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  • Title: Strategic Planning, Project Design, Performance Measurement, Talbot Associates, Management Consultants, Dublin, Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. Call us on.. +353 1 296 6274.. We advise.. managers.. and management teams on.. project and programme evaluation, on strategic and operational planning, on organisation and process design, and on performance measurement.. and management.. Management in the.. 21st Century.. How is management different after the 20th Century with all its successes and failures?  ...   predecessors?.. We bring.. proven methods, rigorous analysis, deep experience, best.. international practice and commitment to the vision and objectives of our clients.. We work with.. clients in the public, commercial, manufacturing, and construction sectors.. Our measure of success is client satisfaction which is regularly evidenced by additional assignments and referrals.. brand website design by.. redmoonmedia..

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  • Title: About Talbot Associates, Founded in 2002, Management Consultants
    Descriptive info: Talbot Associates was founded in January 2002 to provide strategically important Management Consultancy.. We help clients evaluate progress on projects and programmes, develop robust strategies and business plans, reengineer structures and processes, design performance measurement and control systems.. Talbot Associates consultants are very experienced consulting professionals.. We combine formal structured methods with flexibility and commitment.. Our strengths include:.. We add value through independent thought, rigorous, objective research and analysis, a focus on the core issues  ...   an agreed timescale and budget and we consistently meet our commitments.. We use a consultative approach which ensures that findings are relevant and actionable.. Our consultants are mature and experienced and have a wide knowledge of the Irish public and commercial sectors.. We have in-depth experience of working at Board and senior management levels in sophisticated organisations.. We have the internal disciplines, structures and methodologies that our clients expect from a progressive management consultancy practice..

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  • Title: Feasibility Studies, Project Reviews, Talbot Associates, Management Consultants, Dublin
    Descriptive info: Feasibility Studies, Project/Programme Reviews and Value For Money Reviews:.. Independent objective evaluation of proposals, projects, programmes and organisational performance is of immense importance to senior managers.. It is natural, and indeed important, that line management becomes intimately involved with their areas of responsibility.. We bring an independent, expert perspective.. Our role is to assist management to reach decisions on whether to continue or extend support to the project or programme, to redirect resources.. Typical Projects.. Value for money evaluation of government programmes..

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  • Title: Projects at Talbot Associates, Management Consultants
    Descriptive info: Challenging five-year plan for a major company.. In conjunction with management, we developed a challenging five year strategic plan for a major group.. We undertook an operational review of marketing, sales and distribution operations in Ireland and produced detailed recommendations on the product range, distribution approach, organisation and staffing.. Organisation change at large company.. For a large Irish company we undertook a detailed study of organisation, management process and communications.. We analysed the company s strategies, capabilities and organisation.. We prepared detailed recommendations on organisational development, management processes, and internal and external communications We reviewed the company s human resource strategies and policies and undertook an industry-wide survey of remuneration practice and policy.. Group management structures for international business.. For this international Group which operates in Ireland, the UK, and a number of other countries we reviewed the organisation and resources of Group management.. We developed proposals for resourcing and restructuring the Group management, and we assisted in the implementation of those proposals.. Strategy and structure for expanding company.. We were asked to review the organisation and management processes in this group of companies, with particular reference to the integration of a recent acquisition  ...   and we assisted the company on the practical implementation of the chosen strategy.. B2B ecommerce solution for European supply chain.. This multinational specialises in providing seamless B2B procurement and fulfilment services in a vertical industry sector in Europe and the US.. We undertook a nine-country study of VAT and contract law barriers to implementing an electronic supply chain throughout the EU.. We recommended a transition strategy which would match the strategies and timetables of the major countries.. Reengineering processes for efficiency and transparency.. This large Irish company was in the process of transforming its structure to meet changed requirements.. We under took a series of process re-engineering assignments to facilitate the operation of a shared services environment, to realise the benefits of an ERP implementation and to achieve international best practice standards of efficiency and service.. Implementing a shared services centre.. We prepared a detailed plan for the implementation of a shared services centre for a major manufacturer and distributor.. Subsequently we assisted in the establishment of a process re-engineering team.. We provided advice on the preparation of the project charter and the project plan, and we provided direct training and mentoring to the team..

