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  • Title: ITRA - Irish Tag rugby association
    Descriptive info: .. Please select which site you would like to navigate to:.. Register Now.. How to Sign Up.. Team.. Individual.. Shop.. Buy Online.. Retail Partners.. Playing the Game.. My Venue.. Select/Change Venue.. Basic Rules.. Official Laws Booklet.. Grading.. Tag Coaching Videos.. Insurance.. Health Safety.. FAQs.. Our Events.. Leagues.. Beach Tag.. Pig n Porter.. All Ireland Finals.. Ski Trip.. Corporate  ...   a Ref.. Payment Details.. Laws Questionnaire.. Respect.. Referee Workshops.. Referee Log in.. Commercial Opps.. Franchise.. Sponsorship.. About Us.. Who We Are.. Why Play Tag with ITRA.. Contact your Venue Manager.. Work for Us.. Contact Us.. Copyright© 2011 ITRA, Irish Tag Rugby Association.. All rights reserved.. Login.. |.. Change your Country.. Terms of Use.. Privacy Policy.. Terms & Conditions.. seperator..

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  • Title: How to sign up for Tagrugby
    Descriptive info: Get Involved in Tag Rugby.. ITRA Tag Rugby is a fantastic way to keep fit, get outdoors throughout the year and meet lots of new people.. Whether you are interested in playing the game or organising at our events, we can get you involved with Tag Rugby!.. Tag Rugby is suitable for lads and girls of all ages and abilities.. You don't need any rugby experience as the game is more about running and passing, where agility and speed are much more important skills than brute force and strength.. It compliments a whole range of other sports, from football to hockey and from swimming to tennis.. CLICK HERE FOR TAG BROCHURE (PDF 2MB).. (Call us on 01 2020100 if you would like some printed copies of this brochure to hand out to friends, work colleagues, familes etc.. ).. Option 1: Find a Team to Play On.. If you are on your own or with a small group of friends, we can get you playing on a fun, social Tag Rugby team! Click on the link below and choose your city for a full list of teams we are putting together near you.. CLICK HERE TO BE PUT ON A TEAM.. Option 2: Enter Your Own Team.. If you have  ...   standard appropriate to your level!.. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER A TEAM.. Option 3: Become a Referee.. If you have some time on your hands this summer, and have experience playing Tag Rugby or refereeing other sports, then why not earn some extra cash by signing up to become and ITRA Referee! As well as being a great way to stay fit and be part of a large team of referees, you will get paid for each match you referee meaning a nice lump sum at the end of the league! All our refs are fully trained so find out more info about refereeing on the link below.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ABOUT REFEREES.. Option 4.. Become a Venue Manager.. If being an Event Organiser is more your style, then why not consider becoming an ITRA Venue Manager.. You are our fully paid part-time person at the venue who makes sure everything runs smoothly.. A very wide varied role, you will be responsibile for lots of tasks, from telling teams which pitch they are playing on to coordinating referees and from presenting trophies to selling tag shorts! We especially need VMs in Dublin on Thursday nights so if you're interested check out the link below.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON VMS..

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  • Title: Select your Venue
    Descriptive info: Remember my Venue.. Banna, Co Kerry - Banna Beach.. Cork - Cork Con FC.. Dublin - Bushy Park.. Dublin - Clontarf Road (All Weather).. Dublin - Coolmine RFC (Castleknock).. Dublin - Harold's Cross Stadium.. Dublin - Herbert Park.. Dublin - Irishtown Stadium.. Dublin - Malahide RFC.. Dublin - NUIM Barnhall RFC (Lucan/Celbridge).. Dublin - Pembroke CC/Monkstown RFC.. Dublin - Railway Union (ASTRO).. Dublin -  ...   Weather).. Dublin - UCD Rugby Pitch (All Weather).. Dublin - UCD Soccer Pitch (All Weather).. Dublin - Wesley College.. Dublin - Westmanstown Sports Club.. Ennis - Ennis RFC.. Galway - St Mary's College.. Gloucester - Hartpury College.. Kilkee, Co Clare - Kilkee Beach.. Limerick - Old Crescent RFC.. Limerick - UL Pavilion Rugby Pitch.. Naas - Naas Sports Centre.. Sandymount, D4 - Sandymount Strand, D4..

