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  • Title: Saascom Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Product.. News.. Customers.. About.. Contact.. Multiple Channels.. All in 'One System'.. Multiple Products.. Multiple Clients.. 01.. Marketing.. The ONEview system scheduled for deployment includes unique, powerful, easy to use 'Spiral Marketing' tools that enable you segment your customer database and create, execute and monitor multi-stage marketing campaigns that will drive your sales.. 02.. Distribution.. The ONEview system enables you to distribute easily and quickly your consumer lines products through multiple channels including Direct-to-Consumer web sites, broker networks, affinity groups and Call Centre operations.. 03.. Sales.. The ONEview system automates Online quotation, purchase, renewals and Mid-Term-Adjustment processes saving you money by enabling your customers, partners, sales force and call centre teams to transaction business quickly.. Bulletins.. We distribute bulletins with updates on ONEview developments.. Like to be on the distribution list?.. click here.. Comments.. We are interested in hearing from you.. Why not send us a message with your ideas, comments and requests.. Community.. We support our community through our involvement with the O'Hara Rural Ireland Development Project.. Videos.. We are creating a library of training videos to support users of ONEview.. Careers.. We are continuously looking for top class technologists.. Would  ...   configuration tools dramatically cut new product launch times.. New User Configuration cuts the time for new version deployment by 90%.. 22.. New 'Fast Quote' functionality delivers huge benefits.. The new 'Fast Quote' for car insurance added this week to ONEview means significantly less work for the customer.. Comments.. The Spiral Marketing system is designed and moved to development.. More products added to the system - see the recent bulletins.. We update the system once a month deploying new developments and continuous improvements to user interfaces and system performance.. We are hiring - so send us in your CV if you would consider working with us.. We will reply to every one we get but by email only.. About Us.. We setup Saascom in 2008 to develop a multi-channel consumer lines distribution system for Insurance companies.. Learn More.. Contact Info.. Saascom.. 7 Sandyford Business Centre.. Sandyford, Dublin 18 Ireland.. 00353 1 2932325.. sbrogan@saascom.. ie.. Contact Us.. Cookie Policy.. Privacy Policy.. Site Map.. Contact Us.. Saascom's 'ONEview' system provides a ready made solution for insurance companies wanting to distribute, market and sell their consumer lines insurance products through multiple channels.. 2012 Saascom Limited.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: ONEview- Introduction
    Descriptive info: Our product is called ONEview.. Introduction.. The ONEview system is a multi-channel consumer lines distribution system for the Insurance Industry.. It provides you with the platform to successfully market, distribute and sell your insurance products to your own customers and to the customers of your affiliate companies.. Multi-channel - create new distribution channels quickly and cheaply.. ONEview provides you with the functionality to create and manage many different distribution channels for your consumer lines products.. For example.. You can set up your own.. direct-to-consumer web-site.. where your customers can buy directly from you.. You can create password controlled.. broker.. distribution channels for each of your brokers where they can buy your products for their customers.. You can link your system directly into the websites of.. third party partners.. who can then sell your products as if they were their own.. You can create websites for third party Affinity Groups and.. white label.. the sites so that they carry the partner's own branding but the products sold are yours.. You can upload the database from a third party, create a branded site and sell these people a selection of your consumer lines products.. and you can do all this using one system - the ONEview system.. To find out more about the multi-channel distribution capability.. Create and sell many 'consumer lines' products.. There are many consumer lines products already built into the ONEview system ready for you to customise and sell within your market.. The products include.. car insurance, household, holiday home.. and many more -.. click here for more details.. You can also create new products and distribute them through the distribution channels of your choice.. Full sales cycle.. The system provides the full sales cycle for all products  ...   Marketing' is an approach to marketing where you test alternative versions of your marketing campaigns (A/B testing) on limited audiences until you have established the campaign that works best and then you target your entire audience using this campaign.. The result is more sales because your marketing campaigns are targeted and therefore more successful.. for more details click here.. Self-service for your Online customers.. Over the next few weeks, new.. 'Insurance Centre'.. functionality is being added to ONEview.. This functionality will provide each of your customers with their own private password controlled 'Insurance Centre' over the web.. Here they will be able to review Online their policies, view policy documentation, establish benefits and conditions, pay renewal premium, buy additional products and much more.. Integrated Call Centres.. Call Centre functionality is built into the system.. The system can support multiple call centres which can be restricted to deal with specific channel/product combinations.. This means that you can provide a call centre to support the direct-to-consumer channel and another one to support the broker channel and yet another for use by an Affinity Partner.. The Power of One.. ONEview provides one system for all your consumer lines distribution needs There are a number of significant benefits to be gained from this type of arrangement.. They include a dramatic reduction in 'product speed to market', significant decrease in operational costs, better management of customer database, easier results monitoring and a host of other benefits that we outline in the benefits section.. click here.. ONEview.. Features.. Benefits.. Security.. Installation.. Future.. Want to get update bulletins?.. We circulate email bulletins with news on developments to the ONEview system as they occur.. If you would like to be on the list to receive these emails..

