Shop will do their best to repair your model/product but in some cases the repair of faults cannot be repaired or the repair or fault testing exceeds the price of the model then you the customer is still liable for the parts and labour costs.. We can only estimate the damage on assessment, which can lead to more repairs than originally quoted.. 6 Storage fees are charged at 2 euro a day after 21 days.. 7 Products left with RC Shop.. ie for over 6 months will be disposed of.. 13.. Deposits taken on products.. 1 All deposits taken are a down payment on a product and are not subject to a refund.. 2 All deposits taken are only a deposit on that product and may be due for a higher or lower amount depending on the current price of the product on arrival as prices rise and fall with currency changes.. 3 All deposits taken are only valid for one week from the time taken.. 14.. Lipo battery warranty notice.. (Please read carefully).. http://radiocontrolledshop.. ie/content/13-lipo-battery-warranty-lithium-battery-warranties-radio-controlled-shop-ireland.. 4 Shipping LiPo batteries will be at your risk regarding them arriving safely.. The insurance company does not cover these in transport.. We will do our very best to make sure they are packed very well and secure..

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    Descriptive info: Understanding RC LiPo Batteries.. What are LiPo batteries and why are they so popular in the RC world?.. LiPo batteries (short for Lithium Polymer) are a type of rechargeable battery that has taken the electric RC world by storm, especially for planes and helicopters.. They are the main reason electric flight is now a very viable option over fuel powered models.. RC LiPo batteries have three main things going for them that make them the perfect battery choice for RC planes and even more so for RC helicopters over conventional rechargeable battery types such as NiCad, or NiMH.. RC LiPo batteries are light weight and can be made in almost any shape and size.. RC LiPo batteries have large capacities, meaning they hold lots of power in a small package.. RC LiPo batteries have high discharge rates to power the most demanding electric motors.. In short, LiPo’s provide high energy storage to weight ratios in an endless variety of shapes and sizes.. These benefits are important in any RC model, but for airplanes and helicopters they are the reason electric flight has become so popular.. Face it, electric cars and boats have been around for decades, it wasn’t till LiPo battery technology arrived on the scene, that electric planes and helicopters started showing up and are now surpassing nitro power in terms of performance.. There are a few down sides with RC LiPo batteries however; once again proving there is no perfect solution.. RC LiPo batteries are still expensive compared to NiCad and NiMH, but coming down in price all the time.. Although getting better, RC LiPo’s don’t last that long, perhaps only 300-400 charge cycles (much less if not cared for properly).. That said, I have heard some people getting over 1000 cycles if all the rules are followed.. Safety issues - because of the volatile electrolyte used in LiPo’s, they can catch fire or explode.. RC LiPo batteries require unique and proper care if they are going to last for any length of time more so than any other battery technology.. Charging, discharging, and storage all affect the lifespan – get it wrong and a LiPo is garbage in as little as one mistake.. Before I start talking about the actual care ratings of RC LiPo batteries, I thought I should go over the basics first.. Feel free to skip down the page if you don’t care about the actual make up of a lithium battery and just “want to know what the heli to do with them and what to look for when buying them”.. Differences in Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries.. In the RC world today, most battery packs are of the LiPo type.. I thought I should include a short discussion on the Li-Ion type of pack just in case you come across one as they are used in some higher end radios.. Li-Ion and LiPo batteries have essentially the same chemical make-up and are cared for in the same way; the differences are in how the cells are packaged and the type of electrolyte that is used.. Li-Ion.. Li-Ion batteries use an organic liquid solvent as the electrolyte.. This electrolyte is responsible for the ion exchange between the electrodes (anode and cathode) just like any type of battery.. This organic solvent based electrolyte is highly flammable and the reason why Li-Ion batteries are more volatile and can catch fire or explode if mistreated.. Li-Ion batteries are usually encased in a hard metal can (again like a more conventional battery) adding weight and not allowing many different options as far as shape and size.. LiPo.. A true LiPo battery doesn’t use a liquid electrolyte but instead uses a dry electrolyte polymer that resembles a thin plastic film.. This film is sandwiched (actually laminated) between the anode and cathode of the battery allowing for ion exchange – thus the name lithium polymer.. This method allows for a very thin and wide range of shapes and sizes of cells.. The problem with true LiPo cell construction is the ion exchange through the dry electrolyte polymer is slow and thus greatly reduces the discharge and charging rates.. This problem can be somewhat overcome by heating up the battery to allow for a faster ion exchange through the polymer between anode and cathode, but is not practical for most applications.. If they could crack this problem, the safety risk of lithium batteries would be greatly reduced.. With the big push towards electric cars and energy storage, there is no doubt some pretty huge developments will be made in ultra light weight dry and safe LiPo’s in the coming years.. Seeing that theoretically this type of battery could be made flexible, almost like a fabric, just think of the possibilities.. LiPo Hybrids.. All RC LiPo batteries out there at the time of this write up (May/09) are actually a hybrid lithium polymer battery.. The correct name for this type of battery is lithium-ion polymer, but the battery world of today simply calls them lithium polymer even though they are not a true dry type LiPo battery.. By introducing a gelled electrolyte into the polymer, the ion exchange rate is improved immensely.. Since the electrolyte is gelled, there is less chance of leakage, but it is still flammable.. LiPo hybrids are not as dangerous as Li-Ion’s but they can still catch fire or explode if over charged, shorted, or punctured.. When first introduced, LiPo batteries were more expensive than Li-Ion because they are more difficult to manufacture.. Fortunately prices have dropped substantially since they have become as, if not more popular than Li-Ion battery technology.. This holds especially true for electric powered RC aircraft and the real driver behind LiPo battery research – portable communication/entertainment devices.. LiPo hybrids use the same flat cell structure as their dry counter parts meaning they have the same flexibility with sizes and shapes allowing for very specialized shaped battery packs perfect for use in our RC models.. Almost every RC LiPo battery cell is packaged in a foil pouch coincidentally called a pouch cell.. The picture to the right shows a typical 2 cell LiPo RC battery pack.. Pouch cells are the perfect solution for building multi celled battery packs since the flat pouch cell can be stacked with no wasted air spaces like found within round celled battery packs.. Of course since LiPo’s use this light weight pouch instead of a metal can, less weight is the result making LiPo’s the best choice over Li-Ion in a weight conscious application such as RC aircraft.. If you ever open up a LiPo foil pouch cell, this is what you will find.. A long piece of very thin plastic film (the polymer) with thin carbon coated anode and cathodes in an alternating pattern on the front and back side of the polymer film.. This long film (over 7 feet long in the case of this 5000 mAh cell), is then folded accordion style back and forth upon itself.. The entire folded cell matrix is then sealed into the foil pouch along with the "greasy" gel/liquid electrolyte which incidentally has a very sweet solvent smell much like nail polish remover/acetone - no wonder it's flammable.. If you're wondering what the burnt hole is in the center of all the cell folds, I purposely drove a nail through this cell to discharge it rapidly watch the fireworks.. The cell rapidly ballooned out, burst, and vented a great deal of flammable electrolyte but never caught on fire.. On the positive side, if it would have burst into flame, I wouldn't have this picture to show you the "guts".. I only did this because I dropped this heavy 6S 5000mAh LiPo pack on the hard concrete floor (yes - very dumb costly butter finger moment) and one cell was damaged in the process.. Lesson learned, don't carry more LiPo's than you can safely hold!.. One interesting characteristic hybrid LiPo batteries share to an extent with their dry counterparts is they do get more efficient at ion exchange once warmed up.. If you have ever noticed your RC model seem to gain a little more power a minute or so after working the battery; what you are experiencing is the increase in ion exchange efficiency once the battery chemistry warms up.. This should have you thinking that if you fly your electric RC helicopter or plane in the winter time, you might want to keep your RC LiPo battery packs in a warm place prior to the flight.. LiPo RC Battery Ratings.. Now that I have bored you to death on RC LiPo battery basics, time to get into the main topics at hand.. First are ratings, specifically voltage and capacity.. These are the two main numbers you will need when going battery shopping.. There is a third number you will also need to be aware of which I will get to in just a bit.. VOLTAGE.. Unlike conventional NiCad or NiMH battery cells that have a voltage of 1.. 