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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - Welcome to SailingInDublin.ie
    Descriptive info: .. Join Now.. Member Login.. home.. faq.. club.. fleet.. events.. links.. news.. Sailing in Dublin (SID) Club.. SID is a small friendly club based in.. Dun Laoghaire.. , Co.. Dublin.. We offer you the opportunity to sail regularly without having to buy a boat.. The club provides a fleet of dinghies (1 and 2 person boats) and two yachts (max 7 persons) for sailing activities and competitions at a very low membership fee.. We welcome all adults who wish to enjoy sailing in Dublin Bay and beyond.. If you are a beginner, you can sail on our Sigma and Ruffian keelboats with experienced crew to build up your sailing skills and knowledge.. If  ...   the opportunity to sail with more experienced sailors before attending further training courses, or perhaps committing yourself to buying a boat.. Along with daysails and cruises, all members are encouraged to take part in races and regattas held in Dun Laoghaire during the summer months and the 'frostbite' series held on Sundays during the winter.. Our members take part in all aspects of running and organising the club.. Boats, rescue cover and safety equipment are provided.. Single guest sails with the club are available.. The club has been providing sailing opportunities to novice, intermediate and experienced sailors in Dun Laoghaire since 1984.. For more information check out our.. FAQ.. 2012 - SailingInDublin.. ie.. Facebook..

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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - Join
    Descriptive info: SID Membership for 2012.. Club membership is from January to December and costs 375.. Members of SID Club may avail of all club sailing and social activities.. Please check our.. Event Calendar.. to see the wide variety of sailing and racing that is scheduled.. You may also be entitled to a discount so please check below.. Further discounts:.. Guest Sail.. - If you have completed or intend to complete a guest sail in 2012, the cost is 40.. You can  ...   fee should you decide to join SID.. 2012 Application form.. Please complete the application form on-line above.. Payment may be made by interbank transfer (details on the form) or by cheque or bank order.. If you chose to pay by cheque or bank order, please notify the membership secretary by.. e-mail.. and post it to:.. SID Membership Secretary,.. 81 Waterloo Place,.. Off Waterloo Lane,.. Dublin 4.. For more information please see our.. , or email.. info@sailingindublin.. SID Membership Secretary.. membership@sailingindublin..

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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - Log In
    Descriptive info: Log in.. Enter your username and password below.. There was a problem with your login and/or errors exist in your form.. Log in to Your Account.. Username:.. Password:.. Remember Me?.. Did you forget your password?.. Log in using your Google account.. Log in using another service..