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  • Title: Basic Rules of Tag Rugby
    Descriptive info: Before Playing.. ZERO TOLERANCE.. The most important rule about tag rugby is to have fun and enjoy yourself! Remember that both the opposition and the referee are also there to enjoy the game.. ITRA implements a strict Zero Tolerance attitude on abuse towards referees, opposition players, team mates etc.. Yellow and/or red cards will be issued immediately if there is any abuse during the game.. SQUAD NUMBERS.. ITRA Tag Rugby is played between two teams of 7 players on a pitch, roughly half the size of a normal soccer/GAA/rugby pitch.. Your team can have a maximum of 12 players on your squad each game, allowing you make unlimited substitutions throughout the match.. (For one day events, there is no limit to the number of players on your squad but remember that the more players in your squad, the less time your have on the pitch!).. GIRL ARE KEY!.. In mixed tag rugby, you must have at least 3 female players on the pitch at all times, including injuries and sin binning.. While a guy scoring a try is worth just one point, a girl try is worth three so involving all the females on your team is hugely important.. ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT.. ITRA Tag Rugby is a strict non-contact game.. There are no scrums or line outs and tackling is strictly forbidden.. With a strict Zero Tolerance attitude towards contact, the referee will stop immediately play and award a penalty against the team who initiated the contact.. Both accidental/clumsy and deliberate/reckless contact will be penalised.. The referee may also award a penalty to the defending team, if two players are running towards the ball and the referee predicts that contact may occur.. Remember to run at spaces, not faces!.. SAFETY.. Jewellery, watches, baseball caps, long fingernails, glasses etc are not allowed for your own, and your opponents , safety.. Players should wear the appropriate footwear for the weather conditions and venue with astro turf boots recommended in most instances.. Runners may not be suitable in wet weather.. T-shirts should also be tucked into your shorts to prevent finger injuries and from illegally blocking tags.. WARM UP / COOL DOWN.. To help prevent injuries, we recommend at least 10 minutes warm up (with stretches) before your game and 10 minutes cool down after the match.. You can find sample exercise on the back of the Team Registration Form, which you will get from your VM each match day when you arrive at the venue.. MATCH SHORTS TAGS.. For health and safety reasons, every player must wear a pair of tag shorts.. These are special shorts without pockets that have a Velcro patch on each hip onto which you attach your match tags.. Tag shorts from all reputable suppliers, including Tagrugby,com (01 6636369), are allowed in ITRA leagues.. Your Venue Manager will also have match shorts for sale at the venue.. Before your game, the referee will give 7 pairs of match tags to each team captain.. The captain distributes the tags to the starting seven.. You must have a tag on each hip before you receive the ball the referee will call Tag and stop play if you receive the ball with just one tag on.. KICKING.. To start the match (or to restart after a try), a female player kicks off from the halfway line.. The ball must travel at least 10 metres.. Grubber kicks along the ground can be used at any stage, provided the ball remains below the referee s shoulder height.. before.. bouncing.. LENGTH OF GAMES.. Matches in regular ITRA leagues usually last 45 minutes - 2 x 20 minute halves and 5 minutes for half-time.. Matches in one day events are shorter.. ATTACKING.. ATTACKING AIM.. When attaching, your team s aim is to touch the ball down in the scoring zone, usually marked with yellow cones, without being  ...   declare a turnover.. Your team loses possession and play restarts with a roll ball awarded to opposition.. BALL AWAY!.. If an attacking player is tagged at the same time as they are passing the ball, the advantage is given to the attacking team.. The referee therefore calls ball away and play continues.. PASSING IN THE SCORING ZONE.. If a player is trying to pass to a team mate, they must do so.. entering the scoring zone.. If they pass to a team mate while in the scoring zone, the try is disallowed and a further tag and roll ball five metres out is awarded to the attacking team please note it is not a turnover (possession is not awarded to the defending team).. PENALTY RESTART.. To restart the game after being awarded a penalty, you go to the mark where the penalty occurred and simply tap the ball against your foot and run or pass.. OUT OF PLAY.. If the ball