2 volts per cell, LiPo battery cells are rated at 3.. 7 volts per cell.. The benefit here is fewer cells can be used to make up a battery pack and in some cases on smaller micro sized RC aircraft like Blade mCX's, mSR, mCP, or 120 SR one 3.. 7 volt cell is all that is needed to power the model.. Other than the smallest of electric RC models, RC LiPo battery packs will have at least two or more cells hooked up in series to provide higher voltages.. For larger RC models that number can be as high as 6 cells and even more for larger birds or HV (high voltage) applications.. Here is a list of LiPo RC battery pack voltages with cell counts most beginners will be using.. If you are wondering what the 2-12S in parenthesis means; it is a way the battery manufactures indicate how my cells hooked in series (S) the battery pack contains.. 7 volt battery = 1 cell x 3.. 7 volts (1S).. 4 volt battery = 2 cells x 3.. 7 volts (2S).. 1 volt battery = 3 cells x 3.. 7 volts (3S).. 8 volt battery = 4 cells x 3.. 7 volts (4S).. 18.. 5 volt battery = 5 cells x 3.. 7 volts (5S).. 22.. 2 volt battery = 6 cells x 3.. 7 volts (6S).. 29.. 6 volt battery = 8 cells x 3.. 7 volts (8S).. 37.. 0 volt battery = 10 cells x 3.. 7 volts (10S).. 44.. 4 volt battery = 12 cells x 3.. 7 volts (12S).. I should point out you may run across packs or cells hooked up in parallel to increase the capacity.. This is indicated by a number followed by a "P".. Example: 3S2P would indicate 2, three celled series packs hooked up in parallel to double the capacity.. So, those are the voltages you need to know and each RC model or more specifically, the motor/speed controller combination will indicate what voltage is required for correct operation/RPM.. This number has to be followed to the letter in most cases since a change in voltage equates to a change in RPM and will require changing the gearing but more likely the motor to a higher or lower Kv rating - not something I want to get into in this write-up.. If a model calls for a 3 cell (3S) 11.. 1 volt battery – lets just say that is what has to be used unless you want to open a whole new can of worms.. A quick word on motor ratings.. Many people new to electric flight get confused by brushless electric motor ratings, specifically the Kv rating thinking Kv = kilo-volts (1 kV = 1000 volts).. This is not the case at all.. The Kv rating of a brushless motor refers to how many RPM it turns per volt.. An example might be something like a 1000 Kv motor with a voltage range of 10 - 25 volts.. That would mean this motor will turn at about 10,000 RPM @ 10 volts up to around 25,000 RPM @ 25 volts.. I don't want to start into motor ratings; battery ratings are plenty to get through.. I just thought I would make mention of it since I do get that "Kilo-Volt" question often.. CAPACITY.. Capacity indicates how much power the battery pack can hold and is indicated in milliamp hours (mAh).. This is just a fancy way of saying how much load or drain (measured in milliamps) can be put on the battery for 1 hour at which time the battery will be fully discharged.. For example a RC LiPo battery that is rated at 1000 mAh would be completely discharged in one hour with a 1000 milliamp load placed on it.. If this same battery had a 500 milliamp load placed on it, it would take 2 hours to drain down.. If the load was increased to around 15,000 milliamps (15 amps) a very common current drain in a 400 sized RC helicopter while hovering, the time to drain the battery would be only about 4 minutes.. As you can see, for a RC model with that kind of current draw, it would be very advantageous to use a larger capacity battery pack such as a 2000 mAh pack.. This larger pack used with a 15 amp draw would double the time to about 8 minutes till the pack was discharged.. The main thing to get out of this is if you want more flight time; increase the capacity of your battery pack.. Unlike voltage, capacity can be changed around to give you more or less flight time.. Of course because of size restrictions and weight you have to stay within a certain battery