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  • Title: Saascom - News Bulletin
    Descriptive info: Keeping you up to date with developments.. Major Benefits from new user management.. The ONEview system continues to be enhanced and the latest addition is a revamped.. 'User Management System'.. Control in the hands of the business person.. Saascom continues to develop ONEview so that the control of all aspects of the administration of the system and the distribution of consumer lines products is in the hands of the non-technical business person.. This is the latest enhancement in ONEview that delivers on this goal.. Before it was complex.. Prior to the introduction of this new development, the addition of a new user to the ONEview system was a task for a developer.. It was technical, took quite a lot of time and was complex.. The developer had to produce 'code scripts' that added the new user to the ONEview data structures and setup their roles and privileges in the ONEview security system.. As more and more users were added, the complexity of this task increased greatly.. Now it is a simple non-technical process.. With the introduction of the new 'User Management System', the user setup task has been completely simplified.. It now takes only a minute or two and can be done by a non technical person.. This innovation takes the control out of the hands of the developer and places it firmly in the hands of the non-technical business person - no IT needed.. Two simple processes.. There are two separate processes involved in setting up a user.. :.. The 'Role  ...   to the system.. Additional roles can be added to the system as required and any user may have more than one role.. User setup process:.. This process is run by the Back-office Administrator when they want to add a new user to ONEview.. The process is a simple 5 step wizard (see image to the right).. The administrator is asked during the process to enter the new user's details, select which role(s) they are to have and which distribution channels, products and data they will be able to interact with.. The system then uses this user information to complete the setup tasks.. These tasks are performed in the background and they include allocating the user a secure password, setting up the user's 'roles and privileges' and adjusting the security control system to allow them to access the relevant customer records, channels and other data sources associated with their role(s).. Safe and secure:.. The User Management System is embedded into the ONEview security framework - for more information on this area of the system.. Contact Details:.. Bulletin Release details:.. 6 December 2012.. Distributed by:.. Saascom Limited.. For further details:.. email:.. Web Site:.. www.. saascom.. News Bulletins.. The new user management tools added to the ONEview system now means new users can be added quickly and easily.. Adding new products to a system can be expensive and time consuming.. NOT anymore.. Previous Bulletins.. Nov.. 15.. Personal Accident Product Added to System.. 8.. New product - New Country.. Oct.. 25.. It is Chilly out there?..

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  • Title: Saascom - Customers
    Descriptive info: An Introduction to the work we did with some clients.. Saascom Customers.. We circulate email bulletins with updates to the ONEview system as they occur..