hits off you and goes out over the sideline, the referee will stop play and award a turnover (possession) and roll ball to the opposition.. PIROUETTE.. Swiveling 360 degrees to avoid being tagged is a simple, yet very effective, attacking skill.. If executing a pirouette, you cannot make contact with a defender otherwise it is a penalty against you for initiating the contact.. BLOCKING TAGS.. Players cannot use the ball, their hands or their t-shirt to block their tags.. If you do block your tag, the referee will stop play and award a penalty to the opposition.. NO DIVING ON THE BALL.. For safety reasons, you cannot dive on the ball when it is loose on the ground.. In this occurs, the referee will stop play and award possession to the defending team.. DEFENDING.. DEFENSIVE AIM.. The defending team is trying to stop the opposition from scoring a try by grabbing a tag from the shorts of the attacking player who is carrying the ball.. A tag simulates a tackle and requires great hand-eye coordination.. MAKING A TAG.. When you tag an opponent, you should hold the tag in the air so that the referee can see it and then place it on the ground where the tag was made.. This is now the mark from where the attacking roll ball takes place.. DIVING TAG.. One of the most spectacular skills of the game is a diving tag.. You can dive to pull a tag off an attacking player, as long as you.. do not.. make contact with them.. If you make contact, the referee will award a penalty against you.. ROLL BALL - DEFENDING.. One defender called the marker can stand in front of the player rolling the ball, one metre away.. The rest of the defenders must stand 7 metres behind the roll ball, in line with the referee.. No defender can move until either:.. the ball is touched by the dummy half; or.. three seconds, as called by the referee, have passed.. This means that the ball is.. not.. immediately in play when it is rolled through the attacking player s legs it is only in play, when it is touched by their team mate or after 3 seconds.. OFFSIDE.. Every time there is a roll ball, all players in the defence, excluding the marker, must quickly retreat 7 metres, in line with the referee.. This is to give the attacking team enough space to start an attack.. Failure to retreat 7 metres on a roll ball will result in the referee stopping the game and awarding a penalty against the defending team for offside.. Repeated failure to retreat the requisite distance may result in the referee sending the offending player to the sin bin (yellow card).. DEFENDING A PENALTY.. If a penalty is awarded, the defending team must retreat 10 metres back, in line with the referee..

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  • Title: Official ITRA Laws Booklet
    Descriptive info: Official ITRA Laws Booklet.. If you would like to know the detailed ins and outs of the game, then click on the link below to download the ITRA Laws booklet in PDF Format.. OFFICIAL ITRA LAWS BOOKLET..

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  • Title: Grading
    Descriptive info: Grading in ITRA.. We have totally restructured our grading because in our 11 years of running tag in Ireland, we have seen that many teams do not go into the correct grade no matter what they are "recommended" to do! So now, when you register a team for a league, you.. only.. sign up for the venue and night.. New "Phased" System.. Phase 1:.. In our 9 week Summer League, you firstly sign up for your preferred night and venue.. Your team is initially put into a mini group for the first 3 weeks.. You will play a number of short matches (either 20 or 40 min long) over these 3 weeks.. Your results over these 3 weeks determines what grade you play in for the remaining 6 weeks.. Phase 2:.. After Phase 1, we will know your level and be able to put you in a group with teams who are at the same standard  ...   other teams who didn't do so well over the initial 3 weeks.. Phase 3 (Finals Phase):.. As in previous years, there will be a Finals Phase where you play a knockout match to determine which team leaves with a trophy.. Once again, we will have Cup, Plate, Bowl and SuperBowl trophies for teams who win their specific leagues.. We feel that this new system will result in a lot fewer mismatches, which should lead to a much fairer and more enjoyable competition for everyone!.. Other Leagues.. We will also use variants of this new system in our Spring and Autumn Leagues, which are 6, 8 or 11 weeks long.. The length of each Phase is dependant on the number of teams in the venue and this will be explained to team captains and vice captains by email before the start of the league.. Let us know what you think of the new system by emailing.. info@tagrugby.. ie..

