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  • Title: Sacred Sites of Ireland | Meditation - visualising yourself there
    Descriptive info: .. Sacred Sites of Ireland.. Meditation - visualising yourself there.. Skip to content.. Home.. About Sacred Sites.. Treasa Ní Mhurchú.. Vincent Houlihan.. Contact Us.. Blog.. Sacred Sites.. Photo Gallery.. Aideen s Grave.. Faery Fort.. Four Knocks.. Glendalough.. Hill of Tara.. Rath Lugh.. Uisneach.. Guided Meditations.. The Hill of Tara.. Crystal Healing.. Shop.. Haunted Ireland.. Haunted Sites Team.. Michael McKeever.. Haunted Sites.. Famine Graveyard and Workhouse.. Wicklow Gaol.. Wicklow Gaol Revisited.. Ghost Stories.. Bard s Corner.. Poems.. Music.. Stories.. Art.. Ancient Ireland.. Celtic Mythology.. Archaeology.. Other.. Reiki Healing.. Useful Links.. Irish Websites.. Guided Tours.. Welcome to Sacred Sites.. © Sacred Sites 2012.. Sacred Sites is a series of guided meditations from Sacred Sites around Ireland.. The first in the series is a Guided Meditation from the.. and is available to purchase.. here.. both as a CD and as an MP3 download.. Currently we have a number of interesting categories and topics; beautiful.. photographs.. of Sacred Sites in Ireland, including.. ,.. , an.. Irish Faery Fort.. in County Dublin,.. , a Portal Tomb at Howth and.. where anyone can add their poems, music, artwork and stories, a.. section for.. ghost stories.. and.. There is also.. where you can ask for free distance healing;.. Upcoming Events.. for events and courses you would like to tell us about and a section called.. to connect you to other websites you might like..  ...   Tara - Sacred Sites of Ireland.. Celtic Mythology The Hill of Uisneach - Sacred Sites of Ireland.. Faery Fort - Sacred Sites of Ireland.. Archives.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. All cds ordered by 9th December will qualify for free shipping worldwide.. They make ideal and unique Christmas presents.. By ordering Sacred Sites products you are helping a new small Irish business with an innovative and creative product to get started.. Available to purchase from Sacred Sites Online … Continue reading → [ ].. As part of the Solstice at Slane Festival 2012, the Inaugural Solstice at Slane Lecture will take place on Thursday 20th December.. This will be delivered by Dr Frank Prendergast, Ireland’s leading authority on archaeoastronomy.. Frank will be providing joint commentary for RTÉ’s coverage of the Newgrange Solstice the next … Continue reading → [ ].. Wednesday 5th December is International Volunteer Day, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone again who volunteered their time and participated in our Holistic and Psychic Fair in aid of Coolmine TC last May.. The new Holistic Room looks great and is very popular with clients.. … Continue reading → [ ].. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. |.. Mantra.. Theme by.. Cryout Creations.. | Powered by..

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  • Title: About Sacred Sites - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Sacred Sites is a series of spoken word guided meditations from sacred sites around Ireland.. The first meditation is from the Hill of Tara and is available from the Sacred Sites online shop.. here.. Sacred Sites Team.. Guided Meditations:.. Haunted Ireland:.. Celtic Tree of Life Design: Fiona Ní Chiaragáin.. Sacred Sites Logo: Lewis.. Photography: Vincent Houlihan Treasa Ní Mhurchú.. Technical Advisor: Brian Greene.. Email: treasa@sacredsites.. ie.. SacredSitesofIreland.. The.. will be visiting haunted sites around Ireland and conducting paranormal investigations.. Treasa Ni Mhurchú.. Micheal McKeever..

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  • Title: Treasa Ní Mhurchú - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Treasa is a Reiki and Seichem Master, as well as a Holistic Therapist with qualifications in Aromatherapy, Anatomy and Physiology, Angel Therapy, Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage, Infant Massage, Nutrition, Reflexology, Stress Management, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Tuina (chinese medical acupressure).. Treasa has studied diverse subjects from channelling to trance mediumship and sound healing with internationally renowned teachers including.. Eloha Ferin.. Jhadten Jewall.. Adam Higgs.. Jan Linch..

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  • Title: Vincent Houlihan - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Vincent at Faery Tree, Hill of Tara.. Vincent Houlihan is the seventh son of a seventh son.. He is a psychic medium who is clairvoyant and clairsentient, and has been reading Tarot for over twenty years..

