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  • Title: Taekwon-Do - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. News.. About.. ITA Strategic Plan.. Expansion Package 2012.. Professional Flyers.. Joining ITA.. Benefits for Instructors.. Taekwon-Do for Children.. Children s Policy.. Taekwon-Do for Teens and Adults.. Females in Taekwon-Do.. About Taekwon-Do.. History of Taekwon-Do.. About ITF.. Theory.. Korean Terminology.. ITA Tournaments.. Anti-Doping.. Coaching.. Certified Coaches.. Coach Education.. Information.. Board of Directors.. Interviews.. Commitees.. Club Directory.. Instructors.. Instructor Qualifications.. ITA Examiners.. ITA Merchandise.. Downloads.. Events.. ITA Calendar of Events.. IUC 2012.. IIC 2013.. Summer Camp.. Volunteer for ITA.. ITF Ireland National Team.. National Team Selection Process 2012.. National Team Selection Process 2013.. Gallery.. Links.. Contact.. IUC a Great Success.. News Story,.. 07.. 07.. 2012.. ITA Summer Camp 2012.. 05.. IUC Important Info.. 23.. 06.. ITA World Cup Registration.. 20.. Summer Black Belt Grading Report.. Black Belt Grading.. 02.. Master Alexandris visits Bandon.. 31.. 05.. Technical Seminar Report.. 28.. International Umpire Course 2012.. 26.. Dublin Open Report.. 24.. Coaching Course Report.. IIC Scotland Report.. 21.. Recent News.. IUC a Great Success.. The Irish Taekwon-Do Association hosted an International Umpires Course in Limerick on the weekend of the 30th of June 1st of July.. The event was the largest Umpires course ever run by the ITF with over 180 participants from 18 countries in attendance.. With participants travelling from Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, USA and Vietnam, this was an historic IUC as it was the first time that the updated ITF rules, which will be introduced from January 2013, where pre.. 07/07/2012.. Stephen Ryan.. More.. ITA Summer Camp 2012.. The ITA Summer Camp which runs from July 13th - 16th is almost here.. Almost 100 participants have already registered.. If you would like to book one of the few remaining places please email Mr.. Ryan or Mr.. Buckley asap (see info pack for details).. Camp participants should arrive at 1.. 00pm on Firday Jly 13th and the camp will finish at 1.. 00pm on Monday July 16th.. Please read te info pack for details on items that need to be brought with you.. We would like to invite all Taekwon Do students over ten years of age, yellow belt and above, to the 2012 Taekwon-Do Summer Camp.. This camp will involve training with national and international instructors from all over Ireland.. All accommodation and meals will be provided in this safe and secure venue.. Last years camp attracted students of all ages and grades from across Ireland and we hope to build on this success for the 2012 camp.. The camp will provide an opportunity to train in all aspects of Taekwon-Do with some  ...   Hotel 3pm, Absolute Hotel 4pm.. Saturday Carlton Hotel 12noon 12.. 45pm.. 23/06/2012.. Summer Black Belt Grading Report.. The ITA Summer Blackbelt grading took place on the weekend of 16 17th of June in Rathcoole, Co.. Dublin.. 38 candidates presented for testing for grades ranging from 1st to 5th Degree Blackbelt.. The event was hosted in the Rathcoole Community Centre by Carl Stephen Smullen of Newlands Taekwon-Do Club.. The grading was run in two adjoining training halls with two examiner panels on both days to ensure maximum efficiency.. The grading was conducted using the ITA grading software meaning examiners could enter scores feedback extremely quickly and results could be calculated instantly at the end of the grading and feedback could be given to instructors and students.. 20/06/2012.. ITA World Cup Registration.. The ITF World Cup takes place this October and we expect a very strong ITA squad to attend.. The board of directors have agreed to help co-ordinate the registration process and we want all ITA members to be registered as Irish Taekwon-Do Association.. We request that you please send your registration forms to.. worldcup@taekwondo.. ie.. by July 15th so that we can register all ITA participants.. If you have already registered your competitors please inform us so that we can amend their info to ITA.. The ITA Business committee are working on an official ITA tracksuit at the moment.. This will be available for purchase for the ITA squad traveling to the World Cup.. More info is to follow on this soon but we would like all ITA members traveling to wear this tracksuit.. Those interested in Umpiring must be 2nd Dan or higher.. You must apply through.. and we will send your application to the ITF.. Those selected to umpire by the ITF will have their accommodation paid, will receive a daily expense and ITA will subsidise your travel.. Please send registration forms to.. by July 15th.. Welcome.. Welcome to the Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA) website.. Whether you are a current or prospective member of our Taekwon-Do family we trust you will find the website informative, up-to-date and interesting.. If you would like further information or assistance please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you directly.. Master Kenneth J.. Wheatley, 7th Dan.. President.. Follow Us.. How to Join.. Click Here to Find Your Local Club.. Enquire.. If you have any queries at all please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below.. Your Query:.. Upcoming Events.. IIC (25-01-2013).. Irish Cup (17-11-2012).. Summer Camp (13-07-2012).. IUC (30-06-2012).. Copyright 2012.. Irish Taekwon-Do Association.. Web Design.. by.. Complete.. Web Solutions..

