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  • Title: SafetyNet Backups Solutions, providing a fully monitored online backup service to securely store data offsite.
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. What is Online Backup?.. Benefits.. Security.. Pricing.. FAQ.. Contact Us.. Data Loss, the facts!.. Data loss is a constant worry for business owners.. How it's lost may be surprising.. Read more.. Free Trial.. Get a fully functional version of the SafetyNet software for 28 days.. Click here.. Reseller Program.. We offer various reseller options from simple sales agency to rebranded software.. Click here for more details.. Please note that from November 1st, 2010 SafetyNet Backup Solutions Limited will be trading as Protect your Data.. Check our extended range of services at.. www.. protectyourdata.. ie.. What we do:.. SafetyNet Backup Solutions protects business from data loss by providing an online backup service that has the following benefits  ...   is run every night in an efficient and cost effective manner and stored securely offsite?.. Would you benefit from having a reliable, secure, automated backup system in place?.. Are you concerned that you do not meet the Data Protection requirement of having a backup- procedure in operation for computer held data, including off-site backup ?.. Would you lose clients if you lost data and were unable to retrieve it?.. Secure Login.. Username.. Password.. Worried about your Data Protection compliance,visit our associates at.. protectyourdata.. Documentation.. Privacy Policy.. Copyright © 2010 SafetyNet Backup Solutions Limited t/a Protect your Data.. Registered Office at 21 Bridgecourt Athenry, Co.. Galway.. All Rights Reserved.. Free Dreamweaver Templates.. by JustDreamweaver.. com.. Icons from:.. VistaICO.. com..

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  • Title: Online backup, what it is and how it works
    Descriptive info: Online backup offers a modern alternative to tape backup solutions and the current trend of using USB sticks and dvds to look after your crucial data.. It takes all the work away from small to medium sized businesses as once set up and running all backups are monitored by SafetyNet Backup Solutions.. If there is an issue then we contact the client to resolve the issue.. It is easier for these companies to budget for their backup needs as there is either a monthly or annual fee that covers all backups, restores and any technical support..  ...   ensuring compliance with Data Protection requirements.. How does Online Backup work?.. Quite simply, software installed on the server/PC containing the company data automatically transfers the data to an offsite server where multiple copies of the date are kept in encrypted format.. Step 1.. - Software known as the client zips and encrypts the backup data before transfer.. Step 2.. - During the transfer the data is further encrypted using a 128 bit SSL certificate.. Step 3.. - The data is stored on the offsite server in encrypted format making it unreadable to anyone apart from the owner..

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  • Title: Benefits of the SafetyNet online backup service to our clients.
    Descriptive info: The Benefits of Online Backup.. The benefits of online backup can be broken into parts, benefits to the clients and benefits of the software itself.. How using the SafetyNet Online Backup Service benefits our clients:.. Increased Productivity.. The automated backup schedule and monitoring of all backups by us each day means that our clients can spend more time on the day to day running of their business as we are looking after the daily backup.. Data Protection compliance.. Having all the data encrypted and stored offsite ensures compliance with Data Protection requirements.. (2(1)(d).. appropriate security measures shall be taken against.. unauthorised.. access to, or unauthorised alteration, disclosure or.. destruction of, the data.. “).. This is one less worry for our clients.. Cost Effective.. There is a predetermined fee (either monthly or annual) so our clients know exactly what their backup costs ware.. There are no surprise costs (new hardware, payment to external IT support to complete a restore, etc.. ) as all software, hardware, training  ...   their businesses secure in the knowledge that the backup of critical data is being looked after by SafeytNet Backup Solutions every day.. Benefits of the online backup software:.. Runs on most operating systems.. Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, NetWare, Unix and all other platforms supporting a Java2 Runtime Environment.. Multiple Backup Agents.. MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Lotus Notes, Oracel databases.. Automated.. All backups run on an automatic schedule.. Open Files.. Open files can be backed up utilising the Microsoft Volume Shadow service.. In-File Delta.. Only changes in files need to be backed up which reduces backup times.. Logout Reminder.. Users can be prompted to do a backup when they logoff the computer.. Local copy.. A lcoal copy of the backup data can also created during the backup.. Commands.. Custom commands can be run before or after the backup e.. g.. shutdown after backup completes.. Customised schedule.. Schedule and retention policy can be used to create any mimic any existing tape rotation..

