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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Home
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. LATEST NEWS.. LINKS.. ABOUT US.. CONTACT US.. Licensing Process.. Strategic Develoment of the Shannon Estuary.. Controversial Land Rezoning.. EU Petition and Findings.. Irish Law and Policy.. LNG Safety Research.. Press Releases.. For Background Details of the proposed Shannon LNG project which has still not obtained full development consent (it still lacks a licence from the EPA) please click here.. Latest News from our Press Releases.. July 10th 2012:.. Shannon LNG Project Officially Postponed.. June 30th 2012:.. As Irish Energy Regulator delivers killer blow to Hess LNG/Shannon LNG project, Irish politicians and officials are accused of misleading the general public on the hidden Shannon LNG subsidy loophole.. March 22nd 2012:.. 'Safety Before LNG' condemns illegal political interference with the independent energy regulator for the benefit of Shannon LNG as an attack on the democratic process.. March 13th 2012:.. Irish Regulator ruling on proposed gas interconnector tariff outlawing monopoly pricing and anti-competitive behaviour to cost Shannon LNG 1 billion over 13 years and seriously compromises the project according to Hess LNG CEO Gordon Shearer.. 6th December 2011:.. Major criticism by Irish Minister for Energy of "windfall gain" to US Multinational 'HESS' a dramatic game-changer that could spell end of Shannon LNG project.. 10th August 2011:.. ESB accuses Shannon LNG of "free-riding" on the services that the gas interconnector provides.. 14th June 2011:.. Hess LNG publicly pulls out of Fall River LNG project at Massachusetts.. 25th May 2011:.. Hess LNG threats to pull out of Irish Shannon LNG project  ...   says it has no choice but to break a local taboo and opppose the Endesa gas project until a Strategic Assessment is completed as requested by the EU Commission; says Endesa will become a hostage to Hess/Shannon LNG gas.. 15th April 2010:.. 'Safety Before LNG' to appeal CER decision to grant Shannon LNG 25 years exemption from regulated third-party access to the.. European Commission claiming that 42% of its.. inital LNG supply going to 450 MW Endesa and 250 MW Shannon LNG power stations gives it pivitol supplier status.. CER decision will make Endesa a hostage to Shannon LNG gas.. 10th April 2010:.. EU Commission finds more than 10,000 people affected by Shannon LNG project and finds that Strategic Assessment is first required as per EU Directive.. 18th March 2010:.. FOI Revelation that Kerry Councillor earns over 100,000 in expenses over 5 years reignites rezoning controversy.. 8th March 2010:.. Shannon LNG Investment decision could drag on further than next year says Hess CEO Gordon Shearer.. 23rd February 2010 :.. Bord Gais CEO confirms Shannon LNG gas will be for export.. 10th December 2009:.. CER Refusal to Require LNG Marine Risk Assessment Condemned.. 12th May 2009:.. Energy Conference in Tarbert discusses alternatives to Shannon LNG project.. 28th March 2009: Letter to the Farmer's Journal printed on March 28th 2009 -.. Shannon LNG A dirty money-making project.. 10th March 2009:.. Massive SemEuro Petroleum Storage Facility in Tarbert put on hold.. 3rd March 2009:.. Deputy told that LNG is a fossil fuel..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Latest News
    Descriptive info: June 30th 2012:.. March 22nd 2012:..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Links
    Descriptive info: The Norwegian LNG company, Höegh LNG, has announced its intention to develop another Offshore LNG terminal 35 Kilometres also off the coast of Blackpool in Morecambe Bay in the Irish Sea.. The project called.. Port Meridian Offshore Morecambe Bay".. - will use SRV technology, which is an LNG vessel with onboard LNG vaporisers.. Gateway Storage Company Ltd.. plans to build an underground natural gas storage facility in the East Irish Sea called.. "The Gateway Project".. , approximately 25 km (15 miles) offshore, south west of Barrow-in-Furness.. Storage caverns will be developed in a natural salt structure below the seabed and will enable gas to be delivered, stored and then returned to the UK´s national transmission system.. The offshore facility will provide a significant boost to the security of energy supply in the UK gas market and will help to meet the strategic energy policy objectives of the UK government.. When completed, the caverns will have a working capacity of 1.. 512 billion standard cubic meters (~559 million therms), adding nearly 30% to the current gas storage capacity in the UK market.. A website against the Hess LNG project in Weaver's Cove, Fall River, Massachussets, USA from Rhode Island called '.. SAVE BRISTOL HARBOR.. '.. Visit this web  ...   