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  • Title: Contact Us - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: If you have any poems, stories, or artwork you d like to contribute to Bard s Corner, any Upcoming Events you d like to share or you would like to add a reciprocal link to Sacred Sites, please contact us via the email address below..

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  • Title: Sacred Sites of Ireland | Meditation - visualising yourself there
    Descriptive info: Older posts.. By.. |.. December 2, 2012.. - 4:32 pm.. Leave a comment.. Available to purchase from.. Sacred Sites Online Shop.. November 29, 2012.. - 4:19 pm.. This will be delivered by Dr Frank Prendergast, Ireland s leading authority on archaeoastronomy.. Frank will be providing joint commentary for RTÉ s coverage of the Newgrange Solstice the next day.. Admission is €5 and tickets will be available at the door but we are asking people to register in advance by emailing.. conor.. brady@dkit.. Please visit.. for details.. TITLE: SOLSTICE a ritual and cyclical marker?.. Abstract.. It is a profound and magical experience to witness the winter solstice sunrise from the darkness of the burial chamber at Newgrange.. At that time of year, the apparent standstill of the sun on the horizon endures for several days.. This would suggest that, in the prehistoric past, the architecture of the tomb was never intended to function as a kind of astronomical observatory or precise calendrical marker as is sometimes suggested.. Rather, the solar spectacle observed within the tomb at dawn may be one of a number of intended experiential design elements that reflect the wider role, meaning and hierarchy evident in Neolithic passage tombs.. This inaugural lecture will examine the phenomenon and significance of the winter and summer solstices and its seemingly deliberate incorporation into the alignment of a restricted number of monuments – in Ireland and at a wider European level.. November 27, 2012.. - 6:16 pm.. Wednesday 5th December is International Volunteer Day, and I d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone again who volunteered their time and participated in our Holistic and Psychic Fair in aid of Coolmine TC last May.. I m delighted to report that I ve been invited to an event on 5th December by Fingal County Council, along with other volunteers in the Fingal community, to mark International Volunteer Day.. November 18, 2012.. - 2:46 pm.. Myself and Vincent went to Lissycasey in Co Clare yesterday, for a healing session with Christy Coote of.. Christy has worked on me a number of times, always with fantastic results, and so has Jenny, but they never both worked on me at the same time before.. Christy has also recently been given a.. John of God Crystal Healing Bed.. , and I had never tried one, so I was delighted to be given this opportunity.. All too often in this field, when people have been working with Spirit for a while, their Ego gets in the way, and they start thinking that it s them doing the healing, and they are more powerful or better than others.. There isn t a trace of this in either Christy or Jenny, both are extremely humble about their gifts, and totally grounded, while showing an amazing connection and gratitude to Spirit and huge power and light.. My session commenced with me lying on the Crystal Healing Bed, with the lights on, while Christy held my feet.. Jenny was sitting on the floor nearby with her crystals and tuning in energetically to me and to Spirit.. When I called Christy about the healing session, I was quite confused and upset and somewhat fearful.. Practically as soon as I closed my eyes and he touched my feet I got the image of a wolf.. Christy had me follow the wolf, and we ended up at a cave where I faced the Spirit of My Fears and reclaimed what is mine, my power, my self belief, my strength and positivity.. All  ...   that between them Christy and Jenny have really worked miracles.. To get in touch with Christy you can contact him on his website.. Broken Arrrow Healing.. ,.. Facebook.. or call 087 931 2182.. Jenny Wilson can be contacted on 087 936 1919.. November 15, 2012.. - 6:53 pm.. We visited Dunshaughlin Famine Graveyard and Workhouse on 11/11/12, here s Emma Ní Dhúlaing s account and some photographs of our visit.. Famine Graveyard Paranormal Investigation.. The Black Dog.. November 9, 2012.. - 1:41 pm.. I ve encountered a Black Dog twice recently, once he appeared to me in a vision at a Faery Fort, and after I stood my ground led me to meet the Faeries.. The second was an actual physical Black Dog, that appeared at Ringlestown Rath when we visited it recently.. I ve been doing some research on the Black Dog in Celtic mythology and couldn t come across much, except that he could be seen as a negative entity, and was often the Pooka in disguise.. I prefer to think of the Black Dog as neutral.. Most literature on the subject refers to the British version of the Black Dog, who is seen as negative.. Vincent has written his version of the Black Dog of Ireland, as he heard it from his father in his childhood.. You can read his story.. Samhain.. November 6, 2012.. - 12:18 pm.. Today is astronomical Samhain, and I ve added a Samhain poem to mark the event.. If anyone would like to contribute poetry or stories to our Bard s Corner, just email me treasa@sacredsites.. Poems Bards Corner.. Samhain at the Mound of the Hostages.. November 5, 2012.. - 4:15 pm.. Doire Lois Muilleann: Looks like we are going to get a lovely dry evening for our Samhain celebrations tomorrow night.. Feel free to invite your friends to join us for a Samhain Ceremony on the astronomical date of the most solemn Celtic High Feast of the year as we honour the Ancestors and remember our nearest and dearest who have passed beyond the Veil.. Please bring lanterns, torches or candle in a jar and a gift to leave at the site eg a flower.. The Mound of the Hostages is traditionally associated with Samhain due to it s hosting of great assemblies in mythological and historical times.. The Mound is aligned with the Samhain rising sun, a symbol of hope, newlife and rebirth.. http://.. www.. spiritsofmeath.. ie/.. frightbynight.. Tuesday 6th November, 19.. 45 21.. 30, the Hill of Tara.. Facebook Event.. Samhain Torchlit Procession at Tlachtga, Hill of Ward.. November 1, 2012.. - 9:23 pm.. We had a wonderful time last night at the Hill of Ward, Athboy, Co Meath.. The weather was cold and dry, and at least 200 people turned out for the procession and to watch the reenactment of the legend of Tlachtga and honour those who have passed.. Here s one of the pictures I took, an eerie mist and lots of orbs.. More pictures uploaded to.. Halloween Night Torchlit Procession at Tlachtga.. October 28, 2012.. - 2:11 pm.. Venue: Fairgreen Athboy to Hill of Tlachtga.. Torchlit procession from Fairgreen Athboy to the Hill of Tlachtga where Halloween Began…with a stop on the way at the druid’s well to hear some words of wisdom from the lady of the well.. There will be a fire on the hill as you listen to the life of Tlachtga.. Time 7.. 30 pm Admission: Free.. Contact Details: +353 (0) 87 666 6021 Joe Conlon.. 1.. 2.. 3..