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  • Title: News - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: Other News.. 02/06/2012.. Black Belt Grading.. 31/05/2012.. Master Alexandris visits Bandon.. 28/05/2012.. Technical Seminar Report.. 26/05/2012.. International Umpire Course 2012.. 24/05/2012.. Dublin Open Report.. 23/05/2012.. Coaching Course Report.. 21/05/2012.. IIC Scotland Report.. 17/05/2012.. Technical Seminar May 27th.. Professional Flyers Now Available.. 16/05/2012.. Interview with Master Wheatley.. 14/05/2012.. Dublin Open 2012.. 08/05/2012.. Kingdom host Julia Cross.. Lord Mayor hosts National Team.. 06/05/2012.. Expansion Support Package.. 30/04/2012.. Euros Success for Ireland.. 28/04/2012.. Umpire Report Euros.. 16/04/2012.. Team Ireland ready for Euros.. 13/04/2012.. Viking Cup 2012 Report.. 30/03/2012.. Sports Capital Programme.. 22/03/2012.. ITA Continues to Grow.. 15/03/2012.. National Team Schedule.. 07/03/2012.. Meeting with Olympic Council President.. 06/03/2012.. Condolences.. 27/02/2012.. Umpires for Euros 2012.. 24/02/2012.. 22/02/2012.. ITA Cork Open Report.. National Team Notice.. 16/02/2012.. 1st Aid Course.. 14/02/2012.. ITA Cork Open 2012.. 11/02/2012.. Dutch Open Report.. 10/02/2012.. Master Hutton Seminar Report.. 08/02/2012.. National Team Schedule and Notice.. 05/02/2012.. IIC England Report.. 03/02/2012.. Irish Squad Announced for Euros '12.. 31/01/2012.. Umpire Workshop Report.. 26/01/2012.. Intro to Coaching TKD Course Report.. 25/01/2012.. Schedule for National Team Training.. 20/01/2012.. Free Umpire Workshop.. 19/01/2012.. IMAC Strategic Planning Conference.. 17/01/2012.. AGM Report.. 10/01/2012.. Schedule for National Selection Session Jan 14.. 03/01/2012.. AGM Jan 15 2012.. 05/12/2011.. Winter Black Belt Grading Report.. Happy Christmas to all ITA members.. 29/11/2011.. Intro to Coaching TKD Course.. 28/11/2011.. European Championships Statistics.. 26/11/2011.. Meeting with Minister.. 25/11/2011.. Update from TAB.. 21/11/2011.. Irish Cup 2011 Report.. 15/11/2011.. National Team Selection Process.. 14/11/2011.. Welcome Master Franks.. Children's Cancer Fund.. 12/11/2011.. ITA Irish Cup 2011 - Update.. 10/11/2011.. Happy Birthday Founder of Taekwon-Do.. 07/11/2011.. TKD Tigers Course.. 24/10/2011.. Record Success at Euros 2011.. 17/10/2011.. National team departs for Euros 2011.. Top Pro supports National Team.. 04/10/2011.. Like the ITA Facebook Page.. 30/09/2011.. 26/09/2011.. 19/09/2011.. 1st ITF Convention Report.. 14/09/2011.. Upcoming Technical Seminar Cork.. 12/09/2011.. Get Ireland Active.. 11/09/2011.. Beginners Register Now!.. 10/09/2011.. NTN Summer Camp Report.. 03/09/2011.. ITA You Tube Channel.. 