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  • Title: Saascom - About us
    Descriptive info: A little bit about us.. "We are a team of dedicated software professionals whose business is to deliver to you the best possible solution for distributing your consumer products.. ".. Three years in development.. We have spent the past three years developing the ONEview solution to meet the needs of AIG Europe (Ireland).. The solution is now ready to deliver benefit to other companies in the insurance industry who want to deploy an effective solution for managing the distribution of their consumer lines products.. Experienced Management Team.. We are first and foremost a technology company who are focused on delivering an effective solution to you.. Our senior management team reflects this focus.. It consists of a blend of people who have considerable experience and success in the management of software development companies and who have many years of experience developing large scale web based applications for the insurance industry.. The details for each of us are presented in the column to the right.. Saascom was setup in 2008.. Saascom was setup in 2008 with investment support from Epionet.. Epionet is a holding company owned by a number of investors including Corporate Finance Ireland (CFI), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Enterprise Ireland (Government Industrial Support Agency).. Who answers your calls?.. Your calls are generally answered by Ruth and Claire who look after the reception area.. Our location.. We are based in Sandyford Industrial Park which is located in the foothills of the Dublin mountains.. Our near neighbours.. We have some illustrious neighbours.. For example, Microsoft's EMEA Operations Centre is across the road from us and the European Hub for the Cloud Computing company, SalesForce, is beside our offices.. We are always on the lookout for top class developers.. If you feel you fit this bill and would like to consider working with us why not look at our career page and see if your skills match the skills we require.. If they do we would  ...   general and his interests include photography, sports development and reading.. Ambrose Curry, Director.. Eng (Dublin City University).. Ambrose is a Director and co-founder of Saascom.. He is responsible for the delivery of all products and projects.. He has been involved for 25 years in software application development.. In the past he was a senior project manager with Siemens A.. G.. in Germany where he was responsible for many large scale software projects.. Ambrose has spent much of his spare time studying the physiology of sports fitness and he is a trained sports coach.. He is also a fluent speaker of the Irish language.. Brendan Powell, CTO.. Comp.. Sc.. (Dublin City University).. Brendan is our Chief Technical Officer.. He is responsible for the technical direction of the company and the overall architecture and development strategy for our ONEview system.. He is an expert in web application architecture, development and implementation.. He has over 21 years experience in this area.. He gained his experience in Union Bank in London and ICL in Dublin where he was a Senior Technical Consultant.. Brendan is a keen sports fan, particularly interested in the fortunes of Arsenal football club.. Clive Jordan, Senior Systems Architect.. Sc.. (National University of Ireland, Maynooth).. Clive is the Chief System Architect.. He is responsible for the structural integrity of the ONEview system.. He has fifteen years experience in the development and deployment of web based solutions.. In his spare time, Clive is an avid film buff and a reader of both fiction and non-fiction literature.. Neal O'Kennedy, Chief App Designer.. Comp (University College Dublin).. Neal is the Chief Application Designer.. He is responsible for the Design of the application, version control and the configuration tools for the deployment systems.. He has over ten years experience in this area.. In his spare time, Neal is a music instructor, a key member of the Drogheda Brass Band and an avid follower of the Leinster and Irish Rugby teams..

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  • Title: Saascom - Contact Details
    Descriptive info: Contact.. We are here to help - why not contact us?.. Our contact details:.. We are located at the Sandyford Business Park in the suburbs of Dublin, Ireland.. Our Address is:.. 7 Sandyford Business Centre,.. Sandyford,.. Dublin 18,.. Ireland.. View Larger Map.. Our Telephone Number:.. + 353 1 293 2325.. Our email address:.. Nearest Airport:.. Dublin Airport.. Distance from  ...   km, 7,5 miles.. Nearest Public Transport.. Luas Tram ( Green Line - Sandyford Stop).. Nearest Landmark:.. We are located opposite Microsoft's EMEA Operation Centre (EOC) and in the same Business Centre as AON's Insure.. ie company headquarters.. Nearest Hotel:.. Bewleys Hotel, Leopardstown, Dublin.. bewleyshotels.. com/leopardstown.. Nearest Restaurant:.. ChinaSichuan, Sandyford.. china-sichuan.. More local Info:.. Sandyford area information site.. sandyford.. com..