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  • Title: ITRA Coaching Videos
    Descriptive info: Tag Videos and Podcasts.. Check out our promo video to see what Tag Rugby is all about.. Here we have a number of Training Videos to help teams who are starting out in the game of Tag to get to grips with the basics as quickly as possible.. Pre Match Safety.. Kicking.. Tagging and Evading.. The Roll Ball.. Attacking Play.. Defensive Play.. Advanced Attack.. Tag Power Play..

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  • Title: Tag Rugby Insurance
    Descriptive info: Find out more about insurance for playing ITRA Tag Rugby by clicking on either option below.. Player Insurance.. Referee Insurance.. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT EACH PLAYER HAS THEIR.. OWN PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVER WHEN PLAYING TAG RUGBY..

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  • Title: Health and Safety
    Descriptive info: ITRA Tag Rugby is a non-contact sport that is an enjoyable, fun and active way to keep fit and healthy throughout the year.. Health and safety while playing Tag Rugby is hugely important to us.. Although there are no scrums or line-outs and tackling is not permitted, as in all sports, some injuries may occur.. The most common are muscle strains and pulls, as well as some minor bumps and bruises.. More serious injuries can also occur, especially to fingers and thumbs.. Here are some tips on preventing and treating common hand and finger injuries that may occur in Tag Rugby.. CLICK FOR  ...   INFORMATION ON THE UPMC BEACON HOSPITAL.. We strongly recommend that every team has adequate Personal Accident Cover insurance in case of an accident or injury.. All players should also do a proper 10 minute warm up and cool down routine before and after each game.. Experts tell us that taking on board lots of water while exercising is very important so we have provided you with some tips on that, while you should also be aware of the first aid facilities available at your venue, as well as local emergency contact numbers.. Click on the relevant link below for more details.. Stretching.. First Aid..

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  • Title: Tag FAQS
    Descriptive info: General FAQs.. Here are the questions we cover in this section.. PLAYING ON A TEAM.. How many players on an AliveOutside TAG team?.. Can I play in the AliveOutside TAG if I don t have a team?.. What should I do if I want to start my own AliveOutside TAG team?.. How can we find extra players for our AliveOutside TAG team?.. Can I play for more than one AliveOutside TAG team?.. EQUIPMENT.. What equipment do I need to bring with me to play in an ITRA Event?.. Where can I buy ITRA-approved Tag Shorts?.. REFEREES.. How do I apply to become a Referee in an ITRA Event?.. THE GAME.. How long does a AliveOutside TAG match last?.. How does the scoring work in AliveOutside TAG?.. How big is a AliveOutside TAG pitch?.. What is the difference between AliveOutside TAG and Touch Rugby?.. REGULATIONS.. What happens if my team is late for our AliveOutside TAG match?.. How can a AliveOutside TAG game be forfeited?.. What is the final score if a team forfeits a match?.. What happens when a player is red carded during the knock-out stages?.. Who is eligible to play for my team on Finals Day/Night?.. ITRA ALL IRELAND FINALS.. What are the AliveOutside TAG All Ireland Finals?.. Who is eligible to play for my team in the AliveOutside TAG All Ireland Finals?.. INSURANCE.. Am I covered by insurance if I get injured playing in an ITRA event?.. TEAM PHOTOS.. Where can we send our photos for the online Photo Gallery?.. INCORRECT SCORES.. What should I do if I notice an incorrect score for my match on the website?.. LOYALTY POINTS.. What are loyalty points?.. REGISTRATION FAQ'S.. TO REGISTER NOW, CLICK HERE!.. HOW MANY PLAYERS ON A ALIVEOUTSIDE TAG TEAM?.. To play AliveOutside TAG, you must be part of a team.. A team is made up of seven people on the pitch at any time with at least three of these being female.. Each week, you can register and sign up a maximum of 12 players, meaning you can have 7 players on the pitch and 5 substitutes on your squad each week.. We have found that the best combination of 12 players each week is 7 guys and 5 girls but, of course, you can alter this according to the players available to you! Remember you will also need to cover for when people are