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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Home
    Descriptive info: .. St.. Andrews's College, Dublin.. Home.. Our School.. Junior School.. Senior School.. Alumni.. Gallery.. Contact Us.. Search.. School Calendars.. Senior.. Junior.. Sport.. Publications.. Annual Appeal.. Extra Curricular.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/53101C348AB41C57E3F9F057760C76B3.. jpg.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/581145B322FEE24CB7FF08CEA5CA1ABC.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/593A02F228A06325E77D9B3BCB55772E.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/5D8176CFB59F1F4C0331268EE9EDB8B8.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/5DA9E3E3B2CDC6A6E5C2DF2A431742D8.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/5E9F1A3304FD2030B7F3C7C6BE80776F.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/614883157B1F6D5158409A67E0542501.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/6977D275E732F6232690F0AFEFFE4716.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/7842FBC4FE5F4214D846ECB83E770FC2.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/78DE22AE044588E33EB4D76015C61426.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/85FFDB5822E23455694E5531A15433EF.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/87205800B18C7D0ED11F7D504FF0A5F6.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/98C0EE277C6086B6BE4F3BAE2A92AC88.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/CCE83CAAC72C9C3BA50EF29C4D8A0412.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/D1B8238F531E14528686CFB2D8E49087.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/DA1157A09532E0F5FC22235B3C376BBA.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/DCD04ED52743D246E339ECD497999FF9.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/E904CE4D72B83E8B760AA3829CA1E312.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/about/FF5D816326AAEC0F6428C2CEC8E4EA55.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/071899D7EE987F9D22A91934261E5169.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/12A55CC7E691460E9FC3607C2984F38C.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/22CF1614DC59538E457713F7F36ADB23.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/2F2EBED512DA10CD0311DD29FAEF2FCC.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/37F74F2DFCAA5DDDEF981F9D16576986.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/5052A0BE98AED288F10ED14AF63978EC.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/60A4E70ACA3E397F982203791CFD9AA9.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/63B8D1EF87BCDFF5CD29F90849559366.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/7B746963B9049FD8223C7790B69B42E0.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/7F6C71316B7EA43BDEDCFC3AFE3A1335.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/8ADBDDE494F62FD2354408080F4067DB.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/8C777CBED39A788C62CA2EFAE94FB520.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/945E3689A7C7AE3270735A6AC637F549.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/97852220B2B70016661D4C67510AA816.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/A58C6F0995E32C8654DC45C215D3FA28.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/AF5E77151854A5FC35B6CFE2DEC8C8BA.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/B8681C3FCA8163BEF46BF53F9A89BBAC.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/BABF0CE93E80298291EF2CC22E67C769.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/C698982EF0B8AD88B9622C770CBBA261.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/E024AC2B9441D085B6DF18F010CA13CB.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/E49795899591BE18B85342FAA02F9F59.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/E77D70EED65519F7224268B63EE7A6D1.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/E7EC281C9C7B1A14EF72AA015895F7FA.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/_MG_0602.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/junior/_MG_0615.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/02308A2E36988D5E189415A3D699F23D.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/097805A5CBB1D7397FA3A38B74DC4D30.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/0E135B1A0DA33EC88907FD80FBFEF5E8.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/18F9BB4FAE4321C7BE4E51FA4FF61632.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/1B789AC3B50BB2FA7FA20A85BC9EC1E5.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/1CEEC51B017482E22732AFB883267B5F.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/20AEBABDA6E320C75D3E935A2F71B8E5.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/279F2848559F368D50B06128F3733302.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/2E131235064159A66643FC8144E55FBF.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/49114C095BEC91AB3683A13057ECC3F3.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/531A30468D52439C77391AA3A7069E0F.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/54D10723E97036B6B1581884763AA03F.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/57D2FE1E72D3A45C492FBD3279C58EEF.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/751A6A431A32B0DA86B47B03CE7F7433.