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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security
    Descriptive info: .. Internal Threat Protection Software.. Česky.. English.. Español.. Português.. Polski.. Việt.. العربية.. Safetica.. Safetica Endpoint Auditor.. Activity Monitoring.. Internet Usage Monitoring.. Printer Monitoring.. Intelligent Employee Profiling.. Time Efficient Security.. Safetica Endpoint Supervisor.. Application Control.. Web Control.. Print Control.. Safetica Endpoint DLP.. Device Control.. Data at Rest Protection.. Data in Motion Protection.. Data in Use Protection.. Endpoint Security Tools.. Application Data Access Control.. Time efficient security.. Feature List.. Screenshots.. Safetica Endpoint Auditor.. Safetica Endpoint Supervisor.. Safetica Endpoint DLP.. Safetica Management Console.. Safetica Endpoint Client.. Regulatory Compliance.. Easy Regulatory Compliance.. Evaluate Safetica.. Safetica Free.. License rules.. Support.. Resource Library.. Multimedia.. FAQ.. Datasheets.. White papers.. Howtos.. Manuals.. Regulatory Compliance.. Customer support.. Presales support.. About.. Contact us.. Company Information.. Press kit.. Become a Partner.. Apply for partnership.. Safetica  ...   your company.. Save significant labor costs.. Eliminate illegitimate use of data by employees.. Make security management easier.. Easily achieve regulatory compliance.. Eliminate sensitive data leaks.. See what your employees are up to.. Avoid interfering with deployed business processes.. Select software your employees are allowed to launch.. Gain control over portable devices within your network.. Protect data saved on computers and servers.. References.. Safetica Endpoint Security.. Product Overview.. Download Datasheet.. Evaluate now.. Download trial version.. Interested in purchase?.. Before you buy.. Support request.. Request for support.. Resource Base.. Because support matters.. We strive to always provide high-quality customer support that is easily accessible.. (c) 1999-2011 Safetica Technologies Ltd.. All Rights Reserved.. A member of Venture Investors Corporate Finance.. Privacy policy.. |.. Website feedback.. Site map..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Safetica Endpoint Security Overview
    Descriptive info: Safetica Endpoint Security 4.. Identify disgruntled employees.. Protect your company from data leaks.. Put a stop to undesirable employee activity.. Endpoint Security.. Home.. > Safetica.. Safetica Endpoint Security Overview.. Will you bet your life on your employees?.. Employees pose a threat to your company – often unintentionally, yet sometimes they know very well what they’re doing.. They’re pretending to be working while they’re slacking off, waste company resources, accidentally lose sensitive data or deliberately steal confident information to sell it off to competition.. Safetica Endpoint Security is the world’s only software able to protect your company from all major problems caused by insiders: sensitive data leaks, financial losses and damaged reputation.. At the same time, Safetica Endpoint Security reveals any suspicious  ...   your staff.. Ensure that sensitive company data stays where it is - inside the company.. Protect your company's interests with regard to your employees' privacy.. Ensure that staff access sensitive information only in the required way.. Obtain security software that does not disrupt your current company processes.. Reach compliance with industrial standards, regulations and laws easily.. Safetica Endpoint Security Modules.. Detect potentially dangerous employee behavior right from its beginning.. Monitor their working activity and detect who is trying to damage your company.. Obtain control over employees’ working activity.. Eliminate undesirable behavior and thus increase their productivity.. Prevent your employees from misusing data that they are authorized to access and protect sensitive company information against unauthorized persons.. Next Steps.. Read Datasheet.. Read Whitepapers..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Safetica Endpoint Auditor
    Descriptive info: Find out who wants to quit their job.. See who wastes company resources.. Get solid evidence in case you have to sue.. >.. > Safetica Endpoint Auditor.. Safetica Endpoint Auditor automatically reveals any potentially harmful behavior of your employees.. It analyzes their activities and warns the management of any imminent danger.. Safetica Endpoint Auditor measures and records employee productivity, detects changes in their behavior and thus allows you to assess the level of risk they present.. Significant changes in employee behavior are often brought about by loss of motivation or a better offer from the competition.. If you have doubts about your employees’ loyalty or motivation, you can simply browse through logs of every single operation they made: Which applications they launched, websites they visited, who they wrote to and  ...   Obtain an overview on the use of the company printers by individual employees.. Avoid changes to company processes and their costs.. Increase your employees' productivity by blocking unsuitable websites and applications.. Protect your company computers against harmful software activated by employees.. Reduce printing costs on through restrictions on problem employees' printing.. Key Areas.. notifies you on changes in employee behavior and decrease of their productivity.. offers you a complex overview on all your employees’ computer activities.. monitors in detail the online activities of your employees.. informs you which employee is printing the most and who is trying to print sensitive company documents.. saves your finances spent on security.. All control and supervision is carried out by remote control by means of.. ensures easier implementation of industrial standards and compliance with laws..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Activity Monitoring
    Descriptive info: Intelligent Screen Recording.. KeyLogger.. Search Monitoring.. Print Monitoring.. File Monitoring.. > Activity Monitoring.. Activity Monitoring.. Are you sure you know exactly what your employees are doing on a computer during their working hours? Have you ever wondered if they are really pursuing what they are supposed to? By monitoring employee activity you will get a summary of how they spend their time at work.. You will be able to identify those who are not really trying to do  ...   or jeopardize your company data in time.. Main benefits.. Learn what your employees do on a computer and how big is the actual amount of time they spend purely on work-related tasks.. Reduce labor costs.. Expose undesirable behavior of your employees.. Get solid evidence for disputes with problem employees.. Identify inefficient employees.. Find out which of your employees use the Internet for questionable purposes.. See what your employees type into search engines.. Key features.. File monitoring.. Contact our partners..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Internet Usage Monitoring