17/08/2011.. Santry Sport TKD now online!.. 12/08/2011.. National Squad Session Update.. 02/08/2011.. Recruit New Students.. 25/07/2011.. Summer Camp Report.. 19/07/2011.. National Team Selection July 23rd.. 12/07/2011.. Jim Brophy R.. I.. P.. 04/07/2011.. Level 1 Coaching Course.. Level 2 Coaching Course.. Strategic Planning Day Report.. 27/06/2011.. ITA Kup Grade Certificate.. 23/06/2011.. Taekwon-Do Summer Camp.. 21/06/2011.. 20/06/2011.. ITA Strategic Planning Day.. 17/06/2011.. National Team Selection July 2nd.. 16/06/2011.. IIC Finland Report.. 07/06/2011.. National Team Selection Session.. 01/06/2011.. Introduction to Coaching Taekwon-Do.. 31/05/2011.. Examiners Conference Report.. NATIONAL TEAM SELECTION SESSION.. 22/05/2011.. 2011 DUBLIN OPEN RESULTS.. 19/05/2011.. Mr.. Jaroslaw Suska Seminars Report.. 18/05/2011.. Irish Sports Council Launches iPhone App.. 16/05/2011.. 1st ITF Convention.. 14/05/2011.. Summer Black Belt Grading Applications.. National Technical Seminar.. 13/05/2011.. ITA Dublin Open Championships.. Fundraiser Gala for RNLI Skerries.. 12/05/2011.. Examiners Conference & Training.. 11/05/2011.. Dylan Fitzgibbon Receives Sports Award.. 10/05/2011.. National Training Session In Cork.. 06/05/2011.. ITA Members attend IIC Italy.. National Coaches & Manager.. 28/04/2011.. National Squad Update.. 22/04/2011.. Selection Process European Championships.. 18/04/2011.. 13/04/2011.. Jaroslaw Suska Seminars.. 05/04/2011.. ITA Welcomes New Member Schools.. 30/03/2011.. Technical Seminar April  ...   Course Eastern Region Report.. 20/09/2010.. 55th IIC, Budapest, Hungary.. 17/09/2010.. Official ITA Black Belt Ties.. 16/09/2010.. 13/09/2010.. Train with World Champion Luke Woods.. 02/09/2010.. National Umpire Course.. AETF Reporter Announcement.. 30/08/2010.. NEW MEMBERS REGISTER NOW!.. 27/08/2010.. Coaching Forum UPDATE.. IMAC Tutor Course.. 26/08/2010.. Coaching Ireland Forum.. 14/08/2010.. Summer Camp Greece Report.. Cork Clubs Marketing Event.. 03/08/2010.. Upcoming RITA Irish Open.. 30/07/2010.. New Club Launch in Dunboyne.. 27/07/2010.. Polish Taekwon-Do Summer Camp.. ITA Summer Camp Report.. 13/07/2010.. 28/06/2010.. Summer Black Belt Promotions.. 25/06/2010.. Female Focus Self-Defence Course.. 12/06/2010.. Black Belt Grading Information.. 11/06/2010.. Reminder ITA Summer Camp.. 03/06/2010.. Reminder Introduction to Coaching Course.. 01/06/2010.. 2010 Irish Cup Report.. 18/05/2010.. Introduction to Coaching Course.. 17/05/2010.. IMAC Annual General Meeting.. 10/05/2010.. DCU Sports Medicine Series.. 29/04/2010.. 2010 ITA Summer Camp.. 28/04/2010.. 2010 European Championships Sweden.. 23/04/2010.. ITF Taekwon-Do ITA Irish Cup.. 21/04/2010.. Summer Black Belt Examination.. 