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  • Title: Details on how secure the SafetyNet online backup service is
    Descriptive info: Security.. Using this online backup service is as secure as using online banking.. The following four sections - Encryption, Data Centre, Passwords, Server - detail the security involved in securing your data.. Encryption.. There are.. two rounds of 256 bit encryption.. Data is encrypted with a 256 bit key by the backup software on the computer before it is transferred.. Additionally the data transfer to the offsite server uses a Thawte SSL certificate (as used in online banking and purchases) to further encrypt this encrypted data using another 128 bit algorithm.. Data is stored in encrypted format on the offsite server.. so it appears as random alphanumeric and symbols -.. example.. Passwords.. You have  ...   Data Centre.. The server is hosted with Hosting365, a Class 1 Data Centre located in Dublin that lists amongst its clients:.. Irish Stock Exchange.. Department for Social Family Affairs.. Bank of Scotland.. O2.. and many more.. It provides the infrastructure necessary to ensure that the server and the data it contains are safe from all possible hazards in relation to.. environment, security, power and fire protection.. Server.. Once the data is transferred to the offsite server it is.. simultaneously copied to a second set of disks.. The server continously replicates to another offsite server.. to provide en extra layer of protection.. All access to the server is by approved SafetyNet Backup Solutions staff only..

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  • Title: Pricing of SafetyNet online backup service
    Descriptive info: At present we are in the process of reviewing our prices, please contact us at 091 700010 or.. info@safetynet.. for up to date pricing..

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  • Title: FAQ;
    Descriptive info: Who are SafetyNet Backup Solutions?.. SafetyNet Backup Solutions is a business dedicated to providing a secure monitored online backup service to small and medium sized businesses.. Its staff have worked for many years in the IT sector in a corporate environment and are very aware of the need of a reliable backup system.. The value of the business has been recognised by being shortlisted as one of the finalists for the 2006 Impact Media Elevate award for entrepreneurs.. How secure is the software?.. The software and backup process is extremely secure.. The data stored on the offsite server is encrypted with an AES 256 bit encryption key on your computer before any transfer begins.. The data transfer between your computer and the offsite server is done using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with up to 256 bit encryption.. This is the technology used in online banking or when completing payments on the internet.. Additionally only you hold the decryption key necessary to access the data.. We cannot view your data nor can anyone else.. What’s the difference between onsite and offsite?.. With onsite backup you will be responsible for the daily backup, changing tapes or whatever media is used and making sure that the data is accessible on these media.. Even with that unless the media is stored securely offsite it is possible that a fire or flood could destroy all your computers plus all your backup tapes that you have diligently looked after.. With the offsite solution we provide an automated solution that both takes care of the daily backup and secure transfer of data offsite to a state of the art hosting centre used by the Irish Stock Exchange and dept of Social Affairs to name but a few.. All disaster recovery plans necessitate the need to have your backups stored securely offsite.. But what if I already have a tape backup system in place?.. Combining a tape backup system with an online backup system gives you the best of both worlds.. The online system is suited to the backing up of critical  ...   OK?.. The backups are monitored offsite so that if backups are missed then a representative from the company will contact you to resolve the issue.. Additionally an email will be sent whenever a backup is completed, changes are made to the backup setting or schedule, or whenever a scheduled backup is missed so you will know what exactly is happening with your backups by just spending a few seconds each day checking this email report.. Is it cost effective?.. Yes, it is extremely cost effective.. Take an example of setting up a tape drive rotation at the low end of the price scale, an initial setup could cost you approx €1500 including tapes and tape drives.. Tape drive is approx €500 and the need for 20 tapes (4 daily, 4 weekly 12 monthly-standard rotation) at approx €50 each.. Additional costs may include the purchase of software to schedule the backups and the cost of hiring someone to set the tape drive and initial schedule.. Added to this is the day-to-day cost of someone looking after the backups, let's assume that at minimum it takes 15 mins a day on average.. This equates to 1.. 25hrs per week so for an employee on €16/hr this will cost €20 per week or €1,040 per year.. Also there will inevitably be an issue with either the software or the hardware.. The tapes will need replacing which will incur more costs.. Even after all these costs there is no guarantee that when you go to restore a file that you will be able to do so as tape backups fail to restore the data required approx 50% of the time.. In the event of fire or flood these backups may well be destroyed along with your computers if they have not been stored safely offsite.. So even after all this expense it is possible that your data may still be unrecoverable.. With SafetyNet Backup Solutions you will be 100% guaranteed that your data is securely stored and accessible at all times, this peace of mind alone is priceless..

