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  • Title: Tabula Press Ireland - In Medias Res by David Lilburn
    Descriptive info: .. TABULA PRESS IRELAND.. Enter Site..

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  • Title: Tabula Press Ireland - Home
    Descriptive info: Home.. Background.. The Prints.. Reviews.. The Artist.. Scale.. The Edition.. Contact Us.. In Medias Res.. is a suite of seven intaglio drypoint prints which together form a map of a large part of Dublin and its environs which include the areas of the city that feature prominently in.. Ulysses.. A Special Edition.. Tabula Press Ireland has published for sale a special limited edition which comprises ten sets of.. Bloomsday.. For millions of people, the 16th June is an extraordinary day.. On  ...   in James Joyce s.. , one of the world s most highly acclaimed modern novels.. Bloomsday, as it is now known, has become a tradition for Joyce enthusiasts all over the world.. To celebrate the centenary of Bloomsday, the Irish artist David Lilburn was commissioned by The National Library of Ireland to create an artwork as part of the exhibition, James Joyce and ULYSSES at The National Library of Ireland , which opened in June 2004.. The resulting work is entitled..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - Background
    Descriptive info: On being awarded the commission by the National Library of Ireland, David Lilburn began a period of fieldwork as well as textual and visual research which culminated in the work entitled.. , a multi-layered work that sets out to map both the Dublin of James Joyce s.. and the contemporary city.. The title.. , Latin for in the middle of things , indicates a work that starts straight into the action as.. does, without any introductory chapters setting the scene or placing the story in context, reflecting the all encompassing nature of Joyce s novel.. The title also refers to the character of the map, which guides the viewer to the places and scenes of the novel.. is a dense map, constructed from a multiplicity of drawn marks and viewpoints, packed with references to the topography of Dublin and to plot fragments, characters, anecdotes, conversations, historical events and classical allusions all mentioned or implicit in the text.. The work enables the viewer to orientate himself or herself within Dublin as it appears in.. and as it is today and to follow the routes taken by various characters in.. as they criss-cross the city throughout 16th June 1904.. The acts of drawing and mapmaking are central themes of.. Where Joyce parodies  ...   and map-making; and the artist s own drawings, photographs, and experiences of both.. and Dublin.. A NOTE ON THE TECHNIQUE.. David Lilburn is a well known printmaker, much of whose work involves the printmaking medium of drypoint.. This is a technique of drawing directly onto a metal plate using a selection of tools including a carbon steel drypoint (drypoint needle).. The technique allows the greatest freedom of line, producing soft subtle lines to rich velvety dark ones.. The surface of the plate is scratched with the drypoint tool, throwing up a rough ridge of metal (burr) along the incised line.. It is this burr which collects the ink and gives the the drypoint line, its typical velvety appearance.. was first drawn and engraved on zinc plates using a variety of tools such as engraving burins, knives, wire brushes, special mark-making roulette wheels , sandpaper and punches.. The drawing was then inked , a process whereby etching ink is pushed into the marks made by the drawing.. Finally it was printed on an etching press on special etching paper.. The print includes occasional pieces of paper which were added using glue and the pressure from the etching press, a process known as chine collé.. There are also occasional touches of watercolour..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - The Prints
    Descriptive info: Phoenix Park.. The Quays.. O'Connell Street.. Eccles Street.. Loop Bridge.. Howth.. Coastline..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - Reviews
    Descriptive info: Lilburn's prints are a springboard for the literary imagination - the visual representations parallel the epic work's intellectual allure, and potential for immersion.. This conceptual, creative, and truly original work is successful because its maker is both a Joyce enthusiast and a skilled artist and combines an effective knowledge of drawing, printmaking, Irish history, architecture, modernity, and Joyce to enable the audience to become visually orientated in Bloom and Stephen's Dublin.. In Medias Res is a valuable visual supplement to any serious Joyce collection.. Steph Hurst, James Joyce Literary Supplement.. University of Miami.. Miami, Florida, USA.. magnificent artwork by David Lilburn.. Fritz Senn, Zurich James Joyce Foundation.. Zurich, Switzerland.. David Lilburn s Bloomsday prints are among the best visual representations of Joyce s work  ...   an entire book.. Jim Savage, Artist and Curator.. Aghabullogue, Co.. Cork, Ireland.. The drypoints, even in reproduction, capture the spontaneity, immediacy and freshness of the artist s response to tracing Bloom s travels around the city.. His system of scratches and dots and multiple perspectives convey the excitement and pleasure of discovery, while they record the topography of Dublin and places and events associated with the text.. Stoney Road Press should be congratulated as well for the beautiful printing of the delicate drypoint burr and the expressive marks and accidents that evoke the artist s hand and the urgency of his mapmaking.. It was a great pleaure to get acquainted with this memorable work.. Roberta Waddell, Curator of Prints.. The New York Public Library, USA..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - The Artist