09/04/2010.. ITF Ireland National Team Update.. 07/04/2010.. Archive Update: IIC with General Choi 1999.. Final bow to Grand Master Tran Trieu Quan.. 02/04/2010.. ITF Ireland National Team Announcement.. 26/03/2010.. IMAC Taekwon-Do Advisory Board Meeting.. 22/03/2010.. Coaching Ireland Lucozade Sport Program.. UPDATE: ITA Irish Cup Date & Venue.. 17/03/2010.. INTA Open International Report.. 16/03/2010.. Battle of Kinsale.. 10/03/2010.. Grand Master Willem Jacob Bos 9th Dan.. Memorial Service for Grand Master Tran.. 07/03/2010.. AETF European Championships Update.. 02/03/2010.. Master Jedut TKD Camp 26th-28th March.. 23/02/2010.. 22/02/2010.. 18/02/2010.. ITA Cork Open.. 16/02/2010.. ITF mourns the loss of GM Tran.. New ITA Website Launched.. 15/02/2010.. 2010 ITA Taekwon-Do Summer Camp.. 14/02/2010.. Parents Guide to ITA Tournaments.. 25/01/2010.. IIC Poland.. 18/01/2010.. Success at ITF World Championships.. 01/12/2009.. ITF Congress Argentina.. 21/10/2009.. 5,000 Euro Presented to Childrens Cancer Research.. 18/10/2009.. ITA President promoted to 7th Dan Master at IIC Spain.. 10/07/2009.. ITA Summer Camp 2009.. 18/05/2009.. European Championships 2009.. 08/03/2009.. 18/02/2009.. National Umpire training held in Ballyea.. 01/02/2009.. Pilot Introduction to Coaching Taekwon-Do Course.. 07/05/2008.. ITA Members Senior Dan Promotions.. 06/05/2008.. International Instructors Course - Dublin.. 21/04/2008.. Viking Cup 2008.. 09/04/2008.. 2008 Viking Cup International - Sweden.. 30/03/2008.. International Umpire Course - Germany.. ITA members at INTA Cork Open.. 23/02/2008.. 2008 MCA Slovenian Open.. 21/02/2008.. ITA Cork Open 2008.. 21/01/2008.. Master Jedut Training Weekend.. ITA members visit Poland.. 21/12/2007.. Irish Fighter Charity Challenge.. 09/12/2007.. ITA Winter Black Belt Examination 2007.. 26/11/2007.. 2007 ITA Irish Cup Open.. 04/11/2007.. TKD Alliance Tournament Cork.. 31/10/2007.. ITA on Form at ITF European Cup Finland.. 21/10/2007.. Italian Open Championships 2007.. 12/10/2007.. Clare TKD Schools raise €6,000 for Charity.. 22/09/2007.. ITA Fight Night.. 26/07/2007.. ITA Summer Camp 2007.. 20/07/2007.. ITA Summer Black Belt Examination 2007.. 27/05/2007.. ITA Dublin Open Championships 2007.. 29/04/2007.. ITA Midwest Championships 2007.. 28/04/2007.. 21/04/2007.. 2007 Viking Cup International.. 11/03/2007.. Coaching Level 1 Qualification.. 21/02/2007.. ITA Cork Open 2007.. 17/02/2007.. International Umpire Course - Canada.. 24/12/2006.. ITA Winter Black Belt Examination.. 30/10/2006.. ITA Rocks the World Cup.. 20/07/2006.. Clare TKD Schools raise €5,000 for Charity.. 21/06/2006.. ITA Instructor Train in Poland.. 17/06/2006.. Umpire Course & Seminar with Master Bos..

