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  • Title: Tony Humphreys: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Dr.. Tony Humphreys.. Clinical Psychologist.. NEW BOOK!.. Tony Humphreys is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Author and National and International Speaker.. He began his career as a Clinical Psychologist in State Psychiatric and Psychological Services in England and Ireland and since 1990 has been working in private practice in Ireland.. He has become Ireland s most influential psychologist, working with individuals, couples, families, schools, local communities and the business community.. He is the Director of three National University of Ireland courses which are run in University College Cork and All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin (see courses section).. He is regularly sought for his expertise and views on radio and television shows and writes a weekly column for one of Ireland s primary newspapers, the Irish Examiner.. He has had his own radio programmes on RTE national radio and topics have included The Family Meeting (listen on.. www.. rte.. ie/radio1/thefamilymeeting/1050835.. html.. ) and Relationship, Relationship, Relationship (listen on.. ie/radio1/relationship/1091315.. ).. He is the author of many best-selling books.. His best known books are.. The Power of Negative  ...   CD s on.. Adult Self-Esteem, Raising Children s Self-Esteem and Self and Work.. His varied earlier careers encompassing theology, education and business adds breadth and depth to his unique understanding of human behaviour.. His ideas are challenging, sometimes controversial, yet they are always presented in the safety of understanding and compassion.. It is indicative of the ethos he creates that he is in constant demand for lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences from a very wide range of audiences that cross different social strata, different age groups and different social sectors.. He is amusing and entertaining in his presentations without diluting the meaning and depth of the messages he wishes to convey.. He writes and speaks in a language that is easy and accessible.. A calendar of all upcoming events.. Details of talks and course being given.. An outline of the books by Tony Humphreys.. A list of CD's and casettes by Tony Humphreys.. A weekly article by Tony Humphreys for the Irish Examiner.. Contact details for Tony Humphreys.. Home |.. Calendar.. |.. Courses Lectures.. Books.. Audio.. News.. Contact..

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  • Title: Tony Humphreys: Books
    Descriptive info: Cork University Press.. Buy from Cork University Press.. Buy from Amazon.. Kindle Edition.. LEADERSHIP WITH CONSCIOUSNESS.. In.. Leadership With Consciousness.. Tony Humphreys posits that economic factors alone are not sufficient to explain the worldwide recession that started in 2008; indeed, he graphically points out that those economic processes are always enmeshed with powerful, often unconscious defensive emotional processes.. These undetected emotional processes, particularly in leaders, pose great threat to economic, social and emotional prosperity.. The seriousness of this threat has been exemplified by the revelations in western society of the hitherto unrecognised greed, avarice, secretiveness, narcissism, arrogance, bullying and superiority among the heads of important societal institutions such as banks and other financial institutions, property development companies and among leaders in government.. Humphreys is very emphatic that we can no longer protectively hide behind blaming of institutions or governments; it is crucial that we take on board that it is individual leaders who, from unconscious defensive places, act inhumanely and unethically and responsibility always belongs with individuals.. The book argues strongly that it is the mature process of consciousness of the need to resolve their unconscious defences that lies at the heart of leadership effectiveness and development.. The more leaders become conscious of this, the better they will be as leaders.. The book sets out to facilitate leaders in this mature process by showing why and how unconscious defences are created, how they can be identified and how conscious resolutions can be found.. When leaders lead with consciousness when they are mature everybody in society benefits.. Relationship, Relationship, Relationship.. Self-esteem, the key to your child's future.. Leaving the nest.. The power of negative thinking.. Myself, my partner.. A different kind of teacher.. A different kind of discipline.. Work worth: take back your life.. Whose life are you living.. All about children, questions parents ask.. Children feeling good.. The Mature Manager.. Apple ibooks.. RELATIONSHIP, RELATIONSHIP, RELATIONSHIP: THE HEART OF A MATURE SOCIETY.. No matter where you are, what you are doing, whether you are alone or with others, you are always in relationship.. Whatever