Taisce (the National Trust for Ireland) investigation into ".. Energy, the Future for Ireland.. " with a special study of LNG in Ireland.. Friends of the Irish Environment.. "Shannon LNG" home page:.. www.. shannonlngplanning.. ie.. Application for gas-fired Power Plant at Tarbert by Endesa.. tarbertpowerproject.. com.. Application for gas-fired Power Plant on Shannon LNG site:.. Ballylongford Electricity Company.. Plan for a.. European Transhipment Hub.. or.. Global Deepwater Shipping Resource.. , supported by Shannon Foynes Port Company and by the 500-member.. Atlantic Way.. development agency to take advantage of the widening of the Panama Canal which will, from 2014, be able to take even larger ships across the Atlantic Ocean.. Renewable Energy Hub.. , under the name.. Shannon Energy Valley.. being promoted by the University of Limerick, NUI Galway and Silicon Valley s Irish Technology Leadership Group aiming to reduce Ireland s carbon footprint and dependency on fossil fuel imports.. Plan for an.. Oil and Gas Storage Hub.. surrounding the proposed LNG regasification terminal in what would become the most sizeable hazard in Ireland.. This project is being pushed by.. Shannon Development which lost its main job-creation role in July 2005 to the IDA and Enterprise Ireland, but retained its property-management portfolio.. Dail and Seanad Debates on LNG..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - About US
    Descriptive info: The "Kilcolgan Residents Association", representing nearby residents of the proposed LNG regasification terminal and people with close family and economic ties to the area, was set up in 2006 in response to the news that Hess Corporation ( under its new subsidiary "Shannon LNG") was planning an LNG regasification terminal in the rural area of Kilcolgan, which lies between the two north Kerry villages of Tarbert and Ballylongford on the southern shores of the Shannon Estuary in the South West of Ireland.. The local residents were bombarded by a slick marketing campaign from Shannon LNG employees who were loudly supported by the state-controlled "Shannon Development" company, which owned the site, along with some well-canvassed local politicans and people from the neighbouring villages (some of whom had been taken by Shannon LNG on an all-expenses holiday to visit LNG terminals in Zeebrugge and Barcelona).. Shannon LNG stated in their local newsletter that ".. natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel.. " and that if there was an LNG tanker leak ".. this gas would quickly dissipate because it is lighter than air.. ".. However, as the local residents informed themselves on the risks and dangers of LNG they were horrified that such a one-sided view of the proposed LNG project was being portrayed both by the developer, the landowner "Shannon Development" and by well-groomed local politicans and they felt sold out.. Being basically told not to stop hundreds of jobs coming to the area (albeit short-term construction jobs with only 50 long-term jobs at the end of the day), most locals said they could understand the logic of attempting to build a terminal on the nearby state-owned land if it was really in the overriding national interest and there was  ...   to, among other things, safety, environmental, economic and residential amenity grounds.. As it quickly became apparent that the proposed LNG terminal, the most sizeable hazard in Ireland, was not just a local issue but a national one the Safety Before LNG group representing people from both Kilcolgan and the wider community was set up.. "Safety Before LNG" is advocating responsible strategic siting of LNG terminals in areas which do not.. put people s health and safety in danger.. It has received support from former local Member of the European Parliament, M.. E.. P.. Ms.. Kathy Sinnott, environmental lobby group Friends of the Irish Environment (a network of conservationists and environmentalists committed to protecting Ireland's environment by lobbying for strict implementation of EU law in Ireland), actor Pierce Brosnan along with his wife Keely and the California Coastal Protection Network (a non-profit environmental advocacy organisation based in the United States and one of the top experts on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the United States, which undertook the successful campaign to stop the largest mining company in the world, BHP Billiton, from building a massive offshore LNG import terminal.. off the California Coast).. 'Safety Before LNG' has received well-informed scientific first-hand information from numerous safety experts such as world-renowned LNG expert Dr.. Jerry Havens from Arkansas and New-Zealand-based energy analyst Steve Goldthorpe and gas safety expert Peter North from Cork.. The group's aim with this website is to provide a resource of information on the strategy used to develop an LNG terminal so that other communities are aware of the template used to flout social responsiblity both by large corporations such as Hess and by government statutory bodies alike.. We hope that the inforrmation contained herein proves useful and we welcome your feedback..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Contact Details
    Descriptive info: Safety Before LNG.. Island View,.. Convent Street,.. Listowel,.. County Kerry,.. IRELAND.. Tel: +353-87-2804474.. Email:.. safetybeforelng@hotmail.. SafetyBeforeLNG..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Licensing