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  • Title: ONEview - Product Distribution
    Descriptive info: The purpose of the ONEview system is to provide companies in the Insurance Industry with an effective system for marketing, selling and distributing.. consumer lines.. products.. The products are distributed through Channels created and managed within ONEview.. What is a channel?.. A channel is a path or method that your customer can use to purchase your 'consumer lines' products.. They may purchase across the web (web channel) or from a broker (Broker channel) or as a result of getting a call from your call centre (call centre channel).. Multiple Channels Types - Multiple Channels.. ONEview has six channel types that you can use to distribute your products.. You can deploy any combination of these channels types and you can create any number of channels for each type.. The system is totally flexible.. There is no limit on the number of channels you can deploy and manage using ONEview.. The 6 channel types are:.. Direct to Consumer.. This channel type enables you to create a direct to consumer website where your clients buy directly from you.. The look and feel of the site is governed by you and it carries your branding.. You can have one or more direct-to-consumer websites depending on your target audiences.. An example of a direct website using ONEview is AIG Direct (Ireland) -.. aigdirect.. Broker In-house.. This channel type is for your broker network.. It enables you to provide selected brokers with an in-house password controlled environment where they can manage all aspects of their business with you.. The services this channel provides to your brokers include getting quotes, purchasing policies, doing renewals, implementing MTAs, reviewing their commission and more.. You can add new brokers, block others, create reports to review each broker's sales and more.. The system supports as many brokers and broker networks as you require.. Broker Direct.. This channel type enables you to provide a direct web site for each of your brokers.. The site can be branded in the broker's own livery but it will sell your products.. The broker will save money because their customers will be able to self-service on this web site.. Each site will be completely independent of others and you can obtain reports  ...   For these types of Channels ONEview changes the look and feel of its web-pages to match the look and feel of the Affinity Partner's site.. AIG Ireland have a large number of Affinity Partners selling different combinations of AIG consumer lines products and the Partners websites are seamlessly linked to the Affinity Partner channel in AIG ONEview system.. The affinity partners include -.. One Direct ( The Irish Postal service direct web site - see website image above) -.. onedirect.. Chill Insurance, a comparison website.. chill.. Fore,a specialist website that target the members of the Golf Union of Ireland(GUI) -.. gui.. Affiliates.. Affiliates are associates of an insurance company who, using their own marketing efforts, win business and then place the business with the insurance company.. However they do not have a public facing website.. The Affiliate channel in ONEview provides these associates with access to functionality so that they can transact this business Online.. The affiliate channel is unbranded and not for public access.. The environment for each affiliate is separate from the others and you can produce reports on the performance of each of them.. You can have as many affiliates as you want.. AIG (Ireland) have more than 60 affiliates using this channel type in their ONEview system.. Any Product - Any Channel.. Each product can be distributed through all of these channels.. When you are creating a new channel, you decide on the channel type and the products that will be distributed thorough that channel.. There are a large and ever growing number of ready-made consumer products in ONEview - ready for customisation and deployment.. These include:.. Car insurance.. Main Residence house insurance.. Rental property insurance.. Holiday Home insurance.. Car excess insurance.. Gadget insurance.. Pet insurance.. Personal Accident.. Bicycle insurance.. More are being added each day.. If you want to find out about the new additions as they happen, why not register for our email bulletin updates.. This ready-made product suite means that you can start with a number of products deployed immediately.. The products can be customised to your language and currency.. You can create your own Product.. ONEview enables you to create and deploy new products or adjust existing products..