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  • Title: Sacred Sites - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Photographs.. from Sacred Sites around Ireland..

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  • Title: Photo Gallery - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Photographs from sacred sites around Ireland, by Vincent Houlihan and Treasa Ní Mhurchú.. Edited by Lewis.. Aideen s Grave, Howth..

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  • Title: Aideen’s Grave - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Aideen s Grave is a portal tomb.. Aideen was said to be the wife of Oscar, who died at the battle of Gabhra.. When Aideen learnt of Oscar s death, she collapsed and died of her grief.. Oisin, Oscar s father had her buried at Howth and erected the portal tomb in her  ...   great warriors or kings.. The tomb is partially collapsed, with the capstone fallen backwards, but the portal stones still stand and you can see what it would have been like.. Aideen s Grave, Portal Tomb, Howth.. Aideens Grave, grounds of Howth Castle.. Aideen s Grave, Portal Tomb.. Aideen s Grave, Deer Park, Howth..

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  • Title: Faery Fort - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Last summer, I had the privilege of being welcomed by the Faeries at a local Faery Fort, in North County Dublin.. I ve been back a number of times since, always bringing them gifts and asking their permission to enter their home.. The Faeries are not to be taken lightly or treated with disrespect, and if they tell you that you are not welcome, then you would be well advised to heed their warnings.. Thankfully they have always been  ...   I went, right in the centre of the Rath where I always lay their gifts, there was a mushroom with a tiny little white feather perched on top, as if they were giving me a gift in return.. Then again, they are always giving me gifts, and I thank them most deeply for their continuing presence and help in my life.. Here are some pictures of this magical spot:.. To view the rest of the photographs, visit our Facebook page..

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  • Title: Four Knocks - Sacred Sites of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Four Knocks is a passage tomb located just outside Naul in North County Dublin.. Sacred Sites visited there recently and did some toning and energy work to help raise the vibration.. Here s some photos of our visit.. The rest of the photographs are available on our.. page..

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    Archived pages: 197