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  • Title: Tallaght Solicitors O'Brien Ronayne , Dublin 24
    Descriptive info: .. O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors, 5A Main Rd.. , Tallaght, Dublin 24 | 01 424 6200.. O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors are.. specialists in legal advice & just a phone call away.. Locall.. 1800 444 332.. or.. 01 - 424 6200.. E-mail:.. info@obr.. ie.. Home.. Personal Injury Claim Accident.. Motor, Car and Road Traffic Accident Claim RTA.. Accidents in Public Places.. Accidents in the Workplace.. Injuries Caused by Defective Products Services.. House Sales, Purchases Mortgages.. Commercial Litigation.. Medical Negligence.. Debt Collection.. Family Law.. Legal Advice for Older Clients Seniors.. Employment Law.. Wills and Probate.. Mediation.. International Services.. Victims of Crime.. Our Team.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Blog.. Legal Links.. Sitemap.. Sean O Brien, solicitor, holds a Law Society Diploma in Commercial Litigation and is an accredited mediator with Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).. Our approach is to attempt to resolve disputes in the most cost effective manner possible.. Read More.. Legal Problems?.. Accident & Personal Injury Claims.. Misfortune strikes when we least expect it.. Whether you have been involved in a car crash, workplace accident, or had an accident in a public place either at home or abroad, we can help you.. At O Brien Ronayne Solicitors in Talaght, our specialist family law team, headed by Elaine Wall, have many years experience of dealing in this complex area of law.. For Employers Protecting Your Management Team and Your Business.. For Workers and Employees Protecting your right to earn a living.. House Sales & Purchases.. They say moving home can be one of the most stressful times of your life; at O Brien Ronayne Solicitors we say it doesn t have to be.. Home.. Tallaght Solicitors.. , O’Brien Ronayne offer both business and individual clients a supportive and full legal service with clear and concise advice, at a reasonable cost.. Need a Solicitor in the Tallaght area? Send us a.. confidential  ...   important to you.. We are experts in.. All areas covered including Employer, Equality, Working Hours, Exemptions, Holidays, Maternity Leave, Adoptive Leave, Parental Leave, Force Majeure Laeve, Part-time Employees, Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996, Terms of Employment, Redundancy, Dismisal Health Safety.. You need clear advice about.. medical negligence.. claims.. If you have suffered from medical negligence, speak to us about your entitlement to claim compensation.. Commercial litigation.. is more specific than Business Law which includes the drafting of contracts and.. business agreements.. Are you trying to recover a debt from a Creditor? We offer a complete.. solution for SME s and large corporate clients in Ireland.. It is important that you.. make a Will.. so you place yourself in a position to provide for the distribution of your property by means of a clear legal document which will take effect when you die.. Your Will may be the most important document you ever have to sign.. Read More.. Legal Issues for Older Clients.. For the past fifteen years, we have been acting solicitors for clients right across Dublin and throughout Ireland.. We cover Tallaght, Clondalkin, Terenure, Templeogue, Firhouse, Rathfarnham, Rathcoole, Saggart and South Dublin.. Need a solicitor? Request a callback or call us now 01 424 6200, or send us a.. Search our site.. Search for:.. Advice News.. Alan Shatter proposes referendum on courts overhaul.. Drug was de-listed, detention challenged.. High Court rejects Sinn Fein Referendum move.. Baby Steps.. Gardai seek help in finding missing Tallaght girl.. Search our Advice and News.. Select Category.. Business Agreements (1).. Civil Partnerships (3).. Courts (4).. Family Law (1).. Free Will Promotion (1).. Gardai (1).. Legal Services for Older Clients (2).. Enduring Power of Attorney (1).. Mortgage (2).. NAMA (1).. News (3).. Personal Injuries (3).. Property (3).. Retirement (2).. Solicitor (1).. Uncategorized (1).. Pages.. 2011.. All Rights Reserved.. Our Network :..