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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - FAQ
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. Where is the club based?.. The club is based in Dun Laoghaire Harbour in the area know as the Coal Harbour.. In this boat yard the club stores its boats and has a container for storing equipment.. This.. map.. may help you find us.. The Coal Harbour is between Monkstown and Dun Loaghaire Dart stations about 5 minutes walk from either.. Our Sigma yacht is berthed on the marina nearby.. What type of sailing is offered?.. Sailing sessions are organised for dinghies and for yacht(keelboat) sailing.. Up to 12 people take part in dinghy sailing sessions, run by an appointed Captain and Vice Captain.. Members take turns to crew the safety boat for each session.. Sailing takes place both in and outside the harbour depending on weather conditions.. Up to seven people can attend a keelboat sailing session which is led by a Captain.. Ruffian sailing normally takes place in Dublin Bay from Howth to Dalkey and longer trips can take place at weekends.. Do I need to have previous sailing experience?.. for keelboat Sailing.. For keelboat sailing no experience is required.. If you are a beginner or improver, you will have the opportunity to sail with more experienced sailors and thereby improve your sailing skills.. for Dinghy Sailing.. For dinghy sailing you need to have done at least a beginner's dinghy sailing course, or have similar experience.. If you are unsure or have not sailed in a while please contact us.. We always arrange for less experienced crew to have an experienced partner.. What boats does the club have?.. The club has three Vago dinghies, two Magnos, one Topaz Tres, one 33ft Sigma yacht, one 23ft Ruffian yacht, a safety boat and a small launch for going to and from the Ruffian mooring.. What type of boat is a Magno?.. A Magno is a two person plastic hulled boat with an assymetric genneker and trapeeze.. It's comfortable, simple to rig and sail while still offering high performance.. What type of boat is a Vago?.. A Vago is a two person plastic hulled boat with an assymetric genneker and trapeeze, similar to the Magno.. What type of boat is a Topaz Trez?.. A Topaz Trez is a two person plastic hulled boat with an assymetric genneker and trapeeze, similar to the Magno but smaller.. What type of boat is a Ruffian?.. The.. SID.. Ruffian "Ruff Diamond" Sail number 155 is a five person keelboat yacht with an overall length of 23 feet.. The Ruffian Racing class is one of the largest keelboat classes in Ireland with more than twenty regularly racing at the national championships.. "Ruff Diamond" can provide a more leisurely sail with longer trips in the Irish Sea from Malahide to Wicklow or can compete in regattas or Dublin Bay races.. What type of boat is a Sigma?.. Sigma 33 "Obsession" is a seven person keelboat yacht with an overall length of 33 feet.. The Sigma 33 class is one of the largest keelboat classes in Dublin Bay.. "Obsession" is regularly used for weeknight practice, some races and for weekend live aboard cruises on the Irish Sea and beyond.. What is the difference between Keelboat and Dinghy sailing?.. The Sigma and Ruffian are large keelboats with up to seven crew.. You can wear your normal clothes with the addition of some rain gear.. Keelboats have a greater range and can sail to Wicklow or Malahide.. You don't need any experience to take part in keelboat sailing.. Dinghy sailing takes place in small two-person boats.. Your dinghy may capsize, so you need to wear a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid.. You don't need to be a world champion swimmer  ...   I need?.. For dinghy sailing the following is required:.. a wet suit (3mm arms and legs with 5mm body minimum recommended);.. booties or old runners;.. cagoule or windcheater;.. sailing gloves.. We do have some wetsuits available for guest use, but not for members.. For Keelboat sailing:.. warm clothes (no matter how warm it seems on land!);.. waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers (even if it's not raining you may get wet from sea spray);.. wellies or sailing boots or old runners.. Lifejackets, safety lines, sailing harnesses are provided.. If you have any questions.. please contact us.. What on shore facilities are provided?.. clubhouse.. (photo).. provides basic changing facilities and equipment storage.. We do not have any toilets or showers.. The unofficial clubhouse for apres sail is the "Purty Kitchen".. When sailing on the Sigma you can use the marina facilities (changing rooms, toilets, showers etc).. Is safety cover provided?.. Safety boat cover is provided for.. organised dinghy sessions.. For events and races such as regattas the safety cover is provided by the organisers of the event.. Can I take a boat out on my own?.. No, all sailing is organized in sessions with assigned captains and safety cover.. We will organize extra sessions subject to demand.. How are dinghy sailing sessions organised?.. Sessions are run by a Captain and a Vice Captain.. Depending on the weather and how experienced the participants are, the Captain decides who sails with whom and where the sailing area is to be.. The safety boat is also present and is crewed by members on a rotation basis.. Is sailing an expensive sport?.. No.. For Keelboat sailing, no specialist equipment or clothing is needed.. You just need to pay your annual membership fee and you can sail as often as you wish.. For overnight trips on the Sigma there is a small extra charge for use of the boat.. For dinghy sailing you would also need to buy a wetsuit (typical prices from e100).. What is the membership fee?.. Full details on the cost of membership and how to apply can be found on the.. membership page.. The membership fee includes a fleet usage fee and membership of the.. Irish Sailing Association.. No further session fees apply but members are responsible for race fees for entry to races and regattas etc.. There is a cruising fee of roughly e20 per person per night payable if the Sigma is taken on a cruise.. This does not apply to day sailing from Dun Laoghaire.. What opportunity is there to race?.. boats are entered in.. DMYC.. Frostbites (Sundays October to March) and in the.. Dublin Bay Sailing Club.. races which are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays from April to August.. Entry fee is shared among those taking part and a rota organized.. There are also a number of regattas run by other Dun Laoghaire clubs during the summer months.. Does.. provide training?.. does not provide formal training to members but we do encourage all members, especially those new to sailing, to take appropriate.. ISA.. courses.. Some informal sessions are organized by members from time to time on a voluntary basis.. We sometimes organize group training externally with an.. ISA approved provider.. is not a substitute for taking a course, but it is a great environment in which to practice the skills you have acquired through training.. Can my kids sail with SID?.. No,.. club caters to adults only.. If you wish to introduce you children to sailing we would recommend.. ISA Junior.. courses or contact the.. Irish National Sailing School.. or.. Irish Youth Sailing Club.. Sea Scouts.. in Dun Laoghaire.. If you have any other questions or queries please don't hesitate to.. contact us..