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/7935041D084CFE7E9EFC85982A5E5E35.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/7BD9BF58EC2159008C894EB0116A580C.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/7D9ACD12A479850A9B2D6E7912935BC9.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/811B2E419B77A1B72EB230E85F126E33.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/815A4191768580DF86CD7E26EB1206A9.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/886249E4604AB9A973CE3F1ABD6EEF6A.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/891AF3E30CCF6373CE89FFE0DFB11971.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/A011C50E2EE23F89F19210D92AC3BB1D.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/A0122E698869A87BC8B799040EF369D7.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/A08AC88AFE719D0DF76DF0EB8E83D982.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/A116567C50A938917CAFE484181DD52A.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/A3D92E502DB9F86BC8984BCC2C63CD6F.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/A47D72BC1C52EE30C121F776CB84FF15.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/A4CE0E7EAB034E574F63A081F105D1E0.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/B10EF66E01E313E080BF5BDF3E63AA05.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/B26CD458DDF845791EE60B505987E28C.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/B7785D7BF6E62FC98DFE37C2169543BB.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/B94F1E1A06C26632A9FD8A863606403E.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/C0A87D1C44902E428B0847CAB3CE0D2C.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/CB7CFDD1BC35E79F9B3DC710E6860618.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/CE0D7B72775B3C3E8B8B811E0945794D.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/D8247E8C86F77233F285A33FE3961F78.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/D9EAC1A582AF6658EA5DBD472A5A6F74.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/E34B6C3F3E00667222281B3929F53843.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/ECBFF5A791281751DDB737C6B122C422.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/F22E787072B17275B7F4C847E06926B1.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/F35A45B0CED60F1FCA76ED7F92EA3F8F.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/F962D44C4E21631C618C67A9BCDC67BA.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/FA435EBE97E973816E1A0AF959E963D4.. /_files/images/slideshow-home/senior/FE3D4BBDA0EA18A84D360AEB0F435E8C.. About our School.. Welcome.. As Headmaster of St Andrew’s College, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our website.. My name is Arthur Godsil, and I hope you will find the time to get to know our school through the many informative pages available to you on the site.. Our school community numbers just over 1,300 students, teachers and support staff, drawn from Ireland and about 40 other countries.. There is a decidedly international atmosphere in the school and, since 1984, we have been accredited by the  ...   of Dublin in the College crest, a feature you can examine elsewhere on the website.. The school began life at a city-centre location, No.. 21 St Stephen’s Green.. In 1927 it moved to larger premises on Clyde Road where it remained until 1973 when, as a reinvigorated co-educational day and boarding school, it took possession of a fine new building in the suburb of Booterstown, with an inspiring view of Dublin Bay including, on a clear day, the impressive peninsula of Howth.. In September of this year, we opened a magnificent new 3-storey facility to accommodate a number of our teaching departments, a declaration of our commitment to the future of Irish education.. We intend to make up-to-date information about our various activities available on this website.. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions or questions you may have.. Thank you for visiting our new website.. Arthur Godsil.. Headmaster.. Read More.. Latest News:.. Smart Card Information.. Guidelines for Booklists.. School Diary Number One 2012/13.. Senior School booklists 2012/13.. Junior School booklists 2012/13.. Latest Galleries.. Council of International Schools.. New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).. Text Only Version.. Sitemap.. Copyright 2012 St Andrew's College, Dublin.. Website design by e4education.. VLE.. Staff Login..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Our School
    Descriptive info: School News.. Mission Statement.. Philosophy & Objectives.. Accreditation.. International Profile.. Board of Management.. Parent Teacher Association.. Admissions.. Policy Documents.. Location.. Term Dates.. Virtual Tours.. You are here:.. Mon July 09 2012.. Originally founded as a boys' secondary school at the end of the nineteenth century by members of the Presbyterian community, St Andrew's College celebrated its centenary in 1994.. It was on 8 January 1894 that the College opened its doors at 21 St Stephen's Green in the centre of Victorian Dublin.. This was to be the first of its three locations.. Under its young and energetic headmaster, W W Haslett, an Ulsterman,St.. Andrew's College grew rapidly from its original intake of 64 students.. By the end of 1894 there were 203 boys in the school.. From the outset, the school was non-sectarian