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  • Title: ONEview - Features
    Descriptive info: Features.. The focus of the ONEview system is to provide everything that you require to successfully distribute and sell your consumer lines products across the web.. On this page are some of the features in the system that support this objective.. We are also continuously adding new ones -.. click here for future developments section.. Expanding number of 'Consumer Products'.. The ONEview system provides an ever growing list of products already built in and ready for customisation and deployment.. Car Hire Excess insurance.. Manages Multiple channels.. ONEview has a powerful channel management system.. This management system covers the following channel types:.. Broker In-house.. Broker Direct.. Call Centre Direct.. Affinity Partners.. Affiliates.. You can have multiple instances of each channel type and each consumer lines product can be allocated to any type of channel.. You can also produce reports for each channel so that you can monitor the sale of products on that channel.. The image to the right shows a working example.. It is the website of one of AIG Europe (Ireland)'s 'Affinity Partners'.. The site is called ONEdirect and it is the direct-to-consumer website for 'An Post', the Irish Postal Agency.. AIG Europe (Ireland) linked their ONEview system directly into this web site.. They used the Affinity Partner Channel type in their ONEview system to make this connection and to provide the Online functionality that enabled ONEdirect customers to buy AIG' bicycle insurance products.. For more details on ONEview's distribution channel types.. Provides one database for all Customers recording all quotes made, policies sold, renewals and MTA adjustments.. The system maintains against each client a record of all their interactions with the system.. This includes:.. Details of all the quotations they received, the value of each one, what product was it for and what channel was used.. Details on all policies purchased, when they were bought, what channel was used, what was the overall cost of the policy, any discounts issued and other relevant information.. Details of all marketing campaigns that the customer was included in and the result of each of these campaigns.. Purchase history and call centre interactions.. The system provides you with the facility to view these customer details on the screen or on a printed report.. Totally integrated multiple Call Centre functionality.. ONEview has comprehensive Call Centre functionality that can be tailored to  ...   for high 'win rates' on a direct-to-consumer web site.. For this reason.. 'Fast Quote'.. for car insurance was developed and introduced into ONEview in May 2012.. Prior to this a 4-page fact find was used.. The new 'Fast Quote' functionality has cut quotation turn around times by 63%.. The image to the right shows the 'Fast Quote' page as used on the AIG Europe (Ireland) direct-to-consumer web site.. Fast Quote incorporates a 'context dependent' presentation approach which means that only relevant data fields are visible at any time and others only appear as required.. This gives the user a short customer journey but yet it delivers to the quotation engine the correct data profile required for the engine to produce an accurate quote.. Full cycle -.. for quotes, new business, renewals and MTAs.. The provision of.. Self-Service.. functionality for the customer is the key to success on the web because as more and more people buy their consumer lines products over the Internet, they will expect to be able to perform all their transactions on the website.. ONEview delivers the full-life-cycle.. It provides these customers with the ability to submit Online fact finds, get quotations, purchase policies, download documentation, review benefits, exceptions and endorsements, take-up renewals and process Mid-Term-Adjustments.. ONEview provides the full-life-cycle for self-service on the web.. Incorporates report suite.. that includes sales by client, by product and by channel.. ONEview features a full report suite that will enable you to monitor all aspects of the performance of your business.. For example, the report suite includes a sales report by time-period, by client, by product and by channel so that you can analyse where your sales are coming from.. Incorporates effective website traffic analysis tools:.. ONEview is also totally integrated into Adobe's 'Site Catalyst' product which is a real-time web analytics system that enables you to spot high-value customers, determine where they have come from, follow the customer journey through the ONEview system and much more.. click here for more details on the Adobe Site Catalyst system.. Contact us if you have a query that we have not answered above.. If you have any query on the features of the ONEview system that we have not answered above, please contact us.. We would be delighted to answer them for you.. click here to send us your request..

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  • Title: ONEview - Benefits
    Descriptive info: ONEview provides you with.. one.. system for distributing, marketing and selling all your consumer lines products through all your distribution channels.. Having.. ONE.. totally integrated solution for all your consumer lines sales function delivers a multitude of powerful benefits.. The benefits include.. One System for the complete cycle -.. means lower operational costs.. ONEview looks after the complete customer journey:.. Fact Find.. production of Quotations.. Policy purchase - including Online payment and documentation provision.. Renewals - automated process.. Mid-Term-Adjustments (MTAs) - automated process.. across all product and for all channels:.. Three key benefits.. Lower operational costs.. because the customer does the work.. Quicker new product deployment.. because the system automatically provides the 'complete life cycle' for all new products placed in the system.. Better control of the customer journey.. because you can use the reports and metrics systems to track where customers are falling off the process.. One view of the customer -.. means better opportunity for increasing sales.. ONEview maintains records on all the customer activities, including:.. Policies purchased.. Polices lapsed.. All quotations issued.. History of Spiral Marketing campaigns.. Record of payments made.. Record of claims made and related policies.. Personal details.. across all product and for all channels.. Increased sales opportunities.. because you can identify cross-selling opportunities.. Better customer  ...   bought each of them and with this info you can identify cross-selling targets for sale of related products.. One update for all -.. means you can get your products into the market quickly.. The 'Power of ONE' system is clearly evident when it comes to adding new products and channels to your business.. With ONEview when you wish to introduce a new product or change an existing system you do this once and it will appear across all distribution channels.. This approach has a number of benefits that include:.. Quicker product launch times.. Less room for creating errors.. Lower launch costs.. Less maintenance cost and effort.. One product development.. Automatic call centre integration.. and more.. One data entry point-.. means no costly retyping between systems.. ONEview is a totally integrated system which means any data entered through the direct web site, call centre or other channels is merged into one customer record.. Thus you do not have to retype information between the web site and the CRM system for example.. The system is based on web services technology and also provides EDI export links so you can integrate your ONEview system with other systems within your infrastructure -.. click here for more details on the technology and system integration capability of ONEview..