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  • Title: About ITA - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: About ITA.. Irish Taekwon-Do Association is focused on the development and promotion of ITF Taekwon-Do in Ireland in accordance with Government Sports Policy.. ITA is a fully registered member of the Taekwon-Do Advisory Board (TAB) of the Irish Martial Arts Commission (IMAC), which is recognised as the National Governing Body (NGB) for martial arts in Ireland by the Irish Sports Council (ISC).. ITA cooperates with Irish National Taekwon-Do Association (INTA) for the selection, coaching and management of the ITF Ireland National Taekwon-Do Team.. The association was founded under the name All Ireland Taekwon-Do Association (AITA) in 1984 and operated under that name for 22 years.. The association s name was changed to Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA) on 13th May 2006 when Ireland s Allied National Associations (ANAs) unified in a democratic merger process.. Irish Taekwon-Do Association is a member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), headquartered in Benidorm, Spain under the leadership of Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg.. The Irish Taekwon-Do Association is a dynamic and progressive organisation, which comprises ITF Taekwon-Do schools across Ireland.. The objectives of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association are to strengthen, practice, promote and  ...   and seminars, setting and maintaining high quality standards in both technical matters and teaching syllabus, liaising and collaborating, where possible, with other affiliated organisations and providing support and guidance for members.. Irish Taekwon-Do Association is a not-for-profit organisation and is incorporated in Ireland as a company limited by guarantee not having a share capital.. Irish Taekwon-Do Association is an Approved Sports Body certified by the Irish Revenue Commissioners.. The association holds a current valid tax clearance certificate and is exempt from income and corporation tax under Section 235 of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.. This legal status confirms the Irish Taekwon-Do Association was established and exists for the sole purpose of promoting an athletic or amateur game or sport.. The association s finances are tightly controlled to ensure the long term financial strength of the organisation and to ensure that any surplus revenue is invested into resources and infrastructure for the benefit of our members.. Supporting Documentation:.. Irish Taekwon-Do Association, Certificate of Incorporation.. Irish Martial Arts Commission, Confirmation Letter 08/08/2006.. Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Confirmation Letter 14/08/2006.. For More Information please read Benefits of ITA Membership.. Subnav..

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  • Title: Information - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: This section provides valuable information on the following:.. The leaderships structures of the ITA i.. e.. board of directors and elected committees that serve the ITA on a voluntary basis.. Valuable information on our coaching, anti-doping and children s policies.. A full listing of our active instructors and clubs throughout Ireland.. Some basic educational material on Korean terminology and basic theory.. Read More.. 2012..

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  • Title: Events - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: In the drop down menus you will find information on ITA Calendar of events, ITF events, International events organised by ITA as well as news and events relating to the National Team.. If you are interested in volunteering at an ITA event, we are very interested in hearing from  ...   colour belt, a parent or just someone who would like to help us make our events as successful and enjoyable as possible please get in touch.. See the Volunteer for ITA page for more information.. For further information please contact our Secretary General, Mr.. Stephen Ryan by.. clicking here..

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  • Title: Links - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: Top Pro Sports.. (Official Sponsors of Equipment to the Irish National Taekwon-Do Team).. International Bodies.. International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF).. All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation (AETF).. National Bodies.. Irish National Taekwon-Do Association (INTA).. Irish Martial Arts Commission (IMAC).. Irish Sports Council (ISC).. Coaching Ireland.. ITA Club Websites.. Bandon Taekwon-Do Academy.. Blanchardstown Taekwon-Do School (ITA).. DelMac ITF Taekwon-Do Clubs.. Donabate Taekwon-Do Club.. Donaghmede TKD Club.. Dublin ITF Sport Taekwon-Do Clubs (ITA).. Elite Taekwon-Do Academy (ITA)..  ...   Bandon Taekwon-Do Clubs (ITA).. Midlands Taekwon-Do (ITA).. Newlands Taekwon-Do Club (ITA).. North Mon Carrigaline Taekwon-Do Clubs.. Quin Taekwon-Do Club (ITA).. Passage West School of Taekwon-Do.. Santry Sport Taekwon-Do Club.. Shannon Taekwon-Do Club.. Turners Cross Taekwon-Do Academy.. Other websites.. Taekwon-Do Social.. International Associations.. Austria.. Belgium.. Czech Republic.. England.. Finland.. France.. Greece.. Germany.. Hungary.. Ireland (INTA).. Ireland (ITA).. Israel.. Italy.. Latvia.. Moldova.. Netherlands.. Norway.. Norway AA.. Portugal.. Poland.. Romania.. Russia.. Scotland.. Slovenia.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Ukraine..