capacity range seeing that the more capacity a battery pack has, the larger and heavier it will be.. DISCHARGE RATE.. Remember that third number I was talking about when you go RC LiPo battery shopping? Yes, discharge rate is that number.. This one is probably the single most over rated miss understood of all battery ratings.. Discharge rate is simply how fast a battery can be discharged safely.. Remember that ion exchange thing further up the page? Well the faster the ions can flow from anode to cathode in a battery will indicate the discharge rate.. In the RC LiPo battery world it is called the “C” rating.. What does it mean?.. Well Capacity begins with “C” so that should give you a pretty good idea.. A battery with a discharge rating of 10C would mean you could discharge it at a rate 10 times more than the capacity of the pack, a 15C pack = 15 times more, a 20C pack = 20 times more, and so on.. Let's use our 1000 mAh battery as an example; if it was rated at 10C that would mean you could pull a maximum sustained load up to 10,000 milliamps or 10 amps off that battery (10 x 1000 milliamps = 10,000 milliamps or 10 amps).. From a time stand point, this equals 166 mAh of draw a minute so the 1000 mAh pack would be exhausted in about 6 minutes.. This is calculated by first determining the mAh per minute of the pack.. 1000 mAh divided by 60 minutes = 16.. 6 mAh's per minute.. You then multiply that number by the C rating (10 in this case) = 166 mAh of draw per minute divided into the packs capacity (1000 mA) = 6.. 02 minutes.. How about a 20C rating on a 2000 mAh battery? 20 x 2000 = 40,000 milliamps or 40 amps.. Time wise, a 40 amp draw on this pack would exhaust it in about 3 minutes (2000/60= 33.. 3 multiplied by 20c = 666 mAh per minute - divided into the packs capacity of 2000 mA = 3 minutes).. As you can see, that is a pretty short flight and unless you are drawing the maximum power for the entire flight, it is unlikely you would ever come close to those numbers.. Most RC LiPo Battery packs will show the continuous C rating and some are now indicating a burst rating as well.. A burst rating indicates the battery discharge rate for short bursts of extended power.. An example might be something like “Discharge rate = 20C Continuous / 40C Bursts”.. The higher the C rating, usually the more expensive the battery.. This is where you can save some money.. Getting a high discharge rated pack when there is no way you could possibly pull the full amount of power is not required but it won't hurt either.. The most important thing is you can't go with too low a discharge C rating or you will damage your battery and possibly your ESC (electronic speed control).. So how do you know what C rating to get when purchasing your LiPo RC Battery Pack? The easy answer most will give is to get the largest C rating you can.. If money is not an object I agree with  ...   charge.. The above picture shows a dedicated 3 cell charger charging a 3 cell RC LiPo battery through the balancing plug/tap.. The limitation here is the maximum charge rate.. Since the gauge of balance plug wiring is small, this method only works on smaller LiPo's or charge rates not much higher then 2.. 5 amps maximum.. A good clue if you are pushing too many amps through the balance leads would be a warm/hot balance plug/wiring.. LiPo’s can be balanced with a stand alone balancer such as a Blinky Balancer while the pack is being charged through the main power plug.. Shown here is a computerized charger charging a 3 cell LiPo pack through the main power plug with the Blinky balancer hooked up to the balance plug.. The Blinky will monitor the voltage of each cell in the pack and apply a small load to discharge any cell that is indicating a charge voltage higher than the other cells in the pack keeping all cells within about 0.. 02 volts (20 mV) of each other.. A RC LiPo pack can also be balanced with a stand alone balancer after charging the pack through the main power plug.. Again in this picture, the Blinky balancer is hooked up to the balancing plug, but this time after the pack was charged.. Obviously this method of balancing is theoretically not as safe for the LiPo pack since one or more cells could be overcharged during charging, but it will balance all the cells and keeps them in check for the discharge cycle and subsequent charge cycles.. Finally the very best way to balance and charge a LiPo battery is by using a computerized charger with built-in balance circuitry.. With this set-up, the battery is charged through the main power plug and the balance plug/tap is plunged into what is called a balance board which is in-turn plugged into the computerized charger in most cases; however, some