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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - The Club
    Descriptive info: Sailing Organisation.. The Club.. The Fleet.. Cruising.. FrostBite 101.. Crew Safety.. Dinghy Safety.. Keelboat Safety.. SID Club Ethos.. was founded by a group of Glenans members as an independent non-profit making club.. The basic objective of the club is to offer regular sailing, for a low cost, to people who would not otherwise have an opportunity to sail.. This is achieved by sharing the use and upkeep of the sailing fleet without having to invest a large sum of money in purchasing and maintaining one's own boat.. Members also take part in races and cruises using the SID fleet.. The club provides its members with :.. Opportunity to improve sailing abilities (helming and crewing) through regular sailing.. Fully equipped boats with medium performance.. Safety boat cover.. A base of operations in the inner (coal) harbour, Dun Laoghaire.. Experience in boat maintenance and engine handling on safety boat duty.. Social events.. Opportunity to take part in dinghy and keelboat racing.. The running of the club is totally dependent on the voluntary efforts of members.. All members are expected contribute to this effort.. is not a substitute for a proper structured ISA approved training course e.. g.. ISA Approved.. Dinghy or  ...   constituted as a limited company(not for profit ) "Sailing In Dublin Ltd".. There is an AGM held each year, audited accounts are published and filed with the companies office.. For more details see the.. Articles Of Association (pdf).. Club Guidelines.. Non-discrimination Policy.. Sailing in Dublin Club is committed to the principle that all members shall have equal access to all club activities without regard to personal characteristics not related to sailing or other ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by SID policy.. Membership of Sailing in Dublin Club entails a commitment not to be involved in discrimination, harassment and bullying against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, political affiliation, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law.. SID expects that its volunteers, instructors, members and other constituents of the club, when and where ever those individuals are participating in club events or activities, shall maintain an environment free of discrimination, including harassment, bullying, or retaliation.. SID is affiliated to the Irish Sailing Association.. Volunteers.. SID club is run on a voluntary basis.. Members contribute to Session Organization, Boat Maintenance, Rescue Boat Duty, Training, Committee Work..