in character.. Only in the opening year were Presbyterians in the majority.. During the last years of the Union, student numbers grew, reaching a peak of 380 by 1922.. But, along with many Protestant institutions, it went through a period of crisis during the early years of the Irish Free State, following the turmoil of revolution, civil war and reconstruction.. Numbers plummeted and closure seemed imminent.. However, at the beginning of 1937 a move to new premises in Wellington Place, Clyde Road, along with a determined effort by past pupils and parents to stave off closure or amalgamation saw a revival in the fortunes of the College.. As student numbers increased, the Board of Management bought adjoining houses in Wellington Place, a pleasant and quiet tree-lined street a tram ride from the city centre.. Sporting activities took place at the playing  ...   based in London, incorporated the most modern features of educational design.. This new campus opened in January 1973 and soon became co-educational, accepting its first group of girls in the following September.. Originally planned for 400 students, including Preparatory and Boys Boarding departments, the building has been continually expanded, most notably by the addition of a Sports Hall in 1990 and a Sixth Form centre in 1993, and a new classroom wing in 2010.. While St Andrew's no longer has boarders, its student numbers have increased to nearly 1,200.. During its hundred year history, the College has always attracted students from a wide range of religious denominations and in recent years has acquired a significant number of international students.. In recognition of this, the College, since the 1980s, has been awarded dual accreditation as an International School by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the European Council of International Schools.. While the first few pupils of 1894 would find it hard to recognise the College today as it faces into the challenges of the 21st century under its seventh headmaster, Mr Arthur Godsil, its history shows that the College fully justifies its motto 'Ardens sed virens' - flourishing in the midst of change.. To coincide with the school's centenary in 1994, Georgina Fitzpatrick, at the request of the Board of Governors, wrote an interesting, well-researched, illustrated history of the College.. This book gives a fascinating insight into the origins of the school in 1894 and , its development from that time, including crises and successes, up to the 1990s.. Students and parents are strongly advised to obtain a copy at Reception..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Junior School
    Descriptive info: Events/Activities.. Information.. Classes.. Co-Curricular Subjects.. Physical Education.. Library.. Junior School Calendar.. Welcome to St Andrew’s College Junior School, a wonderful place in which to learn (and indeed to teach!).. Our main goal as educators is to ensure that our students are happy learners.. In St Andrew’s we believe that students are happiest when they are engaged, challenged and excited by learning.. To this end we offer a very broad and stimulating range of subjects.. In addition to the subjects of the Primary School Curriculum our students study the following with specialist teachers: French or Spanish (from Senior Infants),  ...   is rewarding and relevant for our students.. We have introduced cello lessons this year for K2 to P4.. Violin lessons continue for all P1 to P4 students.. We offer an equally varied and challenging range of extra-curricular activities, including Tennis, Hockey, Swimming, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Ballet, Irish Dancing, Playball, Bridge, Lego, Choir, Chess, Computer Club, Cookery and Fashion Illustration.. We have a particular commitment to the Arts, offering an extensive Music Programme, for individual and group learning, and maintaining outstanding standards in Art, as witnessed in our annual Art Week.. Your child in St Andrews 2011 - 2012..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Senior School
    Descriptive info: Academic.. Student Services.. Pastoral Care.. Departments.. The Arts.. Extra Curricular Activities.. Senior School Calendar.. In the Senior School we aim to cater appropriately for every student in our care, by treating each as an individual and by providing a happy and stimulating educational environment.. Our well-qualified and enthusiastic staff encourage  ...   also the expanding of horizons, both inside and outside the classroom.. While cherishing the most durable aspects of our cultural heritage, we are also a modern, forward-looking community, which produces confident young people with high self-esteem and a real belief in themselves and the contribution they can make to society..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Alumni