unavailable due to on holidays or work commitments, so we recommend you should have a number of extra players you can call on when numbers are tight.. We therefore recommend that you have about 15 people on your squad at the start of the season to cover all eventualities.. CAN I PLAY ALIVEOUTSIDE TAG IF I DON T HAVE A TEAM?.. If you are an individual who is not part of a team but is interested in playing AliveOutside TAG, our "Find a Team" service is just for you! It is essentially your chance to either advertise your skills (both athletic and social!) to teams who may be looking for players, or to be placed on a team with others who are also looking for a team to play with.. We Find you a Team.. For a fee of just 70(Summer) or 50 (Other), we will try and find a place for you on an existing team or create a new team for you and other "Find a Player" subscribers.. This 70/ 50 includes the service of placing you on a team, as well as covering your contribution towards the team registration fees.. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I WANT TO START MY OWN ALIVEOUTSIDE TAG TEAM?.. You have a number of options:.. Ask your work colleagues.. A large number of AliveOutside TAG teams play with their company's backing and support.. AliveOutside TAG is a great team building exercise and an excellent way for everyone to get out of the office once a week for a bit of fun and socialising and some healthy sporting action.. Ask your friends and family.. AliveOutside TAG is a great way to meet up with old friends from school or college on a regular basis.. And because you are taking part in an outdoor, social activity, you will all benefit from a fitness point of view as well! Plus you can head into the Official Social Venue after the game to discuss the match and catch up on old times!.. Ask your teammates from other sports.. In recent years, various sports teams (such as rugby, soccer, Gaelic football, hurling, basketball, hockey even water polo!) have played AliveOutside TAG to keep them in shape during their off-season.. Check out individuals looking for teams on the ITRA website.. Look in the "Find a Player" section of the ITRA website to see who is currently looking for a team.. Identify a player who you would like to recruit and send them a message.. HOW CAN WE FIND EXTRA PLAYERS FOR OUR ALIVEOUTSIDE TAG TEAM?.. If you are looking for extra players for example, you are short one week due to some players going on holidays - go to our Facebook page (.. www.. facebook.. com/tagrugbyworld.. ) and post a recruitment ad stating exactly what you are looking for (male or female, what venue, what night etc).. Hopefully you will get some responses and then be able to recruit these people onto your team.. CAN I PLAY FOR MORE THAN ONE ALIVEOUTSIDE TAG ONE TEAM?.. YOU CAN ONLY PLAY ON ONE TEAM PER NIGHT/DAY PER VENUE.. Sometimes, a very good player is 'borrowed' for a vital game, which makes a big difference to the result and is against the 'spirit of tag'.. In order to protect honest teams, each player may only register for ONE team per day/night per venue, REGARDLESS OF GRADE.. If a player is caught playing on more than one team, ALL teams that person has played for that day/night will be penalised.. To avoid this happening, it is important that team captains:.. make sure their players do not play for another team at their venue; and.. if playing a new player, ensure that player has not already played for another team at your venue that afternoon.. EXAMPLE - YOU CANNOT PLAY AT THE SAME VENUE FOR ONE TEAM IN DIVISION 1 AND ANOTHER TEAM IN DIVISION 2.. If your team is stuck for players, please follow our recommendations and search for players in the Find a Player section.. EQUIPMENT.. WHAT EQUIPMENT DO I NEED TO BRING WITH ME TO PLAY IN AN ITRA EVENT?.. ITRA-approved Tag Shorts.. All tag players must wear ITRA-approved tag rugby shorts, which are available from Tag Rugby Sports (.. tagrugby.. com.. ).. This is:.. For health and safety reasons the official shorts do not have pockets and can help significantly reduce finger injuries caused by grabbing a tag; and.. To enable a better and faster game.. Footwear.. The best footwear is boots as they are good on both dry and wet grass.. Runners are OK but may be too slippy for the wet conditions.. Eye Protection (if necessary).. Despite AaliveOutside TAG being a non-contact game (with no scrums, tackles or line outs), when playing such a team sport, there is bound to be  ...   