    Descriptive info: David Lilburn.. , one of the foremost printmakers working in Ireland today, was born in Limerick.. in 1950.. He studied History and Political Science at Trinity College Dublin, Lithography at the.. Scuole D Arte, Urbino, Italy and Art and Design at Limerick School of Art and Design, where he also taught for a number of years.. Drawing and printmaking have become two of his major concerns.. One preoccupation central to his art for the last fifteen years concerns the concept of mapping and how cities are represented in art.. This work includes, not only topographic information, but personal experiences, observations, memories and references to history.. He has been exhibiting since 1977 and his work is represented in many public and private collections.. He has won a number of awards.. He has taken part and organised many international art  ...   in Berlin, Havanna, Dublin and Skibereen, 1997-98.. His public commissions include work for the Irish Pavillion at the World Exposition,.. Expo 2000.. , Hanover, Germany.. He has taken part in a number of international print conferences including.. Impact I.. , Bath, 1999;.. Cortona International Symposium.. , 2001,.. Impact III.. , Cape Town, 2003;.. Impact IV.. , Berlin/Poznan, 2005.. Aidan Dunne, art critic with.. The Irish Times.. , wrote in his review of the exhibition.. From Landscape.. in 2005 David Lilburn, a wonderful graphic artist, habitually alludes to map-making in his informal, highly personal accounts of place.. His works are repositories of all sorts of information, topographical and anecdotal, in the form of representations, notes, calculations, collage and asides, compendious attempts to remember lost time.. Curriculum Vitae -.. pdf.. Essay - In Medias Res -.. Jim Savage.. Artist and Curator..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - Scale
    Descriptive info: The seven maps of.. , when displayed according to the geography they depict, link together to make up a large-scale map of Dublin city and its environs, from the Phoenix Park in the West to Howth in the North East and from Glasnevin in the North to Bray in the South East, teeming with detail and incident and spanning about 7 metres, making this a work of considerable scale.. However, the artist composed each individual print so that it would also function as a completely self contained, independent image in  ...   be shown in: where a large space is available all seven images can be displayed together, where the space is smaller they can be shown singly or in combinations, or they can be displayed in sequence, as a continuously changing exhibition.. 1.. Phoenix Park.. (h68 x w76 cms).. 2.. The Quays.. (h78.. 5 x w117 cms).. 3.. O'Connell Street.. (h120 x w85 cms).. 4.. Loop Bridge.. (h108 x w66 cms).. 5.. Eccles Street.. (h84.. 5 x w111 cms).. 6.. Coastline.. (h69 x w117 cms).. 7.. Howth.. (h58 x w62 cms)..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - The Edition
    Descriptive info: The Special Limited Edition.. Tabula Press Ireland has published for sale, a special limited edition which comprises ten sets of.. Each set comprises 7 drypoint prints.. These are hand-printed on an etching press from zinc plates on 350gsm, natural, Hahnemuhle etching paper.. Each print has occasional additions of chine collé and watercolour, hand - applied by the artist.. Each print is signed and  ...   publisher.. The publisher can advise on storage, framing, delivery etc, as required.. THE PRINTER.. Stoney Road Press is a fine art publishing and editioning house located in the Docklands area of Dublin.. The first commercial studio of its kind in Ireland, it collaborates with artists in the production of limited prints in traditional and experimental media.. It also provides editioning services to professional printmakers..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Turkish Baths, Loop Bridge.. (detail).. Renaissance City, Loop Bridge.. Links.. The Antwerp James Joyce Center -.. www.. antwerpjamesjoycecenter.. com.. ADDRESS.. Mary Nagle.. Tabula Press Ireland.. 18 Revington Park.. N.. C.. Rd.. Limerick.. Ireland.. EMAIL.. info@tabulapress.. ie.. Tabula Press.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - Phoenix Park
    Descriptive info: Detail.. Area illustrated is indicated within red rectangle (right).. This print shows Phoenix Park, the largest enclosed park in Europe.. Situated in the park are a number of historic landmarks: the Viceregal Lodge (formerly the home of British Viceroys, now Áras an Uachtaráin, the home of the Irish President), the Phoenix Monument, the Wellington Monument, the Chief Secretary s Lodge (now the US  ...   Zoo.. To the south, the river Liffey flows from the Strawberry Beds and Chapelizod to Parkgate in the east.. Characters and events mentioned in.. include the Vice Regal Cavalcade which can be seen making its way to Ballsbridge, and Skin-the-Goat , a character associated with the famous Phoenix Park Murders.. The Phoenix Park is one of the central locations of Joyce s.. Finnegans Wake..

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  • Title: Tabula Press - In Medias Res by David Lilburn - The Quays
    Descriptive info: This print covers the Quays along the river Liffey from Inchicore in the west to the Ha penny Bridge in the city centre.. The area is rich in landmarks and historical sites:.. St.. Catherine s Church, Christ Church Cathedral, St.. Michan s Church, Dublin Castle, Guinness brewery, the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham (now the Irish Museum of Modern Art), Richmond Lunatic Asylum  ...   buying a copy of the book.. The Sweets of Sin.. for his wife Molly under Merchant s Arch in Templebar, and arriving and departing from Barney Kiernan s pub.. References to other characters include Blazes Boylan, Lenehan and McCoy, Paddy Dignam and Simon Dedalus.. This map also contains references to episodes in Homer s.. Odyssey.. , which was a central source for Joyce..

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