chargers will have the different balance ports built into the charger eliminating the need for a separate balance board.. Good computerized chargers (like that little TP-610C pictured above) with built-in balance circuitry, will confirm correct cell count, alter the charge balance rates, and when balancing actually occurs in the charge cycle to ensure a "stress free" and safe charge/balance cycle that extends the useful life of the LiPo pack.. This is by far the safest way to charge higher capacity multi celled LiPo's and opens up a whole new world to more advanced charging methods such as multiple pack parallel charging (the way I charge my LiPo's most of the time now).. Balancing Plugs/Taps.. Balancing plugs/taps currently come in four different configurations (for the most part) and it is important to know which one your balancing charger, stand alone balancer, or balance board supports so you choose the correct plug type when purchasing your RC LiPo battery.. JST-XH Plug.. This is the most common balancing plug type.. Used On: Align, E-Flite, Common Sense RC (V2), Great Planes, Dualsky, Esky, Electrifly, Losi, Rhino, Team Great Hobbies, Trinity, Turnigy, Venom, Zippy - just to name a few.. Thunder Power Plugs.. Used On: Thunder Power, FlightPower, Apex, EVO, MPX, Outrage, and a few other battery brands.. Polyquest Plugs.. Used On: Polyquest, E-tec, True RC, Extreme Power, Impulse, Enermax, Hyperion, Poly RC, Xcite, Fliton, and a few others.. JST-EH Plugs.. These are probably the least common type of balancing plug, but you will find them on a few big name battery brands such as: Kokam, Graupner, Core, and older Vampower battery packs.. Main Power Plugs.. Once again there are several out there depending on your power handling requirements and own personal preference.. Getting one type and sticking with it is the easiest way to go since all your connectors will be the same as will your charging plug/s.. Here are the 7 most common (there are certainly more):.. JST Connector.. This is a small power plug rated for up to 5 amps of continuous load.. It is used on smaller battery packs (usually under 1500 mAh) for powering small park fliers and micro electric helis, or for powering on board electronics (receiver, servos, gyros, governors, etc.. ) in higher end models with dedicated RX packs.. Deans Ultra Connectors.. These are a very popular connector type (also called "T" connectors) with a very loyal following, which unfortunately has driven the price up made them one of the most expensive connectors around.. They are rated for up to 50 amps of continuous load.. EC3 Connectors.. EC3's are becoming very popular as they use true "bullet style" connection pins and are rated for up to 60 amps of continuous load.. Most will agree bullet pins make for the best possible connection when dealing with high current applications due to a larger surface contact area.. EC5 Connectors.. These are a longer version of the EC3 and because the bullet pins are longer (5mm) they have an even greater surface area for contact.. EC5's are rated for up to 120 amps of continuous load.. Perfect for large 1/4 scale electrics and 700 size electric helis.. hexTronik XT-60 Connectors.. XT-60 connectors are getting more and more popular due to the very good pricing and performance.. Like the EC3 connectors they use gold plated bullet pins and have a slightly higher 65 amp current rating.. Made with high temperature nylon, they don't melt when soldering if you get a little carried away and they are the best plug I have ever used when it comes to the ease of plugging and unplugging.. More and more people are converting from Dean's to hexTronik XT-60's these days and are so happy they made the switch (I'm one of them).. If you are just starting out with electric powered RC, you are in a wonderful position to select this plug type for medium/medium high power applications from the start!.. Tamiya Connectors.. These are lower amperage connectors once very popular, especially with the electric RC car, truck, and boat crowd, but since high amp LiPo's have entered the scene, Tamiya plugs are used less and less.. You still will find them used for powering smaller models and some types of nitro starting systems.. Traxxas Connectors.. As the name suggests, Traxxas battery connectors are used exclusively on electric Traxxas RC vehicles/boats but can be fit to any high current application up to about 100 amps.. These are a nice connector that many say are one of the nicest to plug and unplug.. The three most common main power plugs you will come across (for average load applications in the RC aircraft realm) are the Deans Ultra's, the EC3's, and the XT-60's.. I have used