were in NUIM Barnhall RFC, Co.. Kildare.. Winning teams from around the country in the following leagues are invited to this one day event to find the best tag teams in Ireland.. Mixed League A.. Mixed League - Grade B.. Mixed League - Grade C.. There are no All Ireland Finals for those playing in Mixed Beginners.. WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO PLAY FOR MY TEAM IN THE ALIVEOUTSIDE TAG ALL IRELAND FINALS?.. In order to qualify to play in the AliveOutside TAG All Ireland Finals at the end of July, each player in the squad must have registered and played at least three tag games for that team between Week 1 and Week 8 of the AliveOutside TAG Summer League.. Captains must submit their final squad of twelve players to ITRA in advance of the AliveOutside TAG All Ireland Finals.. AM I COVERED BY INSURANCE IF I GET INJURED PLAYING IN AN ITRA EVENT?.. ITRA Tag Rugby is a non-contact sport and, as with all sport, there is a risk of injury.. As every AliveOutside TAG player has different insurance needs, it is the decision and responsibility of each player to ensure they are fully covered in accordance with their specific requirements when participating in AliveOutside TAG.. ITRA strongly recommends that each player has their own Personal Accident Cover in case of an injury.. You can purchase a Personal Accident Cover policy from any financial consultant or insurance broker.. Before playing in any AliveOutside TAG event, each player must also print and sign their name on the Team Registration form.. All players use the services of third party organisations at ITRA Events at their own risk.. Where can we send our team photos for the online Photo Gallery?.. We encourage everyone to send us in their team photos, which we then add to our Photo Gallery.. Email your photos to.. in jpeg format.. What should I do if I notice an incorrect score for my match on the website?.. If your team would like to query the result of a match, you should contact your Venue Manager within one week of the match in question.. Once the week period has passed, we will not be in a position to change match results.. For teams who play tag with us year round, we have introduced a loyalty system whereby your team accumulates points for each ITRA event you register for.. These points can then be used to get money off Beach Tag events, Autumn / Winter Leagues etc.. When you log into your team account, you will see the number of loyalty points you have accumulated, which you can then trade in when you are making your next purchase.. Think of it like a Tesco Clubcard for ITRA!.. REGISTRATION FAQS.. How to Register a Team into an ITRA Event.. When can I register a team for an ITRA Event?.. How do I register a team for an ITRA Event?.. What do I need to register for an ITRA Event?.. How do I pay by installments?.. What accommodation is available at ITRA Festival Events?.. When can I register a team for an ITRA Event?.. Registration for the AliveOutside TAG Summer League 2011 will go live to the General Public at midday on Friday 4th February 2011.. Registration for other ITRA Events coming soon.. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM.. HOW DO I TO REGISTER A TEAM FOR AN ITRA EVENT?.. Log on to.. Click on Registration in the top menu bar.. Then Select your City in a drop down menu.. You will then see the venues and season that are available in your city.. Click on the venue you require, see what places are still available and the click on "Register" for the grades you want to play in.. Enter your team name, followed by your team s details as requested.. Please make sure you enter a valid email address for the captain and vice captain.. They both should have regular access to email, as they will receive important information from us about the tournament you have registered for.. Enter your payment details.. You can pay by cheque, credit or Laser card or by installments.. Click "Pay Now" when you have everything filled out.. At first, you will receive a Pending Email from us, explaining that we received your registration but need to process your payment before your team place can be confirmed.. When we get your payment and process it, we will send you a Confirmation Email (subject to availability), confirming the venue and grade you have registered for.. Only at this stage is your team place guaranteed for the ITRA Event.. Make sure you register your team early to secure your place in your desired