    Descriptive info: LICENSING PROCESS.. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) Licence - application not yet submitted (as of December 2nd 2011).. Foreshore Licence to construct marine part of Shannon LNG Terminal - 23 April 2010.. Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) Processing of Shannon LNG Request for Exemption from Regulated Third Party Access - 15th April 2009.. Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) Licence for Shannon LNG Pipeline - December 9th 2009.. Planning Permission for Road Widening from Tarbert to proposed LNG Site and Compulsory Acquisition of adjoining Land - 2nd November 2009.. Section 5  ...   Pipeline and Compulsory Acquistion of Adjoining Land- February 17th 2009.. Bord Pleanála Planning Decision on SemEuro petroleum storage installation adjacent to proposed LNG terminal.. Pre-application consultation.. Withdrawn December 19th 2008.. Bord Pleanála Planning Decision that 26-kilometre Shannon LNG Pipeline from Tarbert to Foynes qualifies as a development to be considered under the Strategic Infrastructure Act 2006- July 22nd 2008.. Planning Permission for the LNG Terminal - decision made March 13th 2008.. Bord Pleanála Planning Decision that Shannon LNG Terminal qualifies as a development to be considered under the Strategic Infrastructure Act 2006- September 7th 2007..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Strategic Development of Shannon Estuary
    Descriptive info: Strategic Development of the Shannon Estuary.. Click here for submissions to the 'Mid West Task Force'.. Click here for.. "Risk Assessment of Marine Operations at LNG Terminal for Shannon Estuary".. On January 22nd, 2010, the EU Commission found that the Shannon LNG project should have been subjected to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) (see.. Interim EU Commission findings on EU Petition number 0013 of 200.. 8.. page 4 ).. These findings by the EU Commission and Parliament is an official acceptance that the LNG tankers pose a danger on both the Estuary waters and adjoining coastlands throughout the entire shipping route of the LNG tankers from the moment they approach the Estuary from the Atlantic Ocean and that an SEA was therefore required.. A Strategic Assessment is required because LNG ships, by their own standards, require a one-mile exclusion zone on safety grounds from ships travelling in front of them and therefore the Shannon LNG project could sterlise the entire Estuary and prevent other developments such as a transhipment hub from being implemented.. The Commission went on to criticise the lack of an SEA for the Shannon LNG project even more directly as follows:.. The Commission is also concerned by the discrepancy in the approach of the Irish authorities in dealing with the development under fast track legislation for 'strategic projects' whilst not requiring an SEA.. The EU Commission further went on to critiscise the EIA for the Shannon LNG project in stating:.. An EIA has been duly carried out on this project (the Liquefied Natural Gas) and public opinion sought.. However, the petitioner presents arguments according to which the project has been sliced (LNG storage, pipeline, road and electricity supply).. Project slicing implies the breaking up of one project into different parts.. The EIA Directive requires that cumulative (indirect) impacts with other projects have to be identified in the course of the respective impact assessments to ensure that the overall impact of the projects concerned can be assessed.. On the basis of the information received, it is not clear whether the cumulative effects have been taken into account in this case.. The conclusion that the EU Commission came to was:.. On the basis of the further information provided, the Commission has decided to raise the above-mentioned issues with the Irish authorities.. 'Safety Before LNG', vindicated by the EU Commission findings, is now of the opinion that if the Irish Government is to show even token respect for EU Directives requiring comprehensive Strategic and Environmental Assessments then an LNG Marine Risk Assessment must be undertaken along with an SEA before any Foreshore Licence is given.. It is impossible to ascertain the cumulative effects of the project if no such assessment is completed.. A Foreshore Licence is a permit to construct the marine aspect of the enitre proposed LNG Teminal covering 25 acres on SAC waters.. In January 2010, following the enactment of the Foreshore and Dumping at Sea (Amendment) Act 2009, the Minister of the Environment, Mr.. John Gormley, took over responsiblity for issuing Foreshore Licences from the Minister for Agriculture.. We believe that following the EU Commission's interim findings it will be next to impossible for Minister Gormley to issue a Foreshore Licence without the proper assessments as required under EU Directives.. 'Safety Before LNG' also believes that Shannon Development deliberately cut corners in the assessment of this  ...   