    Descriptive info: Past Pupils' Union.. Alumni Relations.. Newsletter.. Photo Gallery.. Support Us.. Dates For Your Diary.. It was with great pride and pleasure that I was elected President of the Past Pupils’ Union at our recent AGM.. On a personal level the timing could not have been better.. My father, a past pupil himself, was President in 1982, I am 30 years out of school in 2012 and the next generation of the Lewis family will start in St Andrew’s College in 2012.. I empathise with the comments made by my predecessor, Stephen Blythman, in his address last year.. He talked about his own father, himself and his children attending the College.. It is a great credit that so many parents who have attended the College choose to have their own children educated in St Andrew’s.. In my early years I was described as a "difficult child" by one of my teachers in a school report.. This is a statement with which I would possibly agree.. However, like a good wine, I was supported and nurtured and became, in  ...   reward other attributes a child may have.. St Andrew's College does just that.. I am delighted that Bob Hoffman has agreed to be my successor as my aim is to create a continuity of purpose to drive the PPU into the future.. That may involve some challenges but I will be happy if I can succeed in doing whatever it takes to make being associated with the PPU even more appealing to students who have left 5, 10, 20, 30 or even 50 years ago!.. The school faces many challenges and a vibrant PPU, which embodies the values and ethos of the College, can make a significant contribution to its community.. We all have a story to tell and a strong sense of camaraderie to share.. There is something to be gained and enjoyed by every past pupil from being involved in the PPU and its full calendar of events.. I look forward to working with the Committee and to meeting as many of you as possible during my year in office.. Alan Lewis.. PPU President 2011/2012..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Gallery
    Descriptive info: Uganda 2012.. Whiffenpoofs of Yale.. Mary West Retirement Function.. Music Concert Dept-May.. Golf Classic 2012.. JCT trip to Wales.. Junior Maths Competition.. 1st Yr Anti Bullying Poster Competition.. Irish Schools Team Racing Championships.. IB Art Exhibition 2012.. Music Department Concert.. National Show Jumping Championship.. SAIMUN 2012.. JS House Event.. 1st Year Basketball.. Painting Eggs!.. Sailing.. Literature Aloud - March 2012.. One Act Drama Festival.. One Act Drama Festival 2012.. Copper Crawl.. Fr Godfrey Cup Final.. Habs Model United Nations (March 2012).. v Newbridge.. Wesley College MUN.. Seachtain na Gaeilge - Ceile.. Vinnie Murray Cup Final 2012.. Seachtain na Gaeilge - 1st yr assembly.. Seachtain na Gaeilge - Cake Sale.. Seachtain na Gaeilge - Posters.. Seachtain na Gaeilge - Projects.. TY Gift Wrapping!.. U Live Concert.. 2nd Year Copper Crawl 2012.. BT Young Scientist 2012.. TY Winter Fair 2011.. More Oklahoma!.. Oklahoma!.. Arts Council Concert.. International Night Part 4.. International Night Part 3..  ...   MUN 2011.. 6th Year Retreat.. First Year Rugby Training.. Opening Service 2011 - 2012.. 1st Year Day Out.. All Ireland Schools Athletics - Tullamore.. Leinster Cricket Final.. Marcus Martensson.. Sports Day 2011.. Wine Dark Sea.. Scifest Competition.. S A I M U N Royal Marine Hotel.. Anti- Bullying Competition.. WCDMUN 2011.. U13 Rugby.. Seachtain na Gaeilge.. 1st Year Prize Winners.. Copper Crawl - 2nd Year.. One Act Drama 2011.. Sixth Year Art Exhibition.. U Live Concert 2011.. 1st Year History Trip.. TY Art Exhibition.. TY Winter Fair.. BT Young Scientist 2011.. Skydome Planetarium.. Percy Cup Prize Day 1964.. Clyde Road Swimming Pool.. Sports Awards Nov 2010.. International Night 2010.. Royal Russell School MUN.. MEP 2010.. TERMUN 2010.. PTA Funday.. JCT trip to Wales.. Junior Maths Competition.. Irish Schools Team Racing Championships.. Copper Crawl.. BT Young Scientist 2012.. 1st Year Day Out.. U13 Rugby.. TY Art Exhibition.. TY Winter Fair.. Clyde Road Swimming Pool..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Form.. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.. We have tried to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to reach us.. Below we have listed our mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and our e-mail address..  ...   contact.. Admissions information.. Andrew's College,.. Booterstown Avenue,.. Blackrock.. Co.. Dublin,.. Ireland.. Telephone:.. From Ireland: (01) 288 2785.. International: +353-1-288 2785.. Fax:.. From Ireland: (01) 283 1627.. International: +353-1-283 1627.. E-mail:.. information@st-andrews.. ie.. Location of St Andrew's College on Google maps.. View.. St Andrew's College.. in a larger map..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Sport
    Descriptive info: Fixtures.. Training times.. Strength and Conditioning.. Hockey.. Rugby.. Judo Club.. Newsletters.. Sports Gallery.. Media.. SCT Rugby - Summer Training.. Sport is a huge part of life in St Andrew’s College.. The sports programme is driven by members of the teaching staff and all students are encouraged to partake.. Hockey, Rugby and Basketball are the main winter sports on offer.. We field on average 40 teams each year between the boys and girls across these three disciplines alone competing both on the provincial and national stage.. During the winter months we also field sides in Golf, Equestrian, Cross Country, Sailing and Badminton.. Our extensive summer programme offers Cricket, Athletics and Tennis for both Boys and Girls with an internal Soccer Tournament run for the Boys.. The last decade has seen St Andrew’s College re-emerge as a force in both  ...   with two synthetic hockey pitches, two rugby pitches, a state of the art sports hall as well as a gym and weights facility.. All the named facilities are put to their full use each afternoon with the sports grounds becoming a hive of activity.. We have enjoyed a huge amount of success over the last decade with 3 National Titles in Hockey and various Leinster titles across the various disciplines on offer.. We currently hold 17 National and Provincial Titles and that is down to the hard work of both the students and a dedicated coaching staff.. The true success of the programme we run though is in the numbers that participate and carry on playing after they leave the school with large numbers of our past pupils forming the cornerstone of the club’s they go on to represent..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Publications