tournament.. WHAT DO I NEED TO REGISTER A TEAM FOR AN ITRA EVENT?.. A team of people to play with! Try to get a team of work colleagues or a group of school/college friends together.. We recommend a squad of 12 to 15 players to cover those unavailable due to holiday, work or family commitments.. Remember though that:.. you can only register a maximum of 12 players each week; and.. if you're playing in a Mixed League, you'll need at least 3 females on the pitch at all times.. Contact details for the Captain and Vice Captain.. Both should have regular access to email, as they will receive important information regularly from us by email about the ITRA event you have registered for.. Team name, which can often be the hardest bit! The name must be less than 20 characters.. Remember that team names are live on the ITRA website and the tournament may be covered by local and/or national media so it should be suitable for a family audience! We therefore reserve the right to ask a captain to choose an alternative team name if we decide the original one is inappropriate.. Registration fee.. If you have any queries about your registration, simply contact us on +353 1 20 20 100 or email.. HOW DO I PAY FOR MY TEAM?.. Cheque.. Please make payable to ITRA and send to 5 Rogans Court, Patrick Street, Dun Laoire, Co.. Dublin.. Credit or Laser card.. In Full.. Deposit Options.. Instead of paying your registration fee up front at the start of the year, when money may be tight after Christmas and New Year celebrations, you now have the option of paying your registration fee in two fixed installments A deposit up front and the other by 1st May (outstanding amount).. Or you can now pay your deposit and instead of you chasing up your team mates for payment you can now just send them on a link where they can log into your team account and make their payments themselves.. The Captain will be notified as each team member has completed their payment.. WHAT ACCOMMODATION IS AVAILABLE AT ITRA FESTIVALS?.. Wherever possible, we will provide you with a list of discounted accommodation for each ITRA Festival.. This information will be included on that Festival's web page, which you will find on the top menu bar under "Our Events ITRA Festivals".. Please note though that it is the team s responsibility to secure their own accommodation for ITRA Festivals.. TEST..

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  • Title: ITRA Leagues
    Descriptive info: ITRA Leagues.. We run leagues all over the country throughout the year, depending on demand from the local tag teams.. DUBLIN.. In Dublin, we run leagues year-round, with Spring Leagues played on grass from March to May at weekends in many of the cities best parks, including Bushy Park and Herbert Park.. During the summmer, we are in over 15 venues, including rugby clubs, schools, parks and even a greyhound stadium!!! Then from September to the New Year, by using top of the range All Weather Pitches, we can get games played whether in sunshine or rain!.. CORK.. Cork Con RFC is our main venue in Cork, where we run Spring, Summer and Autumn Leagues on grass.. With its superb location, great facilities and very social atmosphere, it is one of our best venues in the country.. During the summer, we also use Cork IT.. LIMERICK.. Old Crescent RFC, home to the world's largest tag rugby festival, the Pig n Porter, is arguably the most social venue in the country! With Summer and Autumn Leagues in  ...   quickly changing after your game and heading into town for a quick drink with your team mates!.. NAAS.. Naas Sports Centre is home to ITRA Tag Rugby in Naas, where we run a Summer League on Thursday nights.. There's many a sordid story we hear from the large numbers of tag players who head up to the ideal apres-tag watering hole,.. time: bar venue,.. after their games each week!.. ENNIS.. In Co Clare, we run a Thursday night Summer League in Ennis RFC, where the Venue Manager has free reign on the club's outdoor PA system, meaning that you can sidestep your tag opponent while listening to the latest chart hits! In previous years, there has even been a running commentary on the tag games - so Ennis is the place to be if you fancy some local fame!.. If you have any queries, give us a call 01 2020100 or email.. Click here to see what leagues you can register your team for.. Click here if you want to find a team in your local venue..

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