the Shannon Region.. This project, if it succeeds, will be the largest money-spinner for Shannon Development, ensuring its economic survival as an organisation.. Shannon Development, as a property developer and landlord, with the institutionalised culture of an estate agent, has therefore lost its credibility in our eyes.. Shannon Development s level of understanding and awareness of the strategic issues were highlighted at Kerry County Council last Monday when it stated that Shannon LNG.. will stop the process of importing 95% of the country s gas requirements (.. click here to see Kerry s Eye , March 25th 2010.. ).. We now fully support the proposals of the McCarthy Report which recommended the discontinuation of an independent Shannon Development at an annual saving of 2 million to the Exchequer.. (.. see the McCarthy Report Page 81-85.. To reinforce our point on mismanagement of state money by Shannon Development, the agency has just developed a so-called E-town project at Tarbert which is basically 8 houses with broadband connectivity at a cost of 3 million euros.. These 8 houses are now being sold for a total of 2,196,000.. (4 at 239,000 and 4 at 310,000 ).. An 800,000 loss of tax-payers' money before any property is even sold has just evaporated into what is an outdated concept of people working from houses with access to the internet but possibly with the added charge of commercial rates on those properties when they can do the exact same from their own homes.. All this is with the raw sewage outflow pipe to the Estuary nearby because there is no sewage treatment plant in Tarbert.. Cork port, in 2001, commissioned a study to assess what the port needed to provide in order to become a transhipment hub (Report on the Establishment of the Port of Cork as a Transatlantic Container and Trans-shipment Hub , Nautical Enterprise Centre, Cork, 2001).. This is a relevant example of a port and region thinking strategically.. In other words, it was studying the physical conditions necessary to have a transhipment hub, not the marketing conditions (which change over time).. If any equivalent report has been undertaken by Shannon Development or Shannon Foynes Port Company, then it has been kept very quiet.. According to the Commissioner of Irish lights,.. the navigable waters at the mouth of the Shannon Estuary are only 315 metres wide.. At Christmas, a ship got caught in a buoy chain in this area for several days.. Shannon Foynes Port Company undertook a marine navigational assessment to prove that ships could travel the Estuary but did not undertake any marine LNG risk assessment to ascertain the sterilising effect exclusion zones around LNG tankers would have on the development of the Estuary as a whole or the cumulative impacts of such a project.. It is impossible to assess the 4 different Plans for the Estuary in order to realise the full potential of the Shannon Estuary Ports without:.. an independent marine LNG risk assessment of the dangers and effects of LNG spills on water (as supported by the European Court of Human Rights for the Milford Haven LNG Plants) and.. an independent Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the cumulative impacts of the various Plans for the Shannon Estuary (as supported by the European Commission).. Irreversible Strategic Projects should not be developed by cutting corners or without any strategic planning..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Rezoning
    Descriptive info: On April 19th, 2006 Shan.. non LNG signed an option to purchase agreement with state-owned Shannon Development for lands it owned at Kilcolgan, between Tarbert and Ballylongford in County Kerry on the southern shores of the Shannon Estuary on the south west of Ireland.. It was widely publicised in the media and announced in the Dáil, the national parliament, as early as May 2006 that an LNG terminal would be built there.. However, the 281 acres of land in question had first to be rezoned to 'Industrial' use via a variation to the County Development Plan in March 2007.. By law, any variation to a County Development Plan must undergo a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) if there is.. likely.. to be a significant effect on the environment, if there is a risk of accidents e.. g involving Seveso landuse (the most hazardous designation which an LNG terminal comes under), or if the land is adjacent to areas of conservation sensitivity (such as Natural Habitats).. An SEA examines the cumulative impacts of a Plan (such as the creation of an oil and gas energy hub on the southern shores of the Shannon Estuary) and is therefore region and strategic specific whereas an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is project specific.. The propsed LNG terminal site is adjacent to SAC, NHA and SPA designated areas.. Shannon LNG informed the planning authority (An Bord Pleanála) on February 6th, 2007 that it wanted the project to be considered under the new Strategic Infrastructure Act 2006.. An Bord Pleanála informed Kerry County Council in February 2007 of this fact and the Shannon LNG project had already been discussed at the County Council meeting on June 20th, 2006.. Shannon LNG had even paid Shannon Development - whose director John Brassil (now Chairman) was a member of Kerry County Council at the time - 493,000 at least three months before the land was rezoned.. The same councillor Brassil canvassed the support of the Executive of Kerry County Council at the council meeting of June 20th 2006 to give the LNG project ".. every support.. " and it was agreed at that meeting that the Shannon LNG project progress would ".. be overseen by a sub committee of the senior management team.. The screening report to determine whether or not an SEA should be undertaken was contracted out to consultants RPS, who never mentioned the proposed LNG terminal on their report.. RPS later confirmed to the council that ".. they were unaware of the proposed LNG proposal at the the time of the screening process.. A reputable company should have been aware of