the relationship, it is always a couple- relationship, whether this, for example, is a parent with a child, a lover with a lover, a manager with an employee, a student with a teacher, a neighbour with a neighbour.. This book is concerned with the much neglected area of relationships as dyads involving two unique individuals, in all settings in which human beings live, work, pray and play.. The fundamental motivating factor behind all relationships is the need to belong unconditionally.. If our spontaneous and real efforts to belong are not responded to, then, cleverly, we find substitute ways of having a sense of belonging.. What the book will show is that there is no substitute for the real thing of unconditional belonging; it will further show how individuals try so hard to find ways to belong but because conditional relating never truly meets the real need, inevitably conflict emerges in the relationship.. The book reveals how conflict, rather than being the enemy, is the ally that attempts to attract the two individuals in the relationship back to the real quest of being unconditionally loving and loved.. The book may surprise in its revelation of seven unspoken secrets in our society about our true nature and the impact of these secrets on our relationships with one another.. These secrets have been cleverly and unconsciously devised to block the emergence of individuality and empowerment which can be perceived as very threatening unless one is in a solid place of maturity.. The book highlights the responsibility that each and every one of us has to reflect on how we are within ourselves and how, out of that place, we relate to others.. If our inner world is harmonious then we will be better able to live with one another in harmony; it is in this sense that individual maturity leads to mature society.. For persons who occupy positions of governorship over others, the responsibility of personal maturity is particularly urgent.. The recession that has hit the world in recent times can be traced to deep emotional processes where trust had disappeared, where there was little room for individuality, where performance was prized above well-being and where there was an overwhelming push for success at all costs.. The book is especially aimed at those adults in our society who have leadership, managerial and parental responsibilities.. While aimed at both men and women, the book seeks in particular to draw in men who traditionally have not seen relationship as belonging to their sphere of business; the book emphasises that for the sake of mature society this is an area that men can no longer afford to avoid.. He is the author of twelve best-selling books including.. Helen Ruddle is a Counselling Psychologist and researcher who has published widely in the field of Social Policy.. BACK TO TOP.. Apple ibooks.. THE COMPASSIONATE INTENTIONS OF ILLNESS.. Illness, death and dying are part and parcel of human life.. Despite amazing advances in medical science there is never going to be a time when we can prevent against ever having the experience of illness.. This book seeks to add to the alleviation of the suffering of illness by finding greater understanding of the psychological meaning and purpose of that experience.. Illness, while it manifests physically, also involves deep psychological and social processes  ...   and student, and student and student.. The resolution of problems within the staffroom and classroom needs to be based on the nature of relationships between the members of these two school systems.. This is a challenging book confronting many of the traditional approaches to teaching and discipline within classrooms.. A DIFFERENT KIND DISCIPLINE.. Discipline is a topical issue.. It is fundamental to all our lives and our relationships.. Discipline is about safeguarding our rights both as individuals and as a society.. A common misconception is that discipline applies only to children, but it is as much an issue for adults as it is for young people.. It is not about controlling others, Dr Humphreys points out, instead it is about helping others to learn to control themselves.. Discipline demands creativity, commitment and time.. It is about parents, teachers, carers and communities working as partners.. True discipline is not abusive, aggressive, cynical or manipulative.. It is about clear communication, consistent application, adaptability, support and co-operation.. Most of all it is about respect, acceptance and love.. In this book Dr.. Humphreys guides us through steps to create a positive environment in homes, schools and communities where mutual respect and thus discipline all have their place.. WORK AND WORTH: TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE.. Well known for his incisiveness, consultant clinical psychologist, Dr.. Tony Humphreys has turned his attention to our world of work.. What is our experience of work? How do we fit in? Do we control our working lives or does it control us? Is