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  • Title: Personal Injuries Claims Dublin, Personal Injury Solicitors and Lawyers - O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors Tallaght
    Descriptive info: Personal Injury Claim Accident.. Personal Injury Claims Accidents.. Personal Injury claims for compensation can often be complex and are best submitted with the assistance of a specialist personal injury claims solicitor.. At O Brien Ronayne, your first consultation is free.. So if you think you have an.. Accident Injury.. call us now I m sure we can help with.. Motor Car and Road Traffic Accident Injury Claims.. Injuries Caused by Defective Products and Services.. Many of our clients ask us after they have been involved in an accident if they really have a valid injury claim.. In addressing this question, we will consider a range of factors, including the existence of an actual accident injury, negligence, liability, statute of limitations, and many other important issues.. The cause of an.. accident injury.. isn  ...   fact have been the negligence of the injured party themselves.. How can blame be apportioned? Is the injured party entitled to any form of compensation if they have contributed, even slightly, to their own accident? These are all issues that we will analyse with you in your Personal Injury Claim.. You can also get more information from the.. Injuries Board.. We can help you with things like whether you should make a personal injury claim or not, when you should make a claim, how much will it cost.. We also have many years experienced in the Personal Injury area and would be happy to review your case and advise on claiming full compensation for an accident.. Click here to contact us today!.. At O’Brien Ronayne, your first consultation is free.. 1800 444 322..

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  • Title: Road Traffic Accident Claim
    Descriptive info: Motor, Car and Road Traffic Accident Claim RTA.. Unfortunately road traffic accident claim and car crashes are the most common cause of personal injury claims.. Did you know that if you have been injured in an accident caused by somebody else, you have a right to claim?.. You can claim compensation for your injuries and also for  ...   any other reasonable expenses.. At O’Brien Ronayne we treat all accident claims equally seriously.. Our experience ranges from dealing with whiplash and other similar type injuries, to cases of a more serious nature, such as back and neck injuries and catastrophic spinal injury.. You shouldn t have to suffer, call us now I m sure we can help..

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  • Title: Accident Injury Claims
    Descriptive info: Accidents in Public Places.. Have you ever had the experience of falling in a public place? At O’Brien Ronayne we have the experience of dealing with hundreds of successful trip, fall and accident injury claims.. Over the years we have successfully acted for people who have had accidents in shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, shopping centres and indeed on public roads, footpaths and parks.. If you have suffered such an accident injury, you may well have a right to claim compensation.. Call now to see if we can help you.. or..

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  • Title: Accidents in the Workplace
    Descriptive info: Accidents in the Workplace.. Every employee has a right to a safe place of work.. Rules are in place to protect you from accidents at work.. Don’t forget you may have an entitlement to compensation not only if the accident was caused directly by your employer but also  ...   by a fellow employee.. At O’Brien Ronayne we have unparalleled experience of acting on behalf of workers in claims against their employers who have suffered from accidents in the workplace, so call us now on 01 424 6200 or send us a.. and see how we can help..

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  • Title: Injuries Caused by Defective Products
    Descriptive info: Injuries Caused by Defective Products Services.. We have successfully acted for clients who have suffered injury caused by faulty products or by negligent provision of services.. Defective product injuries.. There are strict regulations to ensure our health and safety when it comes to the products we buy.. We, as consumers, expect the things we buy to be safe, but sometimes there are instances when some products may be faulty or defective and as a result can cause serious personal injury.. This is the reason why there is a need for a stringent product liability law.. Product manufacturers can be held liable for design defects and manufacturing flaws, for not including adequate safeguards particularly on dangerous products and for inadequate product warnings or information on those products.. There are a number of ways under Irish Law in which manufacturers or suppliers of defective goods or products can be held liable.. Negligence.. The manufacturer will be held liable to pay damages for negligence if it fails to act with the standards of care which the law expects and of the result of any damage or injury is suffered.. Breach of Contract.. A buyer can recover compensation from the seller if the product they have bought does not comply  ...   caused personal injury legislation gives consumers recourse to justice against manufacturers who produce defective products.. O Brien Ronayne Solicitors in Tallaght can represent clients who have fallen victim to any defective products which can include:.. Unsafe medical devices.. Unsafe cars and other motor vehiclesDangerous toys.. Unsafe consumer and household products.. Industrial machinery and equipment.. Farm machinery and equipment.. Defective car components.. Dangerous household appliances.. Defective construction equipment.. If any product has harmed you or your family, that product must be preserved so that its condition at the time of the accident can be assessed.. Having this vital evidence increases the chance of you being successful with your claim.. So if you or any of your family have been injured by a defective product, you may be able to claim compensation.. Fill in the form below today to get fast action in your case and a.. no obligation appraisal consultation.. about any accident or injury you or your family might have endured.. Cases include skin irritation and burning resulting from chemical exposure, hair loss caused by negligent hair dressing services to injuries caused by defective furniture.. For all accident claims, call us now on 01 424 6200 or send us a.. I m sure we can help..