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  • Title: - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Quick Contact.. Useful Contacts.. Master Kenneth Wheatley.. VII Dan.. V Dan.. Secretary General.. Location Map..

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  • Title: IUC a Great Success - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: With participants travelling from Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, USA and Vietnam, this was an historic IUC as it was the first time that the updated ITF rules, which will be introduced from January 2013, where presented.. The ITF delegates; Grandmaster Bos and the ITF Tournament and Umpire Committee members arrived on the Wednesday prior to the IUC for meetings to discuss the new ITF tournament rules.. As well as this they were treated to excursions to some famous sights by the local organising committee.. On Wednesday evening the ITF delegates and some of the local committee had a lovely meal in the Cornstone restaurant in Limerick city, they had a chance to sample some of the local cuisine and see the local city.. Thursday morning started with meetings but in the afternoon the organising committee and the ITF delegates headed for the cliffs of moher.. These cliffs situated in north County Clare and soaring 702 feet above the Atlantic Ocean form some of the most spectacular landscape in Europe and are a must see for anyone travelling to this region.. On route to the cliffs the ITF delegates were treated to lunch in Vaughans restaurant in the seaside town of Lahinch.. This meal was hosted by local Government officials from Shannon Development and Shannon Region Conference and Sports Bureau.. These officials thanked the ITF for choosing this region of Ireland for this event.. They acknowledge how the ITA have been so professional to work with and how, as ITA are a government recognised body, they would give their full backing to a major champinships coming to Limerick in the future.. On Friday evening following a day of meetings the ITF delegates, local committee and other invited guests including masters and Mr Mike Mullen of Top Pro Sports were treated to a fantasic banquet in Bunratty Castle.. This medieval banquet in the 15th Century castle was a wonderful experience and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.. The Umpire course began on Saturday afternoon in the large Jean Monet theatre on the University of Limerick campus.. Master Kenneth Wheatley, President of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association opened the event by welcoming the attendees from around the world as well as welcoming and introducing Grandmaster Bos 9th Dan member of the ITF Technical Committee and Director of the ITF, the Tournament Committee; Master Coos van den Heuval, Master Giovanni Ceccenato, Master Harry Vones Umpire committee; Master Alberto Katz, Master Sandy Dunbar and Mr.. Kurt Ottesen and the other masters in attendance, Master Paul Weiler (Senior Vice President of the ITF), Master Tadeusz Loboda (AETF President), Master Adelbert Wagner (Germany), Master Frank Vanberghen (Belgium), Master James Tjin-A-Ton (Netherlands), Master Gordon Wallace (Scotland), Master Thomas Denis (England), Master Patrick O Rourke (Ireland) and Master Neil Franks (Ireland).. The opening address was delivered by Mr Brendan Dowling, the President of the Irish Martial Arts Commission, the National governing body for martial arts in Ireland.. Mr Dowling spoke of the importance of working in a spirit of cooperation within martial arts as well as the positive role that IMAC has played in the development of martial arts in Ireland.. Mr Dowling also praised the ITA for their work in promoting Taekwon-Do and their contribution to IMAC over the past number of years.. Grandmaster Bos then opened the umpires course by welcoming the attendees to the IUC and congratulating the ITA on planning such a well organised event on the impressive University of Limerick campus.. Master Alberto Katz from Argentina and Mr Kurt Ottesen of Canada then proceeded to deliver a presentation on the rules of ITF Taekwon-Do competition.. They explained the importance of courtesy in Taekwon-Do competition as well as competitor safety, before moving on to the more technical point of organising and running a ring council.. One of the highlights of the first day  ...   