    Descriptive info: Grapevine.. Wine-Dark Sea.. The College produces a wide range of publications each year.. These include information booklets for the students at different stages in their progress through the preparatory and secondary departments, a news magazine, yearbooks and a compendium of student writing.. Students are provided with a number of documents designed to help them understand the options available to them at various times and make the choices best suited to their aptitudes and ambitions.. The Preparatory Department Information Handbook and the Preparatory Department Extra-Curricular Activities Guide give parents and students a complete overview of the primary school programme, and the weekly Bulletin sent to parents ensures that they are kept informed about all aspects of school life..  ...   them decide which courses to choose at these important times.. The students themselves write and publish a number of magazines every year.. The College news magazine Grapevine appears at the end of each term.. It provides lively, illustrated accounts of events which have taken place in school during the preceding months.. Transition Year students write, edit and publish their own Transition Year Yearbook, which comes out in June, shortly after the appearance of the Sixth Year Yearbook, timed to coincide with Valedictory Evening in May.. The most important literary event of the year is the publication of the arts magazine, The Wine Dark Sea, a creative writing production which showcases the best of student poetry and prose..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Support Us
    Descriptive info: Annual Appeal 2010/11.. Legacy Giving.. Development Manager:.. Sally Walker.. St Andrew’s College has been on a constant journey of development since its doors first opened in 1894.. The College moved to its third and current campus in Booterstown in 1973.. Over the years we have successfully confronted the challenges of expanding and enhancing the facilities to cater for the ever-changing needs of our students and their teachers:.. After 16 months of construction, the latest phase of the development journey was completed in the summer of 2010 and the result is a beautiful new building which accommodates the English, Maths and Art and Design Departments,  ...   to raise the necessary funds.. The generosity of previous generations of the St.. Andrew’s College community has ensured that the educational needs of the 1,250 students who attend the College today have continued to be met.. It is hoped that today’s St Andrew’s College community will continue with equal generosity to ensure that we are in a position to provide a first-class educational environment for our students and teachers now and in the years to come.. Contributions to the Appeal may be made in two ways:.. 1.. By a single donation.. 2.. By pledging a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription for a number of years..

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  • Title: St. Andrew's College, Dublin - Extra Curricular Activities
    Descriptive info: Activities Timetable.. Christian Union.. Grapevision.. Model European Parliament.. Model United Nations.. The Wine Dark Sea.. A wide range of extra-curricular activities is available to students of the College.. It is expected that students will give serious consideration to participation in one or more of these activities which are widely advertised on official school notice boards.. The following activities, with some variation from year to year, take place:.. Ballet.. Chess Club.. Computer Club.. Creative Writing - Wine Dark Sea (College publication).. Drama Club.. Grapevine (College magazine).. Irish Dancing.. Model United Nations (MUN).. Model European Parliament (MEP).. Orchestra.. Choir.. Peer Mediation.. Literature Aloud.. The President's Award (An Gaisce).. Grapevision (Video and Photography Club).. Young Scientist..  ...   recognised that the pursuit and achievement of success in competitive sport is essential in maintaining the interest of the pupils and the morale of the teams.. It will always be necessary to strike a balance between the needs of pupils and teams which represent the College in local, regional or national competitions and the policy of maximising the numbers of students who can participate in the sports of their choice.. In order to accommodate the wide range of sporting interests among students, the College will seek to provide opportunities for participation in many different sports and activities.. However, there is a limit to the number of sports which can be provided by the College..

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