    Descriptive info: Websites Access Monitoring.. Website Categorization.. E-mail Monitoring.. Webmail Monitoring.. Versatile IM Monitoring.. > Internet Usage Monitoring.. Internet Usage Monitoring.. During their working hours, your employees often deal with their personal correspondence and visit social networks and other websites which lower their productivity.. You end up paying them for work they did not perform.. Reveal which webpages distract your employees the most and how much time they spend there.. Internet Usage Monitoring provides  ...   and how much time they spend chatting.. Get a complete history of your staff communications over ICQ, Skype and other IM programs.. Catch employees red-handed if they try to send your sensitive data via the Internet.. Find out which pages your employees visit and how much time they spend there.. Get details of your employees’ e-mail communications at work.. Learn what your employees search on the Internet and what they are interested in..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Printer Monitoring
    Descriptive info: Intelligent Data Classification.. > Printer Monitoring.. Printer Monitoring.. Do your employees have a free hand at printing? Have you ever wondered how many sensitive documents might be printed during one workday? Has it ever occurred to you that some of your employees can easily use company printers for their personal use? Don’t let your employees print your company away.. Gain an insight into how your company printers are used  ...   documents and save operating costs.. Learn who wastes your company resources and cut printing costs.. Identify those employees who use company equipment to print personal documents.. Reduce your company’s impact on the environment by cutting the number of printed documents.. Find it out if somebody attempts to print your sensitive data.. Safetica Endpoint Supervisor can be set to restrict access to printers for those employees who misuse it.. Key features..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Intelligent Employee Profiling
    Descriptive info: > Intelligent Employee Profiling.. Intelligent Employee Profiling.. Understand who your employees are and what intentions they have.. Are they considering leaving your company? Are they looking for a new job? Or have they simply lost their motivation? Do they spend a lot of time on tasks unrelated to their job? By means of well-ordered  ...   personal and security threats in advance.. Detect suspicious changes in employee behavior.. Know in advance who of your employees is thinking of leaving your company.. Get detailed reports of each employee’s productivity.. Save money you would otherwise have to invest into extensive personnel audits.. Successfully predict which employees are likely to damage your company..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Time Efficient Security
    Descriptive info: > Time Efficient Security.. Time Efficient Security.. Forget all the slow and difficult processes of integrating security software into company infrastructure.. Safetica Endpoint Security is designed specifically not to hinder you or your employees at work.. Your security manager will save time he/she would otherwise have to spend on setting security policies.. Our software does not limit your employees in their usual work at all.. Your network administrators will almost immediately be able to set the  ...   already existing company processes.. Your employees will not have to learn to work with any new programs.. Security staff will spend far less time managing security policies.. At any time, company management can obtain a summary of undesirable employee activities.. Save money you would otherwise had to give away for security audits.. Responsible people are immediately notified of any security breach incident.. Quick implementation on the client’s station and easy setting up by means of remote administration..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Safetica Endpoint Supervisor
    Descriptive info: Increase productivity of your staff.. Stop excessive printing.. Block unsuitable applications.. > Safetica Endpoint Supervisor.. Safetica Endpoint Supervisor restricts employee privileges so that they are allowed to perform only the tasks related to their job.. It assesses their activity, blocks undesirable operations and informs the management about incurred problems.. So, with Safetica Endpoint Supervisor you will be able to proactively reduce labor costs, save company  ...   harmful software activated by employees.. Save your finances through limiting printing by problem employees.. Avoid changes to company processes and their related costs.. eliminates activation of undesirable and dangerous applications by your employees.. blocks your employees browsing websites you select and thus brings you control of your employees’ online activity.. enables you to block printing of needless documents by irresponsible employees.. saves finances spent on security..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Application Control
    Descriptive info: > Application Control.. Application Control.. By installing illegal and often dangerous applications your employees pose a threat to your company’s security.. Get rid of pirate programs, malware, games and other undesirable applications that are not suitable for a company environment.. Prevent your employees from endangering your company and pick only those applications which are appropriate for  ...   on unknown flash drives.. Disable launching unknown and dangerous applications from the Internet.. Select what software your employees are allowed to launch.. Prevent your employees from installing illegal software on company computers.. Avoid copyright infringement.. Save money you would otherwise have to invest into expensive software audits to make sure your company uses only legitimate software..

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  • Title: Safetica Endpoint Security - Employee Monitoring, DLP, Internal Enterprise Security - Web Control
    Descriptive info: > Web Control.. Web Control.. Would you be surprised, if you found out your employees spend a large part of their working hours visiting websites not related to their work? Cut off unproductive activities and stop your employees wasting your money.. With Safetica Endpoint Supervisor you can block any undesirable webpages.. Therefore, your  ...   hours by playing online games or visiting social networks.. Improve your staff’s productivity.. Filter off distracting webpages according to content or category.. Eliminate threats originating from dangerous websites.. Prevent your employees from downloading illegal content.. Eliminate visits to social networks and other pages that lead to low productivity.. Reduce the load of internet connections..

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