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  • Title: People at Talbot Associates, Management Consultants
    Descriptive info: Pat Talbot, Director.. F.. C.. A.. Pat Talbot has a long track record of providing high-quality management consulting services to both the public and the private sectors.. Pat started his career with Cooper Lybrand, one of the founding firms of PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) where he became director of the Coopers and Lybrand Management Consulting Practice in Ireland.. In 1990 he was appointed Partner in Ernst Young.. For ten years he led and developed the Management Consulting practice of Ernst Young in Ireland, and was appointed Deputy Managing Partner of the combined Tax, Auditing and Management Consulting firm in 1996.. The Management Consultancy practice was acquired, as part of a global transaction, by Cap Gemini Ernst Young in 2000.. As Vice President  ...   Tom Grimes.. M.. B.. , F.. M.. Tom Grimes was, until 2002, a Director in Cap Gemini Ernst Young and in one of its predecessor firms, Ernst Young.. Tom is a Management Accountant by background and in his earlier career he headed the finance function in a number of organisations, later spending some five years in corporate finance.. Since moving into consultancy, in which he now has some 20 years experience, Tom has specialised in long-term business planning, financial systems and management, and performance measurement.. He has worked for major companies and Government Departments on assignments which have included feasibility studies, business planning, shared services, operations and organisation reviews, design and implementation of management information systems, process improvement and development of performance measures..

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  • Title: Clients of Talbot Associates, Management Consultants
    Descriptive info: Bord Gáis Éireann.. Bord na Móna.. Dairygold Co-operative Society Limited.. Dental Health Foundation Ireland.. Department of Community, Rural.. and Gaeltacht Affairs.. Department of Education and Science.. Department of Justice, Equality.. and Law Reform.. Elemica, Inc.. John Sisk Son Limited.. Medical Council.. National Advisory Committee on Drugs.. North Eastern Health Board.. Back to Top..

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  • Title: Contact page on Talbot Associates, Management Consultants, Dublin, Ireland
    Descriptive info: If you would like to contact Talbot Associates, you can use the contact form below or reach us via the details on the right.. We look forward to hearing from you.. Contact Form:.. Contact Details:.. Talbot Associates.. PO Box 11869.. Dublin 2.. Ireland.. Tel:.. Email:.. click here.. Your Message.. Privacy Policy:.. Your contact details and information provided will be held confidentially and will not be shared with third parties..

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  • Title: Points of View, Management in the 21st Century, Talbot Associates, Management Consultants, Dublin
    Descriptive info: Management in the 21st Century.. Is management after 2000 any different to the 20th Century product with all its successes and failures, its lists and fads, its Gurus and shooting stars? Why should the new young managers perform in a different way to their predecessors?.. They probably will act differently.. They will hopefully learn something from the mistakes of the last generation of managers.. They will be better trained and understand the process of management better.. They are facing a faster-moving, more technologically intense environment.. Customers, competitors, investors, employees and peers will be more demanding.. Some of the differences which may arise between the 20th and 21st century management model are described below.. Managing Strategically.. Strategic management will become a more integrated component of the manager s portfolio in the 21st Century.. Strategic managers are not happy with incremental improvements.. They continuously seek to break through the constraints of resources and structure.. Strategic managers have a consistent unblinking focus on their core markets and products, but they are constantly alert to the wider environmental and market forces that affect them.. Strategic managers have vision, and they are able to translate their vision into concrete action, every day.. Adding Value.. As more things are measured, so is the performance of managers.. Management in the private and, perhaps more slowly, but just as inevitably, in the public sector, is increasingly being assessed in terms of performance and the value which it provides.. Management costs.. It should provide a measurable return.. Business value is increasingly driven by the way in which managers exploit the value of all the assets which they manage.. These assets include the well recognised fixed assets such as land, buildings, and equipment, the current assets of cash, receivables and materials and also intangible assets such as culture, knowledge, brands, staff and customer loyalty.. An increasing amount of skill, time and effort will be devoted to measuring and managing these intangibles.. Reducing Cost.. It is no longer enough to keep costs down.. Driven by more aggressive competition and greater openness in the marketplace, nationally and globally, there is an unrelenting pressure on managers to take costs out of the process, to focus only on those products and services where there is comparative advantage and then  ...   People.. In a more prosperous and highly skilled world, managing people will be an even more critical skill.. The routine, repetitive tasks, which are readily definable and controllable, will have been largely automated.. The most valuable managerial skills will be those which foster and develop in people the more subtle human capabilities of innovation, imagination, and commitment.. The traditional employer/employee relationship is changing.. Organisations will have to become communities rather than properties, with members not employees , because few will be content to be owned by others.. Societies will break down into smaller units but will also regroup into even larger ones than now for particular purposes.. Charles Handy,.. Beyond Certainty: The Changing World of Organisations.. (Hutchinson).. It is more challenging, to manage people who are not employees for life, or who are not even employees; who may be working at home or at remote sites; who may have more commitment to a lifestyle than to a career; who are juggling domestic and work responsibilities; and whose earnings may be related to market realities rather than to their position in the company hierarchy.. Ethics.. The activities of the modern company are increasingly under formal and informal public scrutiny.. Society is increasingly open.. The public demands high ethical standards in matters such as employment practices, financial probity, environmental protection, public health and product quality.. An approach to matters of public concern which would not find public acceptability, even if the approach is within the law, can seriously damage a company.. Management have a responsibility to commit themselves and their company to establishing and maintaining high standards of ethical behaviour even in an increasingly competitive marketplace.. Managing Complexity at Speed.. Competition is increasingly intense.. The marketplace is constantly changing.. Employees are skilled, aware and mobile.. Organisations are constantly aligning and realigning.. Shareholders demand above-average returns.. Economies are increasingly open.. The information age has put much more information in the hands of managers - perhaps much more than they can absorb with ease.. The information is also available to competitors, suppliers and customers.. The challenge for managers in the 21st century will not be to direct fixed resources towards the achievement of well-defined goals but to manage a complex changing business ecosystem towards the creation of measurable added value..