the media, council and parliamentary discussions of an LNG terminal.. Kerry County Council later confirmed that it was ".. unaware as to whether or not the consultants were aware of the LNG proposal as it was in the public arena at the time.. We believe that the pressure to fast-track the rezoning for the Shannon LNG terminal took precedence over following the correct procedures to the detriment of the Shannon Estuary, its environment and environs and of the people living in and owning property adjacent to the propsed LNG project and route of LNG tankers travelling in the Estuary.. In other words, there was no due regard for sustainable and integrated planning by the council in its actions.. It was therefore decided to lodge 2 formal complaints, one to the Office of the Ombudsman and one to the Standards in Public Office Commission.. We were, however, cognisant of the fact that any decision that would find that the lands were illegally rezoned would automatically bring into question the legality of the planning permission obtained for the Shannon LNG terminal.. It was always, therefore, going to be difficult to obtain a favourable decision.. Complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman.. This complaint was sent following the refusal by Kerry County Council to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) before rezoning lands for the proposed Shanon LNG terminal.. The Ombudsman's Office agreed with Kerry County Council that:.. "to have considered Shannon LNG as part of the screening process would have involved a different type of specific zoning e.. g.. zoned specifically for a gas storage and importation terminal.. 'Safety Before LNG' completely disagreed with this analysis because the lands only needed to be zoned 'Industrial' for an LNG terminal (as that is what they are zoned at now for the LNG terminal).. No other specific zoning was needed..  ...   and which is clearly defined in the legislation) at local authority meetings where their respective companies would gain millions of euros following the decision of Kerry County Council to rezone rural and secondary special amenity land to industrial for an LNG terminal because the interest was not.. material.. SIPO stated that the beneficial interest was not material because it could not be proved that the directors gained any personal benefit from the decision.. However, Section 176 (3) of the Local Government Act 2001 determines the only conditions under which a person voting in a motion does not have to declare the beneficial interest as follows:.. A person shall not be regarded as having a beneficial interest which has to be disclosed under this Part where section 167 (3) is applicable or because of - (a) an interest which is so remote or insignificant that it cannot be reasonably regarded as likely to influence a person in considering or discussing, or in voting on, any question with respect to the matter or in performing any function in relation to that matter (b) being a ratepayer or a local authority tenant and in common with other ratepayers or tenants, or (c) any other circumstances which may be prescribed by regulations made by the Minister.. Section 167(3) only applies to shareholders, not directors and there are no relevant regulations prescribed by the Minister.. Voting in a land rezoning deal which is worth millions to the companies of which the councillors were also directors cannot be said to be so remote or insignificant an interest that it would not influence director s decision to vote on the motion.. Indeed, both directors have openly admitted that they were influenced by their positions as directors as follows:.. Director Brassil told the Kerryman Newspaper of September 11th 2008:.. I have always acted for the benefit of the people I serve and bringing 500 jobs and a 500.. million investment to north Kerry is absolutely what I m elected for.. Director O Sullivan told the Kerryman Newspaper of September 17th 2008:.. I was doubly obliged to assist the LNG project as both a member of Kerry County Council.. and as a member of the port company.. It has come to the attention of 'Safety Before LNG' from information received on December 2009 under a Freedom of Information request that from 2005 to November 2009, John Brassil obtained from Shannon Development 87,504 in Director's Fees, 20,966.. 09 in mileage, 496.. 15 in taxis, buses and trains, 97.. 20 in parking, 262.. 16 in sundries and 231.. 49 in foreign travel - giving a total of 109,557.. 09 in expenses received by him from Shannon Development in that time period.. This new information was forwarded by 'Safety Before LNG' to SIPO on March 2010.. Shannon Foynes Port Company is not open to Freedom of information requests and it is therefore not possible to determine exactly the Director's Fees obtained by Senator O'Sullivan.. This decision has left a lingering doubt of a lack of transparency by the Standards in Public Office Commission that would seem to point to suspicion in our minds of susceptibility to political considerations, and therefore interference, in its decision-making process.. A dangerous precedent has now been created in allowing increased corporate influence on local authority decisions.. This goes far beyond the remit allowed in legislation to the Commission.. SIPO has now decided that directors of any companies who are also on local authorities where votes which will enrich those same companies are taking place do not have to declare these interests if they are not personally benefitting from the tansaction (something which is difficult to prove in the first place).. 