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  • Title: Contact SafetyNet Backup Solutions
    Descriptive info: Alternatively submit a question/message below or email us at.. info@protectyourdata.. Form Object..

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  • Title: The facts about data loss, and why every business needs online backup.
    Descriptive info: Data Loss - the facts!.. Many people are unaware of how data is lost or how damaging data loss can be to a business.. As our graphs demonstrate:.. 82% of data is lost through simple hardware failure, human error or software corruption - every day occurences.. The resulting effects of this data loss is that businesses lose money and reputation with nearly 1 in 5 businesses having to cease trading due to having lost data.. Data - the lifeblood of business.. At SafetyNet Backup Solutions we believe that data, the information that businesses use, is the lifeblood of the business.. Without it they cannot function.. Data is by far the most valuable asset of any business - not its array of products or services, buildings, equipment or hardware.. Avoid Data Loss.. SafetyNet Backup Solutions provides  ...   are many copies of the one file and you can restore to the point-in-time that you require.. Having an.. automated scheduler.. that will always back up the data at a specified time without any manual intervention.. Producing an.. automatic email.. informing the client of the completion and success of each backup job.. Automatically including any new files.. that are added to directories already part of the backup schedule.. Storing the backups in a.. secure offsite facility.. Recent losses.. The following data losses have occurred in the last 18 months:.. Dept Of Social Family Affairs - 380,000 records.. Irish Blood Transfusion – 175,000 records.. Bank of Ireland - 31,000 records (USB Stick).. Some statistics to keep in mind.. 4,000 laptops are stolen in Europe weekly.. 9,000 unclaimed USB memory sticks were found in UK laundrettes in 2008..

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  • Title: Request a 28 day free trial of the SafetyNet online backup service
    Descriptive info: Request for 28 day Free Trial..

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  • Title: Client testimonials regarding the SafetyNet online backup service
    Descriptive info: Client Testimonials.. SafetyNet BackUp Solutions are wonderfully efficient with fast and friendly service that saves us worry and time.. Jonathan Irwin CEO, Jack and Jill Childrens Foundation -.. jackandjill.. I can fully recommend SafetyNets' services to any business, regardless of sector or size.. It's an essential investment in your business and should be regarded as the cornerstone of your business recovery plan.. Morton Rennick - Director, Arkfinance -.. arkfinance.. I was very conscious of all the work we had put into setting up the data on our tills and business laptop.. Losing it would have closed my business.. Getting Safetynet’s backup in place has given me peace of mind – now I can  ...   How do I know? I have had to recover data twice and each time I called up SafetyNet they had the lost data back within 4 hours.. The response time from the customer service was excellent and along with a professional courteous service, you couldn’t ask for anything more.. Knowing that they are looking after the backups on a day-to-day basis – that peace of mind alone is priceless.. ”.. Ray Walshe -owner, Cara Office Supplies -.. caraoffice.. This has proven an excellent service with automatic updates and prompts, providing efficient and secure means for data safeguarding and backup and, making adminstration work so much easier and carefree.. Declan O'Connor, BQAI -.. bqai..

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  • Title: SafetyNet Online Backup software documentation;
    Descriptive info: Restore Guides.. The restore guide to use is dependent on the version of the backup software is installed.. Please check to see which icon is used by SafetyNet Online Backup Manager on the desktop (or in the taskbar) and then download the Restore guide associated with that icon.. To download,  ...   Internet Explorer or 'Save Link As' for Mozilla Firefox.. Please click here for Restore Guide v5.. 5.. 1 v5.. 2.. Other Manuals.. Please click here for Quick Install Guide v5.. Please click here for User Guide.. P.. lease click on above icon for the most recent version of Adobe Reader..

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