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  • Title: Strategic Planning at Talbot Associates, Management Consultants, Dublin
    Descriptive info: Strategy:.. We assist clients to build practical robust strategies that match their vision.. Our methodology is adaptive to the circumstances of our clients.. We favour strategy development processes that are consultative and build consensus amongst the stakeholders, but there are circumstances where confidentiality and speed are critical and which demand that key choices are made by a small group  ...   Business Planning:.. In many organisations a gap can arise between strategy and action.. Our rigorous business planning approach is designed to fill that gap.. We work with managers to develop practical, resourced business plans with well-defined objectives and performance measures.. If appropriate, our business plans are resolved into a portfolio of structured projects with ownership, timescales and outputs clearly defined..

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  • Title: Organisational Services at Talbot Associates, Management Consultants
    Descriptive info: Structure:.. Good organisation design requires clarity of responsibility and ownership of results.. Our approach to organisation design demands a clear definition of organisational goals and objectives.. We map resources to these goals and objectives to ensure that the organisation design is optimised.. We identify gaps and overlaps.. But in today s complex and ever changing world, leaders require more than a static model, however well-honed.. We design for flexible  ...   customer perspective.. We define the processes and procedures employed to meet the internal and external customers requirements, from initial contact through to fulfilment and post-fulfilment service and support.. We identify and analyse volumes, costs, key control points, constraints and dependencies in the process.. We undertake capacity analysis, review best practice and identify the opportunities presented by technology, reorganisation or restructuring, to achieve enhanced service, performance and value, in adaptive processes..

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  • Title: Client Services at Talbot Associates, Management Consultants, Dublin, Ireland
    Descriptive info: Financial information:.. We assist managers in designing and implementing flexible, integrated financial control and costing systems to provide the core management and control information required by modern organisations, both public sector and commercial.. Balanced Scorecard:.. Organisational performance cannot be adequately managed by a single measure such as finance.. Other dimensions which may be critical for the strategic success of the organisation could include such issues as: service quality, growth in market share, staff and/or customer retention, successful management of change.. Our approach  ...   captured and built into the management information system.. Key Performance Indicators:.. We assist management in defining key performance indicators for the organisation and for management.. A well designed structure of performance indicators links strategy with operations, provides a basis for performance management, and supports the achievement of strategically integrated individual, team and organisational objectives.. Financial process design for implementation of an ERP in a shared services environment.. Management information in a complex health board environment.. Balanced scorecard for strategic management of government agency..

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