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  • Title: ONEview - Marketing
    Descriptive info: Marketing is the first step in your product distribution process so we incorporated marketing tools into the ONEview system to support your success in this area.. Three marketing support tools.. The ONEview system supports the marketing effort with three different tool sets:.. ONEview provides a 'Spiral Marketing' system for creating, running and monitoring the success of your marketing campaigns.. ONEview provides 'sales' reports for each product and channel on the system so that you can monitor your sales success.. ONEview is integrated into the 'Site Catalyst' web metrics system so that you can monitor the website traffic that your marketing effort generates.. For details on the sales reports tool set -.. and for details on Site Catalyst -.. For the rest of this page we will provide details on ONEview's Spiral Marketing system which is currently in development and will be added to ONEview early in 2013.. Spiral Marketing -.. an introduction.. Spiral Marketing is an approach to communicating with your customers where you test alternative versions of your marketing campaigns (A/B testing) on a limited number of people until you have established the campaign that works best and then you target the remainder of your audience using this campaign.. The result is more sales because your marketing campaigns are more targeted, more controlled and therefore more successful.. ONEview provides the tools necessary to run successful 'Spiral Marketing' Campaigns.. ONEview overcomes the Challenge:.. The Challenge:.. Running Spiral Marketing Campaigns in many insurance companies is very challenging because the campaign management systems used to run the campaigns are standalone applications.. They exist separate from the product distribution system that stores all the customer data.. When you wish to run marketing campaigns you have to transfer the data from one system to the other.. When you wish to evaluate your campaign results you have to collate the results from one system, match them against the details from another and use a third system to analyse and establish the outcome of the campaign.. Running campaigns in this way is a major challenge and the old adage (see insert above) about not knowing which marketing works is ever present.. The ONEview solution:.. ONEview overcomes these challenges because it is one integrated solution - your customer CRM database, product distribution system and marketing campaign management system are all one in ONEview.. The result is that marketing campaigns are easier, faster and cheaper to run.. They are also more successful because ONEview facilitates the 'Spiral Marketing' approach that uses.. 'test and trial'.. to produce the most successful type of campaign.. 360 Control.. Test and Trial is a powerful process.. It requires that you test two campaign profiles ( A and B), against a limited segment of your target audience, select the most  ...   alternative you wish to use and execute a full scale campaign targeting all the remaining prospects in your target segment.. Success:.. As the campaign runs you continuously monitor the results and tweak the formula as required.. The system is expandable and flexible:.. You can create any number of target groups.. You can create any number of marketing campaigns.. You can monitor the results of the campaigns real-time.. You can change the campaigns based on the results.. The system ensures that customers are not included in multiple campaigns.. You can check for each customer what campaign they were included in.. email and text Marketing Campaigns:.. The system enables you to run email, call centre and text messaging campaigns and you can combine a mix of these in any one campaign.. This is powerful because you can discover whether it is more effective to follow up an email with a call a week later or is it better to send a text message as the follow up.. Single and Multi-stage Campaigns:.. The system enables you to run single campaigns and multi-stage campaigns.. This means you can begin a campaign with an email, follow up with a text, initiate a personal telephone call and end with another email - all in one campaign and all controlled by you in the ONEview system.. Standard Campaigns and/or Spiral Marketing Campaigns:.. You can use the ONEview system to run Standard Marketing Campaigns where you do no testing or you can run Spiral Marketing campaigns where you do A/B testing before launching the main campaign.. You can create any target segment from your customer database:.. You can create and target any customer segment from your customer database using a large number of filter parameters that include policies lapsed, quote