all 3 and like the EC3 and XT60's the best.. EC'3 are nice because the soldering connection is concealed within the plug so you don't need to use heat shrink to insulate the solder connection.. The downside is, if you ever have to unsolder the wiring from the plug, most of the time the plug is damaged trying to get the pins out.. Deans Ultras and XT-60's on the other hand could short while soldering if you are not careful - it has happened to me a couple times and the tip of my soldering iron vaporized with the huge current that arced across the pins - it wakes you up pretty fast! The other issue on the Dean's is if the heat is applied too long or at too high a temp, you will melt the actual plug or loosen the pins within the plug; the nylon XT60's are much better in this respect as well.. Dean's plugs also arc excessively when plugging into high capacity ESC's, not so much so with bullet pin connectors like the XT60's and EC's.. I do however find EC3's EC5's stiffer to connect and disconnect; that is where most people find the Deans Ultra's a little easier and the XT-60 even better - they couple and uncouple very easily for the most part.. In the end, it is personal preference and more dependent on what type of plug your ESC or your LiPo's come with.. Many RC LiPo batteries and ESC's actually don’t come with any plug type (just the two wire ends insulated with heat shrink).. If you purchase a battery/ESC like that, make sure you purchase the correct main plug type and ensure your soldering skills are up to the task.. Otherwise, better search for a battery/ESC that comes with the correct plug type already in place.. Here’s an artical video on how to solder an EC3 connector to get an idea of what’s involved.. Soldering a XT60 or Deans type T plug is very much the same, other than having to use heat shrink tubing to insulate the soldered tabs.. Charging Safety.. I am not going to go into a lengthy safety speech here – there are enough warnings that come with RC LiPo battery instructions that will give you all the information needed; specifically you should charge your LiPo’s in a fire safe area / fire proof charging container and never unattended.. That last point is easy to print in the instructions, but rarely practical in the real world.. Personally I don’t have the time to sit down by my charging station in the workshop to keep an ever watchful eye on my LiPo packs charging - that is akin to watching the grass grow.. Here are my 4 simple LiPo Charging Safety Tips that I follow :.. I charge all my multi celled LiPo’s (7.. 4 volt or higher) in fire resistant containers I made out of some left over slate floor tiles.. Fire proof bags are also a great item to get and weigh much less for easy transport and storage.. I always wait at least 15 minutes after using a LiPo to let it cool down before charging it.. This prolongs the life of the LiPo and prevents possible overheating and damage.. I never leave the house (preferably the room) when charging LiPo’s.. Lastly – I purchased an inexpensive smoke detector that I have mounted above my charging station so in the unlikely event a pack bursts during a charge cycle or while in storage, the smoke detector will sound and I will be alerted.. I also have a small fire extinguisher mounted on the wall in my workshop for any fire that may occur, not just a LiPo fire.. This may seem excessive, chances are it is.. but after watching the video below, I feel these are worthwhile precautions.. Almost every documented LiPo fire has occurred as a result of physical damage to the pack, (after a crash for example, or butter fingers dropping the pack on the hard concrete floor) or during charging, and resulted from a human error.. Keep that in mind if you feel these batteries are too dangerous - they are in fact very safe if the rules are obeyed - they are as safe or dangerous as you want them to be.. I really got an appreciation of how strong a LiPo foil pouch is even when something goes drastically wrong.. An example a 6s 5000 mAh pack that had a faulty cell and shorted internally during a flight.. This one cell completely ballooned and got very hot - too hot to touch in fact and I was sure the pack was going to blow after I landed.. That was not the case however and the foil pouch cell contained all the boiled off electrolyte.. It was tight as a drum mind you, but no venting or fire occurred.. A very rare occurrence.. Speaking of swollen or "puffed" LiPo packs, I get asked this question a lot.. LiPo cells can and will swell a very little bit, especially if they are getting pretty warm during use.. This is nothing to get too alarmed over.. It is actually somewhat normal (again based on how hard you run the