'Safety Before LNG' is of the opinion that this precedent would be created without proper authority, would be improperly discriminatory, would create an undesirable administrative practice and would be contrary to fair and sound administration.. A request for a clarification from the Minister concerned on whether or not a directorship now no longer needs to be declared under section 177 of the Local Government Act 2001 was submitted by 'Safety Before LNG'.. As the minister's office refused to decide on the matter the issue was forwarded to the Office of the Ombudsman on March 2010.. here to download the entire Standards in Public Office Investigation into the non-disclosure of directorships by councillors John Brassil and Ned O'Sullivan at the Shannon LNG land rezoning decision (18.. 7 MB)..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - EU Petition and Findings
    Descriptive info: On January 22nd, 2010, following feedback from the EU Commission on our petition with the EU parliament on breaches of the SEA Directive for the Shannon LNG project, an interim ruling was issued by the EU Petitions Committee finding that an SEA should have been undertaken because more than 10,000 people were affected by the project.. The EU Commission found that rezoning land for the LNG teminal should have been subjected to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).. In its initial submission to the EU parliament Ireland had claimed that it was allowed an exemption to the mandatory SEA if the project affected less than 10,000 people.. However, on January 22nd 2010 the EU Commission agreed with us that:.. Information provided by the petitioner  ...   plant at Tarbert island.. Shannon Development s level of understanding and awareness of the strategic issues were highlighted at Kerry County Council last Monday when it stated that Shannon LNG:.. will stop the process of importing 95% of the country s gas requirements.. Cork port, in 2001, commissioned a study to assess what the port needed to provide in order to become a transhipment hub (.. Report on the Establishment of the Port of Cork as a Transatlantic Container and Trans-shipment Hub , Nautical Enterprise Centre, Cork, 2001.. Click here to view the Interim EU Commission findings on EU Petition number 0013 of 2008.. Click here to view the entire EU Petition number 0013 of 2008 on Shannon LNG project (46.. 6 MB)..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Strategic
    Descriptive info: Click here to find out what Politicans and.. Public Figures.. are saying about the Shannon LNG project.. and related Gas projects in North Kerry.. 20th January 2010: Irish Statutory Body rules on the Consequences of Accidents.. Chief Technical Advisor at the Department of Energy argues that evaluating the consequences and not just the probability of accidents in the Corrib Pipeline Decision has created a precedent which would have the effect of prohibiting all significant infrastructure developments.. 6th July 2009:.. 'Safety Before LNG' Submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Climate Change and Energy Security on Meeting Ireland's Electricity Needs post 2020.. March 2009:.. 'Transparency International': In Ireland, "legal  ...   Council in SEA it undertook of draft County Development Plan 2009-2015.. 24th August 2008:.. Internal CER memo says gas prices will rise 15% with arrival of Shannon LNG due to fixed charges that must still be paid on the gas interconnectors with the U.. K.. 28th April 2008:.. 'Safety Before LNG' Submission to the Petroleum Exploration and Extraction (Safety) Bill 2007.. 7th September 2007:.. How Preconsultation Meetings to determine if a project can qualify as Strategic Infrastructure under the new Strategic Infrastructure Act 2006 held in Secret by An Bord Pleanála compromise the planning process due to withholding of vital information on projects - the Shannon LNG example..

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  • Title: SafetyBeforeLNG - Strategic
    Descriptive info: Much of the research in this section was done by David Robinson of the LNG safety lobby group 'Safe Haven' from Milford Haven in Wales.. David Robinson, aged 63 years, has lived and worked for much of his life on both sides of Milford Haven Waterway for Oil Utilities Companies.. In the 70`s 80`s 90`s he spent 12 years working in Saudi Arabia Oman for Oil ,Utilities Mod Companies.. He is now retired, his last job being a Shift Charge Engineer for a Power  ...   Pleanála Oral Hearing into the proposed Shannon LNG Terminal held in Tralee in January 2008.. Sandia LNG Pool Fire on Water Tests - Latest.. 15th February 2010:.. LNG in Boston - Still a No-Brainer.. 7th February 2010:.. Missing LNG Evacuation Plans.. 1st December 2009:.. LPG Mexico City accident of 1984 that killed 600 and injured 7,000 remembered.. 7th August 2008:.. Patrick signs LNG Exclusion/Buffer Zone into Law, thwarting Shannon LNG owners Hess LNG in its plans for another LNG Terminal at Fall River, Massachusetts, USA..

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