only visitors, car insurance policy purchasers, under 30s, geographically localised targets and more.. Examples of the campaigns you can create are as follows:.. create a Spiral Marketing campaign to target all those who are due to renew their policy next month.. Create a campaign offering discounts to all those in your database who got car quotes but did not buy car insurance.. Target those who are due for renewal this month, have no claims bonus of 5 years or over and are over 30 years of age.. Create a segment of all customers who have main household insurance policies and who have got quotes in the past for a holiday home but have not yet purchased a policy for the holiday home.. Create a campaign target group for all bicycle policy holders and target them with a discounted offer for your gadget insurance product.. If you have any query on the technology of the ONEview system that we have not answered above, please contact us..

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  • Title: ONEview - Full Sales Cycle
    Descriptive info: ONEview provides Online full sales , call centre and back-office transaction support for the whole customer journey from quotation, thro' purchase and payment, documentation fulfillment and on to renewals and MTAs.. Full Sales Cycle Supported.. ONEview supports the customer journey from beginning to end as they move thro' the sales cycle.. The steps are as follows:.. Fact Find.. For the simpler consumer products, such as bicycle and gadget, the fact-find question sets are automatically derived from the relevant product profiles.. For the more complex products, such as 'car insurance', a more comprehensive form-based interface has been built into ONEview to provide a one-page fast quote service to the customer.. Quotation.. Quotations are delivered to the customer automatically but behind the scenes the quotations are derived in two ways depending on the complexity of the product.. The quotations for the simpler products (as stated before these are products such as bicycle, gadget and travel) are derived from 'product profile' files that are stored in ONEview's product library.. The files are produced from predefined spreadsheet templates and are embedded in the ONEview product library where they can be changed as required.. When you first use ONEview any of your products that have previously been defined in spreadsheet format can be quickly incorporated into ONEview.. The more complex products such as car insurance and household insurance require a rules engine to establish the quote.. ONEview currently uses the Polaris rule engine.. This system is seamlessly integrated into ONEview.. The complex products are first defined using the Polaris product writer and then transfered into ONEview.. These type of products cannot be changed within the system - this is a task for a product writer developer.. We can do this work for you  ...   documentation before it is presented to the customer.. ONEview incorporates an intelligent print engine which brands the documentation to match the livery of the channel partner.. Renewals.. The system establishes when a policy is up for renewal and can be instructed by you to automatically send a reminder email containing a link to the web site where the customer can pay their renewal premiums.. The system also provides you with a list of customers up for renewal.. This list can be presented to the call centre operators at a set time each month so they can follow up with a personal telephone call.. The renewal process is automated so the client can come Online and do the renewals themselves.. Mid-Term-Adjustments (MTAs).. ONEview has automated MTAs.. Chartis Ireland, for business reasons, provide this functionality only to their call centre operators but it can be provided on the website channels so the client can do MTAs themselves.. The system will automatically request a re-quotation based on the MTAs details and the client can pay the additional premium at the same time.. Sales Reports.. ONEview provides a comprehensive reports suite where you can analyse the sales purchased through the ONEview system by customer, by channel, by product, by time period and so on.. The reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.. Website Traffic Metrics.. ONEview is integrated into Adobe's SiteCatalyst™ web metrics software -.. adobe.. so the progress of any customer along the purchase path can be analysed.. The Sitecatalyst system can track the traffic on any of the Online web distribution channels and for all products distributed through these channels.. Commission Calculations.. The system provides comprehensive reports on the commission payments for brokers and third party partners..

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