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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - Fleet
    Descriptive info: Racing.. Safety.. Sailing Fleet and Facilities.. The club is based in the.. boatyard.. (Coal Harbour) near the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire.. The SID fleet comprises of :.. Sigma 33 yacht.. Ruffian yacht.. Tender.. Three Vago dinghies.. Two Magno dinghies.. Topaz Tres.. Safety boat.. Keelboats.. Sigma 33.. Our Sigma 33 "Obsession" was purchased in 2008 with Sports Capital Funding Program assistance.. The Sigma is an ideal cruising boat, equiped for up to seven crew.. Based in Dun Laoghaire, we regularly sail to East Coast, Irish Sea, Isle of Man & Wales.. There is a strong one design Sigma fleet in Dublin Bay for competitive racing.. Obsession is berthed in Dun Laoghaire Marina.. Hull weight:.. 4,200 kg.. LOA:.. 10 m.. Beam:.. 3.. 2 m.. Draught:.. 1.. 7 m.. More information.. Ruffian.. Ruff Diamond is the latest addition to our fleet purchased in March 2009.. Built in 1981 It is a sloop keelboat yacht with an overall length of 23 feet and can accomodate up to 6 people.. The Ruffian racing class is one of the largest keelboat classes in Ireland with 20-30 regularly racing at the national championships.. A Ruffian can provide a more leisurely sail with longer trips in the Irish Sea from Malahide to Wicklow or can compete in regattas or Dublin Bay races.. Our Ruffian is on a mooring in the Coal Harbour.. 1588 kg.. 7.. 11 m.. 2.. 51 m.. 55 m.. Dinghies.. Vago.. The SID fleet purchased three Vagos in 2007.. The Vago is a 2-person dinghy produced by Laser.. It has a rotomoulded plastic hull, assymetric gennekar, trapeeze, furling jib and reefable mainsail.. 86kg.. 4.. 20 m.. 56 m.. Sail Area:.. 10.. 66 m.. Gennekar:.. 11.. 38 m.. Magno.. The SID fleet has two Magnos purchased in 2004.. These boats are simple to rig, launch, and sail while still offering high performance  ...   formal powerboat training may be organised during the season.. We encourage all members to take Powerboat certification training.. The SID safety boat is a great opportunity to get in some experience before taking any formal course or to practice your skills if you have already have a powerboat certificate.. Ruffian Tender.. The Ruffian is on a mooring in the Coal Harbour.. We have a small tender stored by the container used to ferry crew to and from the Ruffian.. Clubhouse.. Our Clubhouse is located in the Coal Harbour.. It is used to store equipment, and provides rudimentary changing facilities.. Life jackets, buoyancy aids and trapeeze harness are provided for members.. When not on the water, the boats are stored nearby.. Decomissioned SID Boats.. Our previous Ruffian "Ruffin'it" (Sail number 472) was purchased in 1999 and was sailed by the club for 10 years.. Ruffin’it was the first yacht purchased by Sailing In Dublin and was with the club for about 10 years.. Ruffin’it was the most used Ruffian in Dun Laoghaire, with many glorious sails as far north as Carlingford and as far south to Arklow, and many of our current and past members learnt their sailing on it.. After a dismasting in 2008, it proved more economical to replace the boat rather than the mast and rigging.. The boat was sold to a buyer from Wales who plans to refurbish it.. It was last seen on the ferry leaving Dun Laoghaire!.. 420 Dinghy.. The 420 is a two-person lightweight, high-performance, planning-hulled dinghy.. It also provides the additional excitement and challenge of a symetric spinnaker and trapeze.. 80 kg.. 63 m.. 13.. 05 m.. Spinnaker:.. 9 m.. Optimum Crew Weight:.. 110-145 kg.. SID had two 420 dinghies.. As more of the members were using the Vago fleet the 420s declined in use and were sold on.. More Information..

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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - Event Calendar
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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - Links
    Descriptive info: Sailing in Dublin Information.. Facebook Page.. Membership Application Form.. 'Obsession' Sails.. Cruises (read only).. DBSC Ruffian Racing (members only).. DBSC Dinghy Racing (members only).. Dinghy Session Organization (doc).. Weather.. Met Eireann.. Wind Guru - Dun Laoghaire.. Current Weather - Dun Laoghaire Harbour.. XCWeather.. UK Weather Centre.. European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.. Forecast Charts for North Atlantic.. Tides.. Irish Times.. UK National Oceanography Centre.. Admiralty Easy Tide.. Sailing Courses.. Irish Offshore Sailing.. ISA Approved Training Courses.. Les Glenans Sailing School.. Dun Laoghaire Powerboat School.. Sailing West..

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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - News
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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - Location
    Descriptive info: Location.. View Larger Map.. Birds Eye View..

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  • Title: SailingInDublin.ie - Join Form
    Descriptive info: Join Sailing In Dublin.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Gender:.. Female.. Male.. Address:.. Phone:.. Email:.. Confirm Email:.. Guest Sails:.. None - €375.. One Guest Sail - €335 (€40 discount).. Two Guest Sails - €295 (€80 discount).. Paid By:.. Cheque.. Postal Order.. Bank Transfer.. Payment Reference:.. How did you heard of us?.. Unknown.. Friends..  ...   SID Website.. Through Glenans.. I hereby wish to apply for membership of the Sailing in Dublin Club Ltd.. I agree to be bound by the rules of the Club.. I declare that I can swim, and that I am in a fit state of health to partake in the Club's sailing activities..

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