our sense of worth tangled too closely to our work? Are we becoming addicted to work at the expense of our personal lives? Can we find balance?.. Work and Worth.. Tony Humphreys examines all these areas.. He is thorough and sympathetic and shows how work can get out of control and dominate our lives.. The book is divided into four parts: The Experience of Work and Worth; Self, Work and Worth, Work Organisations and Worth, Startpoint.. WHOSE LIFE ARE YOU LIVING?.. We are not born bad, ugly, stupid, average, superior or inferior, yet these and other labels plague our adult lives.. Why do we pigeon-hole ourselves and put limits on our abilities? Our desire to be accepted by friends, family and the world at large forces us to bow to society s demands, and shackles our true selves.. Today s world worships at the altar of success.. Magazines and television constantly offer us the chance to be somebody, anybody, but who we really are.. We follow someone else s ideal until we end up with no idea of the person we were before we started.. Whose life are we living? By giving up our freedom, we no longer belong to ourselves.. We belong to those who have influenced and altered us.. Tony Humphreys questions the way we approach our lives and shows us how to emerge from the darkness that has hidden us.. In the style of his bestseller,.. , this is an important book from one of our most important writers in the area of psychology.. ALL ABOUT CHILDREN, QUESTIONS PARENTS ASK.. Being a parent today is more challenging than ever.. At times the task seems overwhelming.. At others it provides great fulfilment and joy.. It is always unpredictable; the challenges are forever changing and much of what we might have learned from our own parents seems quite irrelevant.. Parenting is not learned by instinct; it requires many complex skills.. Parents have responsibility for the physical, emotional, social, sexual, behavioural, educational, creative and spiritual development of their children, and at the same time they must love them unconditionally.. In a helpful question and answer format,.. not only provides today s parents with the vital information they require but also points out the skills they need to carry out effectively their demanding task.. Veritas.. Buy from Veritas.. CHILDREN FEELING GOOD.. Making children feel good about themselves will only come about when parents feel good about themselves.. All parenting starts with parents learning to parent themselves.. Without self-confidence and love of themselves they will be unable to help their child feel lovable, capable, unique or special.. Each child s genius (and not just their academic ability or other talents) must be recognised if they are to feel good themselves, and this will only come about where the self-parenting relationship is successful.. In this book Tony Humphreys sets out a step-by-step guide for the creation of these two key relationships, calling on parents to love their children for themselves and not for what they do.. THE MATURE MANAGER.. The effective manager today is not only technically skilled, but also emotionally and socially mature.. Self-knowledge is a prerequisite of the good manager; so too are the qualities or leadership such as self-management, social awareness and empathy.. The good manager leads with both head and heart.. In his latest book, Tony Humphreys shows how a manager who possesses a deep understanding of human behaviour is in a powerful position to enhance relationships with employees, and increase their motovation and commitment to work.. He writes about those managers who can relate openly with their people and those who use more defensive styles.. He considers also the various kinds of communication between managers and employees, and looks at the kinds of organisations that can encourage open, healthy relationships that in turn lead to enhanced results.. Home.. | Books |..

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  • Title: Tony Humphreys: Calendar
    Descriptive info: Seminars/Workshops, Talks.. :.. Tony is regularly asked to speak at seminars and conferences in Ireland, Europe and South Africa.. He has presented to Work Organisations, Community Groups, Voluntary Groups, Health Practitioners, Educationalists, Parents Groups and Special Interest Groups.. Presentations:.. Topics include:.. Adventure of Learning.. All Challenging Behaviour has Meaning.. All Parenting Starts with Self.. Family Wellbeing.. Sometimes Wild, Always Wise The Teenage Years.. Enhancing Workplace  ...   The Impact of Conflict on Wellbeing.. Managing from Inside Out.. The Art of Effective Communication.. Self-Realisation in a Time of Uncertainty.. Whose Life Are You Living?.. Society s 7 Best Kept Secrets.. Men at Self-Work.. Empowering Those Who Are Disempowered.. Realising Your Potential.. Suicide the Inner Story.. Engaging Young Learners.. Self-Esteem in Learning and Teaching.. Tony can be contacted at:.. tonyhumphreys1@eircom.. net.. | Calendar |..