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  • Title: House Sales in the Dublin Area
    Descriptive info: House Sales, Purchases Mortgages.. They say moving home can be one of the most stressful times of your life; we say it doesn’t have to be.. Our experienced conveyancing department provide a fast, friendly and efficient service.. Whether you are buying or selling we provide a quotation at the beginning of the transaction to cover all legal costs.. For your free quotation please request a call back, send us a.. confidential email.. or call us now.. First Time Buyers.. Many years of experience of dealing with first time buyers has lead to the development of our.. First Time Buyers’ Package..  ...   going forward.. We will guide you through the process of buying your first home and we provide a personal and friendly service to our first time buyers.. Take the first step in buying your first home and for more information about House Sales, Purchases Mortgages click here to get your copy of our.. First Time Buyers Package.. Residential Leases/Co-Ownership Agreements.. If you are a landlord or a tenant it makes sense to have a clear concise lease in place.. We can help with the small print and advise you on the Private Resident Tenancies Board s (PRTB) requirements and obligations..

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  • Title: Commercial Litigation
    Descriptive info: Commercial Litigation.. We are a small business and understand the challenges facing businesses of all sizes today.. We pride ourselves on building a long term working relationship with our business clients and like to work in partnership with them to create a successful outcome.. We have a successful track record in advising small, medium and large enterprises including multi-national companies.. Sean O’Brien.. , solicitor, holds a Law Society Diploma in  ...   Commercial Property Transactions.. We also specialise in sales and purchases of business premises, leases both short and long term, licence agreements and all types of commercial property transactions.. To contact Sean,.. email him directly.. or call him.. We also offer an efficient Debt Collection Service to all clients, whether you are a commercial client or not.. Read about our Debt Collection Service and find out how this service may help you..

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  • Title: Medical Negligence
    Descriptive info: Medical Negligence.. Medical negligence and clinical negligence are areas of specialised litigation.. Sean O’Brien, solicitor, has over twenty five years of experience in this complex area.. He has successfully taken cases involving inadequately performed medical procedures during childbirth, elective surgery and other medical care, including psychiatric supervision.. What is Medical Negligence?.. Medical negligence occurs when a health care professional fails to act in accordance with a practice accepted as being proper practice by a responsible body of skilled medical practitioners.. There are often several acceptable ways  ...   way as another does not automatically mean that there is any medical negligence.. The outcome of any case will often depend on whether the action taken by the professional in question is seen as reasonable in the circumstances.. In Ireland, the law provides only for you to recover compensation if it can be shown ‘on the balance of probability’ that your treatment was carried out negligently and that this directly caused you injury.. If you have any concerns, please contact him directly or.. send him an email..

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  • Title: O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors, 5A Main Road, Tallaght, Dublin 01 - 424 6200
    Descriptive info: Debt Collection.. Sometimes it is very difficult to recover debts due and owing to you and unfortunately, often the only option left to you is proceed down the legal route.. This is especially true at these difficult times.. At O’Brien Ronayne Solicitors we have a wealth of experience dealing with debt collection matters.. We have a proven track record of obtaining payment for our clients by way of litigation or indeed by way of negotiating a  ...   their debtors and always attempt to facilitate same throughout any legal transaction.. We can assist your business by pursuing aged debts on your behalf.. Our first class service will keep you updated and involved in the process at each step, from sending an initial letter to enforcing a judgment (if necessary).. We would be more then happy to talk to you to see if we can help your business.. Call us now or.. send us an email..

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  • Title: O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors, 5A Main Road, Tallaght, Dublin 01 - 424 6200
    Descriptive info: Family Law.. Legal Separations, Divorce, Child Services, including District Court Legal Aid.. At O’Brien Ronayne Solicitors, our specialist family law team, headed by Elaine Wall, have many years experience of dealing in this complex area of law.. Our team has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all family law matters and your first consultation is free and without obligation.. So if you are concerned about something in your family, please call us now, or send us a.. I’m sure we can help.. We appear before the District Court,  ...   clients include:.. Maintenance for spouses and children.. Guardianship of children.. Custody.. Access.. Domestic Violence.. Our specialist areas include:.. Legal separation agreements.. Judicial separations.. Divorce.. Nullity.. Advice on civil partnership.. Pre-nuptial and pre-registration agreements.. In addition to our private practice we are also pleased to be on the Private Practitioners Free Legal Aid Scheme for District Court applications.. If you are concerned about something in your family, please call us now, or send us a.. If you wish to contact Elaine directly, ask for her personally, or send her an.. email here..

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