from Germany explained that a new electronic scoring system is in development which would allow patterns be scored in real time.. After a short presentation, the participants were given an opportunity to get some practical experience judging patterns under the new rules, with volunteers acting as competitors.. After a short break, the umpire committee moved on to the updated rules for pre-arranged sparring, one of the changes being that only one acrobatic sequence per competitor will now be allowed per performance.. Master Katz also explained that only 1 successful blow should be performed at the end of the routine and all other techniques should be defended against or dodged in line with the Taekwon-Do principle of One Blow, One victory.. The IUC broke for lunch following the prearranged section and resumed with the umpiring procedures for sparring being presented by Mr Kurt Ottesen.. After presenting the rules and procedures for running a sparring ring council, the ITF Delegates asked some of the current competitors in attendance to demonstrate the level of contact which is acceptable in competition as well as what would be deemed heavy contact.. One of the more notable changes to the sparring rules is that one point may now be deducted for grabbing or holding, the Umpire Committee spent some time explaining the circumstances in which a minus point would be given.. Again the participants had an opportunity to get some practical experience as part of a jury council for a sparring match under the guiding eye of Master Sandy Dunbar, Master Vones and Mr Ottesen, while Master Katz displayed video clips of various interactions that could occur within a sparring match and asked the participants to decide what action should be taken in each situation.. This proved a very useful method for helping the umpires to sharpen their skills and make the correct decision.. The final section of the day was comprised of the umpiring procedure for special technique and power testing.. Mr Ottesen led this section and explained how these events where as important to ITF competition as sparring and patterns and that in the future we can expect to see these events taking place on the centre ring of a major championships.. The IUC finished at 7:30pm with a closing address by Grandmaster Bos.. GM Bos thanked the Irish Taekwon-Do Association for their warm hospitality and once again congratulated the association on running an excellent event.. Grandmaster Bos said he looked forward to returning to Ireland for a future event to be held at the superb facilities of the University of Limerick campus.. Master Wheatley then closed the event by thanking GM Bos and the tournament and umpire committee for a very enjoyable and informative course as well as thanking all those in attendance for making the journey to Limerick.. All 180 participants then took position for a group photo and with that the IUC had come to an end.. The Irish Taekwon-Do Association would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Grandmaster Bos and the ITF Tournament and Umpire Committees for an excellent course and would like to thank all our guests from abroad for their company over the weekend and we hope to see you in Ireland again for the International Instructors Course to be held in Kerry in January 2013.. Gratitude must also be expressed to the event sponsors Top Pro Sports, Acist Skillnet and Clare Spring water.. Finally a big thank you must be given to the organising committee, the local committee and the volunteers who put in a huge amount of work in the months prior to the event as well as over the weekend to make the International Umpires Course such a success.. Photos:.. Excursion to Cliffs of Moher:.. https://picasaweb.. google.. com/IrishTKD/IUCCliffsOfMoherTrip.. Banquet in Bunratty Castle:.. com/IrishTKD/IUCBunrattyCastleBanquet.. IUC Gallery 1:.. com/IrishTKD/IUCGallery1.. IUC Gallery 2:.. com/IrishTKD/IUCGallery2.. Report by Mr.. Carl Smullen IV Dan, ITA PRO.. Posted by..

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  • Title: ITA Summer Camp 2012 - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
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  • Title: IUC Important Info - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
    Descriptive info: Saturday Jean Monet Theatre, UL 1pm 2.. 30pm.. Attire for the weekend:.. Saturday full ITF Umpire attire: navy suit, blue tie, white shirt, white gymnastic shoes, black belt pin (if applicable).. Sunday all participants in dobok.. Please bring a notepad and pen both days.. If you are attending the BBQ and have any special dietary requirements (vegetarian,  ...   for the BBQ is casual.. During your time in Limerick, please feel free to contact any of the following members of the organising committee should you need assistance:.. Stephen Ryan +353 86 304 9267.. Laura Cullen +353 86 367 2221.. Adrian Byrne +353 87 825 9243.. Anne-Marie Kinsella +353 89 4152383.. IUC Participants in order of registration..

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  • Title: ITA World Cup Registration - Irish Taekwon-Do Association
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