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  • Title: Tony Humphreys: Home
    Descriptive info: Certificate in Interpersonal Communication NFQ Level 6; 1 year, part-time.. This Certificate is designed for various non-professional people and those professional groups primarily within health and social care systems (Parents, Nurses, Administrators, Social Workers, Priests, Nuns, Teachers, Gardai, Community Welfare Officers, Probation Officers, General Medical Practitioners, Public Health Nurses, etc.. ) who have expressed a need for a broad based practical course related to communication.. The course has the status of a continuing education course offered by the Department of Applied Psychology and Centre for Adult Continuing Education, University College, Cork.. The aim of the course is to help people who have responsibility for the care and direction of others to become effective communicators.. Communication is the life-blood of any relationship.. Effective communication entails having an understanding of the dynamics of relationships and the types of communication that operate typically within them.. The agent of communication is the self and, indeed, most communication is determined by how the individual communicates with self.. The course, therefore, will focus on both the personal and interpersonal aspects of communication within and across the particular relationships of which course participants are members.. The particular needs of managers and leaders will also be addressed.. The Course runs at University College Cork weekly on Wednesday evenings, 5.. 15 9.. 30 p.. m.. between October and May and has three 2-day workshops.. For further information, email:.. See also.. ucc.. ie/en/ace.. Diploma in Parent Mentoring NFQ Level 7; 2 years, part-time.. The aim of the Diploma course is to help participants become effective trainers and mentors of parents and to equip them with the skills to provide parenting courses for parent groups.. Parenting is a complex profession  ...   also true of those professionals who choose to guide parents.. Therefore, an important aspect of the course is the participants continuing work on recognising and learning from their own vulnerabilities.. Course is run once weekly on Tuesday mornings (9.. 30 a.. 2.. 00 p.. )between October and May and has two two-day workshops.. Course is held in University College Cork and at All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin.. Higher Diploma in Relationship Studies NFQ Level 8; 2 years, part-time.. Relationship with self and others lies at the heart of the effective social, educational and work systems.. This course aims to develop participants expertise in creating effective and mature environments within and between people in the key social systems in which individuals operate home, school, workplace and community.. The core of the programme is the development of the participant s own level of personal and interpersonal maturity.. Based on that foundation, in individual and group situations, participants will have training in the skills required to identify the current relationship dynamics, develop an appropriate intervention programme and evaluate the outcome of the programme.. Participants will also be trained to provide a 10 week programme on Relationship Development for the public and can be adapted to conflict situations within a variety of social settings.. The course is offered by the Department of Applied Psychology and Centre for Adult Continuing Education, University College, Cork.. Course runs on Wednesday evenings, 5.. 00 9.. between October and May at University College Cork and at All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin and has three two-day workshops.. For further details email:.. tonhumphreys1@eircom.. Certificate in Interpersonal Communication.. Diploma in Parent Mentoring.. Higher Diploma in Relationship Studies.. | Courses Lectures |..

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  • Title: Tony Humphreys: Audio
    Descriptive info: RAISING YOUR CHILD S SELF-ESTEEM.. A comprehensive insight into how a parent might help to bolster a child's confidence and overall contentment.. Bestselling author Tony Humphreys explains in a positive way that a child's personal and academic progress is influenced strongly by how that child sees him or herself.. This tape is a must for parents concerned about their children's happiness and contentment with life.. SELF-ESTEEM FOR ADULTS.. Dr Tony Humphreys discusses the nature and importance of self-esteem, examining the problems that can be caused by low self-esteem.. Addressing the listener directly, bestselling author Tony Humphreys discusses self-esteem and how it influences the quality and happiness of our lives.. He is full of perceptive observations and practical advice, as  ...   Bestselling author Tony Humphreys challenges and questions how we identify ourselves inside and outside the workplace and demonstrates what we need to take control and restore balance to our lives.. Does our work control us, or do we control our work? Is our sense of worth too closely tied to our work? Are we becoming addicted to work at the expense of our personal lives? How responsible are we, the people we work with and the people we work for?.. In this CD Tony Humphreys challenges and questions how we identify ourselves inside and outside of the workplace and demonstrates clearly just what we need to be aware of in order to take control and restore balance to our lives..