packs and how much they heat up) and as long as it is very-very minor swelling goes away after the pack cools down you have nothing to worry about.. As packs age, the swelling can get a little worse (again because the internal resistance gets higher and they start running hotter).. As a LiPo pack is nearing the end of it's useful life it can show some very minor swelling that won't go away, even after the pack cools.. This pack may still have some nice non aggressive flights left in it however, so treat it kindly with gentler flying/driving in its early retirement before sending it to the LiPo grave yard (AKA, the trash can).. Yes LiPo's are non toxic so they can be disposed of in the trash once fully discharged.. Breaking In RC LiPo Batteries.. Breaking in a new LiPo pack is a good practice I feel, even though many say you don't have to do it.. Just like an new engine, not pushing your new LiPo to the maximum limits the first time out may give it added life and performance over the years.. The general break in method is very simple.. For the first few uses (perhaps 4 or 5), don't fly/drive too aggressively, keep the charge rates low (1C or lower), and don't discharge down past 50% of the battery's capacity.. RC LiPo Battery Storage.. Well, you now know how a LiPo battery works, the safety concerns, what to look for when purchasing one, how to charge and balance one and why it’s important, what more is there???.. STORAGE!.. How you store your LiPo’s between uses will greatly affect their life span.. As I mentioned, a LiPo cell that drops below 3 volts under load is almost always irreversibly damaged (reduced capacity or total inability to accept a charge).. 3 volts under load is generally equates to about 3.. 5 volts open circuit resting voltage, oo if your batteries are stored for any period of time after you use them at close to that magic 3.. 5 volt per cell number, you risk much.. As batteries sit, they will naturally self discharge.. LiPo’s are actually very good in this respect and self discharge much slower than most other rechargeable battery types, but they still do loose voltage as they sit.. If you leave them for a number of weeks or months at close to 3.. 5 volts per cell, chances are they will drop below that and will be irreversibly damaged.. You must store them charged, but not fully charged either – that will also damage them.. Basically, the speed at which a LiPo pack ages (during storage) is based on both storage temperature and state of charge.. You are likely ok to store a fully charged RC LiPo battery at room temperature for up to 4 days without doing much damage.. Never store a LiPo in a hot car fully charged for an extended time, that will certainly cause damage as I explained earlier, but it worth repeating.. For optimum battery life, store your RC LiPo batteries at room temperature and at about 40-60% charged.. That equates to around 3.. 85 volts per cell (open terminal resting voltage).. The actual storage range is likely a little broader than this (I have heard some say numbers as high as 20-80% is fine, but since computerized chargers set the storage charge at 50% (3.. 85 volts per cell) that's what I recommend and what I follow myself.. You can actually extend the fully charged storage time from days to weeks by storing your batteries in the fridge (not freezer) close to 0 degrees Celsius (32F).. I have started doing this with my smaller packs seeing that I will often find myself wanting to go flying with little lead time and it is very convenient having packs all ready fully charged.. If you do store your fully charged LiPo's in the fridge, pack them in a zip-lock freezer bag and squeeze out all the air before sealing the bag.. This will prevent condensation forming on the battery packs when you take them out of the fridge as they warm up.. You should allow the LiPo pack to warm up after removing from the fridge before using it of course.. I only store in cold temps if I know I will be flying within a 2-3 week time frame.. Once winter hits and I know my flying days will be limited, I once again store at 50% charge @ room temp.. It wouldn't hurt to store at 50% charge capacity in the fridge all the time either; but it takes up precious beer chillin' real estate (priorities you know).. RC LiPo Battery Conclusion.. Wow, this RC LiPo battery basics was a BIG topic! Hopefully you have a better understanding of what makes a RC LiPo battery tick, how to properly care for one, and a few recommendations.. On top of that, what I really wanted to get across is that even though electric powered RC flight may not seem as complicated or fussy as fuel powered, there is much more to it than most people first realize..

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    Descriptive info: Giant Power high performance LiPo batteries in detail (Section undergoing work) Dinogy are the 65C devision of Giant Power.. Radio Controlled Shop Ireland have been searching for many years for the best LiPo batteries untill now.. We are now buying our LiPo's direct in the LNE factory to bring you the best prices possible on whats considered one of the highest performing lithium polymer battery packs on the market.. We’re proud to be.. the first ones.. to  ...   taking a look at the following production video and comparison data.. Our superb quality has worked numerous miracles in many events and competitions, which have earned us great trust and support from customers all over the world.. The L E Battery Co.. Ltd.. has devoted its time to researching and developing high-powered R/C batteries for many years now.. With groundbreaking performance and excellent durability our batteries are getting recognition by more and more R/C fans around the world..

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    Descriptive info: 39 products.. RC Accessories.. Align Trex 600 Carry Bag Black HOC60001.. 68,53 €.. Radio Controlled Shop Lanyard Neck Strap FREE !.. Align T-REX 550 CARRY BAG ORANGE HOC55002.. 58,99 €.. Giant Power Lipo Safe Bag Large 23X30cm.. 8,99 €.. Xtreme Production Training Gear For 180-250 size heli.. 7,39 €.. Trex 450 Aluminium carry case.. 68,99 €.. Giant Power Lipo Safe Bag Small 18X12cm.. Esky King 2/3 aluminium case.. 54,99 €.. Double transmitter aluminium case.. 34,99 €.. Trex 250 Aluminium carry case.. 27,99 €.. Single transmitter aluminium case.. 26,95 €.. Spektrum Single Stand Up Transmitter Case SPM6708.. 77,49 €.. REVOLECTRIX PowerLab Carry Case.. 16,99 €.. Align Trex 700 Carry  ...   Tools Pouch HOC50005.. 7,61 €.. Align T-REX 600 CARRY BAG/ORANGE.. 59,99 €.. NECKSTRAP WITH JP LOGO FOR TRANSMITTERS.. 6,74 €.. T-REX 500 CARRY BAG/ORANGE.. 42,99 €.. Trex 700 Carry Bag Black HOC70001.. 73,99 €.. Trex 500 Carry Bag Black HOC50001.. 59,65 €.. Lynx Battery Grip Velcro Loop 365 X 25 3pc LX0193.. 7,67 €.. 04485 Mikado LOGO XXtreme key chain.. 4,89 €.. JR Sunglasses Yellow Lens With Yellow Trim JRC08812.. 19,99 €.. AkkuFresh Nano Tech Battery Tune Up Foil.. 9,99 €.. MIK04448 Mini VBar key chain 04448.. 9,89 €.. Beastx Frisby BXA-FB.. 6631050 JP HELICOPTER TRAINING KIT LEGS U/C 30/60.. 17,75 €.. Bolle Chopper Flying Glasses Yellow.. 11,99 €..

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