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  • Title: Tony Humphreys: News
    Descriptive info: Previous Articles.. -------------------------------.. Each person is an Island.. Falling in and out of Love.. Unity in Tragedy.. There is no Blame.. Are we Victims or Creators.. The Kindness of Illness.. The End of Mental Illness.. The Challenge of Emotional Wellbeing.. Listening in Medicine.. Is Psychotherapy A Viable Alternative to Pscyopharmacology?.. Depression in Children Myth or Reality?.. ADHA The Facts Speak for Themselves.. We Never Cease To Look Out For Ourselves.. A Decade of Truths.. The Inner Course of Learning.. More Truths to Live By.. Chocolates Without Bows.. The End to Bending the Knee.. The End to Insensitivity.. Love in a Cold Climate.. Men on Top!!.. Parenting and Independence.. Seeing Beyond Ourselves.. Belief is Everything.. Stressing the Not So Obvious.. What do you do when your son says he's gay.. Waking Up To Collective Responsibility.. Swelled Heads.. Children in Grief.. The Dark Side of Christmas.. Revolutions and Resolutions.. Young people's problems in living.. The Highs and Lows of Blood Pressure.. There's More to Behaviour than Meets the Eye.. Men at Intimacy Work.. Rising Pressure.. Solutions to Bullying.. The Challenge of Anti-Social Behaviour.. The Intelligence of Stress.. Vision for Change?.. Couple Conflict is Creative.. Dangerous to be Real.. Do Opposites Attract.. Is there More to Your Career than You Realise.. Seperateness Makes for Togetherness.. The First Marriage.. The Path to Intimacy.. A New Scapegoat for Road Deaths.. Cure is Possible.. Dangerous to be Male.. Head Butt.. Sin Bins.. Childline.. Illness as an Ally.. Labour of Love.. Ministers View a Breath of Fresh Air.. No Drugs Please.. Speeding to Early Deaths.. The Prevention of Suicide.. Minister's view on Mental Illness.. O' Malley, the Lancelot of Truth.. What Lies Hidden.. The Art of People Managing.. Being Responsible.. Courses for Parents.. New Year Solutions.. Teachers Under Seige.. World Without God.. Holistic Approach the Way to Wellbeing.. A Lump in the Throat.. Another nail in the Coffin of ADHD.. Come Home to Your Body.. Facing up to Shyness.. Lost in Translation.. No Ties for Christmas.. PROZAC, No Substitute for Self Relaince.. Something to be Sneezed at.. Talking about Sex.. A lump in the throat.. A light that shone in the darkness.. The Emergence of Spring.. Spring the time of teeming possibilities does not happen all at once it slowly reveals its mantle of leaf, flower, colour, fertility, song and passion.. So it is for us our awakening to our true nature doesn t happen all at once.. we become.. It can take a long time.. Sometimes we can get stuck in the dark and cold  ...   Each one of us needs to examine our story and discover what we put away of our true nature, all of which patiently awaits the magic touch of the.. courage to dare.. to unlock those endless possibilities.. Belief, encouragement, support, compassion, celebration are some of the qualities that warm the hard earth of hidden hurts, fears and doubts.. There is an old Irish saying a good beginning is half the work but there is a hidden truth that needs resolution before a good beginning can be made and that is that the hardest work is to begin.. The Socratic call to know yourself is as urgent today as it was thousands of years ago.. We put too much emphasis on the external world and little on knowing our true selves.. The other aspect of Spring that thrills me is its newness, which reminds me of the uniqueness of the individual.. Martin Buber, the wonderful German philosopher writes:.. Every person born into this world represents something new, something that never existed before, something original and unique.. It is the duty of every person to know and consider that there has never been anyone like him in the world, for if there had been someone like him, there would have been no need for him to be in the world.. Every single person is a new thing in this world and is called upon to fulfil his particularity in this world.. Every person s foremost task is the actualization of his unique, unprecedented and never-recurring potentialities, and not the repetition of something that another, be it even the greatest, has already achieved.. Let the presence of Spring be the catalyst to saying yes to the unique being that is each one of us and let the fertility of each of our never-recurring potentialities shine through for the benefit of all.. I m going to finish with yet another quote from another favourite author of mine John Welwood in his book Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships:.. When life belongs to you and you belong to life, you are set free from hunger and fear.. You experience the essential dignity and nobility or your existence, which does not depend on anyone else s approval or validation.. In this deep sense of union with love, you realise you are not wounded, have never been wounded, and cannot be wounded.. What we are is hidden.. Tony Humphreys is a clinical psychologist, author, national and international speaker.. His book.. is relevant to today s article.. | News |..

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  • Title: Tony Humphreys